Lions failed to score the winner against Japan in the SPL !


It was great weather on Sunday and after the win on Saturday followed by Legends & we hoped for the treble win !

[ SPL ] Shanghai LIONS 2-2 Japan FC

The opponent was Japan who always are able to give the opponents a hard time. This time it was not any difference as they took the lead after we didn’t clear a cross properly. Japan was faster and quicker in the beginning of the game and we could only stop them by making fouls. We got some chances as well and a long strike of Tomas ended in the top corner. Soon after it was Felix who finished well after a quick counter. While we were celebrating Japan was ready for the kick off and Nakanoi san the Japanese striker had other ideas as he shot a thunderbolt over our defense and also over our helpless looking Dim, …..2-2 !

In the second half we played better and more serious as we knew a draw would not be good enough. We created plenty of opportunities but either we shot just wide or the Japanese goal keeper saved our efforts. At the final end Japan even got a chance for the winner but they hit the post and saw Dim putting out a ball at the very last moment. Compliments to Japan who indeed gave us a hard time and we will have to work hard a training as in two weeks the big Derby awaits us with the Marlins.

Lets go Lions !



Legends beat Super 48 3-0 to stay in the title race !


It was a beautiful day on Sunday close to 20 degrees and no pollution. We had three legends taking part in the Shanghai half marathon in the morning before the game and all finished with decent times. Believe or not the same 3 turned up for the game after the half marathon which showed the spirit and commitment to the team ! Well done Max , Bob & Nicolas ! Last but not the least, Fred Fuseau, who just got a knee operation a few days back, was helping out on the side line.

On the pre-game highlights, Matze had the unique chance to play a game with his son Victor who was visiting Shanghai; Big John played his first 80 minutes for a long time & Adil made his debut in the Legends team !

[ Veteran ] Super 48 FC 0-3 Shanghai LIONS

It was a must win game for us and hopefully we could score goals to work on our goal difference. The first 20 minutes we had to warm up & some Halloween liquids were still in some players legs. However we created a few good opportunities… best came from James after a great build up but Super 48 goalie stopped this great effort.

In the second 20 minutes we brought in Bob and Nicolas to have more fire power upfront and it helped as we got a penalty rewarded after a foul on Bob. He didn’t hesitate to step up to take the penalty kick himself knowing that (the other) Fred was on the side line watching… we were all happy to take a 1-0 lead.

In the next 20 minutes we played better and better and started to create more and more opportunities. It was on one of those our President himself got on the score sheet one day short of his 53rd birthday with a cool finish after Super 48 forgot to clear the ball.

In the final 20 minutes we wanted to score more goals and did that with a “aka Azzeddine” step over from our President which set up Matze’s son, Victor, to make it 3-0 for the legends !

We have two games to go and all four title contenders Japan, Emerald and Scotland will still play each other… Looking at our spirit we will never give up to clinch the title !



Lions beat the Krauts 1-0 in the SIFL


[ SIFL ] Krauts FC 0-1 Shanghai LIONS


We knew it was going to be a difficult afternoon with 7 regular Lions missing including our goalie. Facing the Krauts with a combination of German winning mentality and fast counters with foreign players like Stas, we opted to secure our defense first before thinking of attacking. We started well in the first 10 minutes with Big John making his first start after 2 years of injury misery. After 10 mn of a balance, the Krauts took control of the game as we couldn’t hold the ball upfront resulting in fast counters to slice open our defense… Our goalie, Francois, stood firm in the goal but we felt the heat on a few occasions. However, the best chance of the 1st half came from Allan with a one on one vs. Krauts’ goalie but his effort just went wide of the left post.

At half time the speech focused on the fact that with a depleted squad we were still in the game with only 1 goal away from victory. So with the help of two young ex-students from Fabi Louis (19) and Pierre (18) (who came over for a holiday) + our new Chinese signing Xu Lin (23), we took the game back in our hands. Suddenly the Lions were all over the place and the Krauts were pushed back. Our combinations improving, we got closer chances with Allan again, Rosie, Xu Lin & Dave… In the final moments, a great ball through from Xu Lin putted Rosie in front of the keeper and he didn’t hesitate to lob the ball in the net ! A well-deserved goal seeing our 2nd half performance & it finally sealed the deal !

