[SIFL News] Round 12 – Games played on 15 Dec 2012

[SIFL Cup] Shanghai Lions 8-0 Shanghai Krauts (15 Dec 2012)

The Shanghai Lions FC were facing the Shanghai Krauts FC. It was a somber day for the Krauts as Elvis left the building. Both teams started with dazzling football and in the first 5 mins the Krauts had 2 bankable chances but failed to convert. It was another defining moment from which the sensitive Krauts never recovered. Not even a ‘Mourinho’ by Kraut coach Stöckl could get the bereaved Germans back on track.

The Lions on the other hand were in a festive mood with a guest appearance by ZZ-Top (main pic above) and took advantage of the disarray in the German squad. The Lions were motivated to the teeth as they felt somewhat belittled having to play a preliminary round as current SIFL Cup holders.

Highlight of the first half was a fast short corner with Johnny-Hobbit-O’Shea flying in the air to score a beautiful header sending both teams to tea with a 2-0 halftime score. In the 2nd half the Germans put the flag up and it was time for Xmas presents to put many Lions on the score sheet including a Fabien Barbet screamer. Their goal tally stopped at 8-0. Martin scored 2. Allan Mendel, Matthieu Witkowski, Thomas Gauthier and Benjamin Guerin all got 1.

Jonny O’Shea was voted man of the match for a 2nd time in a row.


Lions enjoyed to last weekend of the 2012 season


We had a very good Christmas Dinner last Friday. Very relaxing atmosphere at our Lions Lounge at Bloc. It was a good time to review our year and the progress we have made as a club. Terao-san had the time of his life as he was invited to kiss 10 ladies and Kevin made sure he will get a new tie!

After the dinner most of the players went for one or two more stops knowing that they had a game the next day and needed to be fueled for that.

[SIFL Cup] Shanghai Lions 8-0 Shanghai Krauts (15 Dec 2012)

We had no idea why we  had to play the SIFL Cup Qualifying game. Being the winners of the Cup last season it was quite ridicule that we had to qualify for this year’s Cup. I give credit to the Lions who came to play versus the German Krauts and never missed motivation to win. The environment was not inspiring at all, no people at Waigaoxiao cold and windy and what to play for ??

High-light of the first half was a good fast short corner and the shortest man on the pitch flying in the air and scoring the header, leave it up to you to guess who was this flying machine… 2-0 first half and the Germans didn’t do much it was time for everybody to put their name on the game sheet including Fabi with a screamer ! 8-0 we stopped enough goals what on earth were we playing for in the first place !

[SPL] Santa Cup (16 Dec 2012)

Yesterday we had 15 hard core lions showing up at the SPL 2012 Santa Cup.

Was a bit disappointed some Lions decide to stay in bed instead of having fun with their team mates for the last tournament of the year. However our U18 Lions did well for the first time to play on the big stage, they scored a few goals got some win and of course lost some games. Thomas our goalie was outstanding as he had several incredible saves on the day. Simon who played 16 games on the day scored his first and second goal for the Lions on a Sunday. Hope this will be the start of many more goals for him ! It was great to see Benji showing up with a big smile on his face yes it was 1300 Pm but at least he came and scored a few goals ! The Santa Cup was not about ranking but the fact that the Lions together with the Scottish team closed Waigaoqiao give you an idea about the atmosphere ! Great way to end a great year for the Lions !



[SIFL News] Round 11 – Games played on 12 Dec 2012

Nine goals were scored in the top fixture between league leaders Shanghai Lions FC versus 2nd ranked Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC.

The Lions got on the score sheet within 10 mins but not without controversy. An arm ball pass enabled Dani Isaacs to run 1v1 with keeper and tuck it neatly passed him for a 1-0 Lions lead. All Shooter protests were dismissed as the ref claimed the handball had not been intentional. Rocked by the early goal the Shooters laid siege to the Lions box and were rewarded when from a corner Kevin Wiessler dispatched with authority into the top corner for 1-1. Then with 3 minutes left in the 1st half the Shooter defense failed to clear a cross and Allan Mendel reacted first and saw his deflected shot beat the keeper for a 2-1 Lions lead at halftime. Early on in the 2nd half with the wind on their side the Lions added 3 quick goals. Super sub Jonny O’Shea back from the successful launch of the Hobbit in Wellington scored on his first touch and then capitalized on a goalkeeping howler to make it 4-1.

