SIFL 2012-13: Summary of Games from Week 2

There were some clouds and a bit of splash made all Shanghai pitches wet on September the 22nd 2012. A perfect day for football to settle some scores as round 2 of the Shanghai International Football League took shape. The top two fixtures of the day were between Shanghai ReUnited and league leaders Shanghai Lions FC and between current champions Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC and the champs of yesteryear Azzurri FC. Two top teams in the First Division did battle in the Voodoo versus Long Tang AFC Fixture. In all 50 goals were scored in 10 matches, 29 in the Premier League and 21 in the First Division.

Premier League

In the Premier League FC Oranje were slotted against Shanghai Japan FC. The reinvigorated Orangemen were set to march on where they left of last week and march they did. Some special shirts were made for the occasion (pictured below) to add to the atmosphere and the mood was buoyant. Prior to the match both sides shook hands, Oranje won the toss, sides were changed and on-on with it. Japan played dominant football in the opening phase of the match and pushed Oranje back to their own half. As time went on Oranje got into the match a bit better when Orangeman Sun Shaoyi (2nd from left) got on the score sheet for a 1-0 lead. The game went back and forth but when veteran Lodewijk Boddeart found the net for 2-0 the Dutch got into a flow and a 2-0 half time lead. Japan did something back in the 2nd half when Nomiyama broke through a stalled Dutch defense, then surprised the keeper with a lovely lob for the 2-1. A few moments later Sun Shaoyi got his 2nd going around several players and the keeper scoring from an impossible angle outside the 16 for a 3-1 lead. Toby Zhou (pictured far left) headed home for 4-1. Japan’s Suzuki got 1 back bringing the score to 4-2. It was Wouter Raatjes who put the duel beyond reach of Japan heading home from a corner for a final 5-2 score. With this win the Dutch climbed to 2nd spot of the table. Last time that happened in the Premier League was in 1997. FC Oranje’s Sun Shaoyi was voted man of the match.
Shanghai Vikings FC were pitted against Beaver United. Vikings’ mission was to forget their dismal opener the week before and that was exactly the same for Beaver. Both teams started with vigor and both teams played with passion creating several chances but no goals were scored in the 1st half. In the 2nd half Vikings found the net first from a Peter Tobar goal for a 1-0 lead. Not long after that, Beaver managed to get one in too, via Nick Muzyczka; evening out the score 1-1. Both teams tried to force the winner creating several dangerous moments in front of the goal. Both teams played a great game. It was an obvious stalemate ending in 1-a-peace earning both teams their first point of the season. Viking Jens Christensen was voted man of the match while the same honors for Beaver went to Alex Andersson. Super Beaver Leslie Campbell after the match: “So much balance it made me puke. Next time I’m gonna get some yellow cards and start a fight.”

The Shanghai Krauts were up against DIB FC. The contrast between these 2 teams could not have been bigger. DIB recorded a big win the week before while the Krauts experienced a huge loss. DIB’s flyer on Weibo (main pic, above) added to their confidence going into the match. When the match got underway the Krauts played dominant, yet it was DIB who got on the score sheet first via Zhao Libin and Kossi Amouzou goals. Half time score 2-0 to DIB. Things looked sweet for DIB FC and top of the table loomed. But never count out the Krauts with the clock still ticking. Down and agitated the German Luftwaffe got in to play when Air Theiler towered over the defense and managed to get his head on the leather for the anschlusstor 2-1. Then Phil jumped higher than anyone else heading home from 15m out for the equalizer with 18 minutes to play and a 2-2 score. DIB put it up a notch and kept attacking while the Krauts hung back playing counter with 3 strikers (pictured below). It turned out to be the winning tactic when Joel Terrades took off steaming towards the 16 then produced a blistering shot putting one passed the goalie for a 2-3 Krauts lead. With 7 minutes to play DIB put out an all or nothing offense and almost got goal when a superb DIB strike was saved by goalie Das Vacuum with ultimate effort. Then from a DIB corner the Krauts picked up the ball went straight for the counter and delivered it Joel Terrades who scored his 2nd of the day. It was enough to seal the deal and settle the score at 2-4 for a determined zicke zacke Shanghai Krauts. A great comeback after last week’s 8 goal deficit. Joel Terrades was voted man of the match.

