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Lions advance in the Hebiguchi Cup !
NOVEMBER 26, 2016, 09:00
Shanghai Lions FC 4 – 2 FC Oranje

Legends crushed Scotland 8-1 !
NOVEMBER 27, 2016, 11:00
Scotland 1 – 8 Shanghai Lions FC

Lions beat ERS 6-2 !
NOVEMBER 27, 2016, 14:30
Shanghai Lions FC 6 – 2 Etoile Rouge de Shanghai

[SIFL News] Round 8 – Games played on 19 Nov 2016


Premier League

New kit inspires Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC (above) versus FC Oranje. Shanghai Japan FC win versus Shanghai United. Shanghai Lions FC draw in last minute versus Shanghai ReUnited.

First Division

Voodoo and Shanghai Vikings FC share the spoils with tie. As did Anzacs FC versus Tianfu. Shanghai Cosmos beat Kangbei United FC. Happy FC edge out Long Tang AFC. 

In the Premier League, Shanghai ReUnited maintained their unbeaten start but lost momentum in a pulsating 1-1 draw with champions Shanghai Lions FC. It felt like a defeat for ReU with the Lions equalizing in the 89thminute. 

It was a typically tight and hard fought game against the French and ReU struggled to create chances in the first half. The French had a couple of shots on goal which keeper Cody Ahlstrom was largely untroubled by.

ReU almost took the lead when Karsten Knerr curled a high ball into the box and Mandela flicked it on for the onrushing Adam Kling. His shot was well saved by French keeper Radouane Guissi.

The second half was a different game with more space available for ReU’s attacking players who were getting into their groove. ReUnited then scored the opener when Adam Kling’s low shot found the net for a 1-0 lead. 

The Lions then had to come out leaving ReU with lots of space for counter attack. ReU missed several chances to score a crucial second to put the match to bed and in the end were punished for it. 

With close to 90mins on the clock it was a brilliant pass from captain Benjamin Guerin that found David Rosenberg on full speed. He didn’t hesitate and expertly lobbed the ball over the keeper into the goal for the equalizer and a final 1-1 score line. 

Heartbreak for ReUnited but a fair reflection on the balance of play. ReUnited’s Ronald Kana and Lions’ Radouane Guissi received man of the match honors. 

FC Oranje played ball with the Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC. The Shooters came with their new kit and that inspired them to great heights. Oranje tried to keep the nil as long as they could.

The Shooters piled up pressure to try and score an early goal. From a corner the ball got defended out towards the 16 where Alejandro Kamke volleyed home leaving the keeper stunned and 0-1 to the Shooters. It was the lead they wanted after just a few minutes of play. 

The Dutch then tried to play counter to get a goal back and managed to execute one that tested the keeper. Marijn ten Wolde’s shot was easy prey for Chris Banyard and 0-1 it stayed. 

At the other end the Shooters kept pounding on the tight Dutch box and Roland Broughton found the net doubling the score to 0-2. Just before the half was over they managed to score another for a 0-3 lead at halftime. 

The Shooters continued in the second half and quickly scored to make it 0-4. Ten minutes later the Oranje keeper had to fish the ball out of the net another three times for 0-7. 

The men in orange then mobilized the cap record holder to try and turn the game. It yielded immediately as the best goal of the match was under way by mambo number 15. 

Aurelien Souici dribbled over the halfway line on the right then noticed the Shooters goalie standing off his line a bit. Souici took a good look at the keeper and fired a great shot that curled in the top left of the goal for 1-7. 

Oranje then concocted a daring plan to try and score 7 quick goals by launching Daan van Eijkel from kick off (above). It dramatically backfired as two more goals were scored at the other end for a 1-9 Shooters lead and that’s how a lopsided contest ended. 

Goal scorers above: Mike McGirr, Kevin Wiessler, Aurelien Souici, Roland Broughton (3), Tom Bus (Cap#471), Wilson Scott (2), Alejandro Kamke and Tom Webster. Hattrick boy Broughton received man of the match honors. The Orangemen went to Cages to celebrate the best goal of the match & new records. Oranjeboom was there!

Shanghai United did battle with Shanghai Japan FC. United came well prepared with the Russian Bear between the posts guaranteeing a clean goal with steadfast certainty. 

Japan played very offensive and were determined to win this match to move up the table. United were equally to the task and thwarted all Japanese efforts for a 0-0 score line at halftime. 