A great Lions team effort & a true Lions fighting spirit ! The Beer tasted good afterwards and we are now looking forward to the next game !



[SPL News] SPL escaped the rains!

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

What a crazy weekend it was as the rain caused by a strong typhoon didn’t seem to stop games in other leagues were cancelled on Friday and Saturday and we had to fear for the worst……..but when we woke up on Sunday it was SUNNY ! The pitches at SCSC had held up very well during the rains and they were in very good condition. We had two SPL V games and three SPL and on Saturday we had our first ever SPL U16 11 aside league game ! We are running 5 leagues at the moment and have requests for more, SPL U8 / SPL U16 / SPL U19 / SPL and SPL V !

Japan – ERS 0-5

It was a classic game where ERS had most of the possession and Japan was waiting for the slip up to counter on a break. ERS kept the pace of the game high and had some good combinations. One of them resulted in the first goal and that was the score at half time. In the second half Japan had to come more forward but it costed them dearly as ERS slipped thru their defense a couple of time. In the end they scored another 4 goals one of them by a penalty to make the final score 0-5 !

Galacticos – Krauts 3-6

Where Bilgin had 30 players in the first game of the season his men were only 9 at the start of the game…..Galacticos smelled an opportunity but against their will they found themselves down 0-1 after only 5 minutes ! I will sum up the score line to show you how the game developed !
0-1, 1-1, 1-2, 2-2, 2-3, 2-4, 3-4, 3-5, 3-6 ! Plenty of goals and at half time 2-2 kept the Galacticos in the race but an inform Stas proved to be too hard to defend for them ! Bilgin has been missing again but this time his troop won.

Lions – Moksal Magic 7-1

Super 48 was replaced by Moksal Magic and their first game was straight against the Lions. The Lions took an early lead after 5 minutes by a header of Mathieu and soon made it 2-0 after that Moksal showed more eagerness to win the game and got a few opportunities but found an inform Lions goalie Dim in the way. In the second half the Lions played much better and extended their lead by goals of Felix 3 Rosie and the President himself one week short of being 53 scored in the last 5 minutes. Moksal biggest chance came by a penalty but Dim stopped the effort. So 7-1 and a fair and nice game of football !


This Sunday we will play at SCSC again as the family day in Jinqiao was moved to this weekend!

  • 1300 ERS vs Krauts @ SCSC
  • 1300 Lions vs Japan @ SCSC
  • 1500 Marlins vs Galacticos @ SCSC

Lets enjoy the games and the October weather before the winter kicks IN !


Freek / Yamada-san

[SIFL News] Round 4 – Games played on 22 Oct 2016


Premier League: Shanghai Krauts FC (above) storm table and take number one spot with win over Shanghai Japan FC. 

First Division: Anzacs FC and HFC share spoils after tie.  

In the Premier League, Shanghai Japan FC did battle with the Shanghai Krauts FC. It was the early fixture and both teams were ready for kick off. Then, in light of the downpour, the committee decided to cancel all other fixtures of the day so this was the only game in the Premier League. 

With that knowledge the Krauts knew that a win would send them right to the top of the table. A feat not seen for a long time. While the pitch was getting flooded the game kick off in good spirits. The Krauts pressed the midfield using fast breaks and long balls trying to reach their wingers. 

Japan played position with combination football testing the Krauts keeper from the Old Transvaal. As the game got on the Germans drew first blood when they were awarded a penalty. Thomas Schwab stepped and put it away scoring their first goal of the season and a 0-1 Krauts lead at halftime. 

