Lions back to winning in the SPL !



After our win on Saturday it were our Lions Legends next to play their first game of 2015 ! It was a friendly against Japan who will be joining our veteran league this season ! With a few Veterans missing but with the help of three Lions U17 players they started a bit shaky as the Christmas and New Year break added a few kilos to the legends but it was a cold strike by Fred F which opened the score 1-0 ! In the second third it was Max who headed home the 2-0 and he disclosed to us that his last goal was back in 1836 ! Japan got one goal back on the break and in the last third the Lions failed to kill the game and Japan came close to equalize by hitting the post. Overall a great warmup for the season for the Legends who are still  unbeaten in 2015 !


Right after the Legends our SPL Lions were next up facing the mainly Spanish team called the Flamenkos. In the first half the game was very even with the lions having the best of opportunities. It stayed 0-0 in the first half which given the recent games result of the Lions was not bad but in this game many players stepped up and performed much better. Azzeddine came in in the second half and it proved to be very valuable as he scored two goals and should have got a penalty. After checking after the game with the referee why he didn’t give it  his comment was “ I will give you next time “ we didn’t know that in China you can have penalties credits ! It’s good to know ! It was a very positive 2-0 win well deserved and even more so because we fielded 4 Lions U17 players who got very valuable experience by playing with the men !


Next up will be Shanghai 2000 who ended our 35 games unbeaten run in the SPL so we know what to expect playing against them ! Let’s All (Lions Legends/Lions/Lions Youth) come to training this Wednesday !


Great end of a great weekend for the Lions with three teams winning their games !


Go Lions ! Cheers Freek

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Lions beat the Dutch 3-2 to stay on top of the SIFL !



There was a misunderstanding on the kick off time as early in the season we saw the game was scheduled at 900 AM but it got changed at a later stage. Luckily we picked up the change on Friday and still could inform everybody on time however Dim our regular goalie was not available in the morning. Our search for a stand in goalie was not easy but we found Tom a room-mate of Jack who apparently used to be a good goalie during his students time but we didn’t know his last game was about 5 years ago !

We started with a lot of possession however the Dutch were helped by fast strikers from Africa which kept us alert in defense as a mistake could cost a goal. On good attack from us Romain mover around his defender and his cross reached Mathieu who was happy to score our first goal. It was soon after that that the Dutch got a free kick on the left of the box and scored with a good strike the equalizer. It was time to push forward again for us and when Tomas our Spanish forward was tripped we took the lead again after Azzeddine converted the penalty. The Dutch slowly started to run out of steam but got a very lucky goal when they got awarded a free kick three meters from the goal line as they claimed Tom our goalie picked up a ball played back to him and the referee bought into the appeal despite the fact that our goalie chested the ball ! It gave the Lions motivation to push even harder and they got their reward by a corner from Azzeddine which was headed home by Jack. The first half was entertaining and ended 3-2 for the Lions. In the second half the Lions took most of the possession and came close of scoring on a few occasions but failed to score more goals. The referee although equally bad cost us one or two goals on the day which is a pity at this stage of the competition !


Next up will be Reunited who are second with two points behind us so obvious that we want to get a result out of that game ! Let`s all come to training this week and focus on the BIG game on Saturday !


Cheers Freek

Game VS ORANJE Jan. 24th 2015 (1) Game VS ORANJE Jan. 24th 2015 (2) Game VS ORANJE Jan. 24th 2015 (3) Game VS ORANJE Jan. 24th 2015 (4) Game VS ORANJE Jan. 24th 2015 (5)

ERS on top of the SPL !

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,


So far the winter in Shanghai is not bad (if we ignore the pollution) !  We had a full SPL program on our three venues last Sunday. The day was overshadowed by the action of two Marlin players who assaulted the referee. We all know that there is no place for any violence whatsoever towards anybody involved in a SPL game and especially not the referee ! The players will be banned for a period of time from the SPL and will have to take the consequences for their actions. The Marlins have apologized to the referee and to SPL league committee for the incident.


Elsewhere we saw plenty of goals and overall good games of football played in a friendly spirit. This season we are seeing a strong improvement of the quality of the games which makes the league very interesting !


