Lions Picked up their SIFL Awards !


We had the SIFL closing tournament last Saturday and we had a great mix of youngsters and new players combined with regular team players ! With 15 minutes games only, it was not easy to score a lot of goals but in the morning we did well beating Azzuri, Voodoo and Longtang without conceding a goal. In the second group phase, we continued our unbeaten run but it became harder to score goals especially when a Chinese referee only let us play for 10 minutes vs United when we asked him to show his watch he quickly turned it off….! It all came down to our last game versus DIB a win would put us in the final but with 5 minutes to go and 0-0 we had to take more risk in the end that cost us the spot in the final but in overall we had a fun day and enjoyed the games.

It was time for beers and the moment of truth to receive our second consecutive SIFL Championship Cup ! The Cup was filled with beer and we appreciated the applause of the other teams. Both Jack and Big John received a SIFL dream team spot for the first time. It was a recognition of our strong defense this season conceding only 14 goals ! Dim didn’t get the award for best goalie it went to the Japanese keeper instead which can be argued but we were happy for them as the Japanese team  is a great side ! Azzedine was the best midfielder and (Happy) Freek got voted coach of the year ! We as well had to say goodbye to our first Canadian Lion Seb who will move back to Canada to complete his study ! We wish him all the best !

Great way to end a great season !

We will be back !

Cheers Freek

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Lions end 3rd in Xiamen’s Amoy Cup!


We went to Xiamen to defend our title of last year. This year there were 14 teams divided in two groups each playing 6 games before qualifying for the quarter finals. Early in the morning we had to listen to a 30 minutes boring speech of the local government just by standing there you started to sweat already due to the heat and humidity ! We only had 9 players including the President who could have been the oldest player in the tournament but we started to play well game after game however we got a tough game versus the Chinese Army whose only intention was to fight instead of playing football. The tournament organizer for the occasion had 5 security guys running around the fields and now we knew why ? Luckily we killed the Chinese Army 3-1 and made it to the quarter finals against another Chinese team.

Now the heat and the exhaustion started to take its toll on us but it was the same for the opponent so we kept fighting and made it to the semi-finals.

For the semi’s there was a draw to pick the teams and we had to play against the strongest local Chinese team with some (old) ex pro players. Lack of focus cost us a goal in the early stage of the game and it’s very hard to come back from 1-0 down on such a small pitch. The Chinese had plenty of subs and the scored another  goal we quickly got one back by Patrick who only scores on important occasions but it appeared not enough as we lost 2-1. This team later won the final and we won the third place not good enough but after 180 minutes of football we could still smile when we received the medal to show our good spirit and an apology to Azz needed to be made as he has given all of us so many opportunities to score during the day but all of us missed many of those……sorry AZZ !

We decided to skip the beach party and have a dinner by ourselves where we had to say goodbye to Erwin who is going back to Holland. He made a great impact on our team in the few moths he played for us and we hope one day he can make it back to the Lions !

Cheers Freek

Xiamen June 20 & 21st 2014 (3)

Xiamen June 20 & 21st 2014 (6)

Xiamen June 20 & 21st 2014 (7)


Lions ends 5th in the Mini World Cup !


With the World Cup Fever spreading around the world it was no surprise the fever arrived in China as well. The second edition of the Green City Mini World Cup an event organized by the SPL together with the local government and That’s Magazine and Latina restaurants was a great success ! It was a great opportunity for local people to get a taste of Football and Fun and Party. Charles and Azz had set up nice soccer games for everybody and especially the dunk tank proved to be a major hit.

The first day it was round robbing 12 countries split in two groups. The Lions (Argentina) didn’t start very well as they dropped points against Italy and lost against France ! After that there was only one way to make it into the finals of Sunday and that’s winning every game. The game against China proved to be crucial as despite the solid win we need to get more goals to keep France out as they faced Spain in their final point they needed to win by two goals difference and that’s just what they did ! So after 5 games we missed the finals by one goal !

On Sunday we just played for fun and enjoyed the atmosphere with a great Price Ceremony and a fantastic Brazilian Band. It was here where we received our SPL Champions Trophy and it was handed out to Joel Zielke the Lions Captain who after seven years in Shanghai decided it was time to move back to the USA !

