[SPL News] Its getting hotter in the SPL

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

We are in the last 5 rounds of the SPL now and it’s time to give compliments to Adam and Karl who manage the quality of the fields and it goes without saying that the Century Park pitch and the Jinqiao pitch are the best fields in Shanghai ! Well done !

Its was beautiful weather on Sunday and so far the weather Gods are friendly to the SPL. No complaints from our side. We handed out the first SPL Team of the week award sponsored by Estrella Galicia beer to Super 48. As well we were pleased with the free Cabreiroa water from Spain. All of this will help to create a good atmosphere of fun and football !

This week Estrella Galicia Team of the Week award goes to ERS ! They had a very difficult start of the season but managed to come back winning their last three games. Famous for their SPL Spirit and Team Spirit they are an example of a well managed team. Congratulations !

I would like to ask the players not to argue each and every decision of the referees. Yes you can disagree with all the decision a referee makes in a game but you have no reason to swear or shout at him. Many times we have young children watching and we should be a role model for them ! Referees do make mistakes even on the highest level of football but we need to respect them as without them we have no games ! My advice is play on and focus on the game !

  • Galacticos 0-2 ERS

Galacticos are getting their act together and are looking stronger by the week ! First half was even with no goals 0-0. But the French ran away with all three points after goals from Chakib and Nico. I really liked Nicolas comment after the game : “It was a fair game and we enjoyed playing the Galacticos” !

  • Super 48 0-3 Flamenkos

Super 48 just awarded team of the week fought very hard to get a result however the two goals against them by Andy and Jaime in the first half proofed to  be a too big hurdle to take. The Flamenkos missed a penalty and got a late Christmas present from Super 48 in the form of an own goal after a very long kick of Gonzalo the Flamenkos goalie.

  • Japan 1-2 Marlins

The Japanese team looked surprisingly sharp and fresh on the day. Must have been because of the one hour warming up they did before the game cant find another reason ! For long it looked as if Japan would score first as they got a few opportunities. Marlins were less sharp on the day but with Kevin “The Terminator” on their team he scored with a low shot in the corner. Second half Japan equalized but it was not enough as Kevin kept the Marlins in the title race by scoring the winning goal. Very good level game in a very fair spirit ! No Cards !

  • Shanghai 2000 3-9 Gremio

Unfortunately the game was over in 30 minutes as Gremio too strong for Shanghai 2000 took a 0-3 lead. Marcelo the strong Brasilian player from Gremio scored a goal of the season contender as he scored from his own half with missile precision into the goal.   1-5 at half time and in the end 3-9. Gremio striker Zhu Biao was in fine form scoring 5 goals !


We have our May holiday break this weekend so no game but on the 5th of May we are back in full force.

  • 1000-1200 Galacticos – Pistolera Bulls
  • 1200-1400 Cowboys – ERS
  • 1400-1600 Japan – Flamenkos
  • 1400-1600 Shanghai 2000 – Marlins @ Century Park
  • 1200-1400 Lions – Gremio @ Waigaoqiao


Enjoy the good weather and the green grass and the games of football in the SPL !


Freek – SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee

Shanghai Lions Veterans remain unbeaten!

[ Veteran ] Shanghai Lions 5-0 FC Shanghai Super 48

On Sunday 21st, the weather was better and even turned good in the afternoon! La “creme de la creme” of the Lions was ready for their third game. We were a bit low on numbers but with the help of Jack and Michael who looked very old on the occasion and having flown in Bibi for this game we were up for it against the 30 Japanese players of Super 48. Believe it or not but Charles scored a nice goal after 15 minutes. It seems he is more at ease with the veterans and performs better. Jeff out of all people scored the 2-0. In the second half Charles scored another goal and he acted as if that was normal for him, well…….! Now the pressure was on el Presidente as playing upfront you need to score. Missing a few chances resulted in some good laughs but somehow in a scramble in the goal area he managed to put the ball in the top corner. Straight away he broke the record of the oldest Lion to score, 49 years old. Yamada-san (52) the biggest threat for el Presidente didn’t find the net but he did find one of the Japanese Super 48 players who received a good kick on his leg from the old master. Bibi got himself on the score sheet as well and that was the end of morning of fun ! 5-0 win and with three game won its looking good for the Master Lions! Next game scheduled on May 11th against the Welsh “Shanghai Plaid Cymru”.

You can click here for complete information on Shanghai Lions Football Club Veteran Team, League Table, Fixtures & Results.