In the second half, United made some outstanding plays but missed a bit of luck to go ahead. 

Japan kept pushing to try and break the Russian wall. They finally broke through it when Takuya Nakano found the net taking a 0-1 Japan lead. 

Japan kept going and scored several goals in quick succession to go 0-3 up. 

United launched a few attacks themselves and came close to scoring to get a goal back. They did score albeit in their own goal to send Japan 0-4 up. 

Towards the end United were awarded a penalty. Comrade Nikolai Filatov (above) coolly converted from the spot kick. Honor was saved with a final 1-4 score line. 

Takuya Nakano (2), Nikolai Filatov and Seiji Ueshima scored the goals for your entertainment and glory. Nakano received man of the match honors. 

In the First Division, Voodoo locked horns with the Shanghai Vikings FC. The first half hour was fairly even with both teams creating chances. Jasper Scheuermann proved to be a constant threat in attack, which seemed to upset the Voodoo defense who decided to foul him as many times as possible. 

At the other end Voodoo hit the bar twice. All luck aside, the chances were not from any build up play and the Vikings would have felt hard done by if either had gone in.

One of the Viking’s best chances was the result of some tiki-taka Barcelona style play from coach Martin Haxholdt, Mikkel Pedersen and Janus Olsen (below) but the ball did not find the net and the score remained goalless.  

The Vikings continued to have most of the possession in the second half and chances started to come thick and fast. Pedersen’s header just went wide and the Voodoo keeper had some outstanding saves to keep the nil. 

Voodoo’s best chance came from a lovely shot from the edge of the box that appeared to curl into the top corner but Haxholdt tipped to ball just wide. The match ended in a 0-0 draw, leaving Voodoo at top of the league on goal difference with the Vikings having one game in hand. Dragos Olaru and Damo Pilat received man of the match honors. 

Anzacs FC crossed swords with Shanghai Tianfu FC. Tianfu’s plan early on seemed to be to draw the Anzacs in and then counter quickly, whilst the Anzacs were trying to use Dan Aubin’s pace up front. 

They kept things pretty tight early on, as the first half turned out to be fairly even with few chances. Anzacs’ best opportunities came from a couple of set pieces, whilst Tianfu once got behind the Anzacs but keeper Thorsten Kalus came out quickly to smother.

In the second half, things started to open up at both ends as the game became more stretched. Tianfu had several chances but without finding the net. Anzacs’ Sebastian Zhang having a shot well saved by the Tianfu keeper and Ian Mote meeting a free header from Steve Watson’s free kick but putting it wide.

Dan Aubin was still causing Tianfu problems up front, managing to get through on goal once only to overrun the ball and be stopped by the keeper. Aubin was also hassling the Tianfu defenders enough to win a couple of free kicks but they did not lead to a goal. 


In the last 10mins, Tianfu came at the Anzacs more and towards the end it all got a bit Alamo-like. Keeper Kalus had to make several saves and was forced into another point-blank save from a corner, which turned out to be the last action of the match as it ended 0-0. 

With a slightly patched up team it was a hard-fought point for the Anzacs. Nick Kintzley and Yi Bing Fu received man of the match honors. The boys went to the Grand Yard to celebrate gains made on the day. 

Kangbei United FC squared off with Shanghai Cosmos. Cosmos were chasing their third straight win and were confident coming up against the bottom side of the league. In the opening exchanges, Cosmos soon realized that this was not going to be an easy game, as the Kangbei forwards caused endless problems with their pace. 

After ten minutes, Cosmos eventually settled. Jordan Campbell found himself one on one with the keeper, but unselfishly passed to Conor Maye for an easy tap in taking a 0-1 Cosmos lead and one for the scrap book!

Maye continued to cause problems for the defense and on minute 15, his cross found Campbell unmarked at the back post for 0-2. Soon after that, another Maye cross was heading to Campbell before a Kangbei defender diverted into his own goal for 0-3. 

Chris Colman added another on his comeback, only to be ruled offside. On the stroke of halftime, Kangbei’s keeper threw the ball out to nobody and Jonny Sellars simply guided it into an empty net for a 0-4 Cosmos lead at halftime. 

In the second half, Kangbei pressed to get something out of the game and scored two early goals by Jackson Katta and Guanghao Gao, including a stunner from a free kick for 2-3 and game on.

