SPL getting in shape !

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,


Finally we had our first full 6 games program last Sunday ! The games were played in good and friendly spirit which is the foundation of the SPL and that’s the reason why we are in our 11th Season ! After some teams played 7 games sofar we can see almost an identical development as last year in the new ranking. The top three all won their games and are waiting for one of them to slip up ! (Lions/Gremio/Cowboys) In the middle we have the usual teams (ERS/Marlins/Japan/Pistolera Bulls) and at the lower end of the ranking we have (Flamenkos/Shanghai 2000/Super 48/Galacticos) all looking for their first or second win ! Lets see which team can change the tide !


Super 48 – Marlins 1-11 Fedja of the Marlins training hard for an upcoming boxing event killed the game by scoring a hat-trick in the first 5 minutes of the game. He even added another two to become the Marlins topscorer. Super 48 recently getting more goals against them so we are not sure what happened to their blue wall defense or was it because  they changed strategy and going all out for attack and simply don’t defend ! They got the conciliation goal.



Sport For Life FC – ERS   2-3 It was a battle of the midfield in a very even contest ! ERS took a 2-0 lead but SFL FC wanted to get their first win of the season and didn’t give up. At the end of the first half they pulled two goals back and leveled the game. The second half both teams were looking for the win and with 15 minutes to go our French Friends scored the 2-3. Last 15 minutes SFL FC was stronger and nearly got a draw but they have to wait for next week as ERS took all three points.


Pistolera Bulls – Cowboys 1-5 Cowboys were too strong and too fast for the Bulls even playing some time with 10 men after a red card. Bilgin again no yellow card as he was in Germany !


Flamenkos – Lions 1-4 The Flamenkos started strong and managed to take the lead through Andy. The Lions not used to be a goal down tried hard but without success to make the equalizer. It was far in the second half that fortune came around for the Lions a unfortunate handball (penalty) and a clear off side goal was given to them. After that Lions quickly got another penalty and another goal to make sure they kept the unbeaten run of 7 games.


Shanghai 2000 – Japan 2-3 Shanghai 2000 started strong and managed a 2-0 lead in the first half / however “Young” Japan proved to be fitter and faster in the second half making it a thriller come back.


Galacticos – Gremio 1-10 Gremio was too strong on the day for the Galacticos / their strikers were working on their goal tallies and got the reward.


We are back with the “SPL Team of the week” reward as we have full programs now.


This week the SPL Estrella Galicia price will go to ERS for their improved conduct towards referees and their positive attitude towards the games and opponents no matter win or lose. True SPL Spirit !


Next weekend we have another 6 SPL games in Shanghai. Time is flying and we are soon at the end of 2013.


1200-1400 Super 48 – Pistolera Bulls at Jinqiao

1400-1600 ERS – Marling at Jinqiao

1200-1400 Japan – Lions at SRFC

1400-1600 Gremio – Cowboys at SRFC

1300-1500 Shanghai 2000 – SFL FC

1500-1700 Galacticos – Flamenkos


Enjoy the SPL and enjoy the cooler weather / Fair Spirit Fair Games !


Cheers Freek SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee



Both Lions teams continue their unbeaten run !


We had a BIG Lions weekend with two important games ! Unfortunately for the veterans their tournament get canceled last minute due to not enough teams being available !

On Saturday, we faced the Shooters our old rivals and with the great help of our stand-in Coach Jamie we were up for it ! Actually in the first half we got the best chances and found ourselves several times stranded on Chris the outstanding goalie of the Shooters. On the last several occasions we played them we edged them with a small margin and when it stayed 0-0 at half time the Shooters thought they will get the points this time. Indeed they had a few scary moments in front of our goal but Dimitri was in  fine form and kept a clean sheet. Out of all people it was Jack our defender who broke the dead lock and scored the 1-0 ! Shooters now were even more motivated to attack and actually that gave us the opportunity to score through Mathieu on a counter attack ! 2-0 and the icing on the cake came from Dani who finally made a back in the squad after a serie of injuries. A solid 3-0 win, clean sheet and 6 points ahead of our old rival that early in the season. We again benefited from a very strong bench and good team spirit !


On Sunday, we faced the Flamenkos. An unpredictable side as you never know who will come and play. On this occasion they had mainly Spanish players and started better than us ! They took a 1-0 lead and kept it until 25 minutes from the end. There was unfortunate handball in the box and Dave stood up to take the penalty. Somehow that goal lifted our spirit and we went on full attack mode to get the three points. Another penalty was awarded for a foul on Thomas and Dave stood up again . Seems it’s a kind a fashion nowadays that defenders score goals, Jack and Dave and Big John showing us the way and Mr Warady need to catch up ! Two more goals in the last minutes gave us the three points. It was needed as all competitors in the SPL won their games as well !


Let’s keep the unbeaten record as long as we can  on Saturday we have a Cup game and the week after the Azzuri and on Sunday we play Japan !


Hope to see all the U16-U18’s and senior Lions at the training on Wednesday !


Cheers Happy Freek

Full SPL program this Sunday !

