Shanghai LIONS FC launched a 4 to 10 y. kids football coaching program!

Being the best amateur club in Shanghai (2012 -2013), it was always our intent to grow with youth players.

After successfully launching a under 18 LIONS team and trainings at Century Park on Wednesdays, we decided to offer kids from 4 to 10 years old the possibility to discover this amazing sport and give them the right bases…

Lead by Pro. Coach Azzeddine TAKOULOUFA, we have very successfully launched a kids program in downtown Puxi at the ROYAL PAVILLION Compound, where over 30 kids are learning and enjoying football every Tuesdays and Fridays from 4.30 to 6.30pm. Check the pics:

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For more information, please contact us at: or 13601741461

Lions open the season with a party at TAMATI

When we held our Season Opening Party last Friday we didn’t know what to expect. How many Lions would show up ? How would the atmosphere be in the place of the new Sponsor ? How would the food be ?

All I can say is that everything was better than expected. First of all we had over 35 Lions showing up and that alone already created a fantastic ambiance. However the team of TAMATI did a great job to make us feel at home from the beginning. The whole place was reserved for us and the staff was so kind and helpful and they made sure that every single moment there was enough food for us even the drinks they had prepared for us well in advance. We are lucky to have such a nice family place as in the end we are one big family !

Lions open 2013/2014 season with a party at TAMATI

We had our traditional review of the each player performance of last season and heard from them what each player would improve this season. The new players were welcomed on stage to have drink. A few high-lites, Fabie was crowned “Mr Maybe”, Nicolas was considered a valuable player for the Lions despite the fact that he doesn’t know how to play football, Big John was held responsible for small Jonny’s disappearance, Charles is playing much better since he was married, Azzeddine said that if he is angry he doesn’t mean it he just like every Lion to play like him !

After that all of us went to the other sponsor the Revolucion Bar. Over there, our drinking skills were tested and we donated a few Lions Balls to the staff.

Great way to start the season ! We are looking forward to our new shirts and hope to show them on our website as soon as possible!

Enjoy the break and stay fit! Cheers Freek

Words from Freek BOELEN – Shanghai LIONS President


Time is flying we are almost in October and our agenda is getting busy !

We are very pleased to have found a new (shirt) sponsor TAMATI thanks to Charles effort and Revolucion Bar thanks to the effort of Thomas.  Just on time to add on to our new set of jerseys. Recently several teams (including ourselves) found out that their regular sponsors are reducing the amounts or stopped completely the sponsorship. The reason is simple doing business in China is not easy and very competitive as well football in China as a whole doesn’t have a good reputation.

For us we want to be different and show that football in China can be great ! That’s why we created our club and that’s why you decided to join. TAMATI has a very good potential to cooperate with the Lions as they belong to the largest franchise group in Korea, owning many famous brands in the food industry ! We can grow with them together in China we have the same objective to be the best in our field.

We need all of you to show up on Friday and let us know whether you come or not so that they can prepare the food and the drinks beforehand. Lets open our new season with a bang. One of the key of our success is our team spirit and especially off the pitch its important !

Its good to see that our trainings are running very well last week we had 20 youngsters + 34 seniors training = that’s 52 Lions!, quite amazing ! This week we had 30 seniors Lions, great!

Please some training pictures at the following link: , as well as a training video at the following link:

Please try to be on time as its hard for the coaches to change the numbers all the time as well it disrupt the trainings.

We organize a friendly vs Japan this Saturday 1000-1200 at waigaoqiao / all are welcome but you need to register online at:

Hope to see everybody on Friday at 8pm at TAMATI (Fuzhou Lu / Hubei Lu), Cheers


Shanghai LIONS FC President

2013/2014 opening season party at Tamati

TamatiLions, please be aware that we will organize our Opening Season Party on Friday Sept. 27th, 2013 from 20:00 at our brand new sponsor , TAMATI Restaurant, located at the cross of Fuzhou Lu and Hubei Lu. Tamati is an Italian style Restaurant, owned by the Paris Baguette Group (Korean).

There will be a very good 150 rmb/person buffet, every LIONS player is expected to come and you are welcome to bring your family and friends, etc.. but please just let us know by Wed. Sept. 26th evening with how many people you are planning to come by answering to this post below.

We will have a nice buffet dinner, with music and different speeches about the upcoming season and ongoing plans for the club.

We should finish at Tamati Restaurant around 11pm and then go to our other sponsor Revolucion Bar on Yongkang Lu, to get some cocktails altogether…



LIONS Management Team

  • Freek Boelen: President
  • Charles GEORG: Vice-President
  • Francois L: Secretary
  • Azzeddine Takouloufa: Head Coach SIFL Team
  • Simon Spangenberg: Head coach SPL and Weplay Teams
  • Chris Saune: Accounting Manager
  • Jerome Le Carrou: Retired but active supporter
  • Mus Djeddai: Honorary President and mascot

10 SPL Teams in action !

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,


We had our first full program of the season ! Great weather and very friendly games played on the best fields of Shanghai ! Life is good on Sundays !


