Lions back on track !



We got a great weekend for the Lions !


First on Saturday the Lions had to make up for their draw of last week against FC Metro a Chinese newcomer in the SIFL. With Charles away on a business trip we had enough motivation to fight for. The early goal was the key and that’s what we got in three minutes from then on FC Metro could only defend and the Lions were hungry for goals. We got another four goals before half time and most of them were a result of a good passing game in the midfield. Metro got one back but that was all we would give them. At half time we decided to keep on pushing for more goals as the goal difference is important in such a tight Championship. With Danni and Erwin taking the lead with resp. 4 and 3 goals we stopped at 11-1. A very good result as its not easy to stay focused when you are leading by a lot but we did just that. Azzedine made a new friend as their no 23 was following him everywhere on the pitch and we pulled Charles leg on We Chat as we told him we drew 2-2. He believed it until midnight ! Next week we have a rest which is good for the injured players to get back into fitness and the week after is the BIG game versus the Shooters.


On Sunday we had the veterans in action together with a few Lions U17 players. unfortunately for them the opponent called the game off in the last moment. Luckily we had over 15 players so we organized a good training session !  Veterans are looking strong this season and are very motivated to do well in the Veterans league !


In the SPL we played versus the Flamenkos and only a win would do it for us ! In the first 30 minutes are movement was too slow and Flamenkos came closest hitting the woodwork. However once we scored by Nicolas we started to play better and controlled the rest of the game. A combination of Nicolas being on fire and over all better fitness level of the Lions made the difference. Nicolas scored a hat-trick and we don’t mind him getting in form now as the big games are around the corner. We even had 3 lions U17 making their debut and a fantastic cross of 15 year old Yuito landed on Ahmed head straight in the top corner ! 5-0 final score and only 4 games left. It was our 17th win of the season and only one draw sofar. Next up will be Japan this coming Sunday and then on April 20 Marlins / May 18 Gremio / May 25 Cowboys.


Exciting times for the Lions and hope everybody will enjoy it. I hope our team spirit will give us the edge in the end and I feel that our spirit is getting better by the week !


Lets all come to training even if you are injured you can still do some light training to keep your fitness level good ! The big games are around the corner and all Lions need to be ready for it !


Go Lions !!!!!

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Cheers Happy Freek

Mixed results for the Lions this weekend



On Saturday the Lions had tough game versus a Chinese team called Metro. DIB for the occasion just had transferred two of their players to Metro the week before as they knew we play Metro two times in a row. In the first 15 minutes Metro stayed deep and all they did was defend. Lions couldn’t break trough but I was a bloody nose from Jack Boller after an elbow of  Metro player hit his face which kept him out of the game for several minutes. Metro took advantage and scored with their new DIB winger on a break. It was an angered Jack who on a great cross from Francois scored the equalizer 1-1. In the second half Lions tried to push for the winner. Especially Erwin looked sharp on the day and at first he was clearly tripped in the box but the Chinese referee didn’t dare the give the penalty and right after that  he ran thru and by passed the goalie and his low shot hit the post but Hakim was there to tip the ball in. Everybody thought that was the winner except for the linesmen who called it off side it was an incredible mistake which proved to cost us points. Lions tried to push more forward but simply ran out of energy with Azz injured and Benji no fit as well. DIB beat shooters 4-2 so we are now one point ahead of them and need to beat Metro in our next game this Sunday !


After the game all Lions stayed back to say goodbye to our Captain Remy who is moving back to France as he couldn’t find a suitable job in Shanghai.


On Sunday we enjoyed the great weather and the great pitch at Century Park. In the first half we had most of the possession but couldn’t  make a force upfront. Terao came closest by hitting the cross bar. It was Shanghai 2000 which got the best change after their fast winger Fafa went one on one at Bryce our goalie but he stayed cool and saved the Lions. In the second half we moved Joel forward and Charles in the back and straight we got the result we wanted as Joel scored. Yosh scored the 2-0 on his last game of the Lions and Samy scored the third one. A solid 3-0 win and that was our 17th unbeaten game in the SPL and we are still 5 points clear on the number 2. We have 5 more games to go and next up are the Flamenkos !


After the game we had to say goodbye to another Lions Yosh. It was a short spell for him but surely he enjoyed being part of the Lions. He got the traditional singed Lions Ball and had down a beer in one shot which for him was no issue after having spend over 10 years in China !


We have big games coming up this weekend and we hope to see many Lions at the training !


Cheers Freek

BIG John with ballChris S. fighting for ballJack's nose destroyedRemy DCsunday 080sunday 072

LIONS indoor football tournament on March. 28th 2014 – 8 to 11pm


Our last indoor football tournament on Feb. 28th 2014 was a great success.

Please download the video at:

We are now taking the registrations for our next tournament on Friday March 28th 2014 from 8 to 11pm.

We have already 7 teams registered out 8 teams max., that’s why we want to make a last LIONS Team.

There will be min. 5 games/team, 8mn/game, costs are 90 rmb/pers., with unlimited number of players/team and substitutions

We have a lot of entertainments organized beside the games…

The location of the tournament is in Baoshan District: Zhenda Lu / Haunzhen Lu, about 20mn taxi from People Square in the north.

