[SPL News] Japan sees Red + Lions on Top

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

We got our first cancellation of the season as we received a nasty rain event Saturday evening. Luckily we play at three locations this season that’s why we still played two SPL games. We received a lot orders for the SPL sweaters which is a good way to promote our SPL league in China and abroad !

Several SPL players took part in the half and or full Shanghai marathon this Sunday / Congratulations to all of you who completed the event. Special compliment for Kevin our referee who seems to be our fastest runner completing the 21 km in 1.28 hrs ! For now we can count that as a SPL record.

This year’s Santa Cup is going to be the best one ever ! 16 teams and 8 games per team that’s a lot of games !! Santa will be happy !

  • Japan 1-6 Shanghai 2000

First half all went as per normal. Japan quicker on the feet took a 1-0 lead. However in the second half disaster stroke and Japan for the first time in their history received two red cards and two yellow cards. Our vice president Yamada-san broke another record as oldest player to receive an yellow card this will however pave the way for Bilgin to extend his career several more years as Yamada-san is above 50 ! So believe it or not but that’s what happened most of the cards were justified and Shanghai 2000 happily outnumbered the Japanese team and sealed the victory !

Lions didn’t manage to get their early goal because the Flamenkos boosted by their last weeks victory over Gremio controlled the midfield. However a cross flying into the top corner changed the game 1-0 lions. Second half it was all about fitness as the Flamenkos with one substitute found it harder to defend. Lions took more control and took a 4-0 lead. Alex, the dangerous Flamenko striker, managed to pull two goals back but the damage was done and the Lions took all three points to go on top of the SPL.

This weekend we have our last round of SPL League games in 2012 ! Full program with 5 games and we hope the weather will be good !


Lets finish the year on a high note with good spirited games of SPL Football !


Freek – SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee

Santa Cup… December 16th

The Santa Cup is back ! Organized by your own Presidente !


Lions who are avaible for this cup, please register at here.


This year bigger than ever with 16 teams and most important of all two Lions teams.

As the Lions U18 will make their debut in the men’s world !

Santa Cup is about friendship and having fun right before Christmas !

So all Lions are welcome on December 16th at Waigaoqiao starting at 1100 AM until 1800 PM / We play 8 – 8 aside games per team /

If you like to help with the organization during the tournament pls let me know as a helping hand is always appreciated !

Please register on line so we know who is coming and who is not !

Cheers from Santa !


Lions website got 100,000 hits in 4 months


Congratulation to everybody who has contributed to the creation of our website.

It has proven to be a roaring success and its widely popular in China and other parts of the world ! The site is very informative and updated every time there is Lions news available. It’s also a perfect communication tool for our Sponsors. The pictures are the icing on the cake as its shows us who we are…

We are football crazy friends with a Lion’s heart ! Lets go Lions to 1 million hits !


Lions Management Team

12 Lions in Phuket

Since several month already, MC organizer Charles Georg ensured that we come with the strongest squad ever… He did such a good job as we had 11 fit and motivated guys ready to keep the title in Shanghai. For the first time also, we had a coach. Indeed Romain Haution injured himself clumsily two days before the departure and the team members decided to appoint him “coach” for the competition.

We all took our plane and finally arrived safe and sound at the villa Friday night. As the plan A failed (drink water, talk about tactic and watch a football game) we decided to take the plan B (all players go to Patong, bring a LB and enjoy at the villa). As you can imagine, the night was short especially for JLC who for the first time in his life fall in love…

Day D, the road to the pitch was a mess as we had the only one Malaysian driver on the island. Fortunately my new boyfriend spoke Malaysian and could tell the driver the way to the stadium. Tactic was to sub as much as possible and play 2-3-1 to have a strong midfield. First game, we won 5-0 but second we lost 2-1 against the vodka’s drinker Russian team. The coach Romain who has now a new assistant knew he had to do something. His boyfriend assistant had a good idea and proposed a “happy end massage”. We finally decided only change the tactic. 3-2-1 was the new line-up. Well done as we won the last game 1-0.

Day two 11:00 am, we couldn’t find the van (as Allan decided to used it for personal reason) but we still managed to arrive on time at the pitch. We won our first game 3-0 and also the second 1-0. We are now in semi-final against the middle-east team, same team we won last year. After a missed penalty, we thought we couldn’t lose anymore but they have fast and young players. After a good run they ultimately scored a goal. We pushed the last five but it wasn’t enough…

Time for party. Everyone decided to imitate JLC and his LB’s friend and have a mustache.

We enjoyed the all night and finally flew back to Shanghai.

Lions lose on penalties in SIFL Hebi Cup

[ SIFL Hebiguchi Cup ] Shanghai Lions 1-1 Azzurri FC (01 Dec 2012)


The game started  very late and at the time we were playing Waigaoqiao was empty ! Not a good environment for a Cup Game… It turned out to be more like a friendly game vs the Azzurri as they were trying to regroup themselves and picking up players from other teams.

The game was one where the solid defense of both sides would make it difficult to score. On top we were missing our regular top scorers M. Mendel and Dani. The Azzurri took the lead by a well placed shot and Jerome had the chance to equalize but according to him the ball bounced right in front of him using that as an excuses why the ball went into orbit and  was never seen back again.

In the second half we were working hard to get the equalizer and defended well. Lucas our youngest Lions came on and through his cross to Matthieu (the birthday boy) to equalize.

By now it was really getting dark and we had no choice but to go for the penalties. Two lions scored and two lions missed and Charles our no 5 taker didn’t have to take…..!

To me it was good to have a tough game especially knowing that next week we will be playing the Shooters ! We can make a major step forward in the race for the league title if we win that match.

We always talk about big games and how important they are here we are a win can make the gap 7 points between the Shooters and the Lions. So Lions train hard and don’t get injured, eat healthy and rest well, focus on the game and give it all you have on Saturday !


Coach Freek

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