Cosmos soon found their rhythm again and Paul Baird assisted Campbell for 2-5 and 2-6, before Jack Greenwell extended the lead with his first Cosmos goal following a pass from Jonny Sellars taking a 2-6 Cosmos lead. 

Sellars added his second and Cosmos’ seventh when he found himself unmarked from a Graham McNally corner and smashed home from 12 yards for 2-7. 

Another McNally corner fell to the feet of center back Jasper ‘Van Nistelrooy’ Verdam and he made it two in four for the season and a final 2-8 score line. Jordan Campbell (#10) received man of the match honors. Campbell: “Since we have KateWood as sponsor things are moving forward bigly!”

Long Tang AFC were pitted against Happy FC in a Chinese derby. The boys were very sad on the day and both teams held one-minute silence in remembrance of Long Tang player and SIFL Committee member Liang Zhang’s mother who passed away last week.

Long Tang started well and were able to play on HFC’s half for long periods of time. Their dominance paid off as they drew first blood taking a 1-0 lead and that’s how an entertaining first 45mins of football ended. 

In the second half, HFC regrouped somewhat and were able to push Long Tang back launching several attacks deep into Long Tang territory. It resulted in two goals but not before Long Tang found the net as well for 2-2. The game was open again and could have gone either way

HFC were the happiest after 90mins of football as they managed to score the winner to take home all three points with a final 2-3 score line. 

Below: Qiuqi Xu, Linlin Cen and Minjie Shi scored for HFC. Ahamad Meouloud and Sam Mabrouk scored for Long Tang. Linlin Cen received man of the match honors. 


Shanghai International Football League


Visit the official SIFL website to find out more.

Tom Bus


[SPL News] Century Park FC the team to beat in the SPL !

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

Last weekend some teams took part in the Shanghai Masters. A great veteran tournament organized by Super 48 ! It was won by Emerald FC who beat Japan 1-0 in the final and the Lions Legends ended third after they lost the semi’s against Japan on penalty. For this reason we had only one game on Sunday !

Century Park FC 1–0 ERS

It was a great setting on a great pitch with the two teams in form battling it out. ERS started better and got opportunities esp Ondrej came close as well ERS felt they deserved a penalty when he was tackled from behind. After a while Century Park came over their nerves and took more possession and control of the game. They tried to score by counters but Shingi and Max rushed too much and missed the targets. In the second half Century Park started better fully focused and it lead to the opening goal great run and pass fm Daniel Kim to Fafa who scored the 1-0. Now ERS had to come and they tried it with long balls and on the other side Century Park tried to break on counters and came close a few times ! It stayed 1-0 and Sam of ERS said after the game “ It was a great game of football but in this game both sides didn’t deserve to lose” !

This weekend we will have three games in the SPL!

  • 1230 -1430 Krauts vs MMFC @ Jinqiao
  • 1430-1630 Lions – ERS @ Jinqiao
  • 1400-1600 Century Park FC – Marlins

Temperatures are hitting winter levels so let the games be excellent warming up games for the upcoming Santa Cup hopefully played in the snow !

Freek / Yamada

[Lions Abroad] Patrick Lapon

The beauty of Shanghai football is that people come and go! So many players have contributed one way or the other to the success of the club that it’s almost getting difficult to keep track of all of you. We miss you guys! This is why we have decided to create a new category called “Lions abroad” to give the opportunity to give news but also share memories we have had together on and off the pitch.

Freek Boelen

Interviewee of the month: Patrick Lapon


FB: Where you live now?
PL: I am in Berlin, Germany… Matze’s city 😉

FB: Alone or with other people ?
PL: I’m living now with my girlfriend

FB: How is it to live there compared with Shanghai ?
PL: Berlin is a really nice, less polluted, more cold but people are nice.