Cheers Freek

Lions in the SIFL Cup semi-final

[ SIFL Cup ] Shanghai Cosmos FC 0-4 Shanghai Lions (20 Apr 2013)

What a crazy weather! Last Saturday 20th of April, the weather was terrible, strong wind, rain and the temperatures dropping to 8 degrees! We were up for the Cup tie versus the Cosmos.

SIFL Cup-Shanghai-Cosmos-FC-0-4-Shanghai-Lions

For obvious reasons our team spirit was high before the game and our intention was to start aggressive as we wanted to take an early lead. Well we got what we wanted as Fabi scored the second fastest goal in our history from a corner with a good header, the clock stood at 1 minute 20 seconds! Cosmos decided to play with one striker only and they proved to be costly for them. Our master stroke to put left- footer Gwen on the right was paying off as he scored two goal in 15 minutes. So that was 3-0 and all goals scored by our defenders! Second half we tried to focus on possession. Matthieu scored another goal and that was enough. We can give credit to Cosmos as despite losing from the start they kept on trying to score until the very end and they played hard but fair !

The semi final will be on June 1st against Shanghai Shooters for a remake of last year semi final with a clean 3-0 victory! Bring it on!

As we have very important games ahead (especially in the SPL) and as we have no games this weekend we URGE ALL LIONS to come the training this Wednesday ! Lets have a record attendance and work hard for more titles!!


[SPL News] Six rounds to go for the SPL

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

Life is good ! Especially spring time in Shanghai with great weather and green grass ! The SPL is heading for its final six rounds and all teams are still in the running for something at the bottom we have a fierce battle between the Galacticos and Super 48 and the Pistolera Bulls, Japan, Shanghai 2000, Flamenkos and ERS are fighting for a top 5 finish and the Lions,Marlins,Gremio and the Cowboys are going to battle it out for the title. Each of these four teams still needs to play each other it can’t get any better than this !

This week we are pleased to announce that we have our first Estrella Galicia “SPL team of the week” award. The winner is…Super 48 ! Trust all of us agree on this as they went through a transformation of being old and slow into being young and fast. Not sure how they did it but they managed to give all the SPL teams a hard time this season. This Sunday they will receive free boxes Estrella Galicia beer ! Congratulations !

Another point worth mentioning is that we in the SPL have scored an all time record of 550 goals already !

We had only three games last Sunday:

  • Galacticos 3-6 Cowboys

Given the fact that it was formula 1 weekend in Shanghai and being able to score three goals against the Cowboys you can give credit to the Galacticos who stood up against the Cowboys in the heat of Shanghai.

  • Super 48 1-6 Marlins

The old super 48 used to build a blue wall on their half as they didn’t have the energy to push forward now being younger they were moving forward but that proved to be fatal against the Marlins as they have the best Goal Scoring Machine in the SPL ! The already scored 94 goals ! First half 0-2 and Gui scored a hat-trick and a nice goal from Jonny to make it six. Super scored a super conciliation goal.

  • Pistolera Bulls 1-5 ERS

It was a battle of the fittest as the perfect large pitch at Century Park combined with the 28 degrees temperatures took their toll on some of the players. First half was even 1-2 fr the French Friends. In the second half more Pistolera Bulls players were looking at their bench but the two subs were out of energy already not motivated to come back. As the defense was opened ERS who were fitter on the day had many occasions to score. In the end they scored another three. Bilgin was booked by Kevin for “Hugging a French Player” god bless it was not for a French Kiss ! He collected his 11th yellow of the season !

This weekend we have 4 games for you and please come out and support your team and have ice cold beer after the games !

  • 1100-1300 PM Galacticos – ERS
  • 1300-1500 PM Super 48 – Flamenkos
  • 1500-1700 PM Japan – Marlins
  • 1400-1600 PM Shanghai 2000- Gremio


Enjoy Life Enjoy the SPL


Freek – SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee

Lions to open their Youth Football Academy on April 26th!

Football Friends,

After we successfully launched our U18 team this season. We are now ready for the younger ones. We have developed a special youth training program for boys and girls aged 6-12 years old.

We like to invite everybody interested for a free trial training on April the 26th at our regular Lions training field. Please click on the flyer for our exact location. From 1600-1700 for 6-8 years old and from 1700-1800 for 9-12 years old.

The training session will be twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays and lead by some of the best football players in Shanghai Kevin and Azzeddine. Gwen our long term Lion will take care of the management of the academy. Please contact him if you have any further question gwendallvolant@gmail.com / mobile 13817472189.

Do you want your son or daughter to be part of a real Football Club in Shanghai ? Please let them join the Lions Academy!