The Krauts continued their onslaught in the second half and worked hard to breach Japanese defenses. Japan kept executing their game plan and they continued to test the keeper as well as the woodwork. It was certain another goal would follow and when it came it fell to the Krauts. Old soldiers never die and when Stoyan Atsarov had the ball 20 meters out, he took a good look at the goalie standing from his line and bit and coolly lobbed the ball in the net doubling the Krauts lead to 0-2. 

Marin Delchev was on his way to a certain third goal but his effort stranded a few inches before the goal line in a pool of water, mud and frustration. The match ended 0-2 to the Krauts and with this result they are the undisputed number 1 in Shanghai, for at least 7 days. Man of the match honors went to Krauts keeper Jonathan Claesen who displayed an excellent performance in difficult conditions. 

In the First Division, Happy FC crossed swords with Anzacs FC. The game started with both teams splashing about in puddles like a kindergarten trip to the seaside. After a few minutes HFC then pumped the ball in behind the Anzacs back line. It stopped in the penalty area, allowing Liu Zheren to run through and stick it in the corner for the opening goal and a 1-0 HFC lead. 

Before long, Joe Hatch managed to scoop up the ball and then twat it in behind the HFC defense for Neil Beckitt to run onto and equalize with a trademark lob for 1-1. Soon after, the Anzacs won a corner taken by James Boyle who curled it in the net for a 1-2 Anzacs lead. Then, Beckitt chased down a through ball, shrugged off a HFC defender, and rounded the keeper for his second and a 1-3 Anzacs lead at halftime prompting a celebratory slide through a puddle.  

In the second half, HFC got back into the game and the Anzacs struggled to put them under pressure as they did in the first half. At this time also frustrations were starting to rise from poor tackles and likely fear of drowning. Tempers flared a bit and Anzacs had a player send off for an altercation. HFC then clawed another goal back when from a ricochet in the box the ball ended up in the Anzacs net for 2-3 and game on.

This livened HFC up further putting the Anzacs under more pressure. A cross to the far side found Liu Zheren who turned and dinked it back to the far post where it went through a crowd of players and straight through into the corner evening out the score at 3-3 and that’s how the contest ended. 

Neil Beckitt received man of the match honors for the Anzacs, as did Liu Zheren for HFC. With this result the Anzacs moved onto the podium claiming third spot in the standings. Pretty good!


Shanghai International Football League

October 29, 2016:  Round 5-League Matches

Venue: Shanghai Community & Sports Center, Waigaoqiao

Visit the official SIFL website to find out more.

Tom Bus

Lions beat Moksal Magic 7-1 in the SPL


This weekend was one to remember as despite the Lions not having a game on Saturday the rainfall and downpour was very heavy as it rained since Thursday and didn’t stop until Sunday Morning ! However the luck was on the SPL side as their games were all played on Sunday as the pitches at SCSC were in very good condition after the rains !

[ SPL ] Shanghai LIONS 7-1 Super 48 FC

We were up against former Super 48 who changed their name to Moksal Magic. As usual Japanese teams are fit and never give up fighting during the game. We started well and scored within three minutes with a fine goal of Matthieu after a good cross ! We extended our lead by a goal from our new local player Xu Lin who scored on his debut. After that we lost focus and Moksal started to be more hungry for a result and won most of the battles. They came very close to scoring but Dim in fine form on the day prevented a few good scoring opportunities. It was 2-0 at half time and in the second half we knew that we had to improve our game.

We looked better and more motivated after the break and soon Felix scored the 3-0 for us on a quick counter attack.  The next goal was a good effort from Rosie as he simply put the ball well place behind the keeper and made his first Lions goal ! Felix scored another one on the attack to make it 5-0. However the never give up mentality of Moksal paid off as they got a goal back and even a few minutes later they got a penalty and could have made it 5-2 but Dim our man of the match was on fire and stopped the penalty. In the last few minutes of the game we scored another two goals, first it was our President who got on the sheet after a Rosie assist and minutes later Felix completed his Hat-trick to make the final score 7-1.

Good result on the day and next up in the SPL will be Japan who got beaten 5-0 by ERS today ! In the SIFL we play the Krauts and in the SPL Veteran league we will play Super 48 / So all teams will be in action next weekend and that means that we want to see everbody showing up for the training on Tuesday to prepare for the games !



