U15 lost 3-2 to Ebbe Sand in a very close match

Today our U15 traveled to Biss puxi to play Ebbe Sand. It was a very tight game and in the first half we were much the better team scoring a good goal from Gordon. Our U15 conceded shortly after from a corner kick as we didn’t quite organize quick enough. We, then, went ahead again after a re-bounded shot off the post was slotted away.

Second half tempers were high from both U15 teams but we can be proud how we controlled ourselves and respected the referee instead of complaining and shouting. Unfortunately we lost the ball in dangerous areas and it cost us the goal. We need to not rush in the attack so much and focus on building the play a bit more… We eventually got really unlucky with another free kick that hit the post in the final few minutes.

A tough game but we battled to the final whistle and showed maturity not to react to decisions that didn’t go our way. Thanks to the parents that came for your support, it’s much appreciated.


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Legends win the 10th Shanghai Masters Cup

10th Shanghai Masters CupLast Saturday, our legends were participating to the 10th Shanghai Masters Cup organized by FC Super 48 with the objective to win once more this tournament ! With only 12 players in our squad, our task was to make it to the finals against fitter & faster japanese teams in each and every game. Ten minutes before our first match, we got a complete squad as the field was very far in Shanghai suburbs… Actually this used to be Shanghai Shenhua Football Club training ground in their early years…

[Group Stage] Lions Legends 5-0 Ferie FC

Our first game was against the odds as Lions usually don’t start well but this time we went on a rampage and destroyed the opponent 5-0 in only 20 minutes !

[Group Stage] Lions Legends 0-0 South China

In our next game we faced a much better team as they were faster and we had to double efforts to keep the clean-sheet to end the game with 0-0 which was ok.


[Group Stage] Lions Legends 1-0 Legends of Super 48

In our last group game, we actually played very well but were unlucky in our finishing… We finally nailed it with a penalty of Bob sending us through to the quarter finals !

[1/4 Final] Lions Legends 2-2 Zoo Sepia

In the quarter finals we played another Japanese team with a few good players and we ran into trouble as they scored from a far distance free kick… With time running out we tried to stay cool and Bob found a great equalizer. However, we gave back the lead after poor defending and they put the 2-1 in the far corner by a volley with only 5 mn to go… In the last 2 mn, Laid blasted the ball in the goal from the left to give us a chance thru penalties ! Pascal turned up as our savior stopping 2 and we were in the semi !

[1/2 Final] Lions Legends 0-0 FC Shanghai Super 48

Our Semi final was an easier game with no threat by Super 48… However we also couldn’t score so we were at penalties again all was good until Zizzy Fred came up to kick us into the final with fresh legs but his ball hardly reached the line ! Luckily we went thru by the next penalty !

IMG_4014[Final] Lions Legends 0-0 Shanghai Japan FC

In the final we faced Japan FC (by far the best team on the day) but we made a superb team effort to hold them back and after 20 mn it was 0-0. It led to additional 10 mn extra-time where none both team team have been able to score… Once more 0-0 as final score ! So, penalties were to make the final decision again ! Bob, unnerved, took his 4th penalty of the day and scored. Francois, after 1 miss and one goal scored his 2nd. Pascal, by then, famous for his penalties saves scared the Japanese players as two missed the target. Nico was there to finish the job and it was a great day of football for our legends with a happy ending !


IMG_4015Big thanks to Super 48 for organizing this fantastic yearly event and you can be rest assured when you let the Japanese organize it all details are close to perfection ! We are already invited for next year and surely try and defend our title ! Well done Legends a super team effort ! As highlight of the day, Pascal won MVP award while being 2nd oldest player participating in this tournament at the age of 56. Special thanks also to Diego, Pierre’s son, who was awesome supporting us all day long… Nothing is more important but to pass on our success to our sons & daughters.



Legends beat Welsh 2-0 with their “Zizzi Restaurants” new outfit

we are zizziIt was not a beautiful day but somehow soccer players like rainy days ! The only issue was that our captain Fred was missing with our new set of jerseys and with the quick-off time approaching we were running out of time… Finally, he arrived 5mn before kick-off and the highlight of the day was our happy team picture showcasing those “Zizzi Restaurants” new outfit !

Zizzi RestaurantsWe had a strong squad but Wales had a large squad as well and decided to park the bus ! They kept all players on their half all the time however with good possession and short passed we took control of the game.

In the first 20mn we kept it at 0-0 which was ok. In the next 20, Dave opened the score as a final scorer after great combinations from our side ! This was a game changer as Wales aborted their “bus tactic” and it gave us more opportunities especially on counter attacks ! Soon, Dave scored his second and when we started the 3rd 20 minutes we knew that to keep the clean sheet would give us the the three points ! Our defense stayed focus and in the last 20 minutes we knew what we had to do in order not to give it away ! The President came close to score with his first touch in the match when he came on in the last 20 minutes after a great cross from Mamdouh but his effort went wide ! Just before the final whistle, one last great save from Clement helped us keep the clean sheet which bring us back close to the top of the SPL V at equal points with Scotland ! 

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unnamed (1)Let’s all make an effort and come to the trainings on Tuesdays ! With both Japan and Emeral having lost points there can be an opportunity for us if we are serious enough !



