Lions like adventure what about a 20000 km bike ride !


Lions come and go and some disappear quietly and some disappear after a big party. However in the case of Nicolas Mongrelet it will be a different way of departing the Lions and Shanghai. He decided it was time for a real adventure and together with a motor biking friend he came up with the idea that instead of taking the plane he will drive back to France on his bike he bought in China. It will be an over 20000 km journey crossing 15 countries estimated to last around 5 months all going well.

You can follow Nico’s journey on the below links :

Nicolas played more than 6 years for the Lions and obvious managed to collect some trophies along the way ! He was not brought up with football but he was a person on which we always could count to come and play with us. In a team that’s important.

On behalf of all Lions we wish Nico a safe and wonderful journey and hope to see some pictures with Lions shirts along the way

Good Luck / Freek on behalf of all Lions

bulls 036 bulls 039

Lions into the SIFL Cup Semi-Final !



On a sunny Saturday we were up against Kangbei FC for our SIFL Cup Tie. With two lions arriving just before kick off it was not an ideal start of the game. A great free kick woke up the Lions as it ended in our goal and we were 0-1 down. Part of our trade mark this season is that we started to play better football after conceded first. It were two great through balls form Benji which led to goals of Mathieu and Allan. In the second half despite Kangbei hitting the cross bar we controlled the game. Tomas scored when he tried to cross the ball but saw it flying in the top corner and Fabie got a goal as the upcoming defender. The final score was 5-1 for the Lions when Tomas had an easy tip in ! Upto the Semi’s on the 18th of April and the week after we will play our very important game versus the Shooters !


Keep training hard as all the prices we can clinch this season will be decided in the next two months !


It’s good to be a Lions ! Cheers Freek

Lions U17 beat the german school 2-1 !

Young Lions,


It was a late game for the U17 with a 1800 kick off at the Shanghai Stadium. With a few players missing we started strong with a lot of ball movement and passes. The Germans didn’t have an answer to our possession play and all the could do was defend. It was a strong move by Calum on the left and his cross found the incoming Rick who could easily score from close range. Actually it was a copy of last week goal versus Aksil. It was Francesco who saw his strike flying into the top corner to make it 2-0 for the Lions. In the second half we tried to play the same but it was hard to find a hole in the german wall. Instead they German’s scored with a header. Bank our striker came close with a blast at the post but in the end it stayed 2-1 for the Lions. Great win and we are looking forward to our next game on April the 11th !


Coach Garret/Freek

lions u 17 002 lions u 17 008 lions u 17 012 lions u 17 013 lions u 17 014

Lions beat the Bulls 2-0 in the SPL !



What a beautiful day yesterday ! We had a blue sky and 22 degrees and played on the best field in Shanghai at Century Park. A lot of visitors of the park decided to watch the game and they were not disappointed as it was a fierce battle from the kick off ! The Bulls came up with one of the best goal keepers in Shanghai Sebastian and that proved to be important on the day. The Lions looked hungry and started to control the game from the start and the Bulls were betting on their two fast forwards playing on the break. Patrick had a great wide ball to Kevin who made a perfect cross in which was finished by ………Charles ! After that we had a few one on ones and Nicolas came close with a header. Every time the Bulls goalie was in our way. In the second half the game stayed very tight and stand in goalie Garret had to come out a few times to block the strikers. The Bulls never gave up and it started to be harder and harder for us to make the needed second goal. Patrick and Charles came close and even Jack tried to score from the middle line however his shot never made it to the penalty box…….! In the end we got our reward for our hard work on the day another save by the Bulls keeper landed on Nicalos feet and this time he didn’t hesitate and scored the well deserved 2-0 ! The joy was back and we are edging higher in the SPL. Next game will be April 12th versus Gremio !


Cheers Freek

Bulls March 29th 2015 (1) Bulls March 29th 2015 (2) Bulls March 29th 2015 (3) Bulls March 29th 2015 (4) Bulls March 29th 2015 (5) Bulls March 29th 2015 (6) Bulls March 29th 2015 (7) Bulls March 29th 2015 (8) Bulls March 29th 2015 (9) Bulls March 29th 2015 (10)

It was a great SPL Weekend !