[Throwback] – Lions FC broadcasted LIVE on PPTV Sport Channel

It doesn’t happen often in one’s amateur football life having the chance to play in front of television camera… A little less than one year ago, our club & president gave this lifetime opportunity to some of us.

A rare privilege & memory to be cherished. Thank you president!
Next time, we would like the same in Nou Camp 🙂

Watch game highlights on Youku (ps: you need to disable your VPN)

Click here to watch the full game


An historic event having one of our SPL game being live broadcast on PPTV. The setting was perfect at Century Park with 5 camera’s around the field… The match didn’t disappoint either with a 4-2 score line. We hope to repeat this in the future as PPTV is watched all over China and actually is the largest internet TV company in the world ! A perfect set up to let the local chinese people enjoy our SPL football games.

More articles related to the event below:

[SIFL News] Round 3 – Games played on 15 Oct 2016


Shanghai International Football League

Round 3-League Matches- 44 goals scored

Premier League

Shanghai ReUnited (above) tops table with win over Shanghai United. Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC victorious over Shanghai 3United. Shanghai Lions FC beat Azzurri FC. Shanghai Krauts FC wins fixture versus FC Oranje

First Division

Voodoo grabs first spot beating Kangbei United FC. Shanghai Vikings FC books win over Voodoo Child. Shanghai Cosmos beat Hstone HFC. Anzacs FC edges out Long Tang AFC. 

In the Premier League, Shanghai ReUnited were pitted against Shanghai United. ReUnited kicked off their season in style, winning comfortably and stylishly against their old rivals United in their first game of the season. 

From kick off ReU’s fluid attack created many chances and after about 15mins Karsten Knerr curled a free-kick into a dangerous area. A United defender got the last touch as it fell in the corner of the net for a 1-0 ReU lead. United hit back on a fast break and equalized for 1-1. 

Soon afterwards Steve Ishemezwe headed in a Karsten Knerr corner at the far post for 2-1. ReU then added two more before halftime – Sascha Höltke tapped in from a scramble in the box and then Ishemezwe ran onto a Höltke pass to score their fourth for a 4-1 score line after 45mins of football. 

In the second half, ReUnited continued their attacking ways while United lost energy. Sascha Höltke scored the goal of the match, sweeping in a wonderful volley after a great run and cross from Eitel Nsile for 5-1.

Ishemezwe then completed his hattrick before debutant Miles Dycaico got the ball to Adam Kling to smash home inside the box for 7-1. United were awarded a penalty and got a goal back at 7-2. Mandela scored the last goal of the match for a final 8-2 score line. Hattrick boy Steve Ishemezwe received man of the match honors. 

Shanghai 3United slugged it out with the Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC. Having already claimed the Opening Tournament trophy nearly a month before the Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters arrived keen to finally kick their season off. They lined up wary of a 3United side that beat the Lions in their first fixture a couple of weeks before. 

The team talk before the game from dictator Broughton was simple, start fast and finish early, which also funnily enough mirrors Zippy’s attitude on a Saturday night. From the kick off the Shooters did just that pressing high and with intensity, looking to kill the game off early and stop 3United building up any hope of another upset. 

They managed just that when after 25mins they found themselves three goals to the good, effectively ending the game as a contest. Man of the match Kevin Wiessler scored first, blasting an effort from the right side of the box into the far top corner. Gui Leclercq following in a Wiessler shot gleefully managed to kick the ball into the back of the net before it made it there by itself for the second. He followed this by placing a well-aimed header into the corner of the net to make it three.

After this period of action the tempo slowed. A couple more chances came and went for the Shooters while 3United’s best effort was a free kick from outside of the box, which was easily dealt with by keeper Banyard the Shooter stopper. Halftime saw changes made and a call to get back the intensity of the first 25.

