[SPL News] Race is over…Lions are champion

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

Shanghai Lions FC - SPL Champion 2012/2013After 20 rounds of battling the SPL finally has a new Champion ! The lions clinched their 8th title after a 2-1 win over the Marlins. In the end we can say it was deserved that they won it as they had the best defense in the league conceding only two goals this year. As well they won all their games versus their nearest opponents and saw some of them slip up in the last games of the season. Great end of a great Championship !

We have one more round before we can give you the final standing but most of the teams know by know where the ended on the charts. Next week we will look back at the season !

  • Flamenkos 0-3 Pistolera Bulls

Flamenkos were low on numbers and will need to recruit new players if they want to do better next season / Pistolera on the other hand ended the season with win and Bilgin seemed to be a changed man after his third game in a row without a yellow card. Of course he will still clinch the “Mr Yellow” title of the SPL with 11 cards for the season.

  • Cowboys 6-4 Gremio

Great game for the spectators. Loads of goals and friendly spirit. Both teams had a second place in the SPL at stake. For the Cowboys it was a must win or ending up third or fourth. The were dangerous on the counter attack with their in form strikers duo Zhuang and Chen KL.

They got a 3-2 lead at half time and even managed to score direct from a corner in the second half. Zhuang leads the SPL top scorers chart with 33 goals together with Kevin from the Marlins. With the 6-4 victory and the chance to end second in the SPL this year we thought it’s a good time to award them with the Estrella Galicia “SPL Team of the week” award !

IMG_2405Lions were already Champions as Gremio lost and were very happy to receive the guard of honor from the Marlins. Great spirit !

The Marlins started strong and looked more motivated despite having lost the title race two weeks back. A fast break on the left followed by a perfect cross found Kevin and he knows very well how to score ! 0-1 Marlins and for Kevin the goal put him level with Zhuang, 33 goals ! The second half the Lions, who didn’t want to end the season with a loss, scored two fast goals to take the lead. After that the Marlins kept on pushing forward and all the Lions could do was defend. Twenty corners for the Marlins later it was the final whistle and the Lions could celebrate the title.

  • Shanghai 2000 2-1 Japan

There was a 7th place in the SPL at stake and for the rookies Shanghai 2000 versus the old timers Japan that was enough motivation. Japan had most of the ball possession but failed to impress in front of the goal. Shanghai 2000 scored twice to clinch a spot above Japan which is a good performance for the first year of tasting the SPL.


We have our final three games on Sunday and only the Cowboys game does matter for the ranking !

  • 1000-1200 Flamenkos – ERS “el classico” of the SPL surely a fun game to watch !
  • 1200-1400 Galacticos – Marlins expect lots of goals and some surprise line ups / maybe steve will play ??
  • 1400-1600 Shanghai 2000 – Cowboys The latter can still win the second place in the SPL !


Enjoy the last fun games of the season and we are in full preparation for the end of the season tournament on June the 16th, 7 aside 12 teams !

1100-1600 PM Followed by our 10th end of the Season Party at Latina, all the dancers are in training now and we hope to see all of you to have a few beers together after such a long season !


Freek- SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee

SPL Lions standing UPDATE

Dear all,

Please find the SPL standing at 2013-05-28


1 Lions  20 17 2 1 52 94 18 76
2 Gremio Shanghai(Hawks) 20 15 4 1 46 81 35 46
3 Cowboys 19 14 3 2 44 92 42 50
4 Marlins FC (Dulwich) 19 12 3 4 40 106 33 73
5 E.Rouge 19 9 8 2 29 43 46 -3
6 Flamenkos 19 7 8 4 25 52 57 -5
7 Shanghai 2000 19 7 10 2 23 62 75 -13
8 Japan FC 20 6 11 3 21 46 59 -13
9 Pistolera Bulls 20 6 13 1 19 46 91 -45
10 Super 48 20 2 17 1 7 28 101 -73
11 Galacticos 19 1 17 1 4 19 112 -93

Lions write history in Shanghai and win both the SIFL and SPL

Lions, now it’s party time!!!

