Lions beat SPQR Da Marcos to stay on top of the SPL

SPQR Da MarcosLast Sunday, the score was not what we wanted the most as of course we preferred to have a clean sheet… Then, we should have scored more but what i liked with this the squad is that everybody came on time and motivated to play and give SPQR Da Marcos who said they are here to win the league a hard time !

Shanghai Lions FC 4 – 1 SPQR Da Marcos

Remember guys that what make Shanghai Lions FC unique is that we’re the only amateur club to give playing opportunities for youngster in Shanghai but also let them feel part of the team and club ! We had Philipp‘s father making video’s of the game and we had Matty out injured coming with his parents to watch as well as Noel (our youth goalie) who played in the senior team a few times to help out to come and watch. Romain, a bit injured also, came as well. Last but not the least, Kader‘s girlfriend taking all the pictures today although 90% of him… Terao was captain today and Azz stayed aside doing the coaching job ! Big John came in the last minutes and the young French players Raphael and Antoine made their debut.


To me all this is more important than the score against SPQR Da Marcos ! Because next week we will be very motivated to make up for the missed chances and show who we really are ! See you all on Tuesday.



Lions U 15 beat YKFC 2-0

YKFCIt was a great day for football in Shanghai as finally spring did arrive with a blue sky and 16 degrees ! We had a good squad but only issue was that we didn’t have a goal keeper ! It was great to see Gordon and Matt standing up as volunteer for this match ! Our strategy was to play defensive first as we saw a few new faces at YKFC and wanted to see how they played first.

[ SPL U15 ] Shanghai Lions FC 2 – 0 YKFC

We started organized in 4-4-2 with focus on defense. The result was that we didn’t give any chance away with Alvaro solid stopping all the players who tried to come through. Gordon as goalie didn’t have to make one save in the first half but while we controlled the midfield we didn’t make a lot of shots on target either. It was a solo run from Jason which with the help of an YKFC player did give us the 1-0 lead.

At half time we changed strategy and try to go for the second goal instead of defending the 1-0 lead and we played 4-3-3. Gordon was now left winger and Matt in the goal ! We played better and got our combination play back and the match started to become more interesting ! It was a super strike fully intended by Gordon which surprised the YKFC goalie and we were 2-0 up. Right after this, Gordon had two great chances with great team build up but his efforts were going just wide. It was also nice to see that our substitutes came in very well and helped to secure the win. In the last minute the referee overlooked a foul on David in the box which gave YKFC a free shot but Matt saved it in a great manner !!

It was a solid win and we thank all the U18 and parents who came to watch ! We have now won 6 matches out of 9 and have the best defensive record in the league ! Well done Lions ! Keep up the efforts you make week after week to improve as a team ! To us this is only the beginning !


Have great Sunday !


Freek, Nick & Azzeddine

Lions to enter Chen Yi Cup organized by Shanghai Football Association

As the SPL and SFA (Shanghai Football Association) started a cooperation to promote soccer in Shanghai, we are happy to announce that the Lions will join the Chen Yi Cup 2019. Chen Yi was a former famous Mayor of Shanghai. This tournament will have 64 teams competing in a knock out Cup tournament from May until August 2019. If we can be among the 4 best teams, we’ll be able to get a slot into the official China National Super Cup tournament together with the professional teams !


Lets enjoy this new venture and hope we can reach far in the tournament !



Legends seal their 8th consecutive win in veteran league

It was an early kick off at 09:00 and actually we liked it as there is not much traffic early in the morning and after the match you have plenty of time left to relax on Sunday. We had to play the last match of our SPL V first round. In order to stay on top of the veteran league, only a win would do.


[ SPL Veteran ] Shanghai Lions FC 3 – 0 Wellington Champs

We were playing the Wellington Champs, a new team who recently joined the veteran league. Surely aware our Lions’ scoring reputation, they decided to park the bus with 10 players defending on their own half… We started well keeping possession and try to keep the field wide as in the middle it was too crowded to play. We opened the score after a good header from Bob. However, Wellington didn’t change their strategy being 1-0 down. Shortly after, we were denied a penalty when Tomas was launched into Orbit by a Wellington defender… Everybody saw it except the referee. Justice came by a good run and finish from Gwen to make it 2-0. In the third 20 minutes we got plenty of opportunities but failed to score. A fine run and finish from Tomas made the final score 3-0.

veteran leagueOur 8th consecutive win in the veteran league ! We have now 24 points with 28 goals scored and only 5 conceded.