Azzeddine Takouloufa, playing against his old club, drew a penalty that was converted by himself for a 5-1 lead and set up a potentially humiliating whitewash defeat of the Shooters. With 25 minutes to play the champions upped the ante and launched mammoth come back. First Wiessler scored off a deflected free kick in 70th minute and then tucked away his hat-trick 5 mins later reducing the deficit to 5-3. Then Quentin Dereims headed home for 5-4 to set up a nervous finish for the Lions with 10 minutes left on the clock. Both sides missed chances in the final 5 minutes and the Lions held on to record a gutsy 5-4 win. Man of the match honors went to Johnny O’Shea.


[SPL News] The end of the world? Not the end of the SPL

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

Santa has arrived and he was kind enough to pick the teams for the Santa Cup ! As well he brought some cool weather as that’s what we want for the Cup / We have asked for snow and he said he will work on  it ! Last Sunday we had our last round of SPL League games, great matches with 40 goals in 5 games ! Unfortunately two SPL icons are leaving us at the end of this months:

  1. ladies first ! Danielle our all time leading female SPL Top scorer is moving to Holland (Great Country). Her passion for sports and especially football will be missed and its not for nothing that’s she scored a great goal in her last match for the Galacticos!
  2. As well Emerson of Gremio, the Brazilian super power man by far one of our best players in the League is moving back to Brazil, of course he couldn’t leave before scoring a Hat-trick in his last game !

We wish both good luck with the new chapters in their lives !

  • Galacticos 4-6 Super 48

Both teams desperate to clinch their first SPL point of the season. Galacticos were in the hangover mode (yes its Christmas party times !) and Super 48 were fresh as there is no Christmas in Japan. If you like numbers here is the score line, 1-0,1-1,1-2,2-2,2-3,2-4,2-5,3-5,3-6,4-6 ! Who said the SPL is boring…! Galacticos will come back strong next year and we hope that Super 48 will not take it easy now with their three points !

  • Gremio 7-0 Pistolera Bulls

Deep after midnight we received a text message from Bilgin from an obscure establishment on Tongren Lu. After his defeat he went straight to the bar to think over why they didn’t score but hit the post 4 times and why Emerson couldn’t be stopped as he was faster than a Chinese Bullet Train ! Yesterday the Pistolera’s went straight to Macau for a training camp as the Santa Cup is the last and only chance for them to win something this season. Gremio seems to be back on track after their two recent defeats.

Absolute SPL thriller played on the edge but always fair ! Only one yellow card each side. Lions started better and dominated the first half scoring with a header from a corner and receiving a early Christmas gift (own goal) from the Marlins. Second half the Marlins knew that they had to play more aggressive if they wanted to get a result out of this game. They got their reward when Kevin scored 1-2 but soon the Lions found the net again by 17 year old youngster Martin 1-3. The key turning point was a foul by the lions and the debate was “to Be in or Not to Be” in the Box ! All Marlins claimed it was in the box and all Lions claimed it was outside the box, kevin the referee had to make a decision and gave a penalty ! Marlins scored and the Lions lost focus on the game. At that time it was the fighting spirit of the Marlins that erupted as they smelled blood as so it happened they equalized and even scored the winner with a good cross and header ten minutes before the end.  We were pleased to see Peter Rosseli making his come back in the Marlins squad after a very long lasting shoulder injury !

  • Japan 2-7 Cowboys

Strong wind at Waigaoqiao very fair and fun game to watch, no cards ! With their win the Cowboys are back on top of the SPL.

  • Flamenkos 3-3 Shanghai 2000

Flamenkos manager Bart was in Sanya relaxing on the beach. Flamenkos tried to go for the record of most cards and came pretty close with several yellows and their goalie Gonzalo seeing red. In the end both parties were ok to share the points.


Now all we have left in 2012 is the Santa Cup just before the end of the world ! We are looking forward to see all the 11 SPL teams + 5 guest teams in action on Sunday. Please bring all your family and friends to Waigaoqiao because the Santa Cup is a fun tournament with lots of games all in the spirit of friendship and fair play !


Freek – SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee

Bitter defeat for the SPL Lions

[ SPL ] Marlins FC 4-3 Shanghai Lions (09 Dec 2012)

Everybody was on time for the decisive game against the Marlins. One of the most important game of the season as the two teams needed a result in order to stay in the race.