SPL title

We have achieved what no other team or club has achieved before as we won both leagues in Shanghai the SPL and the SIFL ! Before the start of the season we could only dream of it but once the season progressed we saw more and more motivated Lions. Our trainings under the great supervision of Azz and Simon were well attended even last week we had 30 Lions showing up ! No other teams in Shanghai are having such well organized trainings and have so many motivated players.

As the Saturdays Lions were off to their best start ever in the SIFL it motivated the Sunday Lions to catch up in the SPL. Turning point to me for the SPL was in December when we lost 4-3 versus the Marlins. Extremely frustrated all the players stayed back after the game to have a few beers and we talked about the rest of the season. Ironically we said if we win all our games we will be Champions ! Exactly that’s what happened we locked our defense and started to score goals like a machine ! A long the way our closest opponent  started to feel the pressure. Especially against Gremio we played our best game of the season on all aspects of the game were better and the result was a 6-0 victory ! Next up were the Cowboys last week and again it was our fitness and good balance in the team of course helped by our team spirit that brought us the title.

[ SPL ] Shanghai Lions 2-1 Marlins FC (27 May 2013)

Gremio yesterday lost against the Cowboys so before we started versus the Marlins we were officially SPL Champions.  The first 45 minutes we adapted to the Marlins style of football with long balls skipping our midfield. Thanks to Jack we got at least something to fight for in this game as they Marlins took the lead 1-0. The second half we wanted to win the game under the Captaincy of Joel we started to show our teeth. His brilliant cross reached Benji who was running faster than the Maglev train and he made no mistake in front of the Marlins Keeper 1-1 ! The joy of playing started to come back and before we knew it we scored the winner 2-1 an easy tip in for Joel. After that it was time for the substitutes to come in and our goal was to keep the lead. Credit to the Marlins who kept on fighting until the last minute and kept our defenders very busy on the day.

After the game it was time for the Champagne (yes they have some good things in France….) Final result this season 17 wins + 2 losses + 1 draw scored 94 goals and conceded only 18 goals (this is our secret asset a solid non French Defense !)

[ SIFL ] Shooters 0-2 Shanghai Lions (25 May 2013)

On Saturday we had our last league game versus the Shooters ! First half we were not playing well partly because there was nothing at stake anymore. Yes we hit the post and the cross bar but couldn’t find the net ! In the second half we showed that our fitness level is much better than the Shooters and started to dominate the game. Two good combinations ended at the feet of Antony Nobile who scored both goals. It could have been 3-0 if Simon scored his penalty. Its was my mistake to let him take the spot kick as I should have known that he wanted to keep his record of no goals scored for the whole season. Well done Simon ! You might be up for a reward here !

SIFL season we ended with 16 wins + 1 loss + 1 draw and we scored 87 goals and conceded 20 ! We ended the season 19 points ahead of the Shooters !

SiflThomas flew all the way from Sydney to play the last 5 minutes of our game versus the Shooters so that he would be entitled the Championships medal ! At least he got a taste of winning as since he left Shanghai last year we only lost one game… coincidence???


We have the SIFL Semi Cup final ahead of us this coming Saturday and we are going to put a very strong Lions team versus the Shooters ! So please all come to the training !

On June 8th, we will hold our official Lions Champion(s) Party! We expect everybody to come and make this a memorable event !


To all the Lions who have contributed to the success this season I like to say a very big THANK YOU ! Incredible ! I am proud to be a Lion !


Double Happy Freek

[SPL News] SPL title race is almost done

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

gremioWe had three great games on a fantastic field in Jinqiao thanks to the hard work of Adam the grassmaster and his team ! As the tension was high and there was a lot at stake for the top 4 teams we noticed people smoking on the field. A quick reminder to all of you this is a school field and we are the guest. Smoking is absolute forbidden on the field and you need to smoke outside on the street. Hope you all can cooperate and warn your players if you see them smoking !

  • Japan 5-2 Pistolera Bulls

The Pistolera’s playing in white for the occasion were physically stronger especially in the first half as they took a 1-2 lead. However Japan was physically fitter and with the higher temperatures in Shanghai nowadays they came back into the game, helped by the SPL oldest goal scorer Sakurai-san, 55 years old, who scored his second of the season.

