Lions U18 complete training No 7 !

Young Lions,


We are almost done with our training sessions of 2012 ! We are pleased to see that most of the boys didn’t miss a single training session. For a football player training is essential first of all to improve your skill and secondly to improve your match fitness. For a Youth Football player its even more important as especially on the skill front there are many factors to improve like the “first touch”, ball control, shielding with your body,speed with or without ball, passing, shooting etc… All the training efforts you put in will pay off and it will make you a better and stronger player.  Especially the position plays are essential to understand and to learn from. We all know that Barcelona are the masters of this play you never see them passing a long ball because a long ball can be easily intercepted by the opponent, instead they stick to short passes and are able to keep the ball into possession for a long spell. The key success of Barcelona is the training as they are practicing this game form day in and day out and they became masters of their own skill.  Our advice is to never miss a training session if you want to become a better player !


Until the end of the 2012 we have to following in store for you :


5/12 – Last training at century park 1800-2000 All games and fun training pls bring your friends to try out our trainings / guest are welcome

9/12 – Lions U18 vs Japan U18 1200-1400 at WGQ last game was a draw let see whether we can beat them now after all our trainings

14/12 – Lions Christmas dinner at Bloc / U18 + Parents are more than welcome

16/12 – Santa Cup 1100-1630 at Waigaoqiao 8-aside / 16 teams men’s tournament !


Keep working hard young Lions we have a great U18 team and we enjoy to work with all of you !


Coach / Joel and Freek

Jack Boller promise to attend the 4 next trainings!

When chatting with Jack BOLLER today, he mentioned that

Here are the detail son my conversation:

Charles:  u coming tonight? i have your sweater
 Jack:  i can’t, something came up at work, that is great incentive though
Charles:  come on, move you fat american ass to training

Jack:  how about this :i guarantee i’ll make the next 4 trainings

 Charles:  fair enough
 Jack:  if not, i’ll buy everyone a round at the next bar we are all at lofty promise
So everybody is now a witness and it’s very likely that Jack will pay everybody a round at Christmas party….

[SPL News] Gremio slips… Cowboys on top

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

We are almost in December and Santa will soon do the draw for the Santa Cup. We have Scotland confirmed to enter the Santa Cup for the first time as it’s always good to have some colorful players to join the party ! The SPL league is interesting this year as both at the top and at the bottom teams are fighting for points. We do see more cards given this season but overall the games are all in good spirit win or lose we are still friends !

We congratulate Kevin for his 300th game in Shanghai as referee. His first game was three years ago and we told him to make it 1000 in order to get a statue next to the field.

  • Gremio 1-3 Flamenkos

Finally the Flamenkos had a game and it seems that the long break worked in their favor. Gremio seemed to miss a few good players and maybe the colder weather was taking its toll on Brazilians as well. Flamenkos punished Gremio for poor defending and took the lead. However Kercio made a good run surprising the Flamenkos goalie with his finish. Throughout the game Flamenkos looked more dangerous and managed to hold on to their 1-3 lead to take all three points to Spain and Belgium !

A lot of French players on the field ! Lions seemed to be more hungry in this game and did the damage early on in the game. Two to zero after 15 minutes and to add to the misery for ERS was an own goal just before half time.  After the break the Lions played faster and overall  they seemed to be fitter than the ERS players resulting in 5 more goals.  ERS promised to come back stronger after this defeat !

  • Japan 1-0 Galacticos

Very close encounter with both team fighting hard for the points. Too bad for the Galacticos that they couldn’t capitalize on the fact that for the first time the Japanese team had only 11 players and no substitutes !

  • Cowboys 8-4 Shanghai 2000

Cowboys were in a kind of trouble as a lot of players texted the couldn’t make it. The prayed for more run but of course the century park pitch can easily handle rain ! So the game was on and the first half Shanghai 2000 ruled leading 2-4. However the average age between the teams made the difference in the end as well top striker Zhuang of the Cowboys scoring 6 goals seems to be on fire at the moment as he already scored 18 SPL goals !


We have two more SPL League rounds before the Santa Cup on December 16 ! 5 games per weekend and we hope the weather stays in order as last weekend we were lucky the rain stopped only during the weekend !

  • 1000-1200 Pistolera Bulls – Super 48
  • 1200-1400 Cowboys – Galacticos
  • 1400-1600 Marlins – ERS
  • 1400-1600 Lions – Flamenkos @ Waigaoqiao
  • 1400-1600 Japan-Shanghai 2000 @ Century Park


Don’t forget to order your SPL Winter Sweater … They are THE perfect Christmas Gift !!

If you know boys and girls aged 8-13 years old there is a free Coerver Skill training session at Century Park this Friday from 1600 to 1745 PM. Nothing more important than to train your skill when you are young so you will be one of the best players in the SPL later !


Looking forward to the games on Sunday !