Let us know your availability at:


Azzeddine & Charles



Sunday Lions on a record run !



On Sunday we first had a game for the Lions U17 team against a well organized Japans team FC Ferie ! We could only get 9 players for the game which made it hard as we played with 9 on a 11-aside field and on top the Japanese side had 17 players ! Goals were flying in everywhere on both side and the final score was a 10-8 win for the Lions !

sunday 013


After that the Men’s Lions took on Super 48 a Japanese team lower ranked in the SPL. Idea was to score goals and not to concede as goal difference is important at the end of the season. It was 24 degrees ! We started well with a quick goal of captain Michael and another one by penalty converted by Nicolas. However after that we adjusted to the weather and the opponent and started to take it easy. Super 48 was quite happy with only 2-0 behind at half time and pushed for a goal in the second half. The scored a well deserved goal and it woke us up to be honest. Fred and Yosh who are both leaving Shanghai (see picture) said good bye with a goal and our youngster Sean showed us how to shoot with great strike. Final score 5-1 win and that was our 15th win of the season and since December 2012 after 26 games we are still unbeaten ! We have 6 games to go and I guess enough motivation to keep our unbeaten run and to focus on the title race !

sunday 018

sunday 038





sunday 061

sunday 053








We hope to see all Lions at the training on Wednesday ! We need to be sharp and fit for the last games of the season !


Cheers Freek

Lions advance in Hebiguchi Cup after eliminating D.I.B. FC

[ SIFL Hebiguchi Cup ] Shanghai Lions 2-1 D.I.B. FC

Last Saturday we played D.I.B. FC for the fourth time this season and it was an important game for several reasons:

  1. First of all a win would give us two wins, a draw and one loss against them and a loss would obviously make us look weaker than them
  2. Of course, keep on Hebiguchi Cup race was the other important factor.

With only two players on the field at 10:22 (kick off at 11:00) it was not the ideal preparation you like to see as a coach. Phone calls were coming in about bad traffic. But with the car population increasing every single month there should be no surprise about bad traffic! Within 10 minutes before kick off we got our 13 players and god bless D.I.B. FC started the game slow so that it was better for us getting into the game. Games against DIB are always very tight and both opponents were just waiting for each others mistakes. Charles had a perfect opportunity to give us the lead but his lob went just wide and on the other side we gave away a free kick right  in the middle of the the edge of our penalty box… Not a good spot as DIB’s Chaoyuan Yin curled the ball in our left corner… 0-1! We did respond with a fast counter attack and scored the equalizer threw Matthieu. In the second half we tried to get the winner but a combination of hot weather with several players coming back from injury made us sink deeper and deeper in the defense. DIB looked fitter but there is a thing called fighting spirit. If you don’t play well you can still fight and that’s just what we did. The reward came in the 87th minute when Benji on the left found Azz, free on the far right, who quickly passed it to Matthieu in the box who turned and slotted the ball in the top corner! Its not the first time this season that we scored in the very last minutes and that’s a good sign.

This coming Saturday we will play Metro in the league and the fact that DIB just transferred two players to them will give us extra motivation! Great win and we now need to focus on the league and get back into fitness for our last 6 games !

Cheers Freek

Video of our last indoor football tournament on Feb. 28th 2014


You can download the video of the last indoor football tournament we organized on Feb. 28th 2014 at:

It was a great success with 8 teams competing in 2 groups. More than 50 goals have been scored over the competition, by the NEW TEAM.

Following to the huge success of our last tournament on Feb. 28th, we organize another 5 aside indoor tournament on Friday March. 28th 2014 from 8pm to 11pm.
There will be 8 teams max, min. 5 games/team, 8mn/game
900 rmb/team, with unlimited number of players/team and substitutions
Registration Deadline: March. 24th 6pm
Interested, please email us at:


Lions veterans start the league with a win !



We had a busy Lions weekend ! First we had our SIFL game in the early morning of Saturday versus Reunited. They just had beaten the Shooters the week before so we knew it wouldn’t be an easy game. In the first 20 minutes we couldn’t deal with the fast pace of their African strikers and didn’t manage our defense well. Our plan was to score first but reunited scored first when we couldn’t clear a ball in the defense. Now we needed to response and that’s what we did on fast counter attack finished by Romain. In the second half we promised to put it right and indeed we created several opportunities and Reunited hardly came over middle line. But creating chances is not good enough if you don’t finish them ! So the game ended in a draw 1-1 which felt like loss ! ICS Channel Shanghai was filming the game and you might see a glimps of the Lions today at 2100 on Shanghai Live (at the expat session). Next game will be against DIB for the Cup and that’s the perfect stage to put our team back on track, obvious we need to step up our commitment now and show that we are hungry for the title !


On Sunday Morning the veterans kicked off their season’s opener versus the Irish ! It was a beautiful day and it was great that we managed to put a full squad out despite many players not being available. We got the help from two of our U17 players, Yuki and Ryo who played well. We took a 3-0 lead after two halves and played decent football. It was nice to have Big Michael back our good old goal scoring machine and he netted two goals and Fred F. was in fine form as well despite his bronchitis, scoring two goals as well. Final score 4-2 win and our next game will be march 30 !