The second half began and before long Wiessler got his second of the day selling two players with dummies, before curling the ball into the far bottom corner. 3United grew more into the game as it wore on, but couldn’t find a way through the Shooter defense. Game ended 0-4. 

Azzurri FC did battle with Shanghai Lions FC. Lions’ game plan was to start strong and finish strong mainly because they are not back to full fitness yet and 90 mins is a long time when unfit said Freek B. The Lions’ spirit was good and they were up against a rejuvenated Azzurri with many new players. 

The Lions took possession and played strong in the first 15 mins. It resulted in a great goal from their upcoming right back Aga who surprised the Azzurri defense and tipped a long pass from Azzeddine into the net and a 0-1 Lions lead. 

This opening goal tasted for more and it was Tomas Cuyas who scored the second for 0-2 after a good dummy from Felix Vroegop from another Azzeddine pass. Just before halftime Azzurri got a goal back when with twenty seconds to go Antti Hintsanen wrestled himself away from the sturdy Lions’ defense and scored the 1-2. 

In the second half, Azzurri upped the pressure and started playing better trying to score the equalizer. However, the Lions’ defense was solid and neutralized all Azzurri danger. The Lions hung back trying to score a third from the counter, but were not clinical enough upfront. 

With 5mins to go Azzeddine sealed the deal as he scored the 1-3 from a one-on-one with the keeper and that’s how the match ended. Lions’ Benjamin Guerin received man of the match honors. The Azzurri went on to the best sports bar in China-Cages!

Shanghai Krauts FC crossed swords with FC Oranje. Oranje prepared well for this match bringing a selection of 16 yet several Dutch clowns went on a bender the night before and that showed in defense. 

Playing offside 25 meters from goal while still intoxicated is not exactly helpful and the Krauts found this weakness easily beating the offside trap twice going up 2-0 within 15mins. 

As the match wore on and the alcohol wore off, the men in orange started playing better. Ten minutes from time they got a goal back when Daan van Eijkel (above) scored a great header at the far post from a Tank Zhang free kick. Oranje kept pressing after that and it looked like they would get another goal but Christian Boecking’s shot from 15 meters out hit the post and 2-1 it stayed at halftime.  

In the second half, the Dutch kept playing offensively and after 15mins from great combination play through the midfield Boecking scored the equalizer for 2-2. A few minutes after that disaster struck for Oranje as Boecking got kicked off the field by a bad tackle and the midfield grip got lost. A miscommunication between the keeper and the sweeper gifted the Krauts a third goal for 3-2. 

In the final phase Oranje put more men up front which left them exposed at the back. The Krauts then picked up the ball at the halfway line and scored another from a quick break for 4-2. Dutch heads dropped and the keeper had to fish another ball out of the net for 5-2. At the death the Dutch got a penalty converted by Tank Zhang. The match ended in a 5-3 Krauts victory. 

Azim Madaminov (3), William Walker (1) and Julius Strauss (1) scored for the Krauts. Monsieur Madaminov received man of the match honors. Oranje went on to Cages to celebrate a new cap record-468! Oranjeboom was there.

First Division

In the First Division, Kangbei United FC locked horns with Voodoo. Another week and another crisis for the new look Voodoo. Losing the new strips and carelessly mislaying three players on the way to the pitch meant there were 12 players for kick off, no keeper and an array of kits on show. 

Chances came thick and fast but were well wasted (much like the returning Sam Woollard) until Alex Meecham turned in a Fabien Lebourcq cross shot. One each at the whistle and time for the reds to turn the air blue at the interval. It seemed to work as Voodoo took the lead on the restart. Jonny White slotting home from a Jacob Harding pass for 1-2. 

The joy was short lived as Kangbei fired back straight away evening out the score at 2-2. Voodoo then got their act together. White beat the defender to an FX cross to notch another for 2-3, then capitalized on a sliced clearance from a Phil Boyle laser long ball to hook home his third and 2-4 before turning in a fourth for 2-5. 