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,


We got fantastic football weather last Sunday but unfortunately we only got 3  league games however this coming Sunday we will have our first 6 game SPL Sunday in Shanghai. Quite amazing to have 12 SPL teams in action on the best facilities and fields in Shanghai ! Good time for your family and friends to come and support the players. We congratulate the Shanghai Lions with their victory of the Phuket International 7’s last weekend. Its always good to see SPL teams going abroad to give other teams a taste of Shanghai Football !


Galacticos – Cowboys 0-5

Unfortunately this was a fort-feit as Galacticos couldn’t get the numbers / They did play a friendly game vs the Cowboys in good spirit. In case your team has excess players ps contact Dave as he can use a few going forward !


SFL FC – Gremio 1-3

angeloA very tight game. The unlucky one was Angelo (see picture) who tried to block SFLC’s first goal end ended up with an ankle/knee injurie. We hope to see him back on the field as soon as possible. Gremio took a 1-2 lead and SLFC was trying very hard to find the equalizer until in the last 5 minutes Gremio destroyed their intention by clinching the three points, 1-3 win !


Shanghai 2000 – Flamenkos 2-3

Maybe it was due to the beautiful weather in the Park but Shanghai 2000 played a bit too slow and the Flamenkos took a comfortable 0-2 lead. However a hard half time speech by Christian and Karl woke up the home team and the Flamenkos decided to focus on the referee instead of defending their lead. The result was a red card + Shanghai 2000 coming back in the game 2-2. The heat was on but 5 minutes before the end the Flamenkos took all three points after a free kick !


Super 48 – ERS 0-6

Very friendly game which all players enjoyed. Super 48 couldn’t get their usual goal and the French Friends for once got a clean sheet !


Lets hope the rain forecasted for Sunday will not ruin our full program !

1200-1400 Super 48 – Marlins at Jinqiao

1400-1600 SFL FC – ERS at Jinqiao

1200-1400 Pistolera Bulls – Cowboys at SRFC

1400-1600 Flamenkos – Lions at SRFC

1300-1500 Shanghai 2000 – Japan at Century Park

1500-1700 Galacticos – Gremio at Century Park


Waauw impressive ! Remember the SPL is about Fun, Friendship, Fairplay and Football !


Cheers Freek / SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee !

Lions website achieved over 500000 hits in one year !


We are very pleased to see that our New website has been actively used by our Members and Football Lovers in and outside China since last year. The get over half a millions hits in one year is an achievement in its own right and shows that the Lions Football club is very well alive and growing !

We would once more like to thank Max and Francois to make the initial lay out which is very user friendly. Meanwhile we are open to suggestions as well we are looking for a Webmaster who is interested to help the Lions ! If you are interested or if you know somebody who could be interested please drop us an email at info@shanghai-lions.com

Up to 1 million hits !


Lions Manegement

Lions Veterans write history !



We had an interesting weekend ! First Azz and myself got up early on Saturday to spy during the DIB vs Shooters game. Quite a surprise to see that we only recognized 4 players of the game we played vs DIB. We hoped for a draw and in the first part of the game it looked like it but soon the DIB proved to be fitter and faster 1-3 half time and in the second half they continued their onslaught with a 7-2 win !


On Sunday we played our last Veteran game of the league with the help of our U17 team as many players were in Phuket for the tournament. It was great to see that there was a positive bonding between the youngsters and the senior players. The young lions played fast and good football and never held back on tackles ! It was a good experience for them and will help them to get stronger and better as a player.

Our 5-0 win over the Emerald FC was enough to be crowned the first Veterans League Champions in Shanghai ! Its important to have veteran games and a good veteran squad and in our first year we are pleased with the achievement / hopefully we can get more and more committed veteran players in the years to come !


This coming weekend we have big games ahead of us ! First of all the Lions will play the Shooters on Saturday and on Sunday we play the Flamenkos ! The veterans will participate in the closing tournament 7’s at SRFC on Sunday and receive their Cup for the Championship ! Last but not least our U17 team will play against the Shanghai 2000 youth on Friday 1800-2000 at Century Park.


Waauw that’s a lot of Lions activity in Shanghai  !


Cheers Freek

LIONS just won the 2013 Phuket 7’s tournament…


It always important for our club profile to establish a good name outside
China ! That’s what we did for the second time our Lions clinched the
Champions title of the International Phuket 7’s tournament. This year the
team had a good balance with a lot of experienced players. Felippe even flew
over from France to play and our old Lion goalie who lives in Thailand was
in fine form. No surprise that two Lions Veteran players scored the winning
goals in the final, Francois and Felipe, 2-0 win. Congratulations ! photo 2Lions Phuket Winner 2013...

Lions Phuket Winner 2013Lions Phuket Winner 2013.

SPL in good shape !

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

We had another good SPL weekend with a typical Shanghai weather phenomenon !

On Saturday we were surprised by the sudden heat with temperatures rising to over 27 degrees ! But when we woke up for the SPL games it was windy/rainy with temperatures only at 15 degrees. Nonetheless everybody enjoyed the games and it was good to see Century Park back as venue.

Total of 30 goals in 4 games is a good entertainment level and typical for the SPL !

