Shanghai Masters, here we come!

Quick update on the tournament for the coming weekend

For the info on Lions’ team, check our previous post


We had a couple of last minute cancelations from Malaysia, Australia Xiamen, Guangzhou and Beijing, hence we have 9 teams in this years competition only.
Nothing to worry, your teams will be tired by Sunday afternoon! Shanghai Masters vision is active participation, plenty of playing time!

Teams are:

  • HK Krauts
  • Beijing Real Ancient
  • Shanghai Pisorelas
  • Shanghai Vikings
  • Shanghai Scotts
  • Emerald FC
  • Shanghai Shooters
  • Shanghai Lions

Sat AND Sund games start at 10am and we finish at 4pm! Make sure EVERY team is on the pitch by 9:30am.


  • Friday: 6 -9pm for all teams, sponsors, referees:  Big Bamboo downtown, Nanyang Road. Shark tank area (go to the back and than upstairs) Carlsberg and Tiger beer and finger food.  Also we will give you wrist bands for 30rmb drinks after 8pm when our keg went dry.
  • Saturday: First game starts 10am!! SRFC at Waigaojiao – all of you should know by now where the pitches are and how long it will take to get there. With 9 teams we will play a Round Robin 18 minutes straight games on 2 pitches. To keep the schedule we have only 2 minutes time between the games, please make sure you are ready for the next game. Games shall be done by 4pm. Do not leave the pitch – The beer is cold and we will crank up the BBQ’s. And we will make sure there is some free beer for all teams as well!
  • Sunday: First game starts 10am!! SRFC at Waigaojiao First 5 teams from RR Saturday will be in cup competition while bottom 4 will fight for plate. Again, games are over by 4pm. Trophy presentation and closing. Enough time for travel teams to make flights out of Pudong or Hongjiao.


One important difference to previous tournaments: instead of receiving a yellow card the player in question will receive a 1minute suspension. This should help to better enforce fair play. Please read trhe rules and forward it to your teams.

Lets have a wonderful weekend and lets enjoy it! Play fair and let the best team win.

SIFL Opening Tournament on Sept 8, 2012

Please find below the schedule of the opening tournament. Tournament is from 10am to 4pm and it’s 8 aside.
For the 1st round, we are in group C and each team will play 5 games at least, and there are 2 cups to fight for.


  • first round with 4 groups of 5, each team plays each other
  • a second round for 8 teams only
  • quarter finals
  • semi final
  • final


  • Game 1: Lions Vs. Sauerkrauts / From 10.00 to 10.18
  • Game 2: Oranje Vs. Lions / From 10.36 10.54
  • Game 3: Lions Vs. 3-United / From 11.30 11.48
  • Game 4: Vikings Vs. Lions / From 12.06 12.24


  • Tournament is 8 aside
  • A win gives 3 points, a draw 1 point and a loss 0 point.
  • Ranking per group after R1 are decided on points, goal difference, scored goals, head to head result
  • Ranking of the 4 numbers 3 is decided on points, goal difference, scored goals, flip of a coin
  • If a team is 5 minutes late, a 0-3 loss will be awarded. If both teams are 5 minutes late, result will be 0-0 and both teams get 0 points
  • Games will be 1 x 15 minutes without change. After the match there’s 3 minutes to change for the next match. Make sure your team is at the right pitch on time
  • Group placing will be decided on a) points b) Goal difference c) in between result d) Goals scored e) sudden death penalty shoot out.
  • For knock out games, after a tie it will go straight to a 3 penalty shoot-out

If you’d like to register for this event, it’s here

2012/2013 season launch party at BLOC restaurant, our new sponsor

As the new football season 2012/13 is about to start, we will be organizing our season opening dinner and party at our new sponsor BLOC on Friday 31, August, 2012 at 7:45 pm.To start this season in the best way possible, we will discuss our organisation, introduce our new sponsor, jersey, logo, membership fees, and newly launched website during dinner.As the restaurant has a nice lounge/outdoor terrasse, we plan to party there until late.Friends, Girlfriends, wives are all welcome, the more the merrier 🙂

BLOC restaurant
2/F, 139-19 Changle Lu, near Ruijin Lu

长乐路139-19号2楼, 近瑞金路

Date: Friday 31st August 2012
Attendance: 30 persons ++
Time: 8.00pm – 10.30pm (TBC)
Venue: Lounge & Terrace
Food: Buffet – RMB 150
Drinks: RMB 120 per head (free flow drinks) for 3 hours OR Drink Menu (Special price for the team)

  • Free Flow Soft Drinks (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite)
  • Free Flow Beer (Tsingtao)
  • Free Flow White & Red Wine
  • Free Flow Vodka Mixed Drinks (Boris Lipton, Caipiroska)

Ghana and China agree mutual development deal

The Ghana Football Association has reached a cooperation deal with its Chinese counterpart to develop football in both countries.