Sam Woollard then marked his first start, scoring the sixth with the last kick of the game and a 2-6 score line. The ageing Englishman rolled home after White picked the pocket of Kangbei defender on the byline to cap another unexpected but not unwelcome three points for Voodoo to tell Voodoo Child about on the team bus. Kangbei’s goals were scored by Sun Jiangang and Zhou Qing. Voodoo’s Jonathan White received man of the match honors. 

Voodoo Child were scheduled to play against the Shanghai Vikings FC. This was going to be a battle of inches from the early going. What Voodoo Child lacks in skill they make up for in bodyweight and American Football worthy tackles. The Vikings didn’t do themselves any favors either as more than half the team stared off into space on the bus to the game, regretting their previous night’s life choices. It was evident in the flow of their game.  

A workman like performance from Jens Christensen is what helped tilt the balance in the Vikings favor. A few chances came the Vikings way with a slick pass in front of the net from Jasper Scheuermann was just missed by a sliding Stefan Søgaard.

An individual flare of brilliance and creativity came from Ian Jiang, who nutmeg’d his marker on the turn and was sprinting straight on goal just one touch too many allowed his defender to catch back up and get a toe on his shot sending it over the bar and wide. The score remained goalless after 45mins of football. 

In the second half, a shot from Søgaard from about 20 meters out rung the crossbar and 0-0 it stayed. The Vikings were on VC’s half at will and distributing the ball well.  As the corners started to pile up for the Vikings near misses became abundant.  

VC had an amazing chance midway through the half off of a looping cross from the left flank. VC’s man looked to be unmarked and headed the ball as perfectly as you can down and to the corner of what appeared to be an open net but the keeper saved it. That save inspired the Vikings to push forward. With chances beginning to bear fruit.  

It was do or die time and up to this point Vikings were dominant in set pieces but just could not capitalize.  A free kick given in front of the Vikings box, was a last ‘Hail Mary’ chance to put this one to bed. Henrik Kragh lined up to take the kick as most Vikings piled themselves into the Voodoo box.  

A beautiful looping kick flew over most heads and ended up at Casper Seegert. He tucked the ball into the far corner taking a 0-1 Vikings lead, sending the Vikings bench into a frenzy as if they had all just been invited to the same bukake party in Tokyo. A well deserved goal for a great performance all game. Scottish Viking Lesley Campbell received man of the match honors. Campbell: “After our independence we will form an alliance with Denmark and make Europe great again!”

Hstone HFC met Shanghai Cosmos. Cosmos started the first half with tight possession football and limited HFC to long, hopeful balls over the top. After carving out a few good chances from crosses into Jordan Campbell and Conor Maye, it was only a matter of time before the deadlock was broken. 

Winger Paul Baird opened the scoring in exactly that fashion, although his searching cross was nowhere near any Cosmos player. Instead it drifted high towards the goalkeeper who could only manage to drop the ball into his own goal. Of course, it was on target so Baird claimed it for a 0-1 Cosmos lead. 

Ten minutes later, Cosmos extended their lead. This time, Paul Baird picked the pocket of the HFC left back who had received the ball from his advancing goalkeeper. Baird played a short chip into Jordan Campbell (above) whose first touch was to control the ball and second touch to unleash a turning volley over the head of the retreating goalkeeper doubling Cosmos lead to 0-2 and that’s how the half ended. It was a stunner of a goal and early contender for goal of the season.

Cosmos continued to press in the second half, but did have to rally after finding themselves under some well-crafted HFC attacks. The third goal came during a counter to one of these attacks. JC Yang played in left-winger Conor Maye with a defense-splitting pass behind the fullback. Maye calmly rounded a last ditch tackle and slotted the ball under a helpless keeper for a 0-3 Cosmos lead. 

Then, Cosmos decided to make some changes and with their rhythm temporarily disrupted, HFC took advantage. After a mix up in defense, HFC’s Guobin Xu (above) found himself one-on-one with the keeper and easily found the net for a final score of 1-3. Jordan Campbell received man of the match honors for his stellar goal. Campbell: “This was the best goal I ever scored in my life-free beer next match!”