Pistolera Bulls – Flamenkos 8-3

The Bulls strategy was to play counter attack only and it proved to be very efficient for them as they had 5 attacks and 5 goals in the first half, 5-1. In the second half the Flamenkos got their best 20 minutes of the game and managed to come back at 5-3 and got a clear chance to make it 5-4 however man of the match the Bulls Goalie saved it. After that the fitness started to kick in for the Flamenkos and Bulls scored another three to make it 8-3 ! Bilgin again couldn’t get a yellow card and now has to fear for his Mr Yellow Card title at the end of the season. Will be interesting to see how will be his successor !

Shanghai 2000 – Lions 1-2

The pitch was in perfect condition after the winterseed break and the score board was flashing the SPL + Teams logo’s ! Shanghai 2000 has an improved side as they have been training hard to get fitter and better. It seemed to have worked as they held the Lions to 1-1 in the first half. Lions were trying to kill birds in the park as many shots went high in the trees and indeed a few birds were killed during the game. As it goes with Champions they managed to score the winner just two minutes before the end by a header of Adam after a free kick !

Galacticos – ERS 0-5

ERS scored after two minutes but after that it became harder for them as Galacticos were playing well in defense and they lost their goalie. In the second half as it often happens the fitness level made the difference. Man of the match was the Galacticos goalie as he saved a lot of shots to keep the score at 5 ! ERS manager Nicolas praised the mentally of the Galacticos players after the game as they kept playing without shouting to each other or the referee despite losing !

SFL FC – Cowboys 2-9

The cowboys are cruising at the moment. They are a fit and well organized side who have been playing together for many years. The newcomer SFL FC managed to score first but that was about it. First half it was 1-6 for the Cowboys and the second half they stopped at 9 to get a 2-9 victory ! Next weekend we have another 4 games round and after that we will have our first ever 6 games weekend ! We are looking forward to the games and lets keep our spirit high and friendly no matter win or lose we enjoy playing football in Shanghai !

1200-1400 Galacticos – Cowboys at Jinqiao

1400-1600 SFL FC – Gremio at Jinqiao

1300-1500 Shanghai 2000 – Flamenkos at Century Park

1500-1700 Super 48 – ERS at Century Park Enjoy the games

Cheers Freek SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee

Ps we congratulate Super 48 with organizing a very successful Shanghai Masters Tournament for over 40 years old players. They got 12 teams of 11 aside playing for the title ! Well done ! We scored a goad after two minutes but then two thins happened. Galacticos defended well and for sure we missed several occasions but we lost our goal keeper after twenty minutes and i had to take his place for the rest of first half. Then second half tow of my players shared the goalkeeping function pretty well and we managed to score three more goals as Galacticos were getting tired. I appreciate this team because despite defeat they never shout at each other and keep playing. A special congratulation to their goalkeeper who saved many of our occasions.

Both Lions teams keep their unbeaten run !



First up were the Saturday Lions who had an early game all the way in Tianma vs Reunited. At 8 in the morning we got all the players ready in the bus except for Fabie who came straight from his rock concert and was a bit late as he was mobbed by his fans however we didn’t expect Azz to be missing ! We finally got hold off him and took off !


Not sure whether it was the weather (27 degrees !) or the bus ride but we started slow and with lack of inspiration. Reunited smelled success the longer it stayed 0-0 and we had to defend well to keep it like that. During the half time talk we focused on enjoying the game and keeping our heads up ! We knew we still had a bus ride back and wanted to do that with a happy mood and beers !


We started the second half with a BANG! Within 5 minutes we scored a great goal finished by Allan and the joy of the goal lifted our spirits. We got a small set back when “Jack in the BOX” tried to catch a ball and Reunited converted a penaly however we controlled the game and soon after a thunderball goal kick from Big John Allan scored his second. Another fast break put Fabie on the score sheet. The fact that he made that run as left back and ended up with a goal was great. Our biggest gain however were our 4 substitutes as all of them came on and lifted our game ! Yes we enjoyed the bus ride back and our lunch in Tamati (Gubei) !


Shanghai lionsThe Sunday Lions were up against Shanghai 2000 who prepared well for this game. Bryce our youth goalie had a very good game. The first half it was 1-1 by a goal from Adam and the second half it was all about “killing birds in the Century Park”. Several opportunities went wide or over and Shanghai 2000 sensed that they could cause an upset however with two minutes to go Adam scored the winner. That’s 4 wins out of 4 games now !



Last but not least the Veteran Lions were honored to be invited to the Japanese over 40 tournament at SRFC. Twelve teams playing 11-aside was great. The organization was typical perfect into every detail. We had a great tournament under the super vision of Jamie who on the occasion talked us into drinking Scottish Whiskey before the games. We played 5 games and didn’t concede a single goal. That we still ended only 4th is a miracle and we leave it upto you to guess what happened but the fact that El Presidente himself missed a penalty to make it to the final was one of the reasons !Jamy


Great weekend for the Lions !


We wish the Lions success in Phuket this coming weekend. For the home stayers we organize a special training on Sunday at SRFC from 1200-1400 PM together with our Lions U17 team !


Cheers Freek

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