[SPL News] What a beautiful day

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

Call it new year’s luck but the weather was fantastic  last Sunday ! The pitches were in great shape and the referees were doing a good job ! We had all SPL teams playing except for the Cowboys as they needed four weeks to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  5 games with 38 goals a typical SPL standard with just a few yellow cards !

  • Flamenkos 6-2 Super 48

Our Japanese friends are looking younger every week not sure that’s because of some secret surgery or because they are scouting younger players. It would make sense for them to change their name to Super 38 as they quickly took the lead and although the Flamenkos equalized soon after they had several scoring opportunities. However the blue wall was running out of steam and had difficulties with the Flamenkos strikers, especially Josue who scored three goals ! It was good to see Josei back on the field after his knee surgery, as spectator and sponsor this time !

  • ERS 2-5 Pistolera Bulls

Bilgin made a coup de France. He specially ordered Xavier who has been living in Paris for the last two years to come back for this game. With all his knowledge about playing style and culture they managed to put ERS under pressure from the start and never looked back. ERS is thinking how to turnaround a poor run in 2013 maybe Bilgin can give some advice after his poor run in last half 2012!

  • Marlins 7-0 Japan

The Marlins continued to work on their goal difference. Japan was an easy opponent as they were lacking physical power against the Marlins. Fair game with no cards.

First half saw the Lions wasting a lot of opportunities, a rare penalty miss from Joel for instance. He blamed it on the wind at Waigaoqiao. 0-2 at half time however the Galacticos were down to 10 man after one of their players got injured. Lions increased the pace of the game and started to score more and more goals and stopped at 11.

  • Gremio 4-1 Shanghai 2000

Beautiful setting in the park on a perfect field. It brought a smile on the faces of the Brazilian players of Gremio and they started to show their skills, especially Kercio was on fire with two goals. 2-0 half time and final result 4-1 with no cards just pure football fun !


This coming weekend it looks like perfect weather again and lets see how the Cowboys come back in the title race after their long break ! We have 5 games with the Lions having a bye.

  • 1000-1200 Cowboys – Pistolera Bulls
  • 1200-1400 ERS – Gremio
  • 1400-1600 Flamenkos – Marlins
  • 1400-1600 Super 48 – Japan at Waigaoqiao
  • 1400-1600 Galacticos – Shanghai 2000


Please remember we have our sport injury workshop organized by Global Health Care on Thursday 14th of March. Register by sending an email to Kandace.nguyen@ghcchina.com. It will 1900-2000 in Puxi / Its good to learn more about dealing with sports injuries. We like to hold our Captains Drink after the work shop / ps let us know whether you can make it. Idea is to get to know each other better as team captains/managers and talk about the future of the SPL !


Enjoy the games and the start of the Spring Season in Shanghai !


Freek – SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee

Lions stay on top of SIFL & SPL


It was great to see the lions back into action after the Chinese New Year holiday ! It seemed the extra training session last week paid off as we got good results for both teams!

[ SIFL ] Azzurri FC 0-6 Shanghai Lions (23 Feb 2013)

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Saturday,  the game versus the Azzurri was described as being the most important of the season and for the first time we started to talk about the Championship! Was it nerves or the great weather whatever it was we didn’t play well in the first half. However the Azzurri with barely 11 players on the field couldn’t capitalize on it and because our forwards couldn’t score it was a cross from our right back / capitano Jerome which ended up to our left back Remy who easily scored! Jerome felt a bit dizzy after that and urged us to get sugar form him. The only sugar we could get was a bottle of vitamin water but it seemed to work.

As second half started, we brought on our highly motivated substitutes and that changed the game. First it was Jerome “high” on vitamins who launched a rocket straight in the top corner… surely a candidate for goal of the season! Matthieu scored twice with his head giving him more reason not to cut his hair and Jonny scored AGAIN with his right foot (he’s lefty). To conclude, Romain had a solid one on one and scored while Gwenn had the same one on one few minutes later but didn’t score……. 6-0 good result and good time to celebrate 12 games unbeaten and 69 goals scored with 13 conceded with some ice cold beers!

Next week is a cup game a must win as we go for the double this season!

