Great comeback to clinch a draw vs. Cosmos

comebackIt was our second 09:00 am game and because of the early kick-off, we missed a few key players… For this senior team game, we were up against Cosmos who we played in a pre-season friendly earlier last summer.

[ SIFL ] Cosmos 2-2 Shanghai Lions FC

They were well prepared and got us off guard in the early stages of the match… As a matter of fact, we were not sharp enough at the start and lost too many balls in the build-up. Luck was on their side when a soft free-kick was given on the left close to the middle line and their cross in was flying with the help of the wind past all the players and in the end past our goalie as well… It was a wake-up call for us and we got better at creating a bit more chances when 10 minutes before half time the referee pointed to the penalty spot after he saw a handball of one of the Cosmos players in the box. While Pat was already moving forward confident in our comeback; the referee went to his linesman who was surrounded by Cosmos players, and finally decided to change his decision to our big surprise! What a terrible mistake by this poor referee to overturn the penalty decision… Goal kick for Cosmos instead.

At half time we were talking about justice and make sure to get back into the game but within 15 minutes we didn’t react well to a great Juliano save and they scored the 2-0… For the Cosmos, it was game over! It’s true that we didn’t create a lot in the next 15 minutes but when got a free-kick at the edge of the box everything changed. Both Pat and Juliano were ready to take it but it was Pat who scored with a stunning free-kick in the top left corner. After this, the Lions were on fire and were looking for the equalizer. Masa-san came very close from the left but the goalie stopped his effort however it was Romain great placed ball in the left corner that gave us the well-deserved draw… Justice was made! and in the last minute, we almost clinched the win on a fast counter with a super volley of Masa-san but again the Cosmos goalie saved it.

Overall we were happy with the comeback and we will pay more attention to start stronger in our next game. Well done Lions!



Young Lions made their parents proud in the SPL U9

SPL U9After our successful youth camp last summer, we have been thinking about organizing matches for the younger age group on a regular basis for boys and girls like those who attended our last Coerver coaching training camp… Therefore, we have decided to create a Lions U9 team and let them play in the SPL U9 league on Sunday mornings.

Looking sharp in their brand new Lions outfit and with the help of Jason as a coach; they were ready to play and have fun at the same time. With the supporting parents on the sideline, they played very well with good ball movement and passing, and of course, the players were technically good which became clear during the 5 aside matches. In the end, they won both their matches and deserve a big compliment for their effort and teamwork.

Well done young Lions we are looking forward to next week’s matches in SPL U9.


Sportive Greetings

First team beat Shanghai Marlins

MarlinsIt was a great day to play this senior football game under 22 degrees, a clear sky, and a good pitch. It was our first match in our new kit and we had a lot of motivated players showing up 1 hour before the match. After the team picture and warming up we were ready to go against our old rival the Marlins. It was good to see both teams had plenty of youngsters trying out to play at the senior level.

[ SIFL ] Shanghai Lions FC 4-0 Shanghai Marlins FC

Well usually we are slow starters but not this time from the kick-off we showed aggression and hunger for the ball and within one minute we had a perfect fast break on the right with a good cross from Kyle well finished by Romain… 1-0 for the Lions.

After this, the game started to evolve and the speed of play was very fast the referee was lost couldn’t coop with the speed, and made poor decisions for both teams. Marlins tried to launch their fast young forwards with long balls helped by the wind in the back and it caused us some problems we gave away several corners which we dangerous and a few free-kicks as well. We rushed too much ourselves and forget our passing game and we were looking for long balls as well. However, we were helped by the Marlins when a cross from the right was headed into their own goal 2-0 Lions. It gave us a good cushion at half time and we could bring in fresh legs in the second half.

With the wind in our back, we were looking for the third goal to finish the game. We got a free-kick at the perfect spot right on the box edge in the middle several players stood up to claim the free-kick but it was Patrick who took control and placed the ball low in the right corner to make it 3-0. The icing on the cake came from Cyril who just came back from injury and shot from far out as he saw the keeper off his line and smashed the ball over the keeper in the net! Perfect 4-0 for the Lions. We got plenty of opportunities to score a few more but failed to finish them so it stayed 4-0. Credit to the Marlins with a young squad to keep playing and trying to get back in the game.