There was a bit of an upset in the battle of the champions between the Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC versus Azzurri FC. A fixture that normally draws the crowds out and a game tense till the last second. It went a bit different this time around. The first half Azzurri kept pace with the Shooters and were just 1 goal down. Then disaster struck as a clear Azzurri goal was ruled off-side. Instead of 1-1 the Shooters nursed a 1-0 lead at halftime. However after tea it was all over as the Shooters ran rife in the 2nd half with both Kevin Weissler and Guillaume Leclerque scoring hattricks. Mike McGirr added to his first half strike with a delightful chip that went in. Adam Kluger scored a consolation goal late in the game and saved Azzurri honors. Chris Banyard saved an Azzurri penalty at the death. Final score: Shooters 8 Azzurri 1. Not a very happy moment for the men in blue as this sinks them to the bottom of the table-Azzurri unworthy and the worst ever start in Azzurri history. Hopefully they can get their act together after the October holidays. Great win for the Shooters after last week’s draw with Japan.

The top match in the Premier League was between Shanghai ReUnited versus championship contenders Shanghai Puxi Lions FC. It was a game for the history books as CFA’s Alice Yan became the first female referee in SIFL history to lead a SIFL match. The Lions dominated from the start and ReUnited had no answer to the short passing Lions midfield. ReUnited were appealing for a free kick when Mandela was brought down but the ref didn’t give it so that Gaullist troops marched right through the ReUnited defensive lines enabling Romain Haution to find the net for a 0-1 Lions lead. This fueled French dominance and right before half time they doubled their lead when a deflected shot from Azzeddine Takouloufa flew in for a 0-2 lead at half time. In the 2nd half Azzeddine got on the score sheet again when this time his effort deflected off the keeper for a 0-3 French lead. But the match wasn’t over and ReUnited finally got it together when in the 75th minute Mandela dribbled, stumbled around two defenders and the French keeper and pushed the ball into the empty net 1-3. Minutes later a long free kick from the right by David Lazarowicz slipped over the gloves of the Lions keeper and Mandela was there to head home for 3:2. With 12 minutes to play ReUnited pushed for the equalizer but the score remained 2-3 to the Lions. Man of match honors went to Lion Benjamin Guerin. With this important win the Puxi Lions remain in charge of the table.

In the Premier League the Shanghai Puxi Lions FC are top of the table together with FC Oranje with 6 points from 2 games. The Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC are on 3rd with 4 points. DIB FC, Shanghai ReUnited and Shanghai Krauts FC all have 3 points each. Shanghai Japan FC, Beaver United and Shanghai Vikings FC have 1 point each and Azzurri FC are at the bottom of the table with zero points and a massive headache.

[SPL News] SPL has a record 11 teams this season

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

We are heading for the “mid-autumn” break. Time for the moon cakes and the winter grass to be seeded !

We had our first SPL Captain’s drink last Friday at Dr Beer and it was a success. It was a good time to exchange  ideas and views about the SPL as well we took the opportunity to make announcements. First of all we were pleased to announce that Shanghai 2000 FC has joined the SPL. Shanghai 2000 under leadership of Karl will play all their games at Century Park. Karl has both built the Jinqiao and the Century Park pitches and we are happy to cooperate with him and his team.

Secondly we learned that the Brasilian influence of the Hawks has resulted into an interesting development as they under the wings of Angelo and Mikael signed a marketing agreement for Gremio a first division club from Brasil to promote the club name in China. We are looking forward to the new looks of the Hawks.

Other ideas raised during the meeting were, to install goal line technology (to be the first in China) ,to have the standing of the SPL in the Clubhouse, to have post match interviews with the team managers and to organize a pub crawl for the SPL players were we visit bars/restaurants who sponsor SPL teams !

Please make sure all your registration are done on line before 18th of October. No more excuses as you had enough time to do it and its important to register. As to the league fees for the ones who didn’t pay yet be ready latest by 21st of October. For the extra games against Shanghai 2000 we will have to charge extra 1000 rmb (two games) this need to be settled latest by end December.

We have a 5 game program when we come back from the break on October 21st  :

  • 1000-1200 ERS – Japan
  • 1200-1400 Pistolera Bulls – Flamenkos
  • 1400-1600 Hawks – Gremio
  • 1600-1800  Marlins – Super 48
  • 1400-1600 Shanghai 2000 – Lions @ Century Park

Cannot wait to get back into action and look forward to see you all on the pitch(es) !


