Lions write SPL history ! Youth beat Super 48 !



We had a good Sunday ! First up were our youngster helped with a few veterans who played a friendly against the veterans of Super 48. The young lions straight wrote history as they scored the fastest goal within a minute after kick off by Mathew on their first attack. The final score was a 4-2 win and overall a very good experience for the youth to play against men as it will make them stronger so that we can prepare them for playing time with the Lions senior teams later !


Next up was the big game of the season against Gremio. Gremio a mixed Chinese and Brasilian side were undefeated until today. We started well and created several opportunities early in the game. However an incredible referee error left us flabbergasted as Hugh on a Maglev speed run to the keeper was stopped by a body check of one of the Gremio defenders in the box / FIFA rule 12 states all fouls in the box are straight penalties and if he was blocked from a scoring opportunity it was straight red as well otherwise it should be yellow. We got non of it only a free kick in the box……. We lost our focus and despite going 1-0 up by Adam we let Gremio get back in the game. A free kick was signaled into the corner of our goal by Thomas our goalie as if he was a Chinese traffic police directing the traffic……….! Soon after we didn’t clear the ball well in defense and Gremio took the lead. It was 1-2 at half time and we got a few heads down however the second half we saw a different Lions team. It was a team full of spirit fighting for every single ball and opportunity. With two goals from Mathieu and one header at the post and two more shots on the cross-bar we showed them who are the leaders in the SPL. With this 3-2 victory we wrote history in the SPL as in 2013 we drew only one game and won all the other 18 games we played !


Actually after the game in an empty SRFC Clubhouse we showed our real spirit as we all stayed back for a few beers with fun and jokes. Hugh got a farewell speech and a signed ball to take back to Australia. We were also trying to get bit and pieces from Jacks Adventure as he didn’t show up….


Great way to end a great year for the Lions ! Waauw ! Don’t forget to vote on line for the Lions as “Sports Team of the Year” ! Our next game is on January the 12 vs ERS. Stay fit and focused !


Cheers Freek


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Lions Christmas Party full of Smiles !


We had a memorable Christmas party last Friday ! With over 30 Lions showing up we knew it was going to be fun !

First it was dinner time at Tamati our sponsor. The president himself arrived at 2000 pm and was very surprised that nobody was there and he was wondering whether he went to the wrong Tamati but soon one by one the players alone or with girlfriends and wives started to drop in ! Tamati is a good place for us as always the staff is there to help us out and they are very friendly. Beside the 30 pct discount we got a free beer and by now the pasta’s / pizza’s / soups are our favorites food before or after games !

The President in his speech explained how the Shanghai Lions have evolved into something special this year mainly due to senior teams performances and the addition of the youth teams as well the veteran winning the first ever veteran league in Shanghai !

The youth is what sets us apart from any other club in Shanghai and they will secure our future as a club ! There was a thank you to all the girlfriends and wives for letting us play our favorite sport every week and for their support of the club.

After dinner we were heading for our private comedy show / The stage was set as we had 4 comedians performing with Butch a comedian celebrity from the USA stealing the show, several Lions and in particular the Presisdent was targeted to make fun about. It really was a very fun show !  We booked it for 1 hour but lasted it much longer than that !

Afterward some Lions went to the Revolucion Bar to finish of a fun night. Others went home to prepare for our early morning game versus the Krauts in the SIFL !

Great evening which everybody Lion present enjoyed !

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you !

Enjoy your time off and make sure to come back slim and fit from your holidays !


Lions Management


Lions Christmas Party Pics (3) (2) Lions Christmas Party Pics (9) (2) Lions Christmas Party Pics (10) (2) Lions Christmas Party Pics (13) (2)


Lions see red but stay without out defeat in the 2013/14 season !


 Charles Tacle Red Card result Krauts game (2) (2)

We had a very early game (900 AM !) in Waigaoqiao right after our Lions Chirstmas Party ! We know it was hard to wake up but almost everybody made it on time which was a good sign ! Azz was rested in the first half and we were up against the Krauts who despite them being German find themselves in the bottom of the league. On the side line the President and Azz were making a bet for the half time score and Azz got it spot on with only 1-0 for the Lions by a great goal from Fabie who is used to play after parties ! At half time the there were some hard words as the goal difference against lower teams is very important for winning a Championship and by now the alcohol level was getting out of the Christmas Party goers ! We started to play serious and soon in the second half we were 5-0 up strikes by Azz/Benji.