Tactic was to play physical and avoid corners and free kicks as much as possible as Marlins are usually good in this domain… After a couple of challenge, it was clear that our opponents were going to play really aggressive… Probably the kind of football that Kevin (the ref) like as he didn’t whistle that much. But Lions can also play this kind of football and the first 20 minutes we looked the more cohesive team on the pitch. We even were the first team hitting the target as our Kansas player Michael scored a fine header after a corner. But Marlins can play strong and Lions undergo strong contacts which disturbed us. That was the case of Gwen who take such kind of contact, not whistled by Kevin… After this he made two fault and get his Yellow card. A couple of minute later a gift from a Marlins defender let us leading the game 2-0 at half time.

Second half, the Marlins started better and pressure beginning to tell. After a good action from the right they finally scored. We had a good reaction as we didn’t panic and continue to play our football. Jack ‘on fire’ decided to take every free kick. That was a good idea as he delivered a perfect ball to our young talented Martin who scored a fantastic goal, 3-1 for the Lions. At that moment confidence was high for the Lions…

Seems to be a bad result as Kevin the ref whistled a imaginary penalty for a fault made outside the box… Everyone was surprised and this decision looks like a big robbery for us. Anyway that is football ! This goal changed everything as it put Marlins back in the game, without really fighting for. Then, they started to fight for every ball and after a couple of chances equalized. The fighting spirit changed camp and we finally conceded another goal. The last 10 min, Marlins played defensive and we struggle to come back but except one or two chances we weren’t able to score. 3-4 final score !


We learned a lot during this game, as player, as coach and as a team… And we will fight until the end to get our SPL title !!!

Let’s keep training and be ready for the santa cup !


Co-Coach Gwen & Coach Six

Lions U18 lost 2-0 but improved their game

[ Youth ] Shanghai LIONS 0-2 Japan FC (09 Dec 2012)

Young Lions,

It was pretty cold to play but luckily all the players got their Lions winter sweater just in time ! Japan was our opponent and they are always a good team to play against as they are technical, skillful, fast and love to counter attack !

After our training sessions our objective was to play better football than our last encounter. The game was split into three portions of 25 minutes each and I was pleased to see that especially our last third was our best.

We created good opportunities and were a bit unlucky not to get a goal. We had a solid goalie and a solid defense. We still have a lot of things to learn of course but that’s why we play these kind of games. Well done young Lions and thank you for the parents who came and see the boys play !

Next is the Santa Cup this coming Sunday and we let you play to get a taste of what it is like to play in the Men’s League. You will learn that physical strength and speed are very important and that you need to decide fast to make a pass or a shot. Its all about the experience and this tournament will be a good experience for all of you ! The tournament is at Waigaoqiao and starts at 1100 AM and finish at 1700 PM.


Hope to see all young Lions on Sunday !


Coach Freek

LIONS – Shooters game Summary from Shooters captain Zippy

LIONS – Shooters game Summary from Shooters captain Zippy:
Indeed it was a case where Shooters luck with the referee ran out as the game began controversially with Dani Isaacs opener after 10mins.
The whole Shooter backline stopped for a blatant Aussie rules armball pass from a Lions midfielder for Isaac to run on 1v1 and tuck neatly past the keeper. Shooter protests were dismissed by Kevin the ref who claimed the handball had not been intentional.
Rocked by the early goal the Shooters laid seige to the Lions goal and after missing some half chances finally were rewarded for a push in the box from a corner in which Kevin Wiessler dispatched with authority into the top corner. 1-1 and in spite of having the better momentum in the first half the Shooters were down 2-1 with 3 mins left in the half after their defense failed to clear a cross and Alan Mendell reacted first and his shot deflected off a defender to wrong foot the Shooter keeper and find it’s way into the corner.
However, the 2nd half was a different story as with the wind at their backs the Lions strike force took charge of the game from 55th-65th minute when they added 3 quick fire goals. Super Sub Johnny Oshea back from the successful launch of the Hobbit in Wellington scored on his first touch after a mistake at the back, and then capitalized on a goalkeeping howler to make it 4-1 before Azzedine Takaloufa playing against his old club went clear through in the box and drew a penalty as he was brought down rounding the onrushing keeper. Unfortunately for the Shooters his heavy touch would probably have not enabled him to shoot but contact was made and Azz stepped up to send the goalkeeper the wrong way and set the Lions up for a potentially humiliating whitewash defeat of the Shooters.
The 2nd half of the second half saw a complete reversal in fortunes as the Shooters launched a mammuth comeback.Wiessler scored off a deflected freekick on the 70th minute and then tucked away his hattrick 5 minutes later. The Shooters missed a hatful of chances before Quentin Dereims climbed bravely to head in from 3 yards out with 81minutes left to set up a nervous finish for the Lions. Both sides missed chances in the final 5 minutes but he Lions held on to record a gutsy 5-4 win.
MOM for the Lions went to Johnny Oshea for his contribution and for the Shooters to Kevin Wiessler.