Lions U18 beat Aksil ReUnited 6-3

Aksil ReUnitedIt was a high level game against Aksil ReUnited with zero goals in the first half and 9 in the second half ! Till gave us the lead with a fine strike however we gave too much space to Aksil ReUnited forwards and they came back 1-1 and even made it 2-1… One of them was dubious with clear offside position however we showed fighting spirit and the substitutes who came in all played well and helped the team. Today our large bench was our strength. When we thought Lewis was getting a bit tired and were ready to take him off he blasted a perfect shot in the far corner and leveled us up. Matty who saw most of his opportunities just go wide or just stopped by the defenders finally got his break through with a fine header and gave us the lead back 3-2. Good through balls from Philipp and Thomas put Matty in positions to score and we made it 5-2. Aksil ReUnited got one back with a free kick almost stopped by Noel and the final goal came from Matty to make it 6-3. The icing on the cake came from Paul who replaced Matty and had a super strike on goal in the last minute it almost went in !

Great team spirit today and a good result against a good team ! Well done Lions and let’s work hard week after week to improve our game as there is always room for improvement !


See you all on Wednesday and you can click here for the match statistics.



U17 won 2018 GreenCity Cup

2018 GreenCity CupLast Sunday was a great day for our club for many reasons ! The weather was incredible and the field was great and the setting we were playing in was super ! It was super nice to see so many parents coming out today to support the players for this 2018 GreenCity Cup!

IMG_3545Our second team did well especially against the stronger teams losing just on penalties vs. Stoke City for instance ! We were happy that they won their last match as it was a good way to end the day !

IMG_3544For our first team they wobbled a bit when they let Aksil come back from a winning position to make it 4-4 but after that we got our focus back and set ourselves up to a nice final against DEQ ! The final was a good promotion of youth football in Shanghai watched by many people and with great team work and stand in goalie Matthew B, we won it with a super second goal from Matty !


Well done Lions !!! Great achievement to win this 2018 Green City Cup ! ! Thanks to Nick who coached all our teams as well as Azzeddine was kind enough to be referee this time as the local referees were not available !



Versus Super 48, the secret weapon came from the bench

The pressure was on for the legend as their coach was not at the game due other youth lions football day, and the game started well with Super 48 conceding a penalty within the first 10 minutes. Fred F, full of confidence, sent the ball over the fence… Then right after that, Miss Super 48 manage to get a penalty and we found ourselves 1-0 down but our secret weapon was on the bench…

Kevin came on the second quarter and scored a beauty from 25 yard… At 1-1, the game was on. A while later, Kevin again found Bob in the open space for 2-1. Kevin again scored another goal from 25 yards for the 3-1. Then we started to relax and got punished two times within 10 minutes putting back the score at 3-3…

In the 3rd quarter, Fred F found Bob again in space for the 4-3.

Last quarter was a lot better we started to play very well with a real passing style. Imad came from the inside and scored for the 5-3 which made us feel safe. Finally, Fred F scored for first time this season with an assist from Imad… 6-3 as final score and special mention to Sylvain for his solid game in the middle as well as Mamdouh.


Well done Lions and you can click here for the match statistics.



The revenant “fur trapper” scores 2 for his return against Japan

The revenantIt was a warm November afternoon and we needed every player that was available to take on a technical and fit Japanese team. We had 13 players but only two natural defenders and no goalkeeper! Luckily, Laid was willing to play back-to-back games and play left back and Dave made his goalkeeping debut! We start well, controlling the game and forced the Japanese on the backfoot. The Japanese seemed content to sit back and then counter-attack with speed in numbers. Our Dutch center backs, Koen and Jesse, handled everything with ease and our new goalkeeper wasn’t too busy for most of the first half! We patiently built out of the back well, using the strengths of our back four and keeper, and the central midfield started to connect effectively with some nice one-touch passing and good movement, which started to open up the Japanese defence and one of those moves lead to the revenant Romain being played in behind the Japanese defence and scoring the opening goal. We controlled possession but the Japanese made some substitutions and their counter-attacking speed put us under some pressure. We started to commit a few silly fouls and in the last minute of the first half gave away an unnecessary freekick by fouling a player on the edge of our box as he was going towards the corner flag. We didn’t get organized quickly enough, leaving an unmarked Japanese player at the back post and he headed back across goal and his header snuck inside the post. The half-time score was 1-1.

Luckily, Adam had just come to watch the game and when he noticed our captain in goal he offered to suit up and jump in goal for the second half. We regrouped, adjusted our formation, and made a few substitutions at halftime. We started the half well, immediately spreading the ball around and attacking down the wings. Less than 10 minutes into the first half, we went up 2-1 with a goal of the season nominee! A ball out of the back found Tomas just inside the Japanese half, he controlled it well, and laid it back to Dave on the right wing. As the ball rolled back across the half-way line, Dave saw the keeper off his line and hit it first time. The keeper peddled backwards but couldn’t keep it out! 2-1! We dominated possession and created a number of chances in the second half. Our defense played out of the back well and Tyrone and Dim increased the tempo through the middle. Good movement out wide and across the front was causing trouble for the Japanese as was our high-pressure. However, with 10 minutes to go as we started to tire in the heat, the Japanese found and opening through a counter-attack and levelled the score 2-2. We brought Romain back on and continued to create chances. Laid, Dim, and Tyrone tried their luck from distance, while Jeremy had a one-on-one opportunity saved. With two minutes left, Koen sent a goal kick forward, which Dave flicked onto Jeremy, whose touch put Romain clean through who finished with an expertly placed finish leading us to a 3-2 victory!


Well done Lions and you can click here for the match statistics.



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