FB: Do you play football there if so which team if not why not ?
PL: Yes i found a football team of course. I play for the FC Schoneberg. I will never stop and will try to play over Tomas, Fred & Freek’s age… The team is fine quite cool. I don’t know exactly the level but it’s fine. Compare to the lions, we have a younger team but i think in a real match we will beat them :)))

FB: What do you miss about the Lions and what don’t you miss about the Lions ?
PL: I miss:

  • The team, and the crazy moment with the lads,  the century park ground , the trip when we go to the stadium with AZZ, RAD, Rabiot, our team’s events… everything !!!!!!!!
  • To hear laughing Radouane, Nicolas “Di Margarita” and Romain’s joke
  • When Tomas says every time ” Cabron and la puta …”
  • Freek’s speech before each game: “beautiful pitch beautiful weather”

I don’t miss :

  • The Shooters
  • The cross to the 3rd post of Di Margarita
  • The locker rooms euh …. yes we don’t have
  • Kevin the ref
  • The “Who are we?” We got a better one in Schoneberg (see below in youtube video) mdrrrrr !!!!! 


FB: What do you miss about Shanghai and what don’t you miss about Shanghai?
PL: I miss

  • Mainly my friends and the team
  • The Food from the the yeshari Muslim restaurant.
  • The fake Market
  • Get a taxi or moto taxi, tchouk tchouk with a good price.
  • The massage
  • Meeting Tomas and his family for dinner and enjoy good moments with the kids.
  • L’UNICO and the party with Bokou Haram team 😉 !!!!…….. almost everything.

I don’t miss people in the subway or in the elevators.

FB: Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
PL: In 5 years I don’t exactly but i will still play and enjoy football + plus some international match with the lions (if this can happen)

FB: Do you have a nightmare sometimes about the lions? what does it look like?
PL: Yes I have one sometimes I sleep and i imagine Charly slim, Simon with hair the worst one is when I saw Matt Witko and Di Margarita are going faster than me in the pitch. Fortunately it s only a dream

FB: Do you have a dream about the lions sometimes and what is it about?
PL: I dream that Manchester united comes for the pre-season and ask the lions to make a friendly game. Then Azz call me and i take the first flight to play against or that the Lions integrate the Chinese super league and I will be in the Staff.

FB: Did you see any other old lions recently ?
PL: Yes I have met Charles, he is playing with my team sometimes but he’s now goalkeeper 😀 (see right below). Feel free to come guys, you are more than welcome !!!!!

I miss you all of you guys !!!!!
Merci beaucoup and miss you my friend !

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Legends took the third place at the Shanghai Masters !


shanghai-masters-cup-logo8th Shanghai Masters Cup

It was an early start for the Legends as the Masters as our first game was at 8:20 AM ! It was impressive to see over 15 Legends to arrive on time. Usually we are slow starters in tournaments but not this time as we hammered our Korean opponent 5-0 in twenty minutes !

With good spirit we started our second game but we found a tougher opponent. The Japanese team defended with all their players and their goalie was making save by save much to the delight of all the other Japanese teams watching our game. They even came close to score with their only shot of the game but Pascal our goalie made an incredible save ! It ended 0-0 and as usually for the Legends a draw felt like a loss.

Our third game against Strosso was a must win to make to the finals and we won 1-0 and it should have been 3 or 4-0 !

In the knock out stage we met Super 48 in the quarters and played our best game of the day with a 3-0 win.

In the semi’s we were up against Japan FC the winner of last year they had played one game less than us (by lucky draw they were exempted from the quarter finals) and we started to feel it in our legs. However our defense stood up firm again and it stayed 0-0 ! Penalties Laid / Nico / Fred and Pascal our goalie kept us in the race. Francois had the final on his foot but show his attempt stopped by the Japanese goalie and our last hope, Gwen, felt too much pressure and saw his effort stopped by the Japanese goalie as well !  Anyway our heads were up as a penalty shoot out is a lottery we just needed a bit more luck !

We played Strosso again for the third place and beat them 4-0 !

Overall a great day and good spirit in the Legend squad. We played 6 x 20 minutes games and didn’t concede one goal ! Nicolas was the top scorer of the Tournament ! Next year we will try again to get the trophy back to the Lions !

Final Result

  1. Champion: Emerald FC
  2. Shanghai Japan Football Club (2nd)
  3. Shanghai Lions Legends (3rd)
  • MVP: Curry Steven (Emerald FC)
  • Top scorer: Nicolas Bouchou (Shanghai Lions Legends)
  • Iron man (the eldest scorer): Ueda (Shanghai Japan Football Club)

We have two BIG SPL league games ahead of us this next two Sundays ! We play Scotland on Nov 27th, 2016 and Japan on Dec 04th, 2016 and hopefully we can win both and we see Emerald slip up !



