[SPL News] 5 rounds to go

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

Last Sunday we had a full 5 games program and now we have catched up with most of the postponed games. If the weather stays normal we will be able to finish the season as per schedule and we can start thinking of our next season 10 years SPL anniversary !

  • Flamenkos 9-1 Super 48

The Flamenkos strikers had a pleasant game with both Joost and Josue scoring a hat-trick ! Super 48 will need to work hard to get a few more points this season ! Last season they won their last game of the season vs the Galacticos and this season that will be there final game again !

  • Lions 1-1 Cowboys

The game was overshadowed by a horrific injury of Lions player’s Mus… His leg was ripped open by an unintentional tackle of a Cowboy player. All players were shocked to see the wound and poor Mus had to be transported by ambulance to the hospital where he got 15 stitches to close the wound. Luckily there was no further damage to his leg but he will not be able to play for a long time. Both teams were not in the mood to continue the game but the referee told them to play on. We wish Mus a fast recovery and do hope one day to see him back on the pitch !

  • Hawks 3-0 Galacticos

Statistics don’t lie ! If the Hawks keep winning their games they will be Champion for the second time on their history. Galacticos despite their loss can be positive about their performance versus the current number 1 !

  • ERS 3-4 Pistolera Bulls

A real SPL thriller which made Michael J feel proud upstairs ! ERS showed their intention to finish high in the top of the SPL this season leading 3-1 at half time. The Bulls changed their playing system and went all out on the attack  ! We have seen it before you don’t want to face an angry Bull they equalized 3-3 and in the last 5 minutes the Bulls scored the winner 3-4 !


We have our first May holidays this week but because its during the weekdays we can hold 3 games on April 29th. So please come and watch your favorite team playing in Green City !

  • 1000-1200 AM Galacticos – Cowboys
  • 1200-1400 PM Flamenkos – Pistolera Bulls
  • 1400-1600 PM Hard Days Night – Super 48


Enjoy the green grass and the SPL !

Freek – SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee

[SIFL News] Game Week 21


Shanghai Lions FC were facing off Voodoo in the other quarterfinal. Voodoo’s typical cup fighting spirit saw them having the better run of play in the first half as the Kelly bunch held off the French for a 0-0 score at half time. The game went back and forth with both teams creating chances. As the 2nd half got underway suddenly some voodoo was directed at the Lions goalie that apparently misfired and boomeranged straight back into Voodoo’s net for a surprising 1-0 Lions lead. This gave the Lions a much needed boost and soon after that they scored another one for a hard fought 2-0 victory and a place in the semis. Jack Boller scored in his maiden match while midfielder Benjamin Guerin ran away with man of the match honors.

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[SPL News] We’re getting into the final rounds

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

The weather is slowly getting better and the grass is getting green ! The restaurants and bars around the field are getting full and we can see more and more spectators watching our games ! Life is good especially in Green City !

  • Flamenkos – Galacticos 8-0 Flamenkos needed to correct themselves after their surprise loss versus Japan and that’s just what they did. Joost was a happy man scoring a hat-trick ! Galacticos managed to get a lot of new faces on the pitch but they still need to gel as a team / I am sure they get some more points in the final games of the season !
  • Lions – Hawks 0-2 Lions started to look pale when they saw a full  “Shenhua” team showing up ! However they started well and had most of the possession. Hawks scored on a break and the Lions kept on trying to score as they needed to win this game to stay in the title race. Second half the Lions missed two golden opportunities which proofed to have cost them dearly as the Hawks clinched the 3 points after scoring 0-2 on a break again. Very competitive and good game !
  • ERS – Cowboys 7-0 Etoille Rouge are having their best season and look to end high on the SPLChart. What stands out is that they conceded the least goals of all SPL teams, 10 goals only sofar ! The cowboys culd match them for 30 minutes and after that they opened the gate and goals started to flow in !

Coming Sunday we have a 5 game program in order to catch up with the schedule ! Don’t miss the action come over and watch the most entertaining league in Shanghai. If you look for a team just come to the field and talk to the Captains they will happily help you out !

  •  930-1130  Flamenkos – Japan
  • 1130-1330 Lions- Cowboys
  • 1330-1530 Hawks – Galacticos
  • 1530-1730 ERS – Pistolera Bulls
  • 1000-1200 Japan- Hard Days Night at Century Park

Really good to see all the teams in action ! Enjoy the games and Enjoy the SPL !

Cheers Freek / SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee

Lions remain empty handed after two tough games


[SIFL]  Shanghai Lions FC 0-1 Shanghai Shooters

On Saturday, our list of injured players was already large but when Thomas snapped his hamstring in the warming up it turned our game strategy upside down. Mus, Dani & Francois decided it was better to fight with a taxi driver instead of doing the warming up. All you can do as coach is to stay calm and take all the punches. God bless Chris was ready to stand in as goalie and off we went. I asked for character and we showed character we came a few times close in the first half and played composed 0-0. Allan and Nicolas both limped off as well and shooters got extremely lucky goal…

Honestly, they didn’t deserve anything out of this game ! During the whole game they had one corner and not a single shot on target and several nasty fouls on our ankles. Compliment to the team who showed that even with a handicapped Lions team we never gave up the fight. We deserved something out of this game but didn’t get it. All our eyes are now on the Cup competition and I am sure we are going to win it !