Joel Zielke has been a role model for our Club and the players. A true leader on the pitch who always showed a great fighting spirit and a capability to score goals. He could carry the team and let everybody play better. Many of our games we won in the last minutes due to his “never give up” attitude. He was also a great coach for younger players and we surely will miss him and his family and wish them all the best in the world !

Cheers Freek

Joel and Patrick

Joel Zielke

Lions Team Pic SPL Awards ceremonySPL Champions TrophySPL Champions Trophy 2

SIFL 2013-2014: Game Week 27


Despite the sizzling heat and a 3-0 lead the Lions didn’t hold back and kept pushing for more goals. It’s the Lions trademark to always continue to play football and try for more until the final whistle. In the 2nd half they scored three more goals via Azzeddine Takouloufa, Matthieu Witkowski and another goal from Daniel Isaacs for a final 6-0 score. Man of the match honors went to Romain Haution. It was the Lions second consecutive Premier League Championship with an incredible undefeated run where they scored 81 goals and only conceded 14. Congratulations to Freek Boelen’s Lions. Freek: “Next season we are going for the treble and start another football dynasty.” All in all a great result with a great run. Cheers boys!

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Its party time ! Let the World Cup begin !

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,


Last weekend the SPL ended its largest season in its 11 years history with 12 teams battling for glory and playing a total of 132 matches. It was a great season with plenty of football and entertainment. We are glad to report that we hardly had any incidents and that’s the way it should be. We are fortunate to be able to play on the best pitches in Shanghai and that we have referees who are willing to officiate our games week in and week out ! Big thank you to Yamada who managed to let each team finish just on time despite the busy schedule and too many working Sundays. Mika thank you for the help on the website !


However we are not finished yet !!!


It’s time to count down in a few hours the World Cup will start in Brazil and in two days the World Cup will start in Green City ! Quite amazing and a great event to look forward to ! The weather gods have been instructed and they will follow our orders we are going to be hot and dry over the weekend in order to create the same atmosphere as in Brazil ! The rest is up to you to make it happen and to make this event the one we will remember for many years.


Here are the last guide lines for the Mini World Cup + Party.


Captains and Managers ps come on time on Saturday 830 AM will be best to collect the kits of your country and game schedule and rules / We have an opening ceremony where you will be asked to come on the stage 9.00 AM together with the referees from 900-9.15 PM


Make sure your team players come on time and sign the waiver form / you can sign the front and let your team players sign on the back


Collect from us the lunch vouchers for the players / Latina free dinner arm band on Sunday


Collect from us free entry tickets for family and friends


Watch the kids play exhibitions games form 1200-1400 and we need some goalies for  a penalty shoot out for the kids (aged 6-10)


At all time control you players. This tournament is organized by us the SPL and we have a name and reputation at stake. The government like to show to the rest of China that we can enjoy an incredible party and event where friends from all over the world and enjoy our No 1 favorite Sport “Football” in Green City.


Sunday it will be important to keep a close time line as there will be many ceremonies where we will need your assistance  1500-1520 all captains will be on stage and the two teams of the final will be called on stage on by one. This will be purely for press and media and we need to give it our best shot !


After the final there will be 15 awards to be given away to players and teams so we need everybody to be close to the stage it starts at 1620 and there will be stage performances in between.


Make sure everybody attend the free dinner from Latina on the Pitch from 1730  and we have our end of the SPL season ceremony !


1800-2000 Carnival Party on the pitch for everybody by several Brazilian groups and dancers ! Don’t miss it you will forever regret !


Always remember that we are the major attraction of the event and people come from all over town to watch us play and in China people don’t have much chance to attend good football matches so respect the spectators, children, referees, opponents, organizer, sponsors at all time ! Be a role model !


Last but not least bring Flags, Paint your hair and face , bring Instruments, Animals to support your country !


We received team list from Shanghai 2000/Super 48/Japan/ Lions 1 / Lions 2 (veteran+ youth) / ERS/Galacticos ! The other teams ps make sure to send it asap latest by tomorrow !


