Bilgin going for President of China !

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,


We cannot complain about the weather in Shanghai ! It was perfect for football last Sunday and all the teams playing enjoyed their games ! Our spirit is good and hopefully soon we get our first full 6 games program in Shanghai.


We had 4 games played and all in fair spirit and with a lot of goals ! We received compliments about the refereeing officials which is good to hear as without them we have no games !


Galacticos – Super 48 1-8

You can call it el classico as both team have been battling hard in the last years to stay out of the bottom. This time Super 48 clinched their largest win sofar in SPL history and Galacticos claimed that the opponent played like Super 28. Fitness was the key in this game and that’s why we see the big score line. Galacticos is rebuilding their squad and are highly motivated to get it right this time with new management in place.


SFLFC – Marlins 1-5

Great game of football ! Both teams playing open and attacking football both with British Style. Kevin the referee always trying to keep the game going was a plus and one of the lines ladies was one of the best officials in the China Pro-League.

The Marlins took a 3-1 lead but in the second half the result could swing both ways 3-2 or 4-1 in the end the Marlins took the win with 2 more goals !



ERS – Gremio 0-2

It was a frustrating day for our French players as they had several opportunities to get a goal versus Gremio / Each time they play Gremio they get close to beat them but each time the final result is against them. This time it was no difference with a solid win for Gremio who are still unbeaten this season !


Pistolera – Japan 7-2

As per the picture attached Bilgin decided to manage the Bulls from a distance and go for the next Chinese election ! Magic it worked at they got their highest win over Japan in 15 years and no yellow card for Bilgin !

Japan is still struggling how the divide the older players vs the youngers players in a squad of 40 players. Any suggestion pls drop an email to Yamada-san !

This coming Sunday we were unlucky to have to cancel one SPL game as the Jinqiao pitch got damaged by the family day of last weekend ! As we all try to cooperate each other we hope it will benefit our field in the spring !

Games on this coming weekend :

1200-1400 Super 48 – Cowboys at SRFC WQG

1200-1400 Japan – ERS at SRFC WGQ

1400-1600 Pistolera Bulls – Lions at SRFC WGQ

Enjoy the games and keep up the great SPL Spirit !

Cheers Freek / SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee !

Good weekend for the Lions

October weather is great and the best time to play football in Shanghai. We had three Lions team in action over the weekend.

First in the SIFL the Lions were up against the Dutch. An early morning game at 900AM. It was good to see that everybody was on time. We don’t know whether the strong wind was a factor but maybe it was ! The first half we had a 3-0 lead two goals by Azz and one by Charles who now is approaching his last year’s goal tally of two goals ! We played too slow in the first half and we caught off-side too many times. The second half we wanted to play faster and were warned about the off sides as the linesmen seems to lift the flag every second as if it was Chinese National Parade Day ! The Dutch goalie become their sweeper and helped with the wind in their back they got a goal or a gift back. We never came to play well and amazingly we were caught off side another 15 times ! 3-1 win but it felt like a loss. Luckily its early in the season and we can all improve ourselves week by week starting with the training this Wednesday !

On Sunday the Lions veterans were up against England. Massive game which was sold out in 24 hrs. The British smelled blood as they saw Muss as goalie who stood in for Thomas who was sick and found him rather small in the big goal. High balls in the box their typical play resulted in two early goals for England however the Lions proved to be fitter and once we started our third half it was game on. A solid 6-3 for the Lions who are getting closer to their first Championship for Veterans ! Two more games to go !

On Sunday as well, our Lions U17 made their debut playing against Japan U17. Its was our first real match playing together and for some it was the first time to play 11 – aside ! The referee who forgot his boots and played in black same as the Lions didn’t seem to be very interested in the game. However the Japanese took a 2-0 lead but the Lions were not giving up and got a goal back. It was an interesting game as the goals the Japanese scored were all gifts to them and the goals we scored were well played attacks ! In the last half we were down 4–2 but helped by the support of the Veteran Lions who were watching we clinched a 4-4 draw. Good start and we liked the fighting spirit of the young Lions !

Make sure to come to the trainings as we want to get better and better every week !

Cheers Freek

Lions start the SIFL season with an important win

[ SIFL ] D.I.B. FC 0-1 Shanghai Lions

October weather is always pleasant in Shanghai and perfect for playing football. Our first game of the new SIFL season was straight away one of the most important as we were facing DIB last year’s runners up! It was a 15:00 PM kick off which is not easy to stay focused before the game. However we got 17 motivated lions ready to start the season and everybody was on time. We were quite surprised that the DIB came pretty late and seemed to be more busy carrying boxes to the field than preparing for the game! Our strategy was to play smart and try to keep the game at a slower pace. We didn’t want to ignite the fire and although the first half must have been boring for the spectators it was all about a real tactical battle where each side hoped that one of their opponents would make a mistake. We got a few close calls but managed a 0-0 at half time. The second half was different because some of the DIB players were not as fit as all the Lions. Suddenly our season preparation paid-off, boot camps and friendly games combined with hard training session, gave us the edge. We found more holes in their midfield and started to play more counter attacking football. The reward game from a free kick. The spot was perfect but when I looked at the Chinese Wall I got scared all their players in the Wall were 1.90 tall. I like to bet against the odds and this time I asked our bench who wanted to bet with me as I claimed Azz would hit the wall……….nobody took the bet and Azz blasted it in the top corner when he saw the DIB keeper was out of position! We got several opportunities to score two/three more goals but we were not sharp enough yet.