In the 2nd veteran league round we will play Wellington, Japan, Emerald & Scotland to decide the Championship ! Lets go Legends !



U15 and U18 win both against DEQ

On Saturday March 16th, we had two matches against DEQ for both our youth teams.


[ SPL U15 ] Shanghai Lions FC 2 – 1 Dulwich Earthquakes

For our U15, we only had 12 players as a few players were missing. Without the help of the older players it was a good test for us as all younger ones could play.

In the first half both teams didn’t play so well and Paul, our goalie, kept us in the game with a couple of good saves with his feet but DEQ did take the lead. We used the half time to change the formation especially upfront and Daniel took over as goalie for Paul. It worked well as we played much better as a team and started to control the game. It was a fine header from Mat which put us level and soon after we took the lead after Sota who made his debut for the Lions and played very well crossed to Gus and he saw his strike hitting the cross bar but Gordon was alert to score the rebound. With hard work we kept the score like that and won 2-1 !


[ SPL U18 ] Shanghai Lions FC 3 – 2 Dulwich Earthquakes

Soon after it was time for our U18 ‘s with a thin squad as well but Gordon and David were asked to stay back and help out if needed. In the first half we didn’t get into our passing game but adjusted to DEQ game with long balls. However Victor showed us how to finish as twice he perfectly put the ball in the corner of the goal after a good counter attack form our side ! He could have made a first half hat trick but saw his effort being denied by the post.

At half time we took the chance to talk to the players and told them although we are 2-0 up we were not playing well. We lost Thomas for the second half as a DEQ players opened up his feet we hope is doing well and the injury is not too bad ! David made his debut in the U18 for the second half and we played better after the break. Much more passing and combinations what we do at the training and our defense didn’t gave away anything while we were looking for our next goal. We took a 3-0 lead with a strike from Philipp which the DEQ keeper couldn’t hold. The referee gave a penalty to DEQ for a handball which brought them back in the game as they made it 3-1. Till had a great chance to end the game but he saw his good effort saved by the goalie. Instead DEQ came back in the game 5 minutes before the end with a good goal. In the last few minutes we knew we had to defend well and it was a super save from Noel which in the last seconds which gave us all three points and kept us on top of the SPL U18 League !


Well done Lions ! Great team efforts and great team spirits today ! Lets keep building and improving ourselves ! See you all on Wednesday !


Freek, Nick & Azz

Lions legends beat Japan FC 2-0

It was a great Lions legends performance including Clement who left his place to Pascal coming out to support with some beers and Max who is still recovering from his operation have not missed a match from the side line ! We made a tactical plan to avoid being caught out by Japanese counters and their speed. The whole Scotland team stayed back to cheer for Japan as they were equal on points but we had this match to play.

With only Bob and Mamdouh upfront we made it hard for the Japanese to slice through our midfield and defense. Our second counter attack was perfect and easy finished by Bob.

In the next 20 minutes we tried to play the same as we knew that opportunities would come as we dominated the midfield with in super form Sylvain who claimed he was playing so well due to a strong dose of Baijiu ! We scored a great goal with several combinations and cool finish from Mamdouh.

In the third 20 we saw Kevin almost scoring by trying to shoot over the Japanese goalie who preferred to be always out of his box ! When we saw Jerome and Matze our in form central defenders limping off we quickly reorganized with James as a center back and later Arnaud as stopper.

It was good time to use all the substitutes we had in the last 20 with Mike causing the Japanese defenders to panic a few times and Freek almost scoring after a great run from Imad and a dutch move from the President but he saw his shot just be tipped out by the Japanese goalie in the far corner.