Lions snatched a last minute draw against Reunited !


[ SIFL ] ReUnited FC 1-1 Shanghai LIONS

It was a BIG Game and that’s what we like as players  ! We had a strong bench again despite a few regular players were missing like Nico, Aga, Jack and Dani (still injured). The game plan was to stay compact all the time in order to not let the fast African players from Reunited slip behind our defense. Within one minute we almost scored on a counter as Rosie came one on one at the keeper. We got a few more chances on counters and our defense didn’t give away anything except for one time but Radouane was alert to stop the danger.

It was 0-0 at half time and we kept the shape and formation. Rosie came close again and the best chance was for Azzeddine who found himself 5 meters away from the Reunited goalie but couldn’t put enough pace on his shot. The game changed when we couldn’t clear a ball on our left defense and Reunited took the lead 1-0. From there, it became harder for us as we needed to push more forward with the danger of fast counter attacks. They came close a few times but Radoune who was voted man of the match saved us a few times. With close to 90 minutes on the clock it was a brilliant pass from captain Benji which found Rosie on full speed and he didn’t hesitate one second and lobbed the ball above Reunited keeper. It was a great team effort as we never gave up despite being down and got our reward for our hard work at the end ! The beer tasted good despite a draw and we are ready for the next game !



[SIFL News] Round 7 – Games played on 12 Nov 2016

Premier League

Shanghai Lions FC (above) take first spot with win over FC Oranje. Shanghai ReUnited beat Shanghai Japan FC. Azzurri FC win versus Shanghai United. Shanghai Krauts FC beat Shanghai 3United. 

First Division

Voodoo edge out Happy FC and take top spot. Shanghai Cosmos defeat Anzacs FC. Voodoo Child beat Kangbei United FC. Tianfu and Long Tang AFC share spoils with tie. 

* Sam France & Awolo Ekene scored 4 goals each!

In the Premier League, Shanghai Lions FC were pitted against Kings of the Basement FC Oranje. The Dutch came to defend trying to prevent the Lions from a quick goal and knowing that the longer they kept the nil would play on the Lions’ nerves. 

They held them at bay for about 40mins when the Lions were awarded a free kick 20 meters out. The keeper lined up the wall and positioned himself at the far post. Azzeddine stepped, took a look at the wall and the keeper and simply placed the ball at the free post taking a 1-0 Lions lead. 

The Dutch then resorted to full attack mode to try and score the equalizer before halftime. Dutch courage to no avail as the Lions immediately took advantage with a counter that found Azzeddine on the left flank. He controlled the ball and with a well-placed shot doubled the Lions lead to 2-0 and that’s how the half ended.

In the second half, the Lions pushed a bit more with many rotations and more goals quickly followed. First Nicolas Bouchou kept his goal scoring pace in tact as he scored twice for 4-0 followed by Gwen Volant for 5-0 and Jona Vogel flew in the sixth for 6-0. 

The men in Oranje than regrouped a bit and deployed the aging master, which had an immediate effect. Hong Kong boots on the ground Simon Ho launched his comrade Jimmy Li who took a shot on goal. The keeper saved it initially but Aaron Breeds was there for the tap in and his first goal for the orange franchise and 6-1. 

Daan van Eijkel (above) then took Oranje by the hand to try and quickly score six goals at the death, which was hard, but mathematically not impossible. It was a futile effort though as Xu Ling scored at the other end for a final 7-1 score line. The boys in orange went to Cages in celebration of Aaron Breeds’ first goal for Oranje. Oranjeboom was there!

Man of the match honors went to Azzeddine Takouloufa. Above with Xu Ling, Aaron Breeds, Nicolas Bouchou, Gwen Volant, Tom Bus, Jona Vogel and Freek Boelen. 

Shanghai Japan FC crossed swords with Shanghai ReUnited. ReUnited, since 2006, continued their 100% start to the season in a hard-fought victory over Japan. Although they made it three wins out of three, this game was a lot more complicated than the piece of cake victories that preceded it. 

Japan started well and caused all sorts of problems for ReUnited in the first half. Apart from grand delusions about their set up date, ReUnited had major problems with their shape in the opening exchanges.

Japan put them under serious pressure and when a loose ball at the back was latched onto by the lethal Japan strike force, Takuya Nakano was played free in front of the keeper and he coolly slotted home taking a 1-0 Japan lead and that’s how the half ended.  