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,


Finally spring has arrived in Shanghai and last Sunday it was time for suncream already. We got a scare on Saturday as Dulwich told us that two games had to be cancelled but luckily with the help of SCSC and the team Captains we could move the games to Waigaoqiao. We had 5 SPL games and all were played in good and friendly spirit. At the top of the league its still crowded with ERS leading with 34 points and both the Marlins and Cowboys trailing by 3 points but with one game in hand !


Flamenkos – Lions 2-2


Both teams just managed to get a full team on the field. Jose was out of China for a bachelors party and delegated the management of the Flamenkos to other players. The Lions played better football in the beginning of the game but failed to take the opportunities. The Flamenkos played on the counter with one striker and still managed to be dangerous a couple of occasion. Just before half time the Flamenkos launched a missile which ended in the top corner. The lions had to work harder in the second half and got the reward with a penalty, converted by Charles. They even took the lead after Charles scored a second goal after a defensive error of the Flamenkos. After a corner the Flamenkos scored the equalizer by Caralt. In the end it was a fair result (2-2) of a fair game of football !


ERS-Pistolera Bulls 3-1


This was THE big game of the weekend as a win for the Bulls would put them back in the title race. However for some reason they couldn’t get enough players at the beginning of the game. ERS was highly motivated to get a result and started to push forward from kick-off. The Bulls defended well and managed to keep the score at 0-0 in the first half. In the second half the speed and good passing game of ERS proved to be too much for the Bulls. One man in particular was on a mission to terminate the Bulls, Ousmane he scored three goals all after good build up play from ERS ! Stas managed to get one back but not enough this time to get some points.


Japan – Marlins 2-4


It was far from an easy game for the Marlins. Although unlucky in the first half by hitting the post and cross bar they were lucky to get a goal made by a Japanese player. Japan didn’t give up here and got the equalizer just before half time. In the second half Japan even took the lead with a great strike. All the Marlins had to do now was work hard to get the three points they needed to stay in the title race. Goals from Ignacio,Mcgoo and Alej did just that !


AVL Galacticos – Cowboys 1-3


The Cowboys were missing some key players but the Galacticos managed to give them a good game of football. The Cowboys took a 0-2 lead but Shaun managed to bring the Galacticos back in the game. Dave should have scored the equalizer just before half time but unfortunately he missed the target. In the second half the Cowboys decided to let their goalkeeper Wang Hui be a field player and he scored the 1-3 ! Good game of football which both teams enjoyed !


Super 48 – Shanghai 2000 1-3


The game was controlled by Shanghai 2000 who took an early lead but Super 48 had a good spell in the last part of the first half and managed to equalize. In the second half the pace of the game proved too hard for Super 48 and Shanghai 2000 scored two more goals by Nick and Jon to secure all three points !


We have another full program this Sunday with 5 SPL games on our three venues !


1300-1500 Shanghai 2000 –Cowboys at Jinqiao


1500-1700 ALV Galacticos – Marlins at Jinqiao


1200-1400 Pistolera Bulls – Lions at Century Park


1100-1300 Super 48 – Gremio at Waigaoqiao


1300-1500 ERS – Flamenkos at Waigaoqiao


Enjoy the spring  weather and enjoy playing in the SPL !


Cheers Freek / SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee !


Lions U17 lose first league game but gain experience !

Young Lions,


On Saturday we first had the U8 Lions in cooperation with Coerver Coaching participating the SPL youth league ! The Lions showed good football and won both their games. The won 5-3 versus Century Park and 5-1 versus the Dulwich Panthers.


In the afternoon the U17’s made their debut in the 7 aside league in Puxi. They were up against the leader Aksil who obvious had more experience in playing in this format. In the first half we played very well especially in the build up but we failed to focus on the defensive responsibilities and got punished for it. They took a 1-0 lead but we came back by a very good combination play within 5 minutes nicely finished by Bank ! The defense issues kept hunting us and we went into half time trailing 3-1. Aksil’s best player scored the 4-1 and the Lions were not giving up yet as Rick hit the cross bar and in the last 5 minutes they got their deserved goal good cross in from Calum and strong finish by Rick to make it 4-2 !


Great experience for the boys and Olivia and we are full of confidence that we can win our next game !