Freek – SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee

[SPL News] SPL Ranking update 27 Nov 2012

1 Cowboys 8 7 1   21 45 17 28
2 Lions  8 6 1 1 19 44 10 34
3 Gremio Shanghai(Hawks) 8 5 2 1 16 28 13 15
4 Marlins FC (Dulwich) 6 4 1 1 13 52 12 40
5 Japan FC 7 4 2 1 13 21 13 8
6 E.Rouge 7 4 3   12 18 23 -5
7 Shanghai 2000 6 3 3   9 29 24 5
8 Flamenkos 4 1 3   3 9 20 -11
9 Pistolera Bulls 5   5   0 10 40 -30
10 Galacticos 6   6   0 2 38 -36
11 Super 48 7   7   0 4 52 -48

Lions keep second spot in SPL

[ SPL ] Shanghai Lions 8-0 ERS FC (25 Nov 2012)


All lions were very motivated to give the French Fries a run for their money ! The Lions looked hungry and were boosted by seeing Gremio/Hawks lose 1-3 vs the Flamenkos we knew what we had to do !

Tactic was to score fast and again we did just that 2-0 up within 15 minutes. One own goal “merci beaucoup” gave us a 3-0 lead.

Half time was used to boost up the level as some players were playing below their usual standard !

Goal difference is important at the end of the season and everybody got the message.

Adam scored his first ever Lions goal and same for Lucas our talented youngster.

Michael W scored the first lions goal ever scored by somebody from Kansas on Chinese soil. His boost are already hanging in the Shanghai Museum signed by him and people are queuing since this morning to take a look at his boots. Jack try to do the same but need to wait one more week before he can go into the hall of fame !  Martin had a clear off day as he only scored two goals ! To put our performance into perspective it was our highest victory against the French 8-0 , ever by the Lions.

Maybe that’s because we REALLY don’t like the French people… (joking)

Happy Freek & Simon

Lions take first spot in the SIFL

[ SIFL ] Oranje FC 0-6 Shanghai LIONS (24 Nov 2012)


Before the game on Saturday against FC Oranje (dutch team) I gave the players 2 options:

  1. either you play as if you were still in Phuket or
  2. you play for the record 7th consecutive win of the season.

Luckily all lions understood the message and started the game well. Especially the defense looked solid and played with full confidence.

The Oranje tactic was to build a wall and it seemed to work after the Lions score a quick 1-0. However in the very last second of the first half the Lions clinched a second by a good corner from Pablo tipped in by Dani.

Second half it came down to fitness and the Lions were clearly more fit and managed to find the holes in the Orange Wall. One of the highlights of the game was a beautiful bicycle kick from Dani.  What I liked most of that moment wasn’t the goal itself but the reaction of the other players who all came to congratulate Dani with his goal. Of course after that his was substituted immediately as enough was enough ! Martin who came on in 2nd half managed to score a hat-trick as well. That’s 6-0 and with DIB’s draw versus reunited it start to look good !

We played 7 games scored 41 one goals and conceded only 6 / Shooter lost 4 points and DIB already lost 7 points / Our goal difference vs shooter Lions + 35 and Shooters +18. Hope we all know by  know what is at stake a win vs the Shooters in two weeks will give us a major step into the right directions ! First the Azzuri in the Hebeiguchi Cup and after that gooooooooooooooo LIONS !!!

Coach Freek

[SPL News] SPL title race wide open

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

Slowly we see some Christmas decorations popping up in the City ! Temperatures are dropping and winter is around the corner ! I am praying everyday for snow during the Santa Cup ! Talking about the Santa Cup we have 16 teams confirmed for December the 16th and this weekend  the draw will be done by M. Santa himself !

Last Sunday we had perfect football conditions blue sky 15 degrees and still green grass and good games of football ! The top 4 of the SPL is within two points of each making it very interesting this anniversary season !

  • ERS 2-5 Cowboys

Two very well managed teams fighting for glory. Our French Friends had no answer for the fast counter attacks of the Cowboys esp striker Zhuang was a threat. Cowboys took a solid 0-2 lead but ran into trouble when their defender was sent off after a second booking. This made the game more interesting and right after half time ERS pulled one back and forced the Cowboys more and more in defense. However the Cowboys kept scoring on fast breaks and with their win became the new SPL leaders for the first time in their SPL history !

  • Marlins 11-0 Pistolera Bulls

Its very rare for the Pistolera Bulls not to score in a game and to concede 11 goals. We tried to contact Bilgin after the game to ask for his comments but the phone was turned off. Beside his poor team performance he was also not happy NOT to have received a yellow card in this game ! Marlins are on a rampage for goal difference. Fedja already netter 20 goals, defenders and goalkeepers you cannot say we didn’t warn you in advance !

