Lions picked up several trophies on saturday !



Last Saturday was the end of the SIFL season tournament and awards ceremony. The weather was very bad as it started to pour rain in the morning and never stopped. In a typical lions way with only 6 players in the first game versus 8 opponent we won with three goals from Simon once we had a full squad we worked our way up to the final against Azzurri. Not sure we could call the game football as it was more a mud contest. We lost the final in the last minute after a good battle ! Afterwards it was time for us to pick up the trophies we earned this season. One of the important one was the fair play price which for the last 11 years went to Japan but we took it away from them as we had the least yellow cards of all teams in both division. Great achievement and a good one to have for the club ! Next up was the Championship Cup the new competition which we won and last but not least the Champions Trophy ! Our fourth consecutive SIFL title unbeaten the whole season again. We are now 50 games unbeaten in the SIFL ! We got 5 players voted in the dream team and Azzeddine was voted MVP of the league and our President was voted Coach of the Year !


Well done Lions and a big thank you to everybody who have contributed to this success. Let’s celebrate this achievement at our Lions Party !


Unfortunately the game on Sunday in the SPL got cancelled and will now be played next Sunday 1230 against Century Park. One point will bring as the title in the SPL as well !




Cheers a very Happy Freek

End of season awards ceremony May 28th 2016 pic (1) End of season awards ceremony May 28th 2016 pic (2) End of season awards ceremony May 28th 2016 pic (3) End of season awards ceremony May 28th 2016 pic (4) End of season awards ceremony May 28th 2016 pic (5) End of season awards ceremony May 28th 2016 pic (6) End of season awards ceremony May 28th 2016 pic (7) End of season awards ceremony May 28th 2016 pic (8) End of season awards ceremony May 28th 2016 pic (9)

Lions Legends won 12-2 against FC Ferie !

Lions and Legends,


It was a special match for many reasons but above all it would be the last legend game for 6 Lions legends as 4 of them are moving back to Europe this summer and Dan is moving back to Hong-Kong ! We wanted to send them home with a great game of football but after 5 minutes we were down 1-0 as stand in goalie and Jerome had a miscommunication Jerome was talking to Mathias in German and Mathias was talking to Jerome in French, you can guess the final result a beautiful own goal by Jerome ! The first quarter was rather flat from our side we needed a goal to get started and Fred and Jeremy did just that and we turned the game around ! In the next quarter Nicolas and Freek got on the score sheet but in the third quarter with Fred F our captain on the bench we played the opponent from the field with fast movement and deadly finishing from Bob who scored a hat-trick within 10 minutes. The last quarter there was much at stake we asked our captain to prove they once he would be on the pitch he can make a difference for the team and we asked Seb playing his last match to score or otherwise he needed to pay all the beers after the match. He did it within 5 minutes and now it was time for Mathias to come in and play upfront as he moved forward there was a great cross in and his first ball was a header home. Now we needed Simon on the score sheet and miracles do exist as he scored as well ! We tried to get Dan on the score sheet as well but just didn’t have enough time left ! Rommie got the last chance of the game. After the match it was all smiles and a small goodbye speech for the leaving legends. The message given was that once you are a Lions Legend you will always be a Lions legends no matter where you are ! Fred had arranged nice champagne to end a fantastic day of football with good friends in Shanghai ! We wish Mathias, Simon, Ralph, Andre and Dan and Seb all the best in their future live  !


Cheers Freek

Legends May 22nd 2016 pic (1) Legends May 22nd 2016 pic (2) Legends May 22nd 2016 pic (3) Legends May 22nd 2016 pic (4) Legends May 22nd 2016 pic (5) Legends May 22nd 2016 pic (6)


Lions one step closer to their 10th SPL title !



Luckily the rain stopped on Sunday and the pitch in Jinqiao was great ! Just before the game started, we came to know that Century Park Fc, our title contender, had won, so we needed to get a result out of our game versus the Marlins.

The Marins were missing some players but got the help from some good youngsters ! Both defense played well in the first part of the game and the goal keeper were not tested. The lions controlled the midfield in the first half and try to get a goal. it was a fast break from Az to Tevz who was not selfish and let Tomas finish the job and he gave us a 1-0 lead.

In the 2nd half, we should have scored at least two goals in the first 15 min. all what was needed was a simple tip in. As we didn’t finish, it the game slipped away the Marlins got more confident and got several free kicks but couldn’t score either ! A super run from Kevin the dj put him one on one with the goalie but him not being selfish passed the ball to Tomas and he finished it off 2-0. Much joy for Tomas boys as papa scored !!

With tired legs, we were looking forward to the final whistle but a poor clearance of our defense let the actual Marlins goalie Dale become a hero as he scored to make it 2-1. In the end, that was the final score and now we can clinch the title on Sunday we have 8 goals better goal difference 3 points more and one game more to play.

We hope that all Lions supporters and friends will all come to support our team on Sunday 1430 at Century Park and hopefully have a nice celebration after the game !


Cheers Freek



Lions left empty handed after penalties in the Hebiguchi Cup Final!