Freek – SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee


Last Saturday the Lions had very early game at Waigaoxiao but were motivated to stay on top of the SIFL. The opponent was our SIFL cup final opponent Re-United. As they have two extremely fast moving forwards are target was to make sure to score first. We played well in the beginning and managed to get what we wanted a 1-0 lead thru a break finished by Romain. Re-united didn’t post any real threat in the first half and a slightly deflected shot from Azzedine right before half time gave the Lions a comfortable lead. Second half was more about Christmas as both Goalies struggled on the wet pitch and first the reunited goalie let a Azzedine shot straight on him thru his gloves / 3-0 and time for substitutions however we gifted them a goal as well and suddenly in the last 20 minutes we lost our game and didn’t defend well versus the Re-united long balls. As its early in the season these situation do happen and its good for us as it make us realize that we still need to work very hard and improve ourselves every single game ! 3-2 was the final score and with DIB losing and the shooters smashing the Azzuri the lions did well. Lets use the break to stay fit and heal minor injuries / We will be back vs the beavers 13 October and defend our lead !

Cheers Freeek

SPL Lions vs Galacticos : A one-way game…

[ SPL ] Shanghai LIONS 10-0 Galacticos FC

Beautiful weather, beautiful pitch and 17 players ready and on time to start the game… That’s sounds good! Lions need to confirm they ambition with this new game and need to forget the bad performance against Cowboys.…

Game start and Lions start to play well and in high position and Matthieu scored a fast goal… But after this all the player of Galacticos team defend very deep. It’s difficult for the Lions to be in good position an have another opportunity to score one more goal. Lions let run the ball but are too slow. Galacticos have time to come back in defense to not let the Lions score. Finally, Maxime take his chance and shoot from the 16  meters… Goal… 2-0 for the Lions at the half time.

Lions need to play faster and that’s why starting the 2nd half, we use our subs to get this speed… Lions are still making pressure but play faster. This works well and goals are scored in a couple of minutes by Joel and Matthieu… Galacticos try they best but couldn’t reach the Lions football level. Joel, Matthieu, Patricio and Jack finish the work of the Lions.

10-0 for the Lions. Nice game and good team spirit. Garret can relax…

But it wouldn’t be so  easy every week-end as we could see it in the game Hawks vs Marlins (5-5)


Hungry Lions off to a good start in the SIFL


What busy football weekend the Lions had !

It started with the French legendary team versus the Scottish. A tight game where the Scottish showed a bit more character to seal the victory.

[ SIFL ] Shanghai Lions 8-0 Krauts FC (15 Sep 2012)

Right after that game it was the opening game for our First team versus the Germans. Last season we had a black out and lost against them but this time we were well prepared. A good start is essential if you want to win the league and we knew that a 1-0 victory was not enough. At half time we were leading 3-0 but we all decided that we wanted more and demolish the German further. Within 5 minutes into the second half we scored another 3 goals. Benji was gifted his hat-trick by Allan who later admitted to have received an undeclared amount of RMB’s from our top scorer ! Final score 8-0 and with the win and both the Shooters and Azzuri dropping points we are leaders in the SIFL !


On Sunday there was another hungry Lions team in the SPL they scored 10 goals versus the Galacticos and kept a clean sheet. They are back in the race as the Hawks and Marlins tide 5-5 !

Youth Team

At 1600 pm the U18 made their debut / the Japanese game unfortunately was cancelled but we managed to get two 8 aside squads ready. The youngster beat the Lions 4-3 and this gives us hope for our future !

Great weekend and we are already looking forward to next weekend !

Come on Lions !!

Cheers Freek

Team selection for “Les Bleus” vs. Scottish Football Team

Hi guys,

I’m writing this email in English as we’ll have a German guest tomorrow. Somehow, it’s normal as in the situation they didn’t screw it up, we’d all be German now… We’ll also have an American guest.  In the situation they didn’t screw it up as well… we all understand, right?
Following my first communication, I thought it will be easier to get this team in place… Finally, I have sent over 70 emails and I have to admit that you’re the real ones. Thank you!!!
It seems we, French people, always have good excuses and it probably also means that once we stop with regular senior Football, it’s forever…
Please let me know if any problem to attend. It’s important!!!


