SPL Lions don’t like Halloween…

[ SPL ] Shanghai LIONS 1-1 Japan FC

Fist game in WAIGAOQIAO for SPL Lions & good condition to play against the Japanese team but it seems that SPL Lions and Halloween party cannot work together…

We were just 11 when the game start… We were close to start playing at 10 against Japan, which is something I cannot understand when we have 16 players selected… But anyway, thanks to the Lions who show up on time… We start the game against the ‘old’ Japan team and we played well but we had difficulties to finish and to score. Lions get the possession of the ball, but still to slow when approaching the 20 meter of Japanese Goal. Finally, we score a goal with Joel, who get some help from Japanese defender. 1-0  at half time. Lions control the game in this fist 45 minutes.

Subs are here and came in during the second half time. Japanese team change a bit and is faster in midfield. 10 first minute Japanese make some pressure and finally get a penalty… 1-1. But Lions don’t give up and play again. Ball is in our possession… We have a lot of opportunity to score, but even our best score Joel couldn’t make it and missed his duel with the Japanese goalkeeper… Maxime came in for the last 10 minutes, but referee choice to short our game !!! Game ended on this score, which sounds like a defeat for the SPL Lions.


Hope that players remember that we need to be a bit serious if we want to finish on the Top of the League…



Lions support Coerver skill training U10 and U12 youth in Shanghai!

Dear Parents,

We are pleased to offer your son or daughter the possibility to improve their Football skills as an individual player !

Attached you can find the introduction of Coerver skill training’s method which is renowned world wide! We will start with the U10 and U12 group first with a maximum of 20 players per group and we will work on a first come first serve basis.

  • U10 training 80 minutes every Friday at the Century Park Field from 1600-1720 hrs
  • U12 training 80 minutes every Friday at the Century Park Field from 1740-1900 hrs

Any question feel free to ask. We will start once we have the first kids registered could be as soon as 9th of November!

Sportive Regards

Freek Boelen / Coerver Shanghai

Lions on a record run beating Japan 6-1!


Very good team performance in a game where Japan always looked dangerous. They were waiting for our mistake to score on the break. However we were well prepared with a solid deep defense and a controlling midfield and a dangerous attack as well not to forget we had a goalie in form, Dim Dim ! Lucas our youngest lion by far performed well against the Japanese as he was selected in the starting 11! First half we were leading 2-0 with goals by Dani and Charles (gift……ok right place right time!).

For the second half we knew we needed to score the third as Japan having beaten DIB the week before and tied with the Shooters were never going to give up. What was good about our game is that we were patience and waited for our chances to get the third goal / three times we hit the cross bar ! Dani asked to be the “terminator” for this game did his job forced the 3-0 and quickly scored his hat-trick ! Benji and Charles were happy to score one more and we gave one goal to Japan which is fair for the effort they made during the game! Lions that’s 5 games 5 wins and 28 goals scored!

What a difference with last season ! I can feel the team spirit grow and everybody realizes that working hard at training and getting a good result on Saturday lift the spirit ! Lets have fun in Hangzhou and our next target will be the Vikings perfect opponent for us!

Cheers Happy Coach Freek

Lions U18 work hard at Century Park

Young Lions,

It was a good training yesterday under the helm of our experienced Lions Top scorer Joel. Great artificial pitch build with the latest technology imported from Italy which makes it almost like real grass. We had 14 Young Lions U18 attending and the crowd was truly multinational ! The training focused on a proper warming up which are key to avoid muscle tears / Ball control and Ball movement in limited space / Communication with other players / Pro active play without ball / Speed + Strength / Position play 10 vs 5 where you learn to switch quickly from ball possession / keeping the ball into ball chasing / getting the ball back / Looking for open space and switch the play form the crowded area to open space by long balls / Shooting / Last but no least 7 vs 7 game fast game!

What I like about this group is that each player has his individual strong points as well some weaker points. What we train for is to improve the weaker points in order to make you a more complete player / whether its shooting with your left foot / the first touch / speed / reaction / tackles. The training is the place where we like you to try to improve yourself. The more you train the fitter you will get / the fitter you are the better you can control the ball / the better you control the ball the more confidence you get / the more confidence you have the more you enjoy the actual games!

We are looking for an opponent for our first game on Sunday 11th of November before that we have two training sessions on Wednesday to get ready for our first Lions game as a team ! Hope you all keep up the hard work and believe me we as coaches really enjoy to work with you guys ! If you have a friend who you think is a good player please bring him or her along to the training session for a trial!



[SPL News] Shanghai 2000 debut in the SPL

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

With the Shanghai 2000 making their SPL debut last Sunday we are officially an 11 team 11 aside league ! Not bad if we look back at the early years of the SPL where we only had 6 teams ! More teams means more work but foremost more games and more fun for all of us ! Not many surprises on the scores last Sunday !

  • ERS 4-1 Japan

Solid win for the French who were in control of most of the game. Chamak was their hero scoring a hat-trick. Japan seems to struggle this season but are in the process of hiring a sumo wrestler to play as striker so that they can keep the ball upfront !

