Lions upcoming games and events agenda !


Please take a look at our fantastic agenda and keep all the dates free !

June 1st   Lions veterans vs Emerald

June 1st   Lions U17 vs Japan U17

June 7th   Lions vs Japan our SIFL Championship game

June 7th  Lions end of the season party

June 14/15th Green City Mini-World Cup

June 21st Xiamen International 7’aside Tournament

 June 28 SIFL end of the season Tournament

July 2nd until Aug 27th every Wed. :  Lions Summer 7’s League

Sept 6th Lions 7 aside Cup

Sept 6th/7th Shanghai Masters Veterans


It’s good to be a Lion ! Enjoy the events !



124 SPL Games done 8 more to go !

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,


The world cup is around the corner and our SPL has only 8 games to go ! Needless to say that we were extremely luck with the weather this year and it seems that somebody upstairs must either like the SPL or is watching our games all the time. Super 48 and Shanghai 2000 both ended their season and for Super 48 they will be pleased not to be last this season and Shanghai 2000 can be pleased with their second half of the season performance as they played better and better in the last games.

For the other teams there as still some battles going on but in the next three week it’s the end of the largest SPL season in our history. Lets finish the games in good spirit and enjoy playing football in Shanghai.


The Mini-World Cup is getting closer by the week and behind the scene everybody is working hard to make it best event ever held in Shanghai. Ps make sure to submit your players list as we need to know who is coming. Our end of the season ceremony and party will be part of the Mini World Cup event more details to follow soon.


Japan – Galacticos 11-1 A wedding caused havoc in the Galacticos squad as key players were missing / the Japanese we kind enough as usual to borrow a few player to them and the only goal Galacticos scored came from a Japanese player !


ERS – SFL FC 1-1 Both teams were very close in the ranking and it was a very close game indeed. Sport for Life scored first by Evgeny and after that ERS pushed for the equalizer and finally got it  with a goal from Fabien !


Marlins – Shanghai 2000 2-1 In Shanghai 2000’s last game of the season they decided to let all the youngsters play. It seemed to pay off as they took an early lead however the Marlins fought back and got the equalizer right before half time by Pete. Second half was a good battle with both teams going for the win. The Marlins counted on their experience and clinched all three points by a goal from Alex !


Flamenkos – Super 48 1-0 Think a lot of playes of the Flamenkos had watched the Barcelone – Atletico Madrid game. They tried to copy the same playing style and speed but could catch that level ! Three points they took and Super 48 was happy enough to end the season with a small loss.


Lions – Gremio 5-3 A good game of football with two teams fighting for every ball and plenty of chances to score ! Lions scored first but Gremio soon equalized and at the end of the half the Lions took the lead after Gremios keeper couldn’t control a low shot. In the second half it was more of the same Lions scored 3-1 and Gremio came straight back 3-2. After the Lions took a 4-2 lead the president himself thought its time to play and he surprised a lot of people including himself to score with a hard volley in the corner of the goal ! Gremio came back again 5-3 but soon it was game over !


We have three games Sunday !


1400-1600 Gremio – Marlins at Jinqiao

1600-1800 Pistolera Bulls – Sport for Life at Jinqiao

1200-1400 Lions – Cowboys at Waigaoqiao


Lets enjoy the last games and the ice cold beers after the games ! Cheers Freek SPL President on behalf of the SPL Comittee

SPL standings – Update

Dear all, Please find SPL standing updated from 2014/05/20:


1 Lions  21 20 1 61 93 22 71
2 Gremio Shanghai 21 14 3 4 46 87 40 47
3 Cowboys 19 14 2 3 45 99 38 61
4 Marlins FC (Dulwich) 19 13 3 3 42 89 24 65
5 Pistolera Bulls 19 11 8 33 109 69 40
6 Flamenkos 21 9 10 2 29 48 57 -9
7 SFL FC 20 8 11 1 25 50 80 -30
8 Japan FC 21 7 11 3 24 57 62 -5
9 E.Rouge 21 7 11 3 24 39 44 -5
# Shanghai 2000 22 6 13 3 21 52 65 -13
11 Super 48 22 3 19 9 34 117 -83
12 Galacticos 20 20 0 15 154 -139
TOTAL 246 112 111 23 772 772

Sunday Lions beat Gremio 5-3 to stay unbeaten !