The Ghanaian governing body will help China to develop its youth football.

In return the Asians, who are giants in women’s football, will assist Ghana in boosting its female game.

Coaches, referees and administrators will also be involved in the agreement as both countries will exchange their experiences to mutual benefit.

The deal was reached on Wednesday when the Chinese Football Association leaders met GFA officials, led by president Kwesi Nyantakyi, in Xi’an.

“A team of officials from the Chinese FA led by the vice-president Mr Lin and the GFA had a meeting today and we looked at various areas of cooperation,” Nyantakyi said.

“Apart from engagement between the two senior national teams, we agreed that we should look at some exchange of ideas in areas of women’s football and youth football.

“We agreed that we should help them in youth football and they will help us in women football.

“The Chinese have a good pedigree in women’s football and they have been world champions before and we have comparative advantage in youth football.

“Beyond that we will be looking at exchange programmes for coaches, referees and administrators for both countries.”

China held Ghana to a 1-1 draw in a friendly played in Xi’an on Wednesday.


Kicking Up a Storm

SIYSL gives kids an outlet to practice skills and sportsmanship on the field

Thirty-two soccer teams facing off in an emotionally charged, passionate and exciting seven-week-long derby. Is this the World Cup? No, this is the Shanghai International Youth Soccer League (SIYSL). While now a flourishing sports league (with kids and soccer moms packing the field every week), it had a very humble beginning back in the fall of 2006.

Noting the absence of opportunities for expatriate children to play soccer in Shanghai, founder Will Dong (along with two partners who both work in international schools) came up with the idea for a city-wide sports league. “We just wanted to provide a safe and fun soccer environment for expat kids,” says Will, “a place here in Shanghai where, if you like the sport, you can come and play together.”

lacking exposure, the first season was difficult but buoyed by children participating from the German and French international schools. Support also came from Active Kidz, who submitted a number of teams in the maiden season. Based off the positive feedback – and low registration fees – membership continued to grow. Will adds, “People realized we weren’t trying to be a very commercial organization and it spread quickly by word of mouth.”

Currently, there are two types of teams in the league: school teams and club teams, which are formed by kids from different international and bilingual schools all over Shanghai. Every year contains a spring and fall season and spans a period of six to seven weeks. Teams are in charge of organizing their own training and coaches, but all teams are brought together at the beginning of each season for an orientation and rundown of the game schedule.

According to Will, the league will soon be stepping up their game and moving to Shanghai Stadium, where kids will have the opportunity to play on a more professional level”. Will attributes the coup to the growing reputation of the league, “East Asia Group (owner of Shanghai Stadium) realized that this is a very good event for the community and they told us they want to fully support the league.”

The league’s organizers are now turning their attention to finding sponsors. Holding true to their philosophy, Will says, ‘If we can get sponsors, we’ll be able to waive the registration fee, which means more teams get the chance to join.”

Source:  Tim Tsiang / City Weekend / Parents&Kids / Aug. 16 – Oct.17 / Page 16

SIYSL gives kids an outlet to practice skills and sportsmanship on the field

Thomas’ farewell party on Friday August 24th 2012 at Enoterra Wuding from 18.30 till late


Thomas is leaving let’s celebrate this !

Our oldest goalie is leaving Shanghai ! We like to celebrate this at Enoterra, 343 Jiaozhou Lu 24th of August starting at 7 pm. Good occasion to see his 6 times broken nose one more time and share the great memories of him being the Lion goalie for so many years !

See you all on Friday and for sure we’ll miss his literary style (see below)

One of our oldest Lions is leaving us after 10 years in Shanghai


Hi all,

A French actress, Catherine Deneuve, said that “Friendship, like love, is hard work and requires a lot attention and constancy. Above all, it demands to know how to offer what is the dearest in life: TIME”.

And that’s what we have shared during these past years, enjoying moments of time:

– Time to play, on rugby, touch or football pitches, on card tables (which is a good excuse to see each other) with poker, tarot, belote
– Time to work, just a little for Tom and a lot for Amy.
– Time to teach and to learn, from each other (sometime, the teacher learns more from the student).
– Time to exchange (with or without any stock), to support, to discuss, to argue, to debate.
– As tables are for friendship that beds are for love, Time for breakfast, brunch, lunch, teatime, dinner, supper.
– And last but not least, Time for partying, dancing, drinking, boozing, singing, shouting, crying, smiling, laughing, teasing,

In a nutshell, sharing moments in life and enjoying them together as friendship is fundamental.

So, before we move to the land of rogues and kangaroos, let’s share one last big party.
When: Friday August 24th

Where to start: Enoterra Wuding (crossroad of wuding lu and jiaozhou lu) from 18.30 till late

Where to continue: let’s see

What: snack + 100 rmb for 3 glasses + prices on bottles

Look forward seeing you to get a last moment of Shanghai craziness.

Amy & Tom

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