SFL FC – Lions 0-7

Debut for the players of Sport for Life. Of course not easy to meet the Lions in your first game but they amount of players they gathered together was impressive as they had over 20 players on the day ! Lions had no intention to give away a goal and scored 4 in the first half.  In the second half they added another three but credit to SFL FC for never giving up as they kept on trying to score their first goal in the SPL !


Super 48 – Gremio 0-4

Match was interrupted by an accidental clash of heads. Matsumoto-san of Super 48 was the unlucky one as he ended up in the hospital and went home with six stitches. Luckily he is doing well in the recovery and we can expect him back on the field soon ! Gremio was too strong for Super 48 who tried hard to get a goal. 0-4 was the final score but Super 48 had something to celebrate after the game as they all attended the wedding ceremony of their young striker Hirasawa-san, who scored a goal vs the Lions last week and decided to marry right after ! We are happy to have voted Super 48 “Estrella Galacia SPL Team of the week” ! In their next game they will receive free beer from Spain !

Japan – Marlins 1-1 Great game of course at a fast pace. The young team of Japan looks very dangerous this season. Credit to the Marlins who defended well during the whole game. Japan took the lead but there was loud roar in Jinqiao when the Marlins equalized thru Lee. We received a compliment about the referee from Steve which was good to hear !

Pistolera Bulls – Shanghai 2000 2-4 Very interesting game at the Century Park ! Bulls dominated the game until the 70th minutes and defended their 1-0 lead well. However Shanghai 2000 looked to have found the right mix for the SPL as they had youngster from the youth program making their debut combined with very experienced Chinese Players playing together. They appeared to be fitter and punished the Bulls for their mistakes and scored 4 goals in 15 minutes ! Bulls got one back thru Stoyan but it was too late. Positive point for the Bulls was Bilgin’s yellow card in their first game of the season on top he became a father so beware as soon we have two Bilgin’s in the SPL !

ERS – Cowboys 1-4  As per attached picture our games are getting more and more professional ! Great screen with the team logo’s and the SPL logo made by Karl ! Later you can get your game video after the games for your analyses.  The analysis of this game was simple. It all boiled down to fitness. ERS had many players coming back from the long holidays in France and the Cowboys apparently have been playing football all summer !

It was good to see so many teams back in action and the spirit of the games was very good ! Unfortunately we have a break now due to the clash of the Moon Cake festival with the October Holiday in China. It will be a good time for players to get fit and stay away from the Moon Cakes !


Cheers Freek / SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee

Jonny o Shea to move back to the UK !


I will not write about each Lion who decide it is time to move back home but I am happy to make an exemption for Jonny. Jonny played the last game for the Lions last Sunday before he will become the new Micky Mouse in Bradtford (see picture) !







Jonny was an interesting character a typical UK lad who would straight fit into the profile of the Shooters, Marlins, Anzacs and Voodoo but he had other plans. He joined the Lions. It’s still an unsolved mystery until today why he joined us but maybe it was the fact that he didn’t speak and understand a single word of French.


In the early part of his Lions Career he struggled to get up after on Saturday morning he went pub hopping the night before a game and he would find team mates knocking his door without getting any response. If he would wake up it meant he never went to bed and went from the bar to the game not before having visited the toilet for at least an hour to unload the extra weight !

The turnaround came when he celebrated his 30th birthday in a bar which had its opening night on that day and the next day the pub closed down and never opened again ! We got him an alarm clock and he never was late again. Actually he became a valuable player  of our first team for several years and his capability to run mainly from the left flank thru entire defenses made him a transfer target for other teams. He was a perfect character for the mix of the Lions !

But Jonny was persistent he liked the Lions and smelled success. Success came for him when he came on as a substitute in the 70th minute of our key game against our old  rival the Shooters. Within two minutes he scored two goals and gave us the win and now we know why he chose the Lions we won almost everything what there was to win in Shanghai after that game. Jonny never complained about being a substitute as he knew that in a short spell he can make the difference in a game. He even could fly and score from corners despite him not being taller than the corner flag. Of course nobody marked him but I must admit I have seen him flying in the sky ! He was always ready to give some coaching advise and even started to speak a few French words at the end of his Career !


During the SIFL Champion Ship Celebration his dress shirt was ripped into pieces by el Presidente himself !  Why Jonny’s shirt ? Why not !!


Because it was Jonny “The Special One” !


Good Luck Jonny in the UK / Cheers Freek

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Lions to play their first SIFL game versus DIB on Oct 19th !



The SIFL will start late this season due to the unfavorable CNY Calender.

Our first game will be straight against DIB the number two of last season on October the 19th !

No need to tell you that this game is very important for us ! DIB won the opening tournament on penalties vs the Azzuri and what stood out was that they have several new players again and they were fitter than any other team. For us we have one month to go and the key is to get strong and fit for this game. If you just came back fm holiday you will have to do extra trainings to get you fitness level back.


We urge all Lions to show up for the trainings on Wednesday.

The trainings are one of our key factors for success and we are fortunate to have Azz and Simon taking care off it !

Beside the trainings we will continue to organize friendly games so that we get more match fitness !

Obvious you need to attend those as well !