[ SPL ] Galacticos FC 0-11 Shanghai Lions (24 Feb 2013)

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Sunday, we had a small selection for the game but an opponent not to worry about as they were in the bottom of the SPL with zero points. We needed to work on our goal difference and that’s just what we did. As usual we started slow and wasted a few open changes, Joel had a rare penalty miss I wonder what he was thinking before he kicked the ball as it went into orbit. Ahmet had his usual miss 80 cm before the open goal. So only 2-0 at half time and Terao-san had to leave us because of his work.

In 2nd half, we changed to formation and we started to play well. Galacticos were down to 10 man and out of all people Gwen managed to score two goals… He should have scored at least 5 but 3 times he was referring to “Putain Putain” while missing the target… Not sure what is his connection with “Putain” as he doesn’t drink and drive. Michael our born to be striker had the easiest of headers but his eye sight let him down as the goal was too close for him to see properly! Ok, we ended up winning 11-0 and Thomas our goalie had one shot on goal, a busy day for him!

Credit to him as we got 4 clean sheets in a row and are on top of the SPL !!

Good weekend for the Lions and good to see that we have two highly motivated teams. Next Sunday our veterans will start their first League game of the season!


Go Lions / Cheers


[SPL News] Happy Snake Year

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

Well the year of the dragon comes to an end but the SPL is in full swing ! We had our last three games before the Chinese New Year.

  • Super 48 2-3 Gremio

It looks like the Super 48 managed to find the secret to keep their defense tight 1) their goalie is getting bigger and bigger so that he covers more of the goal area 2) they form a diamond shaped blue wall during the game 3) they do some voodoo ritual before the game. It worked against the Lions and now it worked against Gremio. First half was only 2-1 and the second half Gremio missed two penalties, they hit the post several times. Good to see super 48 getting stronger !

  • Pistolera Bulls 0-1 Flamenkos

Bilgins team unbeaten run came to an end by an early goal scored by newcomer Dave. The Flamenkos don’t score much but this time the only goal gave them the full three points. Man of the match was the Flamenkos goalie as he stood in the way on several occasions. The last 5 minutes of the game the Pistolera Bulls got 5 corner but couldn’t score. No cards this game which left Bilgin rather disappointed !

Strong wind at waigaoqiao gave the Lions an advantage in the first half as they started more aggressive. The game was battled in the midfield where the Lions found it easier to make combinations. Garret scored two rare goals and Ahmet made it 0-3. In the second half the Lions kept a clean sheet and took all three points to go on top of the SPL because the Cowboys didn’t play and are on a long Chinese New Year break !


As we are starting the year of the snake its good to study what we can expect for the players and teams in the SPL in 2013.

Snake is a no-limb animal with fork-like tongue. Although, Snake uses its tongue to smell, people don’t like the spitting tongue which is associated with mouth action, possibly argumentation. Therefore, the Snake has the potential to hurt people relationship, especially, when Tiger and Monkey are around.

2012 Year of Black Dragon was the last year of Wood cycle. 2013 Snake year is the beginning year of the Fire cycle (Snake, Horse and Sheep). If people’s lucky element is Wood, then their fortune will slow down. If the people’s lucky element is Fire, then their fortune will begin to take off. The energy of Wood is on the East side. The energy of Fire is on the South side. The Element’s Luck is turning from East (Wood) to South (Fire) in 2013.

Before predicting your luck in 2013, you have to know what Type of Element you are and what your Lucky Element is from your Astrology Birth Chart. The Lucky Element is the major factor to determine people’s fortune. 2013 is the Year of the Black Water Snake, which contains Fire, Metal and Earth. If your Lucky Element is Fire, Metal or Earth, then 2013 will bring you some degree of fortune. Since 2013 is Water Snake year, people whose lucky element is Water will obtain fortune in 2013. Fire is the opposite element of Water. People whose lucky element is Fire can get some benefits, however, will reach the limitation.

Famous snake people :  Mao,Ghandi,John F Kennedy, Picasso,Brook Shields


Trust it’s all clear now where your team is going next year ! Enjoy the break stay fit and healthy !


Freek – SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee

LIONS Chinese New Year PARTY on THURSDAY Feb. 7th 2013!


We are planning to organize a special LIONS party for the Chinese New Year, which will  be held on Thursday Feb. 7th 2013.

Our plan in to privatize/rent a KARTING Track for 1 hour from 8 to 9pm and then go to have dinner at BLOC afterwards.