Bilgin’s comment was that one day he will be the oldest person to receive a yellow card…and blamed the loss on his goalkeeper who he has put on the transfer list straight after the game. Japan however is having a revival after their poor first half of the season and gained the ” Estrella Galacia SPL Team of the Week Award ”

Very big game for both teams as a win could put either team closer to the SPL title. Despite the tension the game was fair and especially the first 25 minutes were very fast and both teams showed great football. The Cowboys were playing on the break with their strong strikers and the Lions tried to control the play in the midfield. The break through came when Benji of the Lions went un-noticed into the box after a water break and scored the 0-1. After that the Cowboys lost the grip on the game and the Lions had several opportunities to score more but they missed maybe caused by nerves…! The second half the Cowboys intended to come back strong but a perfect cross of Dave straight on the head of Adam after 5 minutes gave the Cowboys a killer blow. It became more and more a fitness battle and the Lions looked fitter and scored 0-3 ! A perfect free kick from Chen KL gave the Cowboys a small reward for their hard work. After the game Eric the Cowboys manager commented that they really enjoyed the game despite losing. That’s the right spirit and that’s what make the SPL great !

  • Marlins 2-3 Gremio

Both teams saw the Lions win and knew that nothing but a win was needed to stay in the title race. The first 25 minutes we saw both teams playing attacking football looking for the opening goal. In the end it was Gremio who got the 0-1. In the second half the Marlins knew that they needed to score at least two goals and pushed more forward. It didn’t pay off as Gremio scored a second and a third. Credit to the Marlins as they never gave up despite being 0-3 down and still managed to score 2 goals in the last 10 minutes of the game.


With that result the Lions are in the driver’s seat to clinch the SPL title next week as they have 3 points lead and a + 27 goal difference over Gremio who are second. ERS and Flamenkos will still have to battle for the 5th and 6th place and Japan will battle vs Shanghai 2000 fr 7th and 8th place.

On June the 16th we will have our end of the season 7 aside tournament starting at 1100 AM until 1600 PM followed by our traditional party at Latina where we have the award ceremony. The dancers are already ordered don’t worry !!

Another round of great games this Sunday and the best time to bring your friends to watch the games and enjoy the SPL !

  • 1000-1200  Flamenkos – Pistolera Bulls
  • 1200-1400  Cowboys – Gremio
  • 1400-1600  Lions – Marlins
  • 1400-1600  Shanghai 2000 – Japan @ Century Park


Life is good ! So is the SPL !


Freek – SPL President on behalf of the Committee

Lions about to write a new history chapter

[ SPL ] Cowboys FC 1-3 Shanghai Lions (19 May 2013)

We had another BIG game last Sunday ! It was a must win in order to keep the competition away from us. We were up versus the Cowboys an all local Shanghai team consisting of some ex professional players and ex university players. For the occasion they had a 2.5 meter tall goalkeeper who seemed to be the brother of Yao Ming ! We didn’t have to change much to our team as the previous week we showed hunger for the title versus Gremio who we crushed 6-0 !

The Chinese started strong and they were playing fast on the counter. Once we were caught out when Michael and Dave both thought it was a good idea to go forward. However because they didn’t score the Chinese started to get impatient and started to substitute most of their players.This worked well for us as we find holes in the Chinese Wall. Benji taking water on the side line (now you know why he is doing that all the time) ran full blast into the box with nobody marking him, smart play by Adam and Joel set him free versus Yao Mings brother, 1-0 Lions !

Second half we knew it was going to be tough especially because the temperatures were rising in Green City. However within 5 minutes Dave set free on the right managed a beautiful cross right on Adam’s head who scored 2-0 ! After this we were in control the Chinese were getting tired and lost their hope on the title. We instead felt strong and all the training hard work suddenly paid off ! Now we realized that thanks to the incredible job of Azz and Simone organizing the best trainings in Shanghai, why we are so strong ! As other Lions didn’t want to score Azz showed us how to do it when he nicely put the 3-0 in the far corner. Cowboys pulled one back by a beautiful free kick and that’s the only goal we conceded in 2013 ! Amazing record and 3-1 the final score.

We appreciated Chris to come and watch us play. He is having his most unlucky season with several injuries but to come out and watch it shows real team spirit ! As well we saw a few Lions U18 watching Joel miss in front of an open goal !