  • Hawks 5-0 Galacticos

Galacticos are rebuilding the squad after Danielle announced she will move to Europe at the end of the year ! Hawks are also rebuilding their squad but just the name as soon they will be named Gremio ! Very friendly game with no cards and the Hawks simply too strong for the Galacticos on the day !

  • Marlins 11-0 Super 48

Our Japanese friends didn’t manage to get their usual goal ! Marlins had no mercy for them especially not the SIFL top scorer Gui who netted 5 goals behind the blue wall !

  • Shanghai 2000 2-6 Lions

What a great pitch ! Lions had most of the possession but only scored once in the first half however tactical changes worked for the Lions and the managed to score another 5, one by the president himself who is in heavy competition with Yamada for the oldest goal scorers in the SPL trophee ! Shanghai 2000 did get two goals back when the Lions lost their focus !


One reminder to all the Captains ! This special year with 11 teams and three pitches there is not much room for postponements so please get your team organized and do not ask for postponements anymore ! If there is a possibility within the current schedule to swap some games its ok as long as all the other Captains agree !

We have a 5 games Sunday with WaigoaQiao back as venue as well !

  • 9.30-11.30 Hawks/Gremio-Super 48
  • 11.30-13.30 Pistolera Bulls – Cowboys
  • 13.30-15.30 Marlins – Galacticos
  • 10.00-12.00 Lions – Japan @ Waigaoqiao
  • 14.00-16.00 Shanghai 2000 – ERS @ Century Park


Lets make it a great weekend with Good Friendly and Fair Football in Shanghai ! Long live the SPL !


Freek – SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee

SPL Lions back in competition

[ SPL ] Century Park FC 2-6 Shanghai LIONS

Last Sunday, SPL Lions had to play against the SHANGHAI 2000 FC, team who just join the SPL…
Amazing condition to play football, and good football this week end…
Beautiful weather,
Amazing pitch…
Just missing some players !!!!!

Jack in Hangzhou, Joel who just landed in Shanghai and couldn’t make it…and informed us early enough of this issues…
But canceling 15 minutes before appointment or don’t give any news is NOT ACCEPTABLE…

I expect that we respect each other guy’s…
Don’t forget that some people couldn’t play this week end because we normally were too much players… which was not the case…

Anyway, let’s speak about the game.
We played against the SHANGHAI 2000 FC, team who used to play in SIFL 1st Division.

Nice weather, probably the best pitch in SH. And now we know why, as the boss wanted us to test our ankle for the warm up.

Indeed, we had to run next to the pitch in a kind of no mand’s land . Anyway we were ready to fight…
Line up in 4-3-3 to have an offensive game.

We played a lot of in midfield, but not enough on the side.
We get some situation in front of the goal but we play not fast enough and let Shanghai 2000 defender bloc us at 15 meters from goal.
Finally, Maxime came through and give a ball back to TERAO who score….
1-0 for the Lions.
Shanghai 2000 defend very high which put us often offside…
They are not very dangerous but sometimes we take it too easy and get some little trouble to in our defense.

That’s why, for example Jeff got a Yellow card…
But we were stronger, even if we played sometime too slow…
Lions get many opportunities but cannot score.
1-0 half time.

Lions start the second half time with more speed in the game and use more the space.
Shanghai 2000 start to be more and more tired…
More space… more goals…
2-0, 3-0 and 4-0 which a nice shoot from Briac…
A few minutes later we have the 5-0…
We start to sub a lot of our defenders…
Then we get 1 goal… 5-1.
Lions react with Freek who scored again… 6-1..
At the end, we conceded another Goal.
Final score 6-2.

Let’s work on our headers and our game speed because next week it’s another team… FC Japan.


HANGZHOU 7 a-side tournament on Nov. 3rd & 4th 2012


Please note that the HANGZHOU 7aside tournament will take place the WEEK END of the  3- 4th November 2012 .

More detailed information here : http://chinanationscup.com/.

For the Lions coming to the HANGZHOU 7 aside tournament on Sat. Nov. 3rd and Sunday 4th 2012. We are 20 players in total, which means 2 TEAMS of 10 players.

PS: we are going with 20 players because from last year’s experience, we will certainly lose a couple on the way to the pitch on Sunday morning….
       Please see the list of the players and tournament schedule here.
Our 1st game will be at 11am, so we will all meet on Sat. morning 8.15am for our train at 8.45am at the HONGQIAO Train Station (not the north nor the South one), the one close to the Hongqiao Airport. You will need your PASSPORT.
       The plan on Sat. evening is to have dinner around 8pm at the Restaurant/Bar called The Vineyard, where we have booked a table and we will be able to
       watch the MU- Arsenal game live! We will head to some local famous club for some further drinks…until no one is standing anymore…
       WHO will be the 2012 Highlander?
We will take the 7pm train on Sund. evening back to Shanghai.
Please make sure your bring your NEW EQUIPMENTS that you will collect on Friday evening at BLOC at 8pm…
Please bring your ID/PASSPORT and 600 rmb for:
      – Train tickets SH-HZ / HZ-SH = 200 rmb/pers. (paid in advance by Freek)
      – Hotel room for on Sat. night = 1 romm  = 350 rmb, so 175 rmb/pers. if share room (we booked 10 double-beds rooms)
      – Tournament registration fees (2500 rmb): 125 rmb/pers,
      – Polo-shirts : 100 rmb/pers.
      + food & drinks of your choice
Shanghai LIONS FC Management


Lions stay on top of the SIFL!