Let’s build together on a good future for the youngest players !


Shanghai Lions Football Club President

Shanghai Lions clinch SIFL title

[ SIFL ] Shanghai Vikings FC 1-2 Shanghai Lions (13 Apr 2013)

Shanghai Lions FC - Shanghai International Football League (SIFL) Champions 2012-2013We made history! Last Saturday was our big day with our most important game of the season as we needed only one point to clinch our first SIFL title.

Temperatures were rising and the spirit was great. Unfortunately Jerome who has been our outstanding Captain throughout this season was ordered by the Doctor not to play. He was kind enough to name Remy as his replacement Captain on the day. Azz forgot his shoes and Felipe had his whole left leg taped in and we almost forgot our warming up so no wonder that after 5 minutes were losing 1-0. Typical Championship game as we didn’t play well and the Vikings fighting for relegation smelled blood. The good thing was that we never panicked and stayed composed as a team looking for the equalizer. We got it through a good combination and an easy finish from Romain. The second half we were in control and more aggressive. We didn’t give anything away anymore and when Azz went on a run nobody could stop him. He ended up celebrating the winner (2-1) on the side line with all the lions and our fans! It was great to see that the old Lions Matze and Jamie coming to support us as well!

The final whistle came and it was time to party! We had a great celebration on the pitch and for me these are the moments you will remember and carry with you for the rest of your life. All the hard work throughout the whole season was worth it and we got our reward. Fantastic achievement of all the Lions who have played this season. No loss and 15 wins plus one draw and still two games to go / yes we are the Champions ! We got a La Nude show from Gwen on the field and they managed to put me under the shower with all my clothes on! In town the Lions party till late especially the party at Geisha the home of the Shooters tasted good!

Lions let this be the beginning of many more prices as the season is not over yet! We are still in the SIFL Cup and we still have the SIFL closing tournament to win. But most important of all are the last three games in the SPL for the Sunday Lions as we are in the running of winning both Shanghai Leagues!


Super Happy Freek

Most important game of the season this Saturday vs. Vikings


After 14 wins and 1 draw the time has come for the Lions to clinch their first SIFL title ! We have worked very hard to come into this position and are very motivated to write Lions history on Saturday. The opponent are the Vikings who are currently last in the League we will not take it easy and stay focused until the very end !! We hope to see many Lions supporters and friends at the game on Saturday !

The Sunday Lions have no game so please come and watch us on Saturday !


If all goes well we will have celebrations planned so please keep the Saturday night free in the agenda !



Charly just got married in Korea

Mariage charlyDear all,

Our most successful striker, Charly, just got married in Korea… Few old Lions were of course invited to witness this huge loss for womankind 😉


Lions Management Team

Lions need just one point to clinch their first SIFL title

Its looking good for the lions after 15 games and 3 more to go we need just one point to get our first SIFL title ! It has been an amazing season so far with 14 wins, 1 draw and 82 goals scored and 17 conceded +65 goal difference. To put it in perspective DIB (who are 2nd) are 8 points behind with a goal difference + 35; the Shooters (3rd) are 10 points behind with a goal difference of + 23 & old enemy Azzurri (4th) are 21 points behind with a goal difference of +2 !

Before our game against the Dutch we saw a dramatic game DIB vs Shooters / A draw would have given us the title but at half time the Shooters were leading 1-3 / it was interesting to hear the shooters coach telling his players at the break that they should be proud of their performance……not sure that’s was the right thing to do as the second half they imploded completely and lost the game 4-3 !

[ SIFL ] Shanghai Lions 8-0 Oranje FC (30 Mar 2013)


We played the Dutch who were battling for relegation and we knew we cannot afford any slip up now ! With four goals in each half we gave them their largest defeat of the season and with an alert Dim we kept a clean sheet. It was good to see Chris scoring a goal after his long lasting injury and my father concluded after the game that the Dutch can’t play football !


On April the 13th we are going to make it happen one point against the Vikings will bring us the title or if DIB drop points vs the Azzurri before our game it will be over as well. We hope to see all Lions supporters at Waigaoqiao 1500 pm kick off to help us making this the best day of our life !


[ SPL ] Japan FC 0-1 Shanghai Lions (31 Mar 2013)

The Sunday Lions are still in the running of their 8th SPL title ! with a narrow but hard fought 1-0 win over Japan they need to win their last three games to clinch the title.


Great times for the Lions who as well have announced their first ever international tournament the “Shanghai Lions Cup” to be held on 7 & 8 September !


Hope to see all of you on the 13th of April !


Go lions Go

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