  • Gremio 2-3 Lions

You can almost call this game “el classico” ! Always a good game of football, hard fast and fair ! Lions were so motivated for the game that within 10 minutes they scored twice and Gremio realized they needed to regroup themselves fast as otherwise it could go very wrong.They did that before half time with a strong strike from Xu. Lions knew that they needed to score another goal to be safe and they did that but………………in their own net after it bounced off the cross bar by Dave ! 2-2 and 15 minutes to go temperatures were rising but the Lions seemed more composed and clinched the winner by their young striker Martin.

  • Super 48 2-7 Shanghai 2000

Good to see Super 48 scoring more goals and for Shanghai 2000 it was their third victory as rooky in the SPL !


If you like to update your team page on our website please send the relevant info/pictures to Frederick. We noticed that a few teams still are pointless in the league but within the next couple of games that should be sorted out as they will play against each other.

25 Nov 2012 Schedule is on:

  • 1000-1200 Gremio – Flamenkos
  • 1200-1400 Lions – ERS
  • 1400-1600 Japan – Galacticos
  • 1400-1600 Cowboys – Shanghai 2000 @ Century Park

Enjoy the games and hopefully the forecasted rain will disappear !


Freek – SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee !

Lions clinch second spot in the SPL

[ SPL ] Gremio FC 2-3 Shanghai LIONS (18 Nov 2012)

Lions, this is what we call a “Lions Performance” ! Perfect playing condition and 14 very motivated Lions worked out a good strategic plan to beat the SPL leaders Gremio. It resulted into our best start of a game and in the first 10 minutes we were all over them. They couldn’t get any grip on our players and before they knew it we were 2-0 up ! It could have been more but it didn’t happen partly because of some weird lines man decisions as Kevin was over ruling the lines man a couple of times. Gremio got back into the game as we didn’t clear a corner and the scored with a low long distance shot.

Half time we put our act together and we all knew one more goal would kill the game off ! Dave our man of the match did just that…unfortunately into our own net ! The Gremio players went crazy celebrating all over the pitch quite funny to see that as they were not even winning the game !

We stayed composed and knew we could score any time we did just that after Jack saved our day first by flicking a ball going in just out with his big Kansas Toe. Martin our new 21 year old striker got his hat-trick and we took all three points ! Yes we did celebrate as well of course with ice cold beer after the game !

Now we are back in the SPL title race second place two points behind league leaders the Cowboys who beat ERS 5-2. Goal difference is going to be key this season we are good with 36 scored in 7 games and 10 conceded !

Of course there are always point to improve:

  1. We don’t get many good crosses into the box most of the time we cross without a plan / quite dangerous in case the cross is intercepted
  2. In the last 10 minutes we kept chasing for the 4th goals whereas we could have easily passed the ball around as all the Chinese player of the Hawks were exhausted.


Our next opponent are the French and because we don’t like French People we don’t have to look for motivation for this game ! (joking)


Happy Coach Freek

Lions vs. Bulls: The “Singer’s show”!!!

[ SPL ] Shanghai LIONS 7-3 Pistolera Bulls FC

This Sunday, WGQ looks like Omaha beach. Indeed we had a squad with a majority of American players added with some French and British who fought against Bilgin’s German/Bulgarian team. M. president Freek was really happy to see everybody showing up on time… After the draw from the young lions, it was important for the players to show their motivation to the president.

Coach Simon decided to play 4-3-3 and the tactic worked well the first 20 min. We were solid and had some good chances. The Bulls only managed to play a few long balls toward their physical forwards. Unfortunately, after 25 min, they scored from a free kick and then a second goal 10 min later… Half time: 0-2 for the Bulls

Coach Simon decided that enough is enough and after Terao had to leave for work, he put himself in the midfield. We played much better in second half and after 10 min Martin started the “Singer’s show”. He scored 2 goals in a row and after a goal from Joel we were winning 3-2. Probably too much confidence and not concentrated enough after this goal, the Bulls shown us that they were still there and scored (almost) on the engagement kick. That was the time Martin decided to show that he is a real lions scoring 2 more goals added another 2 by Nicolas.

Final score 7-3 and 3 points for the Lions.


Well done. Keep going guys!
Co-coach Gwenn

Lions U18 draw in their first game !

[ Youth ] Shanghai LIONS 3-3 Japan FC

Young Lions,

Finally we had our first game ! Our opponent was a well organized fast and furious Japanese site. Excellent team to play against. We decided to break the game in three parts so that we had more time to discuss what has to be improved.


Our first 25 minutes we were a bit nervous and forgot to pass the ball.

The second 25 minutes we were much better more in control and more confident and the last 25 minutes we forgot to win the game and we did get 6 passes in row !

Overall a good experience and at training we will work on position plays especially when we lose the ball everybody need to defend otherwise you run into trouble against a good counter attacking side like the Japanese team.


Well done boys 3-3 !

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