Lions started well in the new SPL season !



We are getting back into full action on Saturdays and Sundays !

This Saturday we had our last friendly game against 3 united. The spirit was good and so was our start to the game as Azzeddine saw the reunited goalie a bit in front of his goal and scored from the kick off with a great lob over the goal. This will be the fastest Lions goal on record as it took 4 seconds to find the net. The previous record was 20 second in a game against the Shooters where Danni scored after 20 seconds with no shooter touching the ball. Right after we should have awarded a penalty but the referee decided that it would be too much to bear for 3 united. Azz scored his second with a good run and a good finish. In the second half with a 3-0 lead after Arnault scored we took some gas of the pedal and 3 united got one goal back to make the final score 3-1 !

On Sunday we had the first SPL league game for the Lions. With a good balanced squad of old and young and old and new players the Lions took control over the game from the start. All though the heat on the day had some impact on the speed of play our defense had no intention to give away much opportunities. It was Tomas who opened the score and soon followed with a wonderful strike from Laid. With a 2-0 lead at half time we knew that one more goal would seal the deal ! It was player coach Charlie who converted the penalty but soon scored another one after a good combination play of the Lions. Tomas scored his second to make the final score 5-0. Good to see that old Lions still can score !! After the game the beer tasted good at Latina and for now we are on top in the SPL !

Next weekend will be a very busy weekend for the Lions ! At first we will hold our own Shanghai Lions Cup at the New Bund with 20 teams competing for the Cup. If ever you are not selected ,please do come anyways and watch, as there is plenty of entertainment and great food and beers !

Back at SCSC the legends will try and defend their Shanghai Masters Cup title over the weekend. 14 teams will battle it out.

We wish both teams success in the tournaments !


LIONS FC President


SPL Lions Aug. 30th 2015 (4) SPL Lions Aug. 30th 2015 (3) SPL Lions Aug. 30th 2015 (2) SPL Lions Aug. 30th 2015 (1)


Lions are back in action !


It was great to be back on the pitch last Saturday ! The heavy rain made the pitch difficult to play on for our friendly game against the Krauts. As usual we started  slow and the Krauts tested Radouane a few times. Soon we picked up the pace and started to play good football. We had good movement by our two youngsters Chris and Arnault as they give the Krauts defenders a hard time. It was 4-0 at half time. In the second half we conceded a penalty and the Krauts scored one more by their striker Stas but the Lions kept playing football until the very end and it ended at an 8-2 win. Three goals by Azz and 3 by Arnault and 2 by Benji.

On Sunday unfortunately the game got cancelled due to the excessive rains !


We have a very exciting program for the Lions ahead of us and a busy schedule right from the start of the season:

Aug. 26th: final of the Summer 7’s tournament between Lions 1 & Lions 2 at our training pitch

Wed. Aug 29 – Friendly Match 1300 pm at SCSC against 3united

Sunday Aug 30thFirst SPL game 1300 pm at Jinqiao against Super 48

Sat .Sept 5th – Our own Lions Cup 7 aside tournament with 20 teams taking part whole day at the New Bund !

Sept 5/6th – Shanghai Masters tournament for the veterans all day at Waigaoqiao

Sat. Sept 12th – SIFL opening tournament all day at Waigaoqiao


Looking at this program it’s good to be a Lion ! Enjoy all the playing opportunities !

Cheers Freek

Young Lions Welcome Back

Young Lions,

Welcome back and unfortunately for you the holiday is over ! We are looking forward to another exciting season for the Lions !

We plan to have our regular trainings on Wednesdays 18:00-20:00 at the Century Park field and our idea is to start on Sept 16.

We are looking at the possibilities for a 11 side U19/18 league as we believe that at your age group you need to play much more 11 aside games to gain more experience and to become a better and stronger player so that you can easily move to the senior leagues in the years to come.

We will also give the opportunities to play with our adults teams and we will enter the young lions in the adult tournaments to give you more experience.

We lost a few players as they finished their studies and some moved to another country… However some new faces already said they wanted to join the young Lions. If you know new players please ask them to come and try because to run the season we will need a base group of about 20-25 boys and girls to cover the field rental so that we can keep the fee the same as last year !


Looking forward to see you soon on the pitch !


Your Coaches
Freek, Azzeddine, Garret & Adam

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