The second half was a different story though as ReUnited refocused and pinned the Japanese back for almost the entire half. ReU’s effort and spirit was rewarded when David Conrad’s cross-come-shot sailed into the top corner of the Japanese net evening out the score at 1-1.

From there ReU powered on with Steve Ishemezwe netting twice for 1-3 and Max Dyckerhoff scoring the fourth and 1-4. In the closing minutes Takuya Nakano scored his second for Japan to make the score more respectable at 2-4 but by then ReUnited had won the game. 

Steve Ishemezwe received man of the match honors. And so ReUnited go on to face the Lions next week in fine fettle and hoping to emulate 3United’s result on the opening day. 

Azzurri FC did battle with Shanghai United. It turned out to be a battle of epic proportions and great score fest. Azzurri drew first blood taking a 1-0 lead. They then drew some more blood doubling the score to two for 2-0. United have Awolo Ekene (below) and he scored getting a goal back at 2-1. Ekene was at it again when he evened out the score at 2-2. 

At this point in the match the men in blue looked ready for the sledgehammer as United created chance after chance. Ekene then scored a third completing a rare pure hattrick taking a 2-3 United lead. 

It looked like the Italians would go into the break one goal down but they managed to equalize before halftime and went to tea with 3-3 score line. 

In the second half, they upped the pace and pushed f#cking harder. It yielded as they continued the scoring taking a 4-3 lead. They found the net another time for 5-3. Awolo Ekene then scored his fourth and determined a final 5-4 score line. 

Antti Hintsanen (2), Kwame Agyei-Owusu, Patrick Arbeloa and Niccolo Reinero scored the Azzurri goals. Adam Kluger received man of the match honors. Kluger: “We are going to Cages coz there I can score from every angle!”

Shanghai 3United squared off versus the Shanghai Krauts FC. In the first half both teams played attacking football creating several chances but the final touch was missing. Thomas Schwab came close to opening the score but his effort landed on the post. Both teams went to tea with a 0^0 spectacle score. 

Dictator Bilgin G had a thunderous speech at halftime ordering his troops to stay focused and push deep into enemy territory. It yielded immediately as in minute 47 Christoph Harmeyer found the net taking a 0-1 Krauts lead. 

Stanislav Korchazhinkii doubled the score from an Azim Madaminov assist taking a 2-0 lead for Germany. United then wasted a 100% chance to get a goal back and instead the Krauts executed a deadly attack. Korchazhinkii got the ball and lobbed it over the keeper for 3-0. 

Madaminov (above) got in on the scoring as well for 4-0. Towards the end 3United were able to grab a consolation goal when Korbi Randlinger found the net and determined a final score line of 3United 1, Krauts 4. Azim Madaminov received man of the match honors. 

In the First Division, Voodoo got back into the swing of Saturday football against Happy FC and they set about them like an Aussie at a Brazilian BBQ and threw a mullet up’em from the off. 

Voodoo started well and found themselves up 2-0 at halftime thanks to Evan Kleinberg and a rocket from Jacob Harding. A rare halftime lead and it looked good but then Voodooitis set in the second half while HFC upped the tempo. Strikes from Zheren Liu and Qifa Li evened out the score at 2-2. 

Two goals apiece and it could have gone either way but there would be a happy ending for Voodoo after a Fabien Lebourcq cross was turned in by the otherwise profligate Jonny White and a 2-3 Voodoo lead. 

HFC then tried an all or nothing assault and the last ten minutes was all blues but Colin White the greatest goalkeeper ever was more than equal to everything that was thrown at him and Voodoo hung on for another unwarranted three points. Evan Kleinberg was voted man of the match. 

Will Voodoo’s luck run out against the Vikings next match? Will Brian Doyle make a fake newspaper article? Will the club’s greatest goal scorer Ned Kelly score 10? 

Jonny White: “We’ll know next week when we have Saturday football for an unprecedented two weeks in a row.”

Shanghai Cosmos locked horns with Anzacs FC. After a month off, Cosmos were happy to get back out on the field and play. Facing a new and improved Anzacs lineup, the opening exchanges were fairly scrappy. 