Peter Rosselli of the Marlins thanks Lions PLayers !

Good morning Freek,

I hope this email finds you well.

I’m just writing to thank your team for their conduct during yesterday’s typically tight encounter. It was my first game back and there was a great competitive edge which helped make it a good game of football.

Special mention goes to Francois and Joel for their kind words and welcoming me back to the sport after six months out. It was really appreciated and I have the upmost respect for their sporting behaviour. They’ve been asking how I am ever since it happened and it’s amazing what a difference that makes when it comes from opposing players.

I also have to thank you for the same reasons because you have always given me a few moments of your time to see how things are despite having to run two teams and a league!

I hope you’re well and I’ll see you next weekend at the Santa Cup where I’ll hopefully feature a bit in my quest for fitness.

Have a great week and congratulations on running both a sporting and competitive team!


Saturday Lions beat the Shooters to go 5 points clear in the SIFL

[ SIFL ] Shanghai LIONS 5-4 Shooters FC (08 Dec 2012)


Coming by bus and everybody on time for this game it was clear that the Lions were motivated. Big boost was the comeback of Azzeddine who managed to get back after a two months of training camp in France. In the end it turned out to be a thriller and we realized what is the meaning of a BIG game !

Strategy was to start aggressive score first and don’t give away corners/free-kicks ! The first part we did in just 7 minutes when Dani went on a run and finished in style however the goal infuriated the Shooters and they were bombarding us left and right. We never managed to play our game and instead we started to copy their style of play with long balls to Charles. After corner number 15 of the Shooters Thomas decided it was time to hug one of the Shooters unfortunately he did that in the penalty box… 1-1 ! To me the turning point in the game came in the last minute of the first half where both Charles and Allan scored the same goal, after heavy negotiations (money) the goal was given to Allan.

After the half time break we put everything in order and started to play like the Lions it was time for action we needed the third goal ! As coach you need to have luck sometimes and this time luck was on my side with the substitution. Jonny o Shoot coming in for Dani went on his first run as if he was a haunted turkey ready to end up on the Christmas dinner plate at the Lions Christmas Party at BLOC. He realized nobody was following him so he had no choice to trick the goalie and scored the 3-1 with his right foot. I considered to take him straight off as you can do hardly better than that but… after a shot by Charles the Shooters goalie dropped the ball and our Jonny o Shoot was there to finish again… 4-1.

Meanwhile the Shooters almost ready to be destroyed managed to squeeze a goal in 4-2. On the other side we got a clear penalty awarded and Azzeddine made it 5-2. Now the thriller started as we gave away a silly free-kick and the ball went in deflected by our wall. Shooters went all out and credit to them for their fighting spirit. Jerome our Captain who to me was our man of the match (sorry Jonny….) saved us by an incredible effort to clear the ball off the line.

Merci Beaucoup my friend ! We thought it would be more interesting for the fans to give the Shooters one more goal and indeed the last 10 minutes were very entertaining, esp when Thomas managed to shoot a tip in ball from the open goal to the moon !

Final whistle and its that joy of just one minute celebrating after the heroic victory that gives us the motivation to train harder and to try to be the best team in Shanghai ! 8 games won in row and 5 points clear with a game in hand !

A big thank you to the support of our Sponsor ladies of BLOC and a thank you to the injured players who came and support the team we know its hard for them !


See you all at the Christmas Party at BLOC on Friday !


Very Happy Coach Freek


Dear Lions,

Christmas is a party we have to celebrate with our family.

As the SHANGHAI LIONS Football club is a bit our second family, let’s celebrate Christmas all together.

Feel free to bring your family and friends to share a good moment together.

Please register for this evening at the following email address : info@shanghai-lions.com 

and tell us how many people will joint you for this event.

Find the arrangement for our Lions Christmas part.


Assorted Breads & Rolls
Served with Dried Cranberries, Candied Nuts, Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumber & Lemon Vinaigrette
Served with Herbs, Virgin Olive Oil
Served with Candied Garlic, Balsamic Reduction & Almonds

Served with Cranberry Sauce & Gravy

(Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Orange Juice, Mineral Water)

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