Gremio – Flamenkos 2-4


Both teams can look back at a good game of football. Gremio scored first and Flamenkos equalized however right before half time Gremio scored a second but according to the Flamenkos the ball which came from the woodwork never crossed the line. It was until the 70th minute that it looked like Gremio would win the game but the Flamenkos had other ideas. They got a penalty but the Gremio players thought it was a dive and soon after they took the lead. When Gremio pushed forward in the last 10 minutes to equalize they conceded instead and lost 2-4 !


Cowboys – Marlins 1-0


In the first half the Marlins took most of the possession and appeared on top of the game. Early in the second half the referee awarded a penalty to the Cowboys as he saw a (unlucky) handball in the box. When the cowboy captain Allen scored two Marlin players lost their control which resulted in two red cards and a suspension and of course it impacted the rest of the game. The Marlins left with 9 players tried their best to equalize and came close on a few occasions. The game if we take out the incident was played in very good spirit with mutual respect of both team. The Cowboys are the only team unbeaten in the league sofar.


Japan – Shanghai 2000 0-3


Shanghai 2000 is the team in form with a great mix of young talent combined with a few experienced players. Of course that they have a great striker who already netted 17 goals this season it also help of course ! Japan continue to struggle this season as they cannot find the net. Shanghai 2000 even with 10 men after Song was send off had no problem to control and win the game.


Lions – Pistolera Bulls 1-6


For Bilgin it was a historic day and he rewarded his troops with a massive new year bonus after he heard that the Bulls beat the Lions. The Lions played well in the first part of the game but at 1-1 they couldn’t deal with the fast counter attacks from the Bulls. It was 3-1 at half time and a few Lions player got injured and it gave the change for the youngster to play. It didn’t change much in the score but it gave them valuable experience to play in a men’s league at such a young age !


AVL Galacticos – ERS 0-16


It could well be the highest SPL score. ERS was on a rampage with in form Striker Kevin showing them the way by scoring 5 goals. The first half it was 0-4 but that was not enough for ERS. In total they got 8 players on the score sheet which surely is also a record. If that was not enough their goalkeeper Hugo saved two penalties in the spell of 1 minute. With this result ERS are on top of the SPL !


This coming Sunday we have a full program again and looking at the teams in form it is going to be a great SPL Sunday for sure !


1200-1400 Cowboys – Gremio at Jinqiao


1400-1600 Marlins – Japan at Jinqiao


1200-1400 ERS –  Shanghai 2000 at Century Park


1200-1400 Lions – Flamenkos at Waigaoqiao


1400-1600 Super 48 – Pistolera Bulls at Waigaoqiao


Let’s entertain the crowds with good football and above all enjoy the games win or lose !


Cheers Freek / SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee

Lions beat the Shooters 1-0 to stay on top of the SIFL !



We knew it was going to be a tough game. With four first team players not in Shanghai we struggled to make a full squad even the President himself brought his Lions kit, just in case…..! Most of our missing players were our forwards so we had to chance our strategy a bit and decided to play 4-3-1-2. The shooters are known for starting strong in the first 15 minutes and we want to stay clean and not concede an early goal. Soon we found out that the referee was going to be bad but in all fairness he was bad for both teams. We should have had a clear penalty in the first half but the referee was still in the middle circle not sure about his eyesight. On the other side the shooters got a free kick on the left and Dim our goalie saved it by the cross bar but to his horror saw Gui heading it in. The lines man for once raised his flag for off-side not sure it was to be honest. It was a stale mat at half time 0-0. The Lions actually liked this scenario as they knew they could wait for their one or two chances. In the second half we played better and with the help of the wind actually create two good opportunities but Thomas and Patrick couldn’t convert them into goals. In the end the goal came and it was one  for the history books and the creator was Benji who when he got the ball on left decided to go on a rampage by passing several shooters when he came at the edge of the box he had two more shooters players to go and when he was alone in front of the keeper he knew he would score and indeed that’s what he did.

In the last 15 minutes the Shooters kept pushing and didn’t give up they got several free kicks but failed to score. A brilliant save of Dim at the end sealed the three points for a very hard working Lions team  !

The Shooters are now 8 points behind but Lions have one game in hand and Azzurri are 6 points behind and Lions also have one game in hand the closest rivals are now Reunited who are two points behind us. We will meet them in two weeks but first need to play against the Dutch on Sunday !


