Legends start the new season with a 3-0 win !



It was another beautiful day on Sunday over 20 degrees in February ! The legends were ready for the first game of the new SPL V season. With a large squad and two new players (Nicolas and Andrea) we were up against England. Last season we tied 2-2 with them and in the first 20 minutes of the game it was obvious we have not played to getter since early December. Most balls didn’t reach the other player or the first touch was not there no shot on target…….well when you are a bit older you need a bit more time to get upto full speed ! In the second 20 minutes it was a bit better from our side but England held up strong with 10 players in defense. It was in the third 20 minutes that we killed the game first Charles with a tip in although it looked like an own goal Charles claimed the goal at once ! Soon after Charles set Fred one on one with the goalie and with the goal wide open Fred managed to shoot at the goalie………luckily for him and us he dropped the ball and gave Fred a second chance 2-0 ! To complete the successful third quarter Charles scored his second to make it 3-0. In the last quarter we were looking for one more goal especially Gwenn tried very hard but failed in front of goal !


It was a good result and a good start of the season ! Our next game will be on March 20th against the Emerald !


Cheers Freek

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Lions stay on top in the SPL despite losing against the Marlins !



When the game started the weather was nice ! We had a highly motivated team at the start of the game as we like BIG games and games against the Marlins are always a fierce battle. In the first half both team were mainly battling it out on the midfield not many opportunities for both sides. The lions were more skill full in the short passes but the Marlins defending strong. It was 10 minutes before half time when a good pass from Charles found Danni who dubbed the ball to Azzeddine and with a quick pass Danni got the ball back and finished to make it 1-0. Soon after we got a great opportunity to make it 2-0 but we missed for the open goal ! In the second half we lost some of our midfield play and the Marlins with the help of the wind started to counter more with long balls. A dubious penalty given by the referee put the Marlins back in the game 1-1 and soon after disaster struck when Jack our defender was clearly tripped by a Marlins attacker in our box but instead of the free kick for us, Kevin the referee gave the Marlins a corner. We didn’t deal well with it and the scored 2-1 ! We had to push forward ourselves now and with our young squad we tried to get a least an equalizer however it was not to be our day. Frustrating day for us but we are still on top of the SPl with one point more than Century Park FC and plenty of games to go as we are only half way in the season !


Our next game will be Sunday 1300 @ waigaoqiao against the galacticos


Cheers Freek

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Lions beat Japan 3-0 to stay in title race of SIFL !



It was a beautiful day last Saturday ! A rare blue sky with 17 degrees all in all a great day for football in Shanghai. We had to play Japan who had tied against us in the previous encounter and also gave trouble to other title contenders ! So we knew we had to take the game serious and that’s what we did. Japan opted for a 9 player defense and hoped for one or two counters to score. However the Lions took possession during the first half and looked dangerous in the built up. Danni was brought down by the goal keeper and Azzeddine stepped up to give the Lions the lead. The Lions kept pressing and soon after Azzeddine blasted the ball behind the Japanes goalie with a low strike. Knowing the goal difference is important at this stage of the competition the Lions scored a third by a good run and finish of Danni ! It was three nil at half time and maybe that was the problem for the second half as the game was basically over. Our objective was to keep the clean sheet and Radouane our goalie had to make a few great saves to make that reality !


We are level on points with the Shooters but have one game in hand and 4 games to go we will take it game by game and stay focused as we like to end the season in the swimming pool !


This coming Saturday we will play Reunited for the semi cup final ! Let’s stay focused and train hard so that we peak in the last games of the season !


Cheers Freek

Japan game Feb. 27th 2016 pic (4) Japan game Feb. 27th 2016 pic (5) Japan game Feb. 27th 2016 pic (3) Japan game Feb. 27th 2016 pic (2) Japan game Feb. 27th 2016 pic (1)

Lions showed great spirit this weekend !



February is always a difficult time in the season due to the holidays and the fact that players are not back to full fitness yet. However its also the time where you can gain valuable points and make a step closer to the title.


On Saturday we were up against Reunited who since last year have been our closest opponent. For them a win was a must for us a draw or win would be good. Of course we made a clear game plan before the match and it was our plan to stay deep to in order not to be out played by a fast counter. However after 20 minutes we found ourselves 2-0 down which is not often the case. The first goal was a penalty given away by us and the second was a fast counter nicely finished by reunited. What stood out during this time of the game is that we never panicked and continued to focus on our play. We started to take control of the midfield and got a goal back by a free kick and cool header of francois our right back. The free kicks kept coming as reunited struggled to stop our attackers and from another one it was a defender again who scored this time Fabie in the rebound. Just before half time we thought we would take the lead when Benji broke out and came one on one with the goalie we thought well placed ball would go in but the Reunited goalie made a fantastic safe. Right from the kick off of the second half Benji went alone again outplayed three defenders and the goalie only to see his efforts just go wide. Reunited started to play more forward and it gave some opportunities for the Lions to play on the counter one of those we outplayed the keeper and Azzeddine played wide to Benji to finish it off but he got fouled well inside the box but the lady referee only gave a free kick……. In the last 15 minutes reunited tried everything to get a goal but our defenders despite the two early goals were brilliant so it stayed 2-2.


Shooters who beat the Azzurri are on top of the SIFL same points as us but we have one game in hand ! We have 5 games to go and have everything in our own hand so lets stay focused and all come to the training and prepare well for our next game against Japan !


On Sunday we were up against the Cowboys in the SPL. It was an important game as a win would put us on top of the SPL ! We had a good mix of young and older players and got help of Tom who was goalie as our both regular goalies were not available. Our game plan was to make use of the speed of our youngster on both flanks and kept our defense deep agains the Chinese team so that we wouldn’t be outplayed. We got several scoring opportunities but failed to score and just when players were getting frustrated it was a perfect cross from Felix which found Arnaults head that gave us the lead. One nil at half time but we knew we needed the second goal to be safe so we let young Simon 16 years of age make his debut as striker. Within 5 minutes he was launched one on one with the Cowboy’s goalie and finished cool. Now the lions were flying and Laid scored a third from close range. Young Simon got another one on one but he just shot wide this time but soon he scored his second after poor defending of the Cowboys. The cowboys got a goal back by a penalty almost saved by Tom who before had a brilliant save when the ball flew into the top corner. To make the party complete Laid scored his second to make the final score 5-1 for the Lions ! The beer after the game at Latina tasted good and it was good to see the whole team out there !


With this result we are on top by one point with Century Park FC but still we have one game less played ! Next up is “el classico” against the Marlins ! Lets keep our winning streak !


All in all good performances from the Lions what stands out this season is our defensive record in both leagues which is a very good foundation for the title race !


Let ‘s go Lions !


Cheers Freek


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