We got a good start in the SPL with two solid wins but need to prepare serious for the DIB game !


Go Lions ! Cheers Freek

Lions beat newcomer SFL FC 7-0


jonny 013 (2)Yesterday it was hot even in the early morning ! We played on a bit smaller pitch which was good and bad.

We had a strong line up and our opponent Sport for Life FC made their debut in the SPL.

They had more than 18 players which was impressive for a new team. For 20 minutes we played very well with a lot of ball circulation and movement in the the midfield. Romain sweeper/stopper for the occasion opened the score with a well placed shot in the left corner. We started to create more chances but our strikers seemed to be struck by the heat ! Charles had an interesting free kick as after he screamed  it flew straight into the rugby goal. We asked him about the scream before the kick and it appeared he copied it from female tennis players and he believed it adds power to the kick.

I think he was right on the power aspect but not on the precision of hitting the target……..It was Fred the senior of our team who showed them how two score by netting two goals. 4-0 first half and we wanted to score more in the second half and indeed  that’s what we did 7-0.

We tried to get Jonny who played his last game on the score sheet but his header was saved by the goalie.jonny 026 (2)




After the game we went to Latina for beers only and Jonny disclosed his new job to us as he will be THE Mickey Mouse at Shanghai’s new Disney Land (see picture attached)


A fun day for the Lions with a good result !


Cheers Freek


Lions win the first Lions Cup !


648After having travelled to several tournament inside and outside of China we thought it would be a good idea to organize our own tournament and use that as a way to make new friends and promote football in Shanghai.


So after a few months of preparation  everything was ready this weekend ! We booked three fields at the SRFC for the games and got good Chinese FA referees with the help of Kevin, 14 teams were signed up, bought the Cups and made the schedule !


535The weather was good as it wasn’t so hot as we haqd faced in the last couple of month. The first day we round robbing games / short intense games with loads of goals all played in friendly and fair spirit !


On Sunday were the final rounds and because we had teams from Hanghzou and Suzhou we start the games a bit later so that they could explore Shanghai longer on the night before !


Lions first team was looking sharp and focused ! In the quarter final match they beat the Marlins Suzhou and in the semi final there was a tough game versus Re-united but in the end the Lions were too strong and made it to the final. The Oranje and the other Reunited team were fighting for a place in the final and after a 1-1 draw it was upto penalties which were won by the Dutch who actually have history of being bad in penalties !


The final proved that the Lions are on the right track as we are still pre season but the fitness is coming back and they scored some great goals, Charles scored a hat trick, believe it or not ! Gui of course was top scorer of the tournament and with a solid 6-0 win we kept the trophy in the Lions hands.


That’s our first silverware of the season ! We like to thank all the teams who came out and play in the Lions Cup ! We liked the atmosphere which was friendly and competitive. We will make the tournament bigger and better next year !


Cheers Freek

Season 11 of the Shanghai Premier League [SPL] started

Shanghai Premier League [SPL]Last weekend on the first of September we had our earliest start ever of the SPL ! There are three reasons for this 1) The Chinese Calender which changes every year is a head-ache this time as there many working Sundays on great SPL Football days, like the 23rd of Sept for instance…! 2) we have a record 12 teams this season so more games to be played 3) The Dulwich school is having kids activity on the field on Sunday morning which leaves us with one game less in Jinqiao for now!

Luckily with have a great cooperation with all our venues and we are very pleased to have Karl agreed to host two games at the Century Park this season. The most important for all of you is that you respect the venues as at all time we are the guests. No smoking at all times and in order to maintain the quality of the fields the warming up on the field to start 15 minute before kick off. We will have some games at the other Dulwich school field as well we will be able to host a few games at Concordia International School in Jinqiao ! Overall it looks good for the SPL !

  • Lions – Super48 9-1

Super 48 went on a recruiting rampage over the summer break. They had a complete new squad and an average age below 33. Even their iconic giant goalkeeper left as he went to Brasil to open a samba school after his successful dance at our closing party. No wonder that the first half score was only 1-0 for the Lions. However in the second half the Lions found some holes in the Blue defense and started to score with Joel scoring a hat-trick. 9-0 and at the end Super 48 scored the consolation goal from a direct free kick !

  • Gremio – Japan 5-3

Great atmosphere as Gremio brought their hard core fans / samba music players ! Lions were chilling out on the pitch with beer and cheese beef ! Japan looked very young and fresh and fast / they were denied one goal by off side which was a very good counter attack. It was 0-0 until…….Japan decided to change the whole team from average below 30 into the new team of old and experienced Japanese Players average of 45 ! Gremio smelled their chance and took a 2-0 lead, more samba and another gold 3-0 Half time. Second half the youngster were back and a miracle was in the cards as they were too fast for Gremio and leveled the score to 3-3 ! Great entertainment that’s why so many people were watching around the field ! However again Japan changed the team with 15 minutes to go and Gremio didn’t waist that chance. Clinching a 5-3 victory ! Great Game !


Next Sunday we have one game at Century Park Shanghai 2000 vs Gremio and on Sunday 15th of Sept we will have 5 SPL games !


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