The Anzacs FC lined up to play versus Long Tang AFC. Long Tang came out of the blocks pretty good scoring the only goal of the first half for a 0-1 Long Tang lead at halftime. 

Anzacs’ team talk did wonders as they regrouped in the second half. It was the Neil Beckitt show from thereon on. Beckitt scored a hattrick and the Anzacs edged out Long Tang 3-2. Kai Sun and Hantao Ren scored the Long Tang goals. Neil Beckitt was voted man of the match.


Shanghai International Football League

Visit the official SIFL website to find out more.

Tom Bus

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[SPL News] Marlins see red but stay on top of the SPL !

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

Last Sunday October 16th, 2016 we had good playing condition unfortunately only two games as Galacticos had two team events on the day and couldn’t field enough players.

Marlins 6–1 Krauts

No Bilgin and No Manu but plenty of players for the Krauts ! Statistics of the Krauts winning games while king Bilgin is not there are not looking good as it would be a single digit figure. Marlins started strong and scored quick by James after a one two with Pete. Soon there was a second after a goal keeper error scored by Jamie Lally. The Krauts kept trying hard on fast counters and succeeded by a fast break on the wing and good finish by Gonzalo. Pete of the Marlins made it 3-1 with a fine header after a good cross. With half an hour gone there was a bust up between two players of each team and kevin gave them the marching orders. Bad luck stroke again for the Marlins as Ash Reid was unlucky to rupture and Achilles tendon and will be out for several months (We wish him a speedy recovery !). James scored his second for the Marlins just before half time. In the second half it was more of the same but when Banksy committed a professional foul it was his second yellow and Kevin ordered him to shower early ! Marlins left with 9 players only still managed to score two goals by Jamie G and James for his hat trick !

Century Park FC 3–0 Japan

Usually its Japan who are the best prepared for the start of the game but this time Century Park scored after 4 minutes by Fafa and soon scored their second by Shingi who scored two minutes later. Japan had to run behind the facts for the rest of the game and to finish of their solid performance they scored their third goal with 5 minutes to go by Shingi again.


This weekend we will have three games all at Waigaoqiao and the outlook is for rain but we should be good to play !

  • 1300-1500 Krauts – Galacticos @ Waigaoqiao
  • 1300 – 1500 ERS – Japan @ Waigaoqiao
  • 1500-1700 Lions – Super 48 @ Waigaoqiao


Enjoy the games !

Cheers Freek / Yamada-san

Lions back to winning again !


After our first defeat in 50 games we knew that we had to go back to winning again. We had a few players arriving late for various reason but a puncture of Fabi’s motor bike 5 km away from the field left him and Francois stranded for a while. Luckily they just made it a few minutes before kick off ! The game plan was to start strong and finish strong mainly because we are not back to full fitness yet and 90 minutes can be a long time to play if you are not fit enough ! The spirit was good and we were up against the Azzurri who had a complete new team. The lions took the possession and played strong in the first 15 minutes. It resulted in a great goal from our upcoming right back Aga who surprised the Azzurri defense and tipped a long pass from Azz into the net. This opening goal tasted for more and it was good old Tomas who scored our second after a good dummie from Felix from another Azz pass. It looked like we would go into half time with a 2-0 lead but with 20 seconds to go the Azzurri tall and strong striker wrestled himself away from Jack and Fabi and scored 2-1. As we played well we decided to be patience and tried to score the 3-1 on the break but we were not clinical enough upfront. The Azzurri played better in the second half and it kept the game interesting but our defense was solid and didn’t give away much opportunities. So we kept strong and with 5 minutes to go Azz sealed our faith after he went one on one with Azzurri’s keeper, Alex.

It was a solid 3-1 win and after the game besides the beers we had our two new Dave’s on the table for a British song and Thomas for a French song to make the great day complete !

On Sunday the SPL game vs. Galacticos got postponed as our opponent didn’t have enough players !

We expect all Lions to come to the training this Tuesday and work on our fitness ! (Please register here)

Cheers Freek

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