Everybody stayed back to watch the Marlins – Gremio game as a draw would give us the SPL Title but I would say luckily we can celebrate at the pitch next week as Gremio beat the Marlins 3-2. Both the Marlins and the Cowboys are out of the race. We have three points more than Gremio and only one game left for both and our goal difference is +27 in favor of the Lions !! Now we know why early in the season we said that the goal difference is very very important !


Let’s all come to the training this Wednesday and prepare well for our final game of the season versus the Marlins. We want to end this great season in style  a revenge win over the Marlins !

When we will clinch the title on Sunday it will be the first time in Shanghai that a team have won both the SIFL and SPL title ! Everybody who has a Lion’s heart please come and watch this unique moment 1400 PM at the GreenCity Jinqiao field !


Super Happy Freek

[SPL News] SPL fever hits Green City

IMG_2053 (2)Amigo’s and Amigo’s,

The SPL posters were hanging everywhere the writing was on the wall. We are in the final stages of our season and still four teams are playing for the title. Our 10th anniversary will for sure go into the history books as one of the most exciting Leagues ! We had four big games last Sunday  !

  • Super 48 1-5 ERS

If all the games would be only 45 minutes Super 48 would be in the top of the SPL and if only the second half of the season would count ERS would be in the top of the SPL. As usual Super 48 gave it their best in the first half and tied at 1-1. However ERS still on a good run this year proved better in passing and controlling the game and took all the three points by scoring another 4 goals after the break

  • Flamenkos 0-3 Gremio

Flamenkos are struggling recently to get a full squad not sure it was related to the Spanish F1 and Alonso winning but it broke them apart in the second half. Its getting harder to play in the heat of Shanghai and the fitness of the players is getting more and more important. Gremio came back strong after their disappointing match versus the Lions last week and were in control of the game. Three goals and no cards and second in the SPL was enough for them to win the “SPL Team of the week award” this week ! Congratulations !

  • Cowboys 2-2 Marlins

The biggest game of the weekend both teams looking for win to catch up with the Lions and Gremio. In the first half Gremio looked more sharp and focused and the Cowboy defense was having trouble with the long ball counter attacks of the Marlins. Kevin the Marlins no 1 goalscorer proved why he is the leading goal scorer in the SPL with two great goals scored on the break.  Of course a two-zero lead into half team should be a good enough cushion for the Marlins but a reaction of Kevin after a Cowboy stepped on his feet saw him being sent off. It gave hope to the Cowboys who scored two fast goals and equalized. The Marlins in the end had it all in their own hands after they got a penalty awarded however the feet of Fedja pointed straight at the Cowboys goalie and he stopped the ball. Two all and both teams are waiting for the other contenders to slip up now !

  • Shanghai 2000 4-2 Pistolera Bulls

Bilgin troops kept their record straight / not winning when Bilgin is not there and no yellow for Bilgin when he is not there. Shanghai 2000 had a deserved win and start to look stronger and stronger as team.


This weekend we have three massive games and we like all friends and family to come out and support their teams ! For some teams its now or never !

  • 1000-1200 Japan – Pistolera Bulls
  • 1200-1400 Cowboys – Lions
  • 1400-1600 Marlins – Gremio


We ask everybody to stay calm and play to the whistle and enjoy the best games of the SPL !

PS: if the weather stays good we plan to organize our SPL end of the season tournament on June the 16th + party and ceremony ! Keep it free in your busy agenda’s!


Freek – SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee

Lions trained hard while competition drop points

IMG_2050 (2)What a beautiful day yesterday ! First in the morning we had 26 Lions showing up for our extra training session. It was a real pleasure to train on the best pitch of Shanghai at the Century Park. Under the command of Azz and Simon we had possession games / physical strength drills / shooting / games at the end. Especially the physical exercises teach us how much stronger we need to get and how far you can actually push yourself if you really want to achieve something ! The large turnout showed us that we are very motivated for our last games of the season.


20130512_135911After the hard work it was time to relax and we headed to Latina wives and girlfriends joined and before we knew we had over 30 people on the table !