Each Karting race will last about 7 minutes. Everybody will race minimum 2 times and the winners 3 times.

 Karting 3
Karting 2

The overall costs should be around 250 rmb/pers. for the Karting and about 150 rmb/pers. for the Dinner at BLOC.

This event is of course open to all Family members and even Friends, just let us know who you will be coming with.

We will also rent a bus to take everybody from the Karting Track to the BLOC.

Let’s make it a memorable evening in order to start the New Chinese Year the best way possible….



Thus, please send an email to CHRIS : christophe.saune (at) gmail.com  and let him now your availability this week!

LIONS Management

Young Lions on the right track

[ Youth ] Shanghai Lions 8-1 LFS U18 FC (03 Feb 2013)

Young Lions,

Last Sunday we had a big test of our standing as a team after months of training. Unfortunately we had a few Lions missing but with a very young 49 year old goalie we were ready to take on the French!

  1. First 30 minutes we played very well as we started more aggressive and punished the French players for weak defending / You noticed if you train every week you get stronger and have more confidence 3-1
  2. Second 30 minutes we asked all of you to control the game by passing the ball around as we were leading 3-1 there was no rush to score. Here we ran into bit of trouble as we didn’t have full confidence to short pass to each other and the French pressured us helped by the wind. However luck was on our side and we increased the score to 5-1
  3. Third 30 minutes we were more relaxed as we knew we will win this game so confidence was large and managed to score a few more good goals 8-1

Coaches were very pleased with the performance as well with the team spirit which is a key element of winning game. The fact that several young lions stayed back to watch the men beat the French 3-0 with two goals from coach Garret, showed a good club spirit!

This Wednesday we have one more training at Century Park at 1800 PM before the Chinese New Year Holiday and it will be a fun training with a lots of games ! Please ask everybody to come even new players just bring them and show them what it is to play for club!

After the new year we will check all the soccer schedules of the young lions as most of you will have school competition so we adjust our training’s schedule  we will focus on games!


See you all on Wednesday


Coach Freek / Joel / Garret

Special training session SIFL/SPL this Sunday Feb. 17th 2013 12 to 2pm


We are holding a Lions training/game session tomorrow Sunday Feb. 17th from 12 to 2 PM at WGQ.

We are already 18 players, but we would need a couple more so please,if you didn’t register yet and wish to join .
please register now at: http://shanghai-lions.com/matches/141/
YOUTH LIONS players are of course welcome as well!!!

See you all tomorrow at 11.30am (RDV Time) the latest.


Shanghai LIONS FC Management


Lions scores like machine gun


[ SIFL ] Beavers 0-8 Shanghai Lions (02 Feb 2013)

On Saturday we faced the beavers who are in the bottom of the SIFL. Honestly it’s always difficult to play a bottom team as it’s a different type of motivation however this time we knew what was at stake and the was no room for a slip up.  On top we were motivated because Charles had to cancel a game for the first time in his life as he blocked his back during the night. Wild speculations were floating around before the game as to how Charles ended up into this situation.

First half it was 3-0 and we knew that it was not enough and had to work on our goal difference and the second half we played better scored another 5-0 / could have been more if we were more precise in the finishing !

Good to see Dani back on the score sheet with two goals / Jack hitting the cross bar / Jerome claiming an own goal as his first goal of the season / Azz telling us that he played 30 pct of his capacity scoring two goals / benji scoring his 8 or 9th of the season / Dimitri being voted man of the match as the beavers had not one single shot on goal in 90 minutes !

Ok guys that’s 11 wins in a row we scored 63 goals and conceded 13 that’s +50, DIB is at +25 and Shooters at +18, 7 games to go and the next game is a big one versus the Azzurri. We need to stay focused and fit during the CNY break !

[ Youth ] Shanghai Lions 8-1 LFS U18 FC (03 Feb 2013)

On Sunday it was our Lions U18 team versus the French school U18. It was good to see that the Lions played good football after all their training sessions. Everybody sticked to their role and they played 3 x 30 minutes games. Lions were winning the one on one’s and were more aggressive. Matthew our youngest Lion’s (13) opened the score and are two strikers Jack and Alex were very dangerous both scoring a hat-trick ! Good defense and a solid 49 year young goal keeper resulted in a good 8-1 win for the Lions !