Cosmos soon found their rhythm and started passing the ball around nicely. The only problem was their final ball. Case in point – Conor Maye’s cross to ‘someone’ was heading straight into the open arms of the goalkeeper, but he somehow managed to drop a simple catch into his own goal for a 1-0 Cosmos lead. 

Anzacs came back strong late in the half and probably should have equalized after a long ball left their striker one on one with the keeper. No luck for them though and Cosmos maintained their 1-0 lead at halftime.

In the second half, Cosmos used their wing play to great affect and created a number of chances through low crosses into the box. Unfortunately, the Cosmos front line had left their predatory instinct at home. 

As time was running out, the second goal came from an unlikely source. Centre back Jasper Verdam found himself unmarked on the edge of the box and sent a half volley home with his weaker left foot expanding Cosmos’ score to 2-0. 

It was a relief for Cosmos at least until their defense fell a sleep and allowed Anzacs to half the deficit to 2-1 from a Daniel Aubin goal with 5mins to go. 

Anzacs gave it a final push to try and equalize but Cosmos survived the onslaught and hung on for a 2-1 win. Man of the match honors went to Cosmos’ Jonny Sellars.

Jasper Verdam: “Thou shall not mess with the laws of the universe and the Cosmos must expand!” Goal scorers below: Conor Maye, Daniel Aubin & Verdam. 

Shanghai Tianfu FC were scheduled versus Long Tang AFC (above). Both teams were sharp as a knife for this Chinese derby. 

Tianfu started well and were able to score twice in the first half while Long Tang netted once for a 2-1 Tianfu lead at halftime. 

The roles were reversed in the second half when Long Tang out scored Tianfu 1-2 for a balanced 3-3 tie and after 90 minutes of power football both Chinese sides shared the spoils of the art of the football war. 

Ahamad Meouloud, Sam Mabrouk and Wenren Deng scored for Long Tang. Tao Sun (2) and Xiaorong Wu scored for HFC. 

Tianfu’s Yu Zhu and Long Tang’s Ahamad Meouloud received man of the match honors. 

Voodoo Child locked horns with Kangbei United FC. As VC started off it seemed only captain Kam still had vivid memories of last year’s rape of Kangbei (inflicted on VC). Colin White was on loan to Voodoo so that captain Ben ‘Pies’ Goodwin stood between the sticks. 

VC still basking in the great result from the history, set off with the mindset that it would be a walk over and instead were quickly down 0-2. The first was a parting of the defense by Jackson Katta (above) that Moses would have been proud of and the second some neat interplay between Tyler Draper and Katta leaving goalie Goodwin stranded with a pretty good lob. 

Some pleasant words were exchanged from the touchline and VC finally came alive. A Fernando Torres pre-Chelsea strike by Irish Andy Graydon gave VC a lift at 1-2 before Sam ‘Jesus’ France smashed one in after some great work by Gary Wright on the right. A 2-2 score line at halftime was a fair reflection.

The second half was tense with VC looking a bit nervous in the back.  Jules Goodes memories from last year had returned and young Tony Nogood didn’t dare step on the pitch. 

But going forward VC looked dangerous. Brian ‘Santa’ Claus on the right and the introduction of Errol Flynn on the left marauding were creating all sorts of chances for Ned Kelly & Co. 

Jesus very kindly slotted in three more goals to appease the masses and a 5-2 VC Lead. As the game wore on VC were getting tired and Kangbei were running low on cigarettes but not before Zhou Qing found the net for 5-3. 

Finally Nogood was willing to go with the game being deemed safe, a brief cameo up front, resulting in zero goals and 60 in fines. Sam France received man of the match honors. 


Shanghai International Football League

Venue: Shanghai Community & Sports Center, Waigaoqiao

Visit the official SIFL website to find out more.

Tom Bus


[SPL News] SPL in full swing !

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

We are preparing the Santa Cup already and the draw of the SPL Cup 2017 will be done “live” at the event ! We will play in Jinqiao and have the price ceremony at Blue Marlin as well we plan to organize a Santa Cup tournament for the SPL Veterans at the same time ! Time flies and we think it will be a great way to celebrate the friendship we have built over the years !

We had three games last Sunday and some unexpected score !