In the 70th Minutes Charles decided to write history as he was the last man standing when he fouled the German Striker before he went one on one with Dimitri. Straight red and attached a picture of the German Strikers leg which confirmed the tackle ! With only ten man we proved to be fitter and with goals from Mathieu and Yosh we came to 9 goals ! In the end everybody happy including Benji who was looking for something he lost in the waste bin ! see video !


Stay focused and train hard during the break as we will play DIB 3 times in the second half of the season !


Cheers Freek

Lions played a friendly versus the Uk Marines


marines 016

We needed brave Lions and Lions who could escape from work to be able to play at 1400 PM vs the crew of the 1BLN navy vessel HMS Daring from the UK. God bless we could fine 11 warriors and a last minute pull out of Azzedine (stomache upset) didn’t help of course !


With 4 veterans in the squad and Mus in the goal we started the battle. Soon we found out that it wouldn’t be a friendly friendly as it seemed that the pitch was changed into a war zone ! Tackles everywhere and all the referees decision were debated despite them being up after two minutes. We pulled one back with a tip in from Yamada-san who straight went into the history books of being the oldest Lion to score. Soon after that we got a penalty and the President was asked to take it by everybody except by Hugh one of our two British players who will leave China for Australia next week and thought he could score his third goal in his entire life ! initially  he refused as he still rembered his miss at the veteran tournament two months back which cost the Lions the final. But this time he scored. Adam scored a nice goal to make it 3-1 and we ended the first half with a 3-2 lead for the Lions.

In the second half the fitness level between the Marines and the Lions took its toll as a few esp the veterans were still heavy legged fm the Lions training of Azz and Simon the day before. The final score was 3-6 for the Marines and after the game we exchanged gift and took some pictures !


Cheers to the brave Lions / Freek


SPL beats the pollution !

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

20131206_111841 (2)

What a strange weekend we had ! On Friday our beloved City disappeared from the radar nestled in a blanket of bad air ! The pollution index was making new record highs every 5 minutes and protection mask and air purifiers were flying of the shelves. The same time the debate started “to play or not to play” and suddenly we all became pollution experts overnight. The SIFL the Saturday league cancelled all their games but we decided to take our chance and waited with our decision until Sunday morning. Although we woke up with fog it looked less threatening and we decided to play. The sky cleared and we were happy to play ! One more weekend of game and we can leave 2013 behind us. It’s an understatement to say that time flies in Shanghai.


Pistolera Bulls – ERS 5-3 Great game with both teams playing for the win.

ERS scored first but were unlucky to lose their goalie early in the game.

Bulls equalized 1-1 but with stand in goalie Nicolas the ERS took the lead again 1-2. Stoyan showed off his skills with a superb free kick 2-2 and just before half time Stac scored 3-2 for the Bulls. Second half was very even and ERS fought very hard for the equalizer which they got thru a header.

Bilgin came to the rescue for the Bulls by giving two assist in the last 5 minutes on the counter attack to seal the win !


SFL FC – Japan 3-1 Japan playing so well last week against the Lions were struggling against the more physical play of the SFL FC. The first half ended 2-1 and its worthwhile to mention that Jon Heaney scored his second consecutive hat-trick in the SPL so the defenders are warned about this goal scoring machine !


Cowboys – Lions 1-5

Top game in the SPL with both teams showing their skills in the first half. The cowboys missed their regular goalie. The Lions took an early lead but the Cowboys responded fast to make it 1-1 thru Nie. The Lions defense stood up well against the fast moving Cowboys. The post helped the Lions not to concede another goal. The lions took the lead thru Adam and scored an important goal just before half time to make it 1-3. In the second half the cowboys struggled to get back in the game and the Lions took the three points by adding another two goals.


Super 48 – Galacticos 5-0 unfortunately the game was a fort-feit / super 48 got a good training session at SRFC.


Shanghai 2000 – Marlins 1-9 Marlins proved too strong for Shanghai 2000.

Mcgoo was in fine form for the Marlins scoring 4 goals as a midfielder !


Flamenkos – Gremio 0-2 Gremio continued their unbeaten run but the Flamenkos are playing better by the week. First half it was 0-1 and in the second half Gremio made it 0-2 but the Flamenkos came a few times very close. Gremio missed a penalty as it was saved by the Spanish goalie !


