Hard Days Night 4:2 Lions

The lions struggled in the beginning on the wet pitch and the HDN’ers had a great start and looked more hungry for the win, 2-0 after twenty minutes. Finally the Lions woke up and equalized 2-2 but the killer blow came one minute before half time when the Lions goalie slipped and the ball went in the net. The second half Lions were back in force hitting the post and had more shots on target but Hard Days Night sealed it when the Lions failed to clear the ball in defense. Great game and very well refereed by Kevin together with his CFA officials!

Game results


Great performance on Saturday 9-0 against Japan ! I tell you its not easy to win a game 9-0 but the fact that we kept the pace high and wanted to score more for the full 90 minutes is what made the difference ! Our one on one’s needs more training I know its rather easy on Tomas but practice will do wonders ! We scored 12 goals in the last three games and conceded only 1 / that’s an impressive record and that’s the sign of a team in good shape ! we will play the Vikings next week for the Cup and that will be a perfect challenge for us as we need to find a formula to crack teams who don’t like to play but just defend !


The Sunday lions are struggling this year we are missing a few key players who left China in December and sofar we couldn’t find enough replacements. As expected the game versus the Hard Days Night would be hard as they have a strong and well balanced team this season ! We didn’t start well and they seemed more hungry for the win ! We were 2-0 down in 15 minutes which makes it difficult for the game plan however Lions are still Lions and we fought back to 2-2. At that time we were getting more and more in control but a gift in the last minute of the first half was the “killer blow”. Second half we were better and they hardly were dangerous / Joel hit the post and we gave them another gift..

Statistics don’t lie in our last three games we scored 6 goals but conceded 10 goals ! Most of them were gifts / I have no problem to lose especially if we face a better opponent but if we are just giving it away its hard to swallow ! First priority is to get our defense back in order with the help of the midfield if we don’t concede we will win the games as we always score / there has not been one single Lions game we didn’t score ! As well would like to remind you to come to the training as we badly need that we have a fantastic training field and in training we can work on our weaknesses !

We will play the Super 48 on Sunday and that’s a perfect team to get back in the winning mode / Lets keep the zero and score a lot of goals !




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