Cheers Freek

Lions start 2015 with a win !



Most of the players are back and the Christmas period is always hard for some players. Back home there are many family and friends waiting and of course we tend to eat and drink more than we should ! It was for this reason we organized a friendly match versus Japan. Japan is the perfect opponent for friendlies as they never stop running.

friendly 008

We started the game with one minute silence for the victims of the terror attacks in France. Objective was to play good football and to focus less on the score. Within 5 minutes we were down 1-0 but after that we were in control of the game. Chakib leveled and Nadim was in great form in his last game for the lions as he will go back to Holland. He scored three goals to make the final score 4-1 for the Lions. Lions goalie Ethan had two great saves as well. Overall a good work out for everybody !

This coming weekend we will be in full force back in action. On Saturday in the SIFL we will play our old rival the Shooters and a win will put them behind in the Championship race. On Sunday we will play the Bulls in the SPL.


Obvious we ask all players to attend the training on Wednesday so that we can get back our fitness !

friendly 001

Cheers Freek

Lions website hit a record 1 Million hits !



Thanks to the great work of Francois and Max who created our website and thanks to the people posting mails on it and maintaining it. But for most we like to thank our users as they are the ones who on a day to day basis keep our club and club activity alive. It took us 3.5 years to reach this milestone and it will go into our record books !


Cheers to our website !


Lions Management

2015 here we come !

Welcome back in 2015 !
First of all I would like to standstill by the tragedy which took place in Shanghai on New Years Eve ! What intended to be a happy celebration of the new year ended into the loss of lives of innocent young people. We all know the bund and we all know that it is a place for friendship and a place to admire the old and new buildings. Everyday people from all over the world come to take a picture or to have a walk. This evening disaster struck when the amount of people were too big to manage and by the lack of security people or police force. The lives of 36 innocent people were taken away and our thoughts are with their families and may the victims rest in peace.
You can ask yourself whether China is not growing too fast and whether the latest tallest tower is not  too tall or the light show on the tower is not too bright ? The answers will not be given by us but by the government people but if you ask me a slow down for a while will not be that bad for everybody in the long run.
Now back to the Lions and lets start with our Lions Youth. What stood out for our youth players was their commitment to the trainings. Several players didn’t miss a single training sofar. We always had a group of 20 players to work with which is great. The games against  the senior or veteran Lions were very good and many were surprised  by the skills and speed of the Young Lions ! We are very pleased to have entered a league for U17 on Saturdays and hope the Young Lions will do well.
On Saturdays our first team is doing well. If you play at the top level in any kind of form it are the small details which will make the difference between winning and loosing. Luck is important as well as you will need that to become champion. After clinching SIFL title two years in a row we are now working hard to get our third title. Of course its getting harder and harder as teams are giving everything they have when they play the Lions. We managed to end 2014 unbeaten in the league and will try to extend that record as long as we can. On January 17th we will play the Shooters and we will be ready to fight for the win !
On Sundays our second team finds themselves in new territory ! After many years of dominating the SPL we are now in the mid table. The reason is a combination of factors such a several top players left Shanghai and we couldn’t replace them so easily as well we were without goalie at the start of the season but also clearly the level of the other teams in the SPL has improved a lot. The interesting point about being in this situation is that I cannot get worse so we can only improve from here. We will need to fight hard for every points and we will give playing time for our young Lions as well. Hopefully a few senior and experienced players  can help to carry the team out of the mid table and get us back in the (sub) top !
The Veterans is our fastest growing segment of the club and had an incredible successful season ! They won three tournaments, the Masters (for the third time) ,the old boy tournament and the Super 48 organised over 40 tournament called Masters as well. On top they won the veteran league. There is a great team spirit within the veteran teams partly due to the fact that they realise that they still can play football and win games and tournament just like in the old Lions days ! On top we already have a few over 50 Lions still playing so for the “Youngsters” of 35 just joining the legends there a great future ahead of you !
We are looking forward to an exciting new Football Year for the Lions. Lets enjoy our life in Shanghai and write some history while we our here by hard work at trainings and great team spirit on and off the field !
Each time you put your Lions shirt over your head before a game I want you to think for a split second……. and think lets write history and leave our footprints in Shanghai forever   !
Cheers Freek

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