Our biggest asset on the day was our defense. We defended over 20 corners without threat and in the dying minutes of the game we got a few calls against us but we stayed focused. DIB got a free kick even closer to the goal than ours of Azz but they wasted it in the last minute of the game. I was really happy with our discipline and team spirit during the game. The bench whoever was on it were on their toes screaming to support the lads on the field. At one point I had to ask Charles not to scream that loud as I was afraid of earthquakes……! 1-0  it stayed and it was so important for us to start the season with a win!


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1st training of 2013-2014 season


[ Veteran ] Shanghai Irish (IRE) 3-4 Shanghai Lions

[ Veteran ] Shanghai Irish (IRE) - Shanghai Lions (2)The next day the veterans were looking for a win to keep their first position in the League. Veteran play four small halves and after the second half it was 1-1 versus the Irish who stood out for  their swearing words thrown on the pitch either to the referee, or us, or their own players. Our third quarter we played like real Lions and destroyed them 4-1! At the end we gave them two goals so that the spectators and assistant coaches were happy to come and support all the way in Waigaoqiao. Great result 4-3 win!



[ Veteran ] Shanghai Irish (IRE) - Shanghai Lions

Great weekend for the Lions! Key for all the Lions is the training and we urge that everybody attend the training this Wednesday / Please let us know on our website that you come so that we can plan the training sessions accordingly. Our training sessions are the best in Shanghai!


Lets keep our spirit high! Go Lions Go!

Cheers Happy Freek

Mixed result for the Lions

What a beautiful weather this weekend. A rare blue sky combined with pleasant temperatures at 25 degrees last Sunday. The stage was set for for a great football Sunday.


[ Veteran ] Shanghai Scottish Sports Club (SCO) 3-1 Shanghai Lions

[ Veteran ] Shanghai Scottish Sports Club (SCO) 3-1 Shanghai LionsFirst up were our veteran masters. They tried to defend their unbeaten run in the veterans league. However their opponent was the “Angst Gegner” the Scott’s and they had young looking side ready to fight. The first 20 minutes we played very well and got a 1-0 lead thru Frederic Fuseau. However we gave them an early Christmas present (1-1) and after that we started to play less concentrated. A fast break by the Scotts in the second half gave them the lead 1-2 and from then on it was game on! Lions attacking but failing to pose any real threat and the Scott’s defending with everybody in the box. If you don’t score its hard to win a game and that’s how we got our first loss, 1-3! 3 games to go and we are still on top of the League. We hope that all the masters attend the training on Wednesdays so that we can get our sharpness back!


[ SPL ] Galacticos 0-6 Shanghai Lions

Second Lions team in action was for the SPL! A lot of new faces a few making their debut. Galacticos was our opponent and for us the key was to work on our goal difference tally. Within two minutes we were 1-0 up and played well.  Several goal scoring opportunities resulted in a 4-0 lead at half time. Dave was one of the better players on the day however a school trip to the middle of China gave him some difficulties with his digestion system and he had to run to the toilet twice in the middle of the play! The second half was a festival of missed chances on our side and the mistake we made is that we adjusted to their games style. Azz had an interesting discussion with the referee while trying to take a corner, the referee not speaking a word of English and Azz not speaking a word of Chinese, they settled in Dutch! In the end 6-0 and the Lions are back on top of the SPL with 9 points out of three games and only one goal conceded !


[ Friendly ] Ex Chinese-Pro 4-2 Shanghai Lions

On Saturday, we had 1 3rd friendly verus ex-Chinese professional players… Not as friendly as previous game as both team wanted to win… A lot of sportsmanship fouls on Chinese side made our players nervous and as usual we started to blame the world and talked too much… Keep this in mind for next Saturday game versus DIB!



We have a big game on Saturday against DIB at WGQ 15:00 kick off. We hope to see all the lions and friends coming out and support our team! Please register below if it’s not done already.

[ SIFL ] D.I.B. FC – Shanghai Lions


Cheers Freek

Last friendly game before SIFL kick-off

Because they liked the level of the previous game and our way to play football, the Ex-professional want to play again this coming Saturday at Luwan. The 1st game they won 5-4 and the 2nd one we won 4-3. So it’s time to find a real winner and also it’s a good occasion to prepare the game vs DIB next week.

We are not ready yet and i think we should all come Saturday.  We don’t have other options. Some of you didn’t showed up at the training so we expect you guys to come and be there.

Please confirm as soon as possible your availability for Saturday.



Azz and Simon

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