Last Saturday May 21st 2016,  we were playing the Hebiguchi cup final in the SIFL ! Conditions were very difficult, as it had been raining the whole day, which made the pitch hard to play on. As the game started and moved on, we quickly noticed the referee was very poor as he never stopped the Shooters from dangerous tackling and when Dani was purposely kicked in the chest right in front of the referee he didn’t even gave a card !

As the frustration crept in, we couldn’t play our usual passing game due to the pitch and we were more worried about our legs than looking for a goal. It stayed 0-0 at half time and in the second half we tried to look for a break through / we got plenty of free kicks but most ended in the hands of Chris the Shooters goalie.

With a few minutes left on the clock, it was a Shooters corner which gave them the lead it seemed like game over but 2 minutes later on a fast break it was Tevz who was fouled just in the box and got us a penalty. Az stayed cool and made it 1-1 ! After the final whistle, it was straight to penalties although we had good intentions we missed 2 out of 5 and couldn’t stop theirs. After the match we congratulated the Shooters with the Cup win.

Next Saturday it will be the end of the season tournament and closing ceremony where we can pick up our trophies !

Shooters Game - May 21st 2016 (1) Shooters Game - May 21st 2016 (2) Shooters Game - May 21st 2016 (3) Shooters Game - May 21st 2016 (4) Shooters Game - May 21st 2016 (5) Shooters Game - May 21st 2016 (6) Shooters Game - May 21st 2016 (7)


Cheers freek

Lions stay on top in the SPL after they beat ERS 3-1 !



The moment we stepped on the great pitch of Century Park it started to rain and it never stopped so it made it a bit harder for the players. For the spectators the game didn’t disappoint as both teams were playing their best and it was a great game to watch ! We had a strong squad with 5 motivated subs on the bench. In the first part of the game the Lions tried to slice thru the ERS defense and especially Tevz managed to get through on the left. On one occasion he was brought down when he wanted to shoot on target but the referee had no intention to give us a penalty. Ers was sitting back patiently trying to overcome the Lions storm but with a brilliant individual act of their striker flipping the ball over Jack and after that over Dim they took a 0-1 lead. It was a set back for the Lions but we responded within 5 minutes when Danni broke loose and blasted the ball in the top corner. Ers was caught off guard by the quick response and soon after made a defensive error which Danni converted with ease. It was 2-1 at half time and we knew it was far from over however the fresh legs of the subs coming in did help the team. We decided to play compact and not to rush forward. In the end we didn’t give a way any scoring opportunity to ERS except for some long distance shots. We were dangerous on the counter both Felix and Allan had great scoring opportunities but the slippery field made it hard to control the ball. We did get our reward after great build and a good assist fm Dave to Azz to make it 3-1. Credit to ERS who kept trying until the final whistle. In the end it was an important win as with three games to go we are still 3 points ahead of Century Park and we have one game in hand !

The beers afterwards at the Kerry Hotel tasted very good and that was a good preparation for our next game against old rival the Marlins ! Let’s support the Lions and all come and watch our last games of the season !


On Saturday we will play our last game of the season against the Shooters the Hebiguchi Cup final to make it trophy number 3 !

ERS Game pic May 15th 2016 ERS Game pic May 15th 2016 (1) ERS Game pic May 15th 2016 (2) ERS Game pic May 15th 2016 (3) ERS Game pic May 15th 2016 (4) ERS Game pic May 15th 2016 (5)


Cheers Happy Freek

Lions clinched another trophy on Saturday !



On Saturday, we were up against the old rival the Shooters in the SIFL Champions Cup final ! We were missing Fabitch and Jack and of course Pat who left for Germany. We then had to make some changes into our regular line up and opted for Simon as stopper. The Shooters started well and the “in form” Mcgoo and Wilson caused us some trouble, however they couldn’t find the net and we scored first after 20 min when a great free kick from Felix sailed over the Shooters goalie and Dani was there to score with a nice header.

Just before half time the Shooters did come back and equalized when they spotted a hole in our defense. It was 1-1 at half time and we knew that we had to change something and we put Benj in in the defense and moved Simon up. With 15 min into the 2nd half Dani showed some skill on the left as he lobbed the ball over his opponent who reacted too late and fouled him in the box. The very moody and poor referee on the day pointed to the spot and Az nailed it to gave us the lead back.

Shooters showed good spirit as it was still a final to win some silverware and kept pushing forward. They scored after a great combination through the middle and an unstoppable strike. Good stuff for the spectators by now and the Lions stroke back by a great run and cross from Aga who found Az and he gave us the 3-2 lead. The turning point of the game soon followed when Aga cleared a ball in our box put the Shooters player felt over his leg in the move and the poor referee gave a penalty to the Shooters. We feared for the worst when Mcgoo stood up but…….. Dim our keeper stopped the penalty with class. We knew we were on the way of winning the match and Simon put the icing on the cake after a fine cross of Khalil as he blasted the ball in the goal to make it 4-2 ! We have one more final to play in two weeks the Hebiguchi Cup again against the Shooters as our captain Benj stated after the game lets get one more trophy !


On Sunday in the SPL the Lions will play ERS at the Century Park field for a decisive match and a win will put us closer to the title !


Cheers Freek

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