We have our last round of 2013 this coming Sunday with 4 SPL games and the weather looks good !


1200-1400 Japan – Flamenkos at SRFC

1400-1600 Gremio – Lions at SRFC

1300-1500 Shanghai 2000 – ERS at Century Park (William ERS suspended one game)

1500-1700 Galacticos – Pistolera Bulls at Century Park (Marin Bulls suspended one game)


Enjoy the last games before Christmas !


Cheers Freek / SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee !




Lions beat the Cowboys 5-1 to stay on top of the SPL !



This weekend we all became pollution experts ! Unfortunately our Saturday game vs the Azzuri was cancelled ! Sunday looked ok but when Michael woke up he saw smoke everywhere and raised alarm. I am not going to play in this shit……so the only way to convince him to play was to make him Captain. We had one of our top games of the season to play against the Cowboys a very strong Chinese local side who were runners up last season !

We had a strong line up with total 16 motivated players. We took an early lead by a free kick of Azz who left the stand-in goalie with no chance. However the Cowboys played fast and managed to equalize soon after it. While a Cowboy player got an eye injury Adam scored the 2-1. Cowboys still didn’t give up and we were lucky to see them hit the post. Just before half time Hakim scored an important goal !



The second half the Cowboys tried to give a final push to get back in the game but our defense was rock solid on the day and slowly they were giving up. It allowed us to score two more goals (Adam / Hakim) and missed opportunities by others. Great result and a very good fighting spirit of all 16 players !

We are now 4 points ahead of the Cowboys and will face Gremio on Sunday and could take a 4 points lead vs them as well !

This week we have a very busy Lions schedule !

On Wednesday we expect all Lions to come to training as we want to end 2013 on the unbeaten run both on Saturday and Sunday !


On Thursday we are pleased to be invited by the British Consulate to play a friendly fun game against the Marines visiting China on a special occasion. We expect all our British players including Jonny O. S to show up for this game / kick off 1400 and after the game we have drinks organized / Ps contact Azz if you wish to play !

On Friday we have our famous Lions Christmas Party with good food and loads of entertainment !

On Saturday we play the Krauts in the SIFL and On Sunday we play Gremio in the SPL !

It’s good to be a Lion !

095003 105 104


Cheers Freek

11 aside game vs British Consulate this Thu. Dec. 12th at 2pm

We have been approached by the British Consulate to play a friendly match for a special occasion in Shanghai. One of the famous UK Marine vessel will be docked in Shanghai next week. It has been a very long time since a foreign marine vessel from England docked in China. The crew of the vessel are big football fans , so a game has been organized. The game will be held on Thursday 12th of December.

Here is the plan in place, as follows:

Time Football
13.00 Pick up outside Shangai Port International Cruise Terminal (SPICT), 358 Dong Daming Lu, Hongkou, Shanghai
14.00 Arrive The British International School, Puxi, Shanghai (BISS)111 Jinguang Road, Huacao Town, Minhang, Shanghai, 201107
14.00 – 15.30 Football match at BISS
15.30 – 16.00 Minhang to Hongmei Lu (bar / cafe area)
17.00 Hongmei Lu to SPICT

The pitch at BISS is ASTRO-TURF so please bring the right shoes!

We have a 35 seat bus to take both teams to the ground. Any problems with the bus please contact Ina Bao on 1381 879 2884 or Stuart Proudlock on 1381 867 7432

Your contact at BISS is Sue Smith 021 5226 3211 ext.1827

If you are able to play pls send an email to Azz as soon as possible

Lions Management

LIONS Christmas Party scheduled on Friday Dec. 13th 8pm

bad-santa 3

The LIONS Christmas Party will be held on Friday Dec. 13th 2013 from 8pm on. Here is the program:

  • 8 to 10pm: Dinner at TAMATI Restaurant      
  • 10pm: transfer by bus at MASSE Komedy Club on Shaanxi Lu/Jinxian Lu
  • 10.15pm to 11.15pm: Special Impro Stand-up Show with a famous comedian, customized to LIONS…
  • 11.15pm: transfer by bus to Revolucion Bar for a cocktails night….

Budget: 100 rmb for dinner at Tamati and 100 rmb for the Show + cocktails (depending on your choice)

Please make sure to come to this party, every LIONS is expected to be there. You are of course very welcome to come with family and friends…

Please confirm your attendance asap with how many people by email:


LIONS Management

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