See you all on Saturday / Let the Party begin ! Cheers Freek

LIONS SIFL 2013 – 2014 Season Champions



Yesterday was D-Day for the Lions ! It was our last game of the season and a must win for the Championship title. There were more things at stake as we could end the season undefeated for the first time to equal the Shooters record. The setting was perfect as we booked the Century Park Field and it was a perfect pitch. Our team looked great on paper and it was too bad for Patrick that he couldn’t join the game due to work commitments.

From the kick off we looked sharp and hungry and created several opportunities but failed to finish it off. However when the game advanced it became clear that we wouldn’t give much opportunities to Japan our opponent. Danni broke the dead lock on a fast counter attack and soon after it was Allan and Romain who made it 3-0 for the Lions at half time. Despite the sizzling heat and a 3-0 lead the Lions didn’t step back and kept on pushing for more goals. I think this is one of our characteristics and imports success factors of the season to always try to for more and to continue to play football until the final whistle. Azz and Mathieu and another goal from Danni sealed the final score 6-0.  An incredible undefeated season and DIB out of reach after they drew versus Reunited 2-2 was enough to start the celebrations. Time for the champagne and celebrations on the pitch and these are the finest moments of football / just a few minutes with all the players for ourselves that’s magic. God bless they didn’t drop me when they threw me in the air. It was a well deserved title scoring 81 goals and conceding only 14 goals (half were gifts from the Lions) out of 18 games.


We had our Lions end of the season dinner at Tamati our sponsor and all enjoyed the food and beers. Speeches were given by Lions to reflect the season, where we won the Veteran League, SPL and SIFL ! Central in all the speeches was that our team spirit was the driving force behind the successes of the Lions. As well there was a big thank you for all the Lions who have supported us from outside China !


After dinner we went to Muse on the Bund and we were left in the (big) hands of Big John who for the occasion got us a perfect table to start our party. There was a non stop supply of Champagne and other Spirits and after the night we broke another record. It’s said we finished over 40 bottles !! It was a truly memorable evening which all of us will never forget. Big thank to Big John for the night and to all Lions who showed their Spirit during this incredible season.


Many players already started to talk about next season and their motivation to make it three in a row ! Why not !! Nothing is wrong to aim for the best but it can only be achieved by Hard Work and Real Commitment and Team Spirit  !


Despite all the Champagne in my head and body when I woke up the first thing I did was smile thinking about what an amazing group of people we are !


All different characters but one BIG Family !


Proud to be a Lion ! Cheers Freek

June 7th 2014 - DANIEL ISAACJune 7th 2014 Champions picture (2)

June 7th 2014 Champions picture (4)


Lions Veterans and Youth win their last games of the season !


Our season is coming to an end and we were happy that we could “just” finish our games. Heavy rain created havoc and fields were turned into swimming pools !

First up in the morning were the Veterans in their new Morton’s outfit playing against the Emerald FC. Emeral proved a good side with good youth players and two strong South-American stikers. It stayed 0-0 for a long time until Fred finally tested the goalkeeper and it became obvious that their stand in goal keeper wouldn’t have a pleasant morning. Soon we were 2-0 up with another goal from Fred.  A “cheap” free kick let the Emerald come back 2-1. Now we got a free kick and our president also tested the goalie who saw the ball flying in just between the goalies hands ! Soon Charles who is feeling at easy in the veteran team now understood that sending missiles to the goalie would work and believe it or not he scored a hat-trick ! We had a good laugh about Simon’s corners as the ended up in the club house instead of in the box, he blamed it on the wind…… ! New comer Remi scored on his debut after a good corner from the President. In the end a solid 7-3 win and still unbeaten in the league !

Second up were the Lions U17 vs Japan U17. Strong wind and heavy rain made it hard to play normal football. Our boys started strong with good passing and ball possession. Ryo scored 1-0 after a fast combination thru the middle. FC Japan came back with a lucky goal and one good goal on a counter attack. Sean made it 2-2 after a free kick. The lions had to fight hard in the second third against the wind but managed to get away without conceding a goal. The last third we showed our strength and spirit and scored a fantastic goal by Ryo after  great combination in the midfield in the end it proved to be the winner. A very good team performance and a great way to end the season !

In the end a good weekend for the Lions and now one more BIG Game on Saturday for the Lions to make our season very special by winning both leagues twice in a row ! Hope to see many people to come and watch us and support us at Century Park 1300 kick off against Japan !

Cheers Happy Freek

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