Lions stay on top of the SPL after 7-4 win !



We were up against the Krauts one more time now in the SPL ! The Krauts beat us early in the season and this time we surely didn’t want it to happen again ! Lions started well and took a quick 1-0 lead by Dave. However the Krauts surprised us by a long range shot flying over Tom our goalie 1-1. Azzeddine helped Dave to score his second of the game and after that the Lions took control of the game with good combination football. It was Aga who made the 3-1 however the Krauts came back after rebound from a free kick. Mathieu got himself on the score sheet to make it 4-2 at half time. In the second half Tevz went on a characteristic run and finished nice in the opposite corner.  Krauts did get a goal back but Patrick who played his last SPL game got his name on the score sheet after Azzeddine passed the ball to him when he took a penalty ! Nicolas got himself as well on the scoresheet to make it 7 goals for the Lions. Final score was 7-4 and we now have 4 games to go in the SPL against the big teams, Cowboys / Marlins / ERS and Century Park ! We are looking forward to those games !


The Legend clinched a 5-2 victory over FC Strosso. Without goalie and stand in goalies Freek / Andy / Max we tried to keep a clean sheet but they got a penalty and had one counter during the game and scored both ! Pretty efficient however we had some very nice and fast combinations and great goals ourselves. A well-deserved win in our new kit arranged by fred our next game will be on May 22nd against Fc Ferie !


Cheers Freek

Lions in the SIFL Champions Cup final after they beat Azzurri !



It was a memorable game for the Lions not all for good reasons ! As we had to start with 8 players after a few late cancelations and some players not showing up. Khalil made it 9 and after 15 minutes in the game Azzedinne and the president himself made it 11. By that time we were 1-0 down and the heavy rain and difficult pitch didn’t make it easy for us we had no subs and our two forards were close to 100 years old ! At half time our mind was set to enjoy the game and make the most out of it ! Azzurri thought they won the game when they scored 2-0 with a header. The magic about the Lions is that they never give up and never panic if things are going against them. As it was Fabie with a very strong header that put us back in the game and we pushed more and more forward and kept only three guys at the back. The strategy paid off when Tomas equalized with a great strike in the near corner leaving the Azzurri goalie with no chance. Patrick who played his last SIFL game for the Lions soon would give us the icing on the cake after Azzeddine corner he launched a bullet which left some holes in the net ! Now we were 3-2 up ! The Azzurri got a few free kicks towards the end and hit the outside of the post and the Lions were trying to tick the clock away at the corner flag including the President himself who showed some old tricks and he managed to get a corner out of the scrum ! Happy ending for the Lions and the beers did taste good after the game.


We will play the Shooters in the final on May 7th 1500 kick off ! Obvious we are all looking forward to it !


Cheers Freek

Lions write history and clinch their 4th consecutive SIFL title !



It was a beautiful day ! But just before our final league game there was a massive down poor and it almost made it impossible to play. We guess it was a gift of god in order to wake us up for our must win game against the Krauts as strong german side ! We were motivated and ready to go but in 5 minutes we were 1-0 down after a geat strike of Thommy ! As usual we kept our calm and we tried to get back in the game. The Krauts built a solid defense and it was hard to break them down however with the help of a handball after a Krauts player blocked a header of Danni when it was going into the goal. The referee had no mercy and gave a penalty and a red cards. Azzeddine stood up and took the responsibility to make it 1-1 ! Now the Lions were dictating the pace of the game and the Krauts were pushed back it was a corner from Felix which caused trouble for the Krauts and when they couldn’t clear the ball Azzeddine shot it in the net to make it 2-1 for the Lions at halft time. Confidence was boosted and soon in the second half we scored 3-1 by a fine header of Danni after a Felix corner. Krauts had not much to play for and the Lions kept coming over the wings. On a fast counter Azzeddine went one on one with the goalie and simple passed it to Romain who didn’t miss to make it 4-1. We still had the icing on the cake as Simon who is a great midfielder but never scores…….as he shots are always off target……found himself in a scoring position after a corner and believe it or not he scored ! What followed next was a pile of Lions players on the pitch celebrating this unique moment and of course celebrating the title ! Krauts got a late goal back but when the final whistle was blown the party could start !!!


We clinched our 4th consecutive title three points clear from our old rival the Shooters. It also was our 50th unbeaten game in the League and after 4 seasons we played 68 games and won 54 and drew 13 and lost just one game. All though we don’t talk about this achievement much it is of course an incredible record. Every single game we have given it all and our strong feature over the years have been great goal keeping and a strong defense combined with a controlling midfield and fast forwards plus serious coaching. Well done to every single lion player who have contributed to this success over the years. We also like to thank to big john who had to miss the whole season due to a bad knee injury as he gave us moral support during many games by shouting at referees and our own players !


We still have a Cup final to play and of course like to win it as well we can now concentrate on the SPL where we also are on top with 5 games to go !


WE are proud of our players and supporters and proud of our club !


Cheers a Very Very Happy Freek !



















It was a great sunday for the LIONS !



After an important win on Saturday vs Azzurris 5-3, we had two big games for our club on Sunday !


First, the legends were up against the Wales Bellies, a strong rugby playing football team. We got a bit of shock when we shook hands before the game as we counted 18 players on their side vs us only 13 ! But………….our first 20 minutes were the best of this season so far, as we combined like Barcelona and finished like Bayern ! Within 20 minutes. we were 3-0 up with goals from Laid (header) and Nicolas two goals ! We didn’t expect this great start and Wales asked us to cancel the first 20 minutes of course we had no choice to reject it…..Wales did come back on a fast break from their best player as he scored the 3-1 but just a few minutes later our new comer Arnaud scored 4-1. The rest of the game it was about Mathias playing forward and scoring two goals and captain Fred Fus0 not scoring any goals but just being off side times whereas there were no linesmen in the SPLV league !


In the SPL, we were up against Super 48 who actually played in the veteran league a few hours before and its was obvious we would win the game ! The first half was more about the missed chances despite being up 3-0 but in the second half the Lions were serious about the game and played better football the best goal of the game came from Laid not because of his strike but about his build up as we passed the ball 11 times before we scored ! Mathieu got a hat-trick which was great for a new born father !!!  Our closed opponent Century Park lost their game vs Cowboys today which put us in a better position with 3 points clear in the league table !


We have 5 games to go in the SPL and we have all in our own hands !


Lets all come to the trainings and prepare well for the last games of the season !



Cheers Happy Freek !

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