  • Meeting directly at WGQ at 12.15
  • Game start at 13.00
  • Scots will play in light blue and as our other Lions teams are playing as well this weekend, we’re short of Jerseys. It means you have to bring your own national equipment and we’ll probably look like a patchwork. More seriously, I’ll bring Red bibs but bring your own shirt, short, socks, etc…
  • Also, pitch is not free (sorry la). Keep in mind I will ask you RMB 100 as participation fee to pay the pitch (or less hopefully)


  1. Pierre J (GK)
  2. FL
  3. David H
  4. Matze
  5. Jeff Tharsen
  6. Nicolas Mongrelet
  7. Jeff L’Her
  8. Mus
  9. Fred Fuseau
  10. Frederic Guilloux
  11. Damien Calves
  12. Thierry Leder (GK)
  13. Philippe Gathion
  14. Jonathan Beurel
  15. Eric Albrand
  16. Gilles Albin
I’ll bring some Pastis to be shared with our Scottish friends after the game. If some of you guys want to bring some pate, baguette or any french liquors, feel free to do so. Mus is gonna take care of the cockerel and let’s have fun tomorrow.
Any question, please let me know and/or feel free to share with everyone.
Note: It would have been fun to look like our glorious ancestors… Guess it’s too late to grow the “Moustache” and tailor old fashioned equipment.
Beware Scottish are ready, noisy with their crazy pipes and would probably win the “3eme mi-temps / 3rd half”.


Hey Guys,

Well arrived in Sydney. Nice city with great weather and healthy environment.
Hereunder a small text to express my feeling for those past years.

First at all, congrat for the opening tournament victory. 2nd trophy of the season and it’s just the beginning. Nice. I am sure lot of will follow and I am a bit worry for Freek’s wife:  at the end of the season, she won’t be able to manage so much trophies and how to properly decorate their place.

I just want to thank you all for all those past years. I really enjoyed being a part of the Lions. Everything you bring me is priceless and I can’t erase of my memory all great moment we shared together. It was sometime a bit upsetting (banned a year to punch a Chinese guy – what’s that? Why can we not use our fist in football like in everything men’s sport?? – losing in cup final versus the Azzurri – bloody Zohan and Faby – definitely losing the championship versus the Vikings due to a draw) but those tiny events can’t be compared to all the great pleasure I had to be considered one of yours. I found back with the team all the reason why I like playing sport: the will to play, to get pleasure, to be better, to reciprocate, to share, to give the best of us, to get hurt for the team, to be a part of a human group, etc. In a nutshell, brotherhood.

I wish you all the best for the coming SIFL season. Sure it will be a very pleasant one as the LIONS management team does everything to build-up an enjoyable environment to weekly practice football. Thanks to Charles, François, Freek, Simon, Gwen, Azzeddine, Chris, Jérôme etc.

Oh and by the way, versus the German on coming Saturday, « JE NE VEUX PAS LE MÊME MATCH QUE CONTRE LES ANZACS!!! ».

Cheers bonShommeS
PS : don’t hesitate if you come down under, I would be very pleased to welcome you

Brazil hammer China 8-0

Opposed to China in a friendly on Monday in Recife, Brazil atomized Chinese selection 8-0 with 6 goals in 2nd half. The striker Neymar has been the architect of this win, signing a hat-trick. Ramires, Lucas, Hulk, Liu Jianye (og) and Oscar are the other scorers.

It seems to be China biggest defeat in their football modern history.

China starting XI v Brazil:

Zeng Cheng, Zhao Peng, Liu Jianye, Yu Yang, Lu Peng, Zhao Xuri, Tang Miao, Zhu Ting, Hao Junmin, Gao Lin, Liu Jian

All goals and video here

[ SPL ] Shanghai Lions 0 – 2 Cowboys

2nd game for the Lions SPL this Sunday again the Cowboys.

Lions faced a total new Cowboy team with only 3 players from last year.

Game started on time but due to heavy rain, stopped immediately after 1 minute. it restarted back 10 minutes later on a soggy pitch, which was not really convenient for Lions football style…

[ SPL ] Shanghai Lions 0 - 2 Cowboys - Rainy Sunday

Cowboys were faster and better in the beginning of the game… Finally and logically, they scored the first goal while Lions were not very well organized to fight again this fast runners. We decided then to change the way we play and bring in our American wall and switch to 3-5-2 format. Step by step Lions came back in the game… until this action where our hot blood Garret retaliate to a Chinese defender who just kicked Nico in the back. Referee took the call: RED card for both Garret and the Chinese guy and 10 vs 10 after 20 min game… Lions played a bit better but still had difficulties to manage their fast strikers. Finally, Cowboy scored a second goal just before half time…

2nd half started and Lions played better but unfortunately not good enough to score a goal. Shots were not reaching the target and center were not precise enough to score… We fought until the last minute but we have to admit that Cowboy were better than us that bloody rainy Sunday and did a very good 1st half.

0-2 as final score and first defeat in 2012/2013 SPL season. This game should remind us that we have to continuously work together if we want to reach SPL top 3.

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