[SPL]  Hawks 2-0 Shanghai Lions FC

On Sunday, it looked like we played versus Shenhua as the Hawks had only two other foreign players and a complete different team versus last week…

We started well and had more ball possession we created good chances but failed to finish it… they had one counter attack and scored 1-0.

Second half we pushed harder and good two “not to miss” scoring opportunities but we missed… The Hawks, during the whole game, had three counter attacks and scored two of them ! I cannot remember a game of the Lions where we didn’t score ! We gave it all and never gave up.

After the game all came down to have a beer at Latina and reflect on the loss and we said goodbye to Max who will leave to Bangkok. We wish him all the best and remember all the good saves he made for the Lions as goalie.


In both Leagues we are out of the Championship we have to focus  on the Cup’s. We will field our best teams to make it to the finals !

To become Champion we will need a stronger commitment first of all to come to the training (on time) and secondly you have to make sure you are there during the big games. As explained earlier we play about 8 big games per season and you need to make sure you are all available on these occasions.

Lets score loads of goals next weekend versus Voodoo and the Cowboys ! Every goal will taste good I guarantee you !

Good luck in the final of the Monday Fantasy League this evening !



[SIFL News] Game Week 20

Premier League

The Shooters were extra motivated to get a result after witnessing the Azzurri loss. However they proved a bit nervous in the opening stages of the match. The Lions were missing some key players in the line-up. In the first half the Lions were the better team and created several chances but did not manage to turn ball possession into goals so that both teams went to tea with 0-0 at the score board. In the 2nd half the Lions kept creating chances while the Shooters played on the counter and just had 2 shots on target. They were successful when a missed cross bounced off the cross bar and Shooter Peter Rosselli reacted alertly heading home for the only score handing the Shooters 3 valuable points in the race for glory. Match winner Rosselli picked up the man of the match award.

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[SPL News] It’s getting exciting at the Top

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

We had a full 4 game program in Jinqiao and even were honored to have ICS TV paying us a visit. Its good to see that people recognize the SPL as a “Grown Up” and “Exciting League”. Next season will be our 10th year and surely we will be pleased to organize a party ! This year the title race is still in full force with the Hawks and Hard Days Night and the Lions looking to have the best cards and ERS the team in form can be still be a dangerous outsider !

  • Japan – Flamenkos 3-0 Quite a surprise result.  Japan seems to get stronger by the week and after a 0-0 first half they got the goal they were looking for. Flamenkos started to attack by full force but were denied a few times by the Japan Goalie and the linesman. Japan played the counter attack and were very happy to get 3 points !
  • Lions – Hawks 3-0 Top flight game ! The Lions needed a win to stay in the race and started off well. They controlled the midfield and found the net twice behind the Tall Hawks goalie in the first half. Second half the Hawks were stronger but half way the Lions got the killer goal 3-0 by a header from Joel.
  • Hard Days Night – Galacticos 6-2 Before hand Danielle expected a lack of Galacticos players due to overseas commitments but there were Yellow Jerseys everywhere at least 18 players I counted which is a good sign for the last games of the season. Steve the Hard Days Night manager was complaining about the “hang over’s” of his players and the play displayed but on the other hand with their win they came to within one point of SPL League leaders the Hawks.
  • Pistolera Bulls – Super 48 3-0 Super 48 is getting more serious by the day. As they were practicing many set pieces before the game. The Pistolera’s badly needed a win as the pressure on Bilgin was building up ! A clean sheet was more than welcome as well !

A quick look at the SPL top scorers as that competition is as well heating up !

  1. 16 goals Nils (Pistolera Bulls)
  2. 13 goals Joel (Lions) / Peter and Fedja 13 goals (Hard Days Night)

Recently we get approached by people who like to offer services or products to the SPL we welcome that as long as its related to Sports and can benefit SPL players. Here are two examples :

  1. Jon Robinson is an exercise physiologist and is conducting a seminar on April 21 from 1400-1600 PM at Big Bamboo Nanyang Lu Puxi about how to help people with back and neck aches and other pains, especially good for SPL players. He offers 100 rmb discount on the entry fee for SPL players 150 rmb only i.o. 250 rmb (including the seminar material and a drink)
  2. We got contacted by Selcuk Kisa who works for Emiran Hotels Group In Turkey. The have state of the art soccer training facilities which are used by pro clubs like Zenith, Borussia, Hungary national team etc.. for training camps. So if you want to properly prepare for the next SPL season pls contact Selcuk@emirhanhotels.com / he will be in shanghai 17th of May and available to meet you after 1400 pm

This Sunday we have three good games on the menu !  Weather should be good !

  • 1000-1200 Flamenkos – Galacticos
  • 1200-1400 Lions – Hawks
  • 1400-1600 ERS – Cowboys

Forget the Formula One in Shanghai nothing better than running behind a ball with your Friends on a Sunday !

See you all on Sunday / Cheers Freek / SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee

[SIFL News] Game Week 19

Premier League

The Shanghai Lions FC were up against Happy FC at the Waigaoqiao pitch. The Lions got off to a ferocious start scoring almost from the kick-off and by half time they were up 4-0. They continued there scoring ways in the 2nd half and netted 3 more. Five minutes from regular playing time Happy FC performed a spectacular dive in the French 16 meter box. It was better than the dying swan from Swan Lake, performed by Feifei on this occasion. The swan saved Happy’s honor for a final 7-1 Happy whipping. Lion Karl Boluwa received man of the match honors.

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