9:00 AM games are always bit more difficult as we never are sure if everybody will be on time and to put it simply not everybody is an early bird !

We did have most of the Lions ready for the game versus the Azzurri. But when you play a league week in week out there will be games that things are not running according to plan.

Maybe the fact that the Azzurri lost their previous games and were nowhere near to what they were supposed to be crept into our heads. We didn’t deal well with the long balls lifted by the strong wind and we never were able to play our passing game ! It was cynical that when the Azzurri hit our cross bar we straight scored an unbelievable goal, with three touches only by FabieJonny and finished by Allan our most in form player!  We quickly scored another goals easily tipped in by Mr Oshea and he didn’t know at that time that it would be the winner of the game !

Second half our game plan was to keep the zero and win the game but poor marking gave the Azzurri a life line 2-1! God bless we didn’t lose our heads and realized we can only win this game by fighting spirit and that’s what we did! We took the three points with one of our worst performances of the season!

Anyway we are on an unbeaten run of four games and that’s good Lions! Stay positive and work hard next game is against Japan at 9:00 AM so we all know what we need and what we not need to day the day before! Shooters drew vs Japan 3-3 just because of the fact the Japanese were there at 7:00 Am all awake and ready to score, they scored their three goals in the first 15 minutes. So its up to us to proof we deserve to be the number one football team in SHANGHAI !

I count on all of you to make it happen !

We got three 6 points this weekend as Sunday Lions beat the Shanghai 2000 6-2 ! Both Lions teams are leading the their leagues!


Cheers Freek

[SPL News] The SPL is back after October break

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

Welcome back ! October is one of the finest months in Shanghai because we can see the blue sky and the temperatures are mild at 22-25 degrees ! Hope all teams are set and ready to battle on the field !

Registrations – Dead line is this Thursday and we will except no excuses as we have given plenty of time to get it done. If you have any issue pls contact Frederick to sort it out.

League Fee – Make sure to make an arrangement with me asap for the teams who didn’t pay sofar fee is 18k + 1k (the extra two games at century park)

Century Park rules and regulations – as all SPL teams will have two games at Century Park this season pls note the rules and regulation of the field. Its one of the best fields in China and we are fortunate to be able to play there so please cooperate and stick to the rules !

Field will be open 45 minutes before kick off / Warm up can only be done in the area next to the field in the park not on the field

Players can bring max 2 guest if more they need to pay Century Park entrance fee at gate no 5

All substitutes should sit on the substitute benches if they need to warm up should be done next to the field in the park

Any damage caused by players to the park will be charged to them

No smoking  No pets and recommended no strollers / skateboards / roller-blades etc on the facilities

Food can be bought at the facility but not brought in from outside

Free parking is only allowed at Gate No5 Huamu Lu after 1800 you can park the car in the park next to the field at 10 rmb / parking on the road next to the field on risk but usually they don’t fine on Sundays.

We have 5 games this Sunday !

  • 930-1130    Pistolera Bulls – Flamenkos
  • 1130-1330  ERS – Japan
  • 1330-1530  Hawks / Gremio – Galacticos
  • 1530-1730  Marlins – Super 48
  • 1400-1600 Lions – Shanghai 2000 @ Century Park

Enjoy the perfect weather and the games !


Freek – SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee

Lions stay on top of the SIFL after a solid win!


With only one substitute but with a very motivated team we had a good game versus the Beavers last Saturday. What we did very well was to dictate the speed of the game throughout the entire 90 minutes. In the past we would make the mistake to slow down our own game when we played lower ranked teams and found it difficult to score goals. Not this time within one minute we scored (it start the be a Lions trade mark to score fast !) and left the Beavers helpless. Chance after chance we created 4-0 half time but should have been 10-0 ! Second half we decided to push harder and go for the goal difference and kept the pace fast. We got some great goals ! Allan hat-trick, Benji 2, Joel 2, Danni 1, Anthony 1. It was a pity we couldn’t keep a clean sheet and conceded one goal. Its good to be disappointed with that even we won 9-1.

Three games 20 goals scored and 3 conceded (gifts) that’s plus 17 ! Yes we are on the right track but need to work even harder to stay on top and we get an excellent opportunity to test how far we are in performance level by beating the Azzurri next Saturday! Lets prepare well for this game ! Especially because its a 9:00 AM early game !


Cheers Freek

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