Coach / Garret/Freek

Young Lions MArch 2015 (1) Young Lions MArch 2015 (2) Young Lions MArch 2015 (3)

Lions beat Japan 3-1 to go 6 points clear !



It was a very early 9 o’clock game at Waigaoqiao. It was a surprise to find Francois as one of the first players to arrive but it was a positive sign. We were up against Japan who are famous for their never give up attitude. Lions started well and dominated the game but an unstoppable free kick from Japan caused a surprise. One nil down it was game on for the Lions and in the second half the Lions turned around the game with two goals from Romain and a great strike from Patrick who finally found the net. After that the game ended into a missed opportunities festival with Romain topping the chart especially one simple tip-in in front of the open goal. Allan and Francois followed Romain and missed great scoring opportunities.  We are still top of the SIFL with 5 games to go until the end of the season !


Next up will be a SIFL Cup game this coming Saturday against Kangbei  1100-1300 at Waigaoqiao. Our next league game will be in one month versus the Shooters on April 25th !


Cheers Freek

Lions draw 2-2 with Flamenkos !



The venue was changed in the last moment but the weather was perfect sunny and hot. Dave had a surprise birthday party the night before and it left some wounds with some players. The first half the Lions played well and controlled the game whereas the Flamenkos played on the counter with only one stiker. The problem for the Lions was that they didn’t finish the opportunities and Flamenkos kept being dangerous on the counter. Garret who played well in the last man position had to cover up a few times for players not coming back on time…….! A long range Flamenkos missile ended in the top corner just before half time. In the second half the Lions lost most of their good play but started to fight instead it was a great thru ball of Patrick which launched youngster Rick one on one with the last defender and got a penalty rewarded when he was pushed to the ground. Charles had no problem to score the penalty and he even scored a second after the Flamenkos failed to clear the ball in defense. He should have scored a hat-trick but instead the Flamenkos managed to score the equalizer after a corner. At the end of the game the Lions were tired and had to settle for a draw this time.


Cheers Freek

flamenkos game MArch 22nd 2015 pic (1) flamenkos game MArch 22nd 2015 pic (2) flamenkos game MArch 22nd 2015 pic (3) flamenkos game MArch 22nd 2015 pic (4) flamenkos game MArch 22nd 2015 pic (5) flamenkos game MArch 22nd 2015 pic (6)

Lions drop points but stay unbeaten in the SIFL !



We played the Azzuri for the fourth time this season ! These battles are always good for the spectators as both teams trying to play good football. Our focus was on our defense first and to play on counter attacks and actually the Azzuri had the same tactics. No wonder the game started even with both teams trying to control the midfield. It was a sudden great powerful strike by Adam which gave the Azzuri  the lead.  It was enough for the Lions to pick up the pace and we started to dominate the game. We got a penalty awarded by the referee who was wearing an Azzuri outfit for the occasion but Azzedine failed to score this time. At half time we knew we had 45 minutes left to turn it around and the way we played we had confidence to do it. It was a super pass from Charles which found an on the run Allan who controlled the ball beautifully and he finished it cool in front of the keeper to make it 1-1. All the azzuri could do now was to defend as since Adam’s goal they didn’t have had another shot on target. A great corner by Benji found the head of Fabie and he scored to give the Lions a 2-1 lead.  We created a couple of more chances but didn’t have the luck in the finishing parts. On the other side the referee give a free kick for absolutely nothing to the Azzuri and the Lions couldn’t deal with the long ball in from Adam.  In the scramble the azzuri scored the equalizer 2-2. With only a few minutes left we couldn’t turn it around. Overall we felt bad about the result as we dominated the game and got several scoring opportunities during the game but what stood out was our discipline during the 90 minutes ignoring the poor referee and some dangerous tackles from the Azzuri. We focused for the full 90 minutes on the game and kept playing football.


We are still 3 points clear on top and we will play Japan at 900 AM this coming Saturday with 6 games to go !


Let’s stay focused and take it game by game !


Cheers Freek

Azzurris game MArch 14th 2015 (1) Azzurris game MArch 14th 2015 (4) Azzurris game MArch 14th 2015 (3) Azzurris game MArch 14th 2015 (2)

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