We had a small squad and even called up two veterans to help on the day ! After we won the title two weeks ago it’s not easy to be motivated and to take the game serious but for the Lions it doesn’t work like that. We are on an unbeaten run since December 2012 and this season in the SPL we won 19 games and drew only one ! Enough to motivated us and we gave it our best shot ! Gremio is great team and always our games against them are hard with a lot of goals. We got our opening goal after a fine cross of Patrick headed home by Dave. Soon after it should be 2-0 when Joel hit the post. Gremio equalized but the Lions stepped up the game. A shot by Fred seemed to be an easy pick up for the goalie but he stumbled and the ball went in. 2-1 at half time in the second half it was Patrick who scored yes he can score !! A power full shot from outside the box and soon after it was Fred who despite his age still have nose for goals scored his second. A nice miscommunication between Charly and Rommie lead to a Gremio goal 4-2. When freek went on the pitch suddenly the average age of the Lions shot up but it didn’t effect the play. Gremio was not strong in the defense and when a ball was not cleared properly it was the President himself who volleyed the ball from outside the box straight into the corner to set a new record for oldest Lion (50) to score in a league game. Now we needed to get Michael who played his last game for the Lions on the goal sheet and we tried by multiple corners but no luck this time ! They got one back but we kept it at a solid 5-3 win. Very good performance from all players and great Spirit on and off the pitch we hope Bard injury will be not too serious.

After the game it was time to say goodbye to Michael who had been with the Lions for 2.5 years. The debate was that he was just lucky to be with us during our most successful spell or that it was because of him we set these records ! Lets keep it in the middle but Michael was a great character and formed a famous unbeatable defense couple with Jack and we will miss him for sure !

One more game versus the Cowboys this Sunday to end this fantastic season lets finish in style !

Cheers Freek

gremio 119


gremio 137

gremio 168

Gremio Game - May 18th 2014 (4)

gremio 128

Gremio Game - May 18th 2014 (3)

gremio 195

gremio 181

Lions one win away from the SIFL title !


We were prepared for a hard game and battle against United who are struggling against relegation. They are an unpredictable side mainly consisting of Russian players. The size of their goalie would usually scare a lot of people away but not the Lions ! From the start the Lions started hungry and motivated but United proved not an easy walk over in the first half. Romain scored the opening goal with a fine move and a low strike and soon he netted his second. It was two nil at half time but it was obvious that the United players without  substitutes we running out of steam. Lead by Big John the Lions started the engine and went on a rampage with good possession play and some very nice goals. We thought we found a replacement for Charles who was absent due to a work commitment by putting Patrick upfront same size and weight and indeed he perfectly replaced Charles as he didn’t score !! In the end Romain scored 4 goals, Mathieu 3 goals, Azz 2 goals, Erwin 1 goal and Patrick 0 goals ! 10-0 win !

The season is coming to an end and we are player stronger and better by the week we have been working on our goal difference which is better now with 75 goals scored and only 14 conceded in 17 games. One more game to go against Japan the game is planned on June 7th 1400-1600 PM keep that date all free as a win will give us the title for the second time in a row !

Go Lions Go !!!! Cheers Freek

Beavers Game - May 17th 2014 (3)Beavers Game - May 17th 2014 (4)Beavers Game - May 17th 2014 (2)Beavers Game - May 17th 2014 (1)


SPL in the final stage !