The SPL Lions were playing at the great pitch in Century Park. Our opponent was Sport for Life the new team in the SPL this season. Our plan was to work on our goal difference and we started strong within 8 minutes we were up 2-0. However SFL came back thru a corner and they came very close to the equalizer from a free kick which at the last moment was saved by Max our goalie. We scored another goal to make it 3-1 but again we let them score from a corner but our spirit was good yesterday as we responded witin 20 seconds when Nicolas went on a run and crossed to Yosh who scored to make it 4-2 at half time ! The second half it was all Lions and indeed we started to work on our goal difference scoring another 5. Final score 9-2 and with the Marlins and Cowboys ending their game with a draw we are back in the drivers seat ! Go Lions !!!!!


Looking forward to next weekend already lets have a record number of Lions at the training this Wednesday !


Cheers Freek

lions 017lions 038

SPL standing

Dear all,


Please see actual SPL standing :


1 ERS 12 9 2 1 28 69 20 49
2 Marlins 10 8 1 1 25 41 9 32
3 Gremio 14 8 5 1 25 58 34 24
4 Pistolera Bulls 12 7 4 1 22 44 26 18
5 Cowboys 10 7 2 1 22 28 18 10
6 Lions 12 6 5 1 19 26 26 0
7 Shanghai 2000 11 5 3 3 18 38 22 16
8 Flamenkos 10 4 5 1 13 19 27 -8
9 Super 48 12 4 8 12 22 42 -20
10 Japan FC 12 1 11 3 15 46 -31
11 AVL Galacticos 13 13 0 9 99 -90

The SPL is heating up !

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,


Again we had rain during the week and a dry Sunday some teams already played 14 games this season and we are just at the beginning of march. Hopefully we get a fantastic spring which will add to the pleasure in playing football in Shanghai ! The standing is now more looked at and it doesn’t matter whether you on top or at the bottom of the SPL everybody is fighting for a good place at the end of the season !


SFL FC – Super 48 3-0 An important game at the bottom of the SPL as both teams were on 9 points before this game. Super 48 is missing their usual quick goals and failed to score in the last couple of games. SFL took advantage and took all three points helped by two goals of their manager Dave. Fair game no cards needed.


Marling – Gremio 1-1 Top flight game as both teams were looking for a win to stay close to the leaders. An early red card for the Marlins changed their game plan as they were forced to defend more. Francesco the Italian striker of Gremio give them a 0-1 lead into half time. The second half started and now it was Gremio who got an early red card. The Marlins smelled their opportunity and started to press forward. Banksy equalized with a header from a corner. The game didn’t stop here as the Marlins kept pressing forward and Gremio was very dangerous on the counter attack. Both teams got changes but  it was because of  outstanding performances of the goalies that the game ended in 1-1 !


Lions – ERS 1-1 It was the first drop of points of the Lions this season. They had a very thin squad with only 11 players but no excuse here as in the first half they had enough opportunities to score but failed to do so. It was 0-0 at half time The credit goes to ERS who sensed that the longer it stayed like that there could be in surprise in the air ! They defended well and work hard and with 10 minutes to go Chakib slipped through the lions defense and scored what they thought could be the winner 0-1 ! As it goes often with a Champions team the game is not over until the last second is played and it was a fine effort from Azzedine who saved the Lions in the very last second of the game with a low strike in the corner !


Cowboys – Galacticos 7-3 Absolute fun game some of the cowboys were stuck in traffic and had no preparation for the game. For the galacticos there is no pressure this season and were happy to score first. As both teams played on full attack mode and didn’t seem to bother about defense there were numerous scoring opportunities, in the end the spectacle stopped with 10 goals and no cards !


Flamenkos – Japan 0-0 In the SPL 0-0 scores are extremely rare and I don’t even remember when was the last time ! We can call it the game of the missed opportunities from both teams as that’s what it was !


Shanghai 2000 – Pistolera Bulls 4-6 Looks like  tennis set and a typical Bulls game with loads of goals and a few cards. The Bulls took a 0-4 lead with their striker Stas on fire again scoring 4 goals. Shanghai 2000 never gave up and tried to get back in the game with two goals 2-4. Bulls were next 2-5 and meanwhile Bilgin got a red card as he was the last man defending and had to bring the Shanghai 2000 striker down. Nice for his collection and there were no consequences for the game as with the rest of the goals 3-5, 3-6, 4-6 the Bulls were back to winning after two defeats.


This coming Sunday we have 5 games on the menu and surely we can expect good battles and lots of goals !


1200-1400 Japan – Super 48 at Jinqiao

1400-1600 Marlins – Cowboys at Jinqiao

1200-1400 Gremio – Galacticos at WGQ

1300-1500 Flamenkos – Shanghai 2000 at Century Par

1500-1700 Lions – SFL FC at Century Park


Lets play fair and have fun and enjoy the best league on Sundays !


Cheers Freek / SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee !

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