[ SPL ] ERS FC 0-3 Shanghai Lions (03 Feb 2013)

After the youth it was the SPL Lions turn to show that the we are better than the French Fries ! Everybody was motivated and sharp and focused !

We played very well good position play and dangerous on the counter helped by the wind. Our defense now that Gwen and Jack are playing on Saturdays was solid like a rock. Garret on fire opened the score and Ahmet netted a great second goal. Garret scored his 4th of the season to make it 3-0.

Second half our target was to keep the zero and that’s just what we did. Nico had an unlucky afternoon first getting a boot in his face and to the end of the game getting his shoulder/arm bruised by a french player. We had to put ZZ top Jeff as striker together with Michael despite the whole teams protest they created a very good chance but Jeff hit the ball against the goalie instead of the net / he claimed it was a super save of the goalie…

The beer tasted good after the game and with the result we are top of the SPL as the cowboys didn’t play our goal difference looks good now with three clean sheets in a row / we scored in 13 games 61 goals and conceded 16 + 45 now.


Amazing weekend for the Lions all teams did well !


Coach Freek

Lions voted as Shanghai Sports Team of the year 2012


Best Team Award 2013.Yesterday was a special day for the Lions as we were voted Shanghai best Sports Team for the third consecutive time by That’s Shanghai Magazine. Our award was the “people’s choice” which made us even more happy because it meant that many people recognized us as the best club in Shanghai and voted for us. A big thank you to all the people who have voted for the Lions and a big thank you for all the Lions, you truly deserved this award! Every single Lion have contributed to the award from the U18 until the veteran’s and from Saturday to the Sunday Lions ! Magic is the word !

It was good to see so many Lions present to receive the award at the Camel Bar and it showed our true spirit. I made an incredible journey of over 12 hours to arrive just two minutes before the presentation. Here is my story:

  • 800 AM wake up in Qinhuangdao plan is to take the 1130 flight to arrive 1400 in Shanghai
  • 900 AM see an email from my CEO that he wants to have a meeting at 1700 in Shanghai
  • 1000 AM found out that my plane never left Shanghai so sure I am going to be late as its too foggy in Qinhuangdao
  • 1100 AM plane still in Shanghai as that’s the only flight to Qinhuangdao on the day I start to worry about my meeting and the awards
  • 1200 AM plane will never leave Shanghai and I need to make a plan B
  • 1300 PM arrive in the train station and tell my CEO I cannot make it / he said no pbm we can meet tmw morning
  • 1530 PM arrive in Beijing Railway station / total chaos with thousands of CNY commuters
  • 1600 try to get a taxi but nobody stops ! Call my Beijing office and they tell me its total chaos on the road if I go by car to the airport I will not arrive before 1900 pm
  • 1615 in the subway but my colleague insist we are in the correct one but we go the wrong way / change subway and I am on the way to the airport
  • 1645 arrive in Beijing airport to catch 1730 flight / text Ned of That’s magazine that I might not making at all and say sorry.
  • 1730 flight delayed to 1815 text Charles to pick up the award / Charles replied : “you think we will win one”? Me : “ Of course we are the best Club in Shanghai”
  • 1815 in the plane but not taking off
  • 1915 in the plane but not taking off / text my wife to make sure my driver picks me up so we can go full speed to the Camel bar
  • 1930 plane takes off / I ask for beer but they only serve water…..!
  • 2130 landed and I started to sprint 500 meter shouting at people to move away as I am in a hurry
  • 2135 cannot find my driver and call him but I have no clue what he is saying in his dialect. He called my wife and after I called my wife but she also couldn’t understand him…..
  • 2137 I start to give up and I am fed up
  • 2140 I found him on the other side of the Honqiao terminal another sprint and call Charles I am in the car / full speed to the Camel Bar
  • 2158 I arrived !!! Unbelievable ! And now the most important award of the evening the people choice of Sport Team of the Year…
  • 2200 And the winners are ……..: “The Shanghai Lions” / I jump on the stage so happy! Everybody on the stage!


To me we are on long journey together and this is just the beginning and the moral of the story if you really want to make something happen you can ! All of us can that’s why we will have the best teams of Shanghai and that’s why we will continue to win trophies !


Happy President Freek

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