Meanwhile the Marlins were 2-0 up vs the cowboys and at half time we moved over to receive the SPL Team of the Week Reward (free beer !) and watched the second half.

IMG_2053 (2)

A straight red card for the Marlins changed the game as the Cowboys equalized.

A two all draw is a good result for the Lions with two games to go we have everything in our own hands, or feet so to say !

Next week we have DIB and the Cowboys both are the best Chinese team in the leagues so its time to show them who we are !

[ Veteran ] Plaid Cymru FC 0-4 Shanghai Lions (11 May 2013)

On Saturday the Lions Veteran continued their unbeaten run versus the Welsh.

The Welsh were actually a rugby team who tried to play football bit boring for our goalkeeper Tomas as they had only one shot on goal. 4-0 the final result ! With this result, our legends are now on top of the veterans league !


We hope to see many supporters both on Saturday and Sunday to help us win both games !


A Very Happy Freek

Welcome to a new lions

Joel1Welcome to Paxton Paul Zielke

The Lions management have the pleasure to informed you that a new lions just arrived in our big Lions family…

  • Paxton Paul Zielke
  • Born 5.7.13 @ 2:20pm
  • 3.375kg
  • 51cm
  • and has soccer feet!


Congratulation to the mother and Joel!!!


Lions Management Team

[SPL News] Shanghai Lions Voted SPL Team of the Week

IMG_1933 (4)

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

Most of the leagues around the world are over and done but in the SPL it will go to the last matches to decided who will take the crown. It will come down to which team can handle the pressure best and maybe helped by little bit of luck. As Champions do get lucky sometimes ! We are pleased to see that the SPL Posters are promoting our games all over Shanghai ! The picture attached is from the toilet at Blue Marlin at Thumb Plaza a good spot to look at our program and make the decision to come and watch our games. We had a full program last Sunday using our three venues and perfect weather to play !

  • Galacticos 1-7 Pistolera Bulls

Galacticos could match up with the Pistolera’s for one half 1-2 but in the end the experience from Bulls players like Stoyan who scored a hat-trick broke them up. Bilgin didn’t manage to get a yellow card !

  • Cowboys 5-3 ERS

Nicolas the manager of ERS summed it up nicely ! The Cowboys were too good for them and showed a good display of football. ERS actually was happy that the still managed to score 3 goals against them ! Picture attached is ERS receiving the SPL Team of the week award !

  • Japan 7-7 Flamenkos

If there would be an award for game of the week this would be the one ! Don’t think both teams will forget this game. First half it was all Flamenkos crushing Japan 1-5, especially Andy was on fire scoring 4 goals. However the second half Japan replaced the old players with the young and fitter ones and that caused trouble for the Flamenkos as they had a small squad this time. It started to look like a set of a tennis game at Wimbledon as here are the scores, 2-5, 3-5, 3-6, 4-6, 5-6, 6-6, 6-7, 7-7 ! Waauw that’s what you call entertainment ! A golden goal would be nice to end this game but unfortunately they had to settle for a draw and share the points.

Big game for both teams as both wanted to stay in the title race. Lions looked more motivated and started strong scoring after 5 minutes by a header of Adam. After the goal the Lions dominated the midfield and created several opportunities but failed to score. Just 1-0 at half time and that should give the chance to Gremio to stay in the game. However second half the Lions proved to be fitter and more hungry and got 5 more players on the score sheet. Lions have the Championship in their own hands as long as the win the last two games !

  • Shanghai 2000 4-5 Marlins

Talking about pressure the Marlins looked a bit nervous and missed several opportunities. First half score was 2-3 for the Marlins and usually Shanghai 2000 will perform less in the second half but not this time as despite their goalkeeper being sent off they battled until the end. Both Kevin and Fedja were in fine form to seal the narrow win for the Marlins and kept them in the race for the title.


This week the Lions are voted SPL Team of the Week ! A solid win over Gremio and not having conceded a single goal in 2013 did the job for them ! Congratulations !

We have big games this upcoming weekend and we ask the players to stay cool at any time and to respect the referees and lines men decisions as well to shake hand with the opponents and officials after the game whether win or lose ! Lets enjoy our final weeks in our 10th Anniversary SPL Year !


Freek – SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee

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