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,


We have been very fortunate with the weather this season quite incredible no cancelations sofar ! There was heavy down pour last Saturday and the forecast for Sunday was bad. I got several text messages from Captains worrying about the weather but knowing the conditions of the fields and a quick check on the Jinqiao field confirmed the fields were top notch / thanks to the hard work of the Grass Masters ! The last games will determine the final ranking and an interesting battle for second place will continue between the Cowboys/Gremio/Marlins and the Bulls are secured 5th and can still clinch 4th spot / In the middle of the pack Flamenkos/SFL/Japan/ERS/Shanghai 2000 can move up or down one or two spots. At the lower end of the SPL the Galacticos theoretically still can catch Super 48 but need to win all the remaining games !


Cowboys – Gremio 2-2

Great game of football with Gremio starting very strong taking a 0-2 lead. The game was interrupted for 10 minutes as the ball went missing ! Mikael Gremio’s stand in goal keeper found out how hard it was to be a goalie as the Cowboys leveled the score 2-2. In the second half the game was very even Gremio dictating the play and the Cowboys playing on the counter only. The Cowboys came close with a thunderbolt on the cross bar. Just before the end suddenly all players rushed off the field as apparently they found out that the Parking Police was around not to watch the game but to give fines to all the cars parked along the field ! It stayed 2-2 in a fair game with a fair result.


Super 48 – SFL FC 2-4

Super 48 missed the surprise factor as in the past they would score an early goal but this time they were in trouble right after kick –off. A motivated SFL FC scored 4 goals in the first 20 minutes the turnaround came when one of their players was sent off and it gave the chance to Super 48 to come back in the game with two goals.


Shanghai 2000 – Galacticos 6-0

Galacticos tried hard to get a result as it would boost their spirit for the last couple of games but Shanghai 2000 were better in taking the opportunities and more dangerous with two sharp strikers upfront !


Marlins – ERS 2-1

Great pitch and good game of football. Both team had two passionate managers trying to coach their team to victory on the side line ! ERS defended very well in the early part of the game but against the left footed strike of Marlins Alejandro there was nothing they could do about as it landed in the top corner ! 1-0 half time and in the second half ERS pushed more forward however the Marlins goalie in fine form denied them on a few occasions. As it goes in football when you push forward you tend to concede and that happened when Kevin muscled his way thru the ERS defends and score the 2-0. The hard work of ERS paid off as the score by a free kick of Yannick but it was not enough to get a point.


Flamenkos – Pistolera Bulls 5-0

We received a rare message from Bilgin calling the game off on Sunday due to lack of players. He informed us about his serious injury and was straight off to Europe for treatment ! We hope they can fix him up as soon as possible as we need Bilgin for our Mini-World Cup and Party afterwards ! We wish him a speedy recovery !

We have 5 games this coming Sunday and hope that you all will enjoy our last games of this great season in good spirit and fun !


You will get a separate email about the Mini World Cup as the organization is in full swing and it looks like its going to be an amazing event. Don’t worry all SPL players will be the main characters in this Block Buster !


Enjoy May in Shanghai best time of the year to play Football !


Cheers Freek / SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee

Lions one step closer !


In most countries the title races are over but here in Shanghai we are still
in the race ! Last Saturday we played versus the Krauts who currently are at
the bottom of the SIFL. There are plenty of examples of title contenders
slipping up versus the bottom teams so we were warned from the beginning.
The Krauts struggling this season to get full squads and this time they
barely managed to get a squad. It was hard to stay focused and motivated
against a team like that but we managed to do it. The first half it was 5-0
for the Lions and the second half we played better football and managed to
score a few great goals ! It was good to see Fabie back after a long injury
and he kept the tradition of defenders scoring goals this season alive with
two goals scored by him ! In the end the score line was 10-0 and with DIB
beating Metro only 9-1 we added two goals on to our goal difference
advantage which now stands at +11 vs DIB who have three games to play.
For us we have two games left and next up are United (Beavers) this Saturday
a must win game for us !

On Sunday we will play Gremio at SRFC an important game as well as although
we are the SPL Champions already we like to end the season unbeaten !

We expect all Lions to come to the training and stay focused to finish the
job !

These are great times for the Lions and we hope that all family and friends
come out to give us support by watching our games !

Go Lions Go !

Cheers Freek

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