Century Park Fc 10-0 Krauts

We didn’t find a match report from Bilgin this time except a message that his team was hit by a bus…..! Century Park took control of the game and never looked back. Fafa in fine form scored a hat-trick and had a couple of assists. It was 4-0 at half time and in the second half Century Park made things worse for Bilgin troops by scoring three goals in 3 minutes (78-81 minute of the game). Krauts didn’t manage to score which is rare and conceded 10 goals which is even more rare…..! Lets see what Biling will do and how they will bounce back. Century Park Fc will in fine form will meet the team in form ERS next !

Galacticos 5-1 Japan

The galacticos are in an uptrend and are conceding less goals every week. Of course Japan is a hard opponent with the fast moving players but Galacticos defended well / They got on the score sheet by Lin.

Marlins 1-7 Lions

This encounter is dubbed as el classico of Green City and both teams came with strong line ups. It appeared to be a game with two different halves. In the first half both teams were testing each other with fast counters on both ends. The Marlins took the lead after a poor clearance left Wilson free to choose a corner. The Lions stayed calm and tried to get back in the game but missed the final touch on their counters. At half time both teams got their instructions from the coaches and the Lions took advantage of their strong bench and brought on more fresh legs some experienced and some young and fast. It was from a corner that Fabie levelled the game 1-1. Zippy got a big chance to put the Marlins back ahead but his effort went wide and within a couple of minutes the Lions scored two more goals by Jona and Nicolas both players who started on the bench. This quick turn- around unsettled the Marlins and they started to lose grip on the midfield. The Lions kept coming and took advantage of the open space. On fast counters they scored another three goals to make the final score 1-7.


This Sunday we will have just one game as some teams will participate in the Veteran Masters Tournament

  • 14:30 Century Park FC – ERS @ Century Park


Enjoy the BIG game !


Freek / Yamada

It was a super weekend for the Lions

[ SIFL ] Shanghai LIONS 7-1 Oranje FC

It was excellent weather and playing condition were perfect last Saturday ! We were up against the dutch, Oranje FC in the SIFL. Our strength on the day was our excellent bench as we had a big and motivated squad. As for Oranje FC, they tried to keep the clean-sheet as long as they could. In the first 25 minutes we created some opportunities but failed to finish it off, shots went just wide or were blocked by their goalie. On the rare occasions that the Dutch were coming over the middle line we took advantage by quick counters. Azz opened the score on such an occasion and just before half time he scored our second.

In the second half we focused on scoring more goals as the goal difference is always important at the end of the season. All players coming off the bench made an impact first Nicolas who kept his goal scoring pace in tact as he scored twice followed by Gwen who almost wanted to retire from football after his goal ! Our debutant Jona also found the net and Kevin failed to score from a very close range. A slip of concentration gave an opportunity to the Oranje FC which they happily took as they made it 6-1. Last but not least our young local player Xu Ling scored as well to make the final score 7-1 for the Lions.

[ SPL ] Shanghai LIONS 7-1 Marlins FC

On Sunday the weather was still good 22 degrees which was pretty warm for middle of  November. Again we had a large squad and again the hungry bench proved to make a big impact on the game however our opponent were our old rivals the Marlins so we knew we were up for a tough game. Our plan was to play compact and patiently wait for one or two counter attack. It went well in the early stages as our defend stood well and we got a few fast counters. However the Marlins took the lead after we couldn’t clear the ball.

The second half talk we focused on being positive as we knew we can turn things around. We quickly equalized by a great header from Fabie and the Marlins started to show some cracks mainly because we upped the tempo of the game and their midfield imploded. Felix took on their defense coming free on his left foot and had no problem to put us ahead. Jona scored again 5 minutes later another debut goal from him with a blast that the Marlins goalie only could see going in as it was a great strike. Nicolas proved his killer instinct as he scored again as well. By now the Marlins collapsed and we kept trying to score more goals. Good old Tomas scored twice and laid one off to Xu Ling. At the end of the game all of us were not sure about the final score as we scored so many in just 45 minutes that we lost track, however in the end it stopped at 7-1 and a well deserved historic win over the Marlins was a fact !

Our strength on the day was our bench and our combination of experienced Legends and 3 young players who all played very well combined with an inform Dim and rock solid defense and a very motivated (seems he got a good reason) Azzeddine ! Well done Lions !


Two 7-1 wins surely lifted our spirits now let’s all come to the training and work even harder for the big games ahead of us ! Coming weekend we play Reunited on Saturday and the Legends will play the Super 48 Master Tournament !


It is good to be a Lion !



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