The Scottish left already when we went 1-0 up. Indeed we never let the Japanese shoot on target for 80 minutes and the clean sheet is great as we have the best defensive record and are still on top ! What I liked the most is that from the start until the end we had a positive attitude and kept focusing on the game !


Our next match will be next week against the new team Wellington Champs 900 AM so lets get ready NOW !



Lions beat Japan to go on top of the SPL

Today the most important for us was to pay respect to the former Japanese Captain who sadly passed away in Japan last week only 33 years of age. These things are hard to understand as he was great player and real leader of the Japanese team when we still played in the SIFL. Life some time is hard to understand but the fact that Japan played today with most of their players attending the funeral is also special and it was very nice to see both teams paying respect to him and we hope he can rest in peace ! I have very deep respect for the Japanese players even losing 9-0 but never gave up given the circumstances…


Lets always appreciate life and as long as we are here… Hope to see you all on Tuesday.



U15 beat DEQ 4-3 in an even match

We were lucky that the rain stopped for once when we started our game ! With Paul in the goal and not many subs we decided to play 4-4-2 bit more defensive. We focused on defense first and try to break on the counters.

In the first half we didn’t play well as we tried to look for a difficult solution where instead a simple easy pass was there all the time. As team we dropped our level and that was the reason DEQ took the lead 1-0 ! Jason showed that when the level drops you can still work hard and try to get a result. His goal was pure determination as his first attempt to score was blocked but he kept trying as he was falling down he managed to lift the ball in the far corner. Great goal by a great individual effort ! It was 1-1 at half time and we took the chance to talk to the players and explained how to improve like not running with the ball when you can give a simple pass next to you.

We played much better in the second half and stepped up our work rate and created many more chances. Jason tested the newly replaced DEQ keeper with a wide range shot and the keeper couldn’t handle it and we took the lead. We combined much better and after a good build up Gordon placed the ball right at the inside of the far end post to make it 3-1. However DEQ came back after we couldn’t clear a ball crossed in. Gordon put us 4-2 ahead with a good finish left from the keeper. DEQ did come back once more by a penalty Paul choose the right corner but couldn’t get the ball. Solid defending and the great work rate gave us all three points in the end.


Well deserved and a really great team effort again ! Keep training hard and we will get better and better ! Well Done Lions !


Freek, Nick & Azz

Legends beat rival Emerald 4-1 to stay on top of the SPL V

SPL VIn this morning of SPL V match-day, it looked a bit dicey as pollution levels were at 200 when we woke up but soon the sun appeared and the sky was turning blue. After weeks of rain this was a welcome relieve for everybody. In the last few encounters against today’s opponent, the Emeralds, we struggled to play and beat them… Then, let’s say that we were all very motivated this time !

In the first 20 minutes, we had a small team at the start of the match but we played very disciplined and organized. Emeralds, on their side, decided to sit back and were waiting for a counter attack however our mid field and defense were working well together so that the Emeralds struggled to give the final pass. With Bob out wide and Mike in the middle on top we took a 1-0 lead after a good cross from Bob connected with Mike’s extended leg just enough to give the ball a little notch and roll in the goal ! Great start for the Legends !

In the second 20 mn, we decided to keep the team the same as they started so well but we failed to keep our positions in some cases and we started to fell in the “too much talking and less playing” mode. We did make the 2-0 after a great run of Masa-san where he was ready to score but got fouled at the edge of the box right in the middle. The keeper choose to defend the side of the wall and Bob put the ball at the other side.

In the third 20 mn, the game changed as the last defender of the Emerald got his second yellow after he blocked Masa-san to run through and we started to play the ball around which tired the Emerald players on the large Wellington pitch.

In the final 20 mn our intention was the clean sheet however we did let Emerald come back in the game after a few bad passes in row from our side we let Fafa score from close range. However 5 minutes later Tomas surprised the Emerald goalie with a well placed shot to make it 3-1. In the last minutes a cross from Bob ended up at Kevin at the far end and he scored with the help of an Emerald player to make the final score 4-1.


Great day for the Legends as this result allow us to stay on top of the SPL V. It was also great to see Matthieu flying over from France for this match. Well done Legends ! See you all at the training !


Happy Freek


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