Well done Lions! Next up is training on Tuesday and Cosmos on Saturday 09:00 kick-off.


Legends beat the Bulls

BullsIt was a perfect day for Football and the Legends had an early match against the Bulls a mainly french team and sofar unbeaten in the SPLV league. We were lacking forwards and midfielders for this match but were happy that Jack made his debut in the Legends as he is a solid defender. For the starting line up, we had to be a bit creative to make it work but we opted for 4-4-2 with Fabi and Tomas upfront.

[ SPL V ] Shanghai Lions FC 2-0 Shanghai Bulls

In the first 20 minutes of the match, it was clear how the Bulls intended to play as they were pumping long balls to their two forwards all the time skipping their midfield players. We had to stay alert and it was good that Clement our goalie was focused as a of those balls ended in his hands. We didn’t create many chances in the beginning but did have the midfield control.

In the second 20 minutes, we became more dangerous and created more chances and the reward came with 5 minutes to go by a great cross from Romain finding the head of Fabi who with a superb header left the Bulls goalie without a chance.

Although we were 1-0 up we still had 40 minutes to play and the Bulls didn’t change their game plan it was not easy for us but the whole team stood up to work hard to get the result we wanted. The biggest scare came when FL thought he was clearing a ball for a corner to the Bulls but saw that instead, he was firing a shot at Clement luckily he was alert and saved us.

In the last 20 minutes, we wanted the clean sheet and defense was our first priority but of course because the Bulls needed to score they moved forward and we could counter. We did get a couple of shots on target but the icing on the cake came in the last minute when Nico landed a corner on the head of the President who saw his effort being blocked by the hand of the Bull defender in the box. The penalty taken by him flew into the left corner and it was time to celebrate a super team effort on a hard-working day. The Corona’s tasted good after our 2-0 victory!

Next up are the new Chinese team the Old Guns at 11:00 this coming Sunday!

Happy Freek

Youth trained hard at F45 Fitness

F45 FitnessWe wanted to try out something new for our youth players and signed up for a try out session at F45 Fitness last Sunday. With over 20 players we had a nice group but didn’t know what to expect… Soon we realized it was going to be hard work and a serious workout after the coaches explained the concept. We had to work 12 stations in teams of 2 in 15 minutes without any stop. The exercises were explained on video screens and the coaches corrected us when we missed out on some techniques. After the first round, we had a two-minute water break and started our second round by now legs were getting sore, and push-ups became harder the final blow was the third round to complete the 45 minutes high-intensity workout.

Our player did really well and it was a good example for them to work on the body and mind at the same time and see the benefits. After the cool down, it was time for our reward and we all went to Fat Cow to eat a juicy burger in order to make sure the calories we lost at F45 Fitness were back on! We liked the concept and will use it more times in the future.


Freek, Pat & Nick

Legends beat PF United and start new season with a win

PF UnitedLast Sunday, we were a bit surprised to see our opponent PF United to come with 26 players for the match. As in the veteran league, we play 4 x 20 minutes; it was like we were facing a new squad for every quarter time!!! Our strategy was to create corners and free-kicks and be alert on their counter attacks.

[ SPL V ] Shanghai Lions FC 2-0 PF United

In the first 20 minutes, we played well but should have taken the lead as we got two clear chances in the first minutes. It was important to score first as Japanese teams are masters in counter football.

In the next 20 minutes, PF United was more dangerous and came closer to score we did get a lot of corners and a couple of free-kicks but failed to convert them.

The match turned positively into Lion’s favor in the third 20 minutes. First PF United had the best scoring opportunity of the game out running our defense with only our goalie Clement left to beat… Luckily, he saved the shot and saved our match. They got one more close encounter but with few minutes to go PF United gifted us a goal-scoring opportunity as Masa-san was fouled in the box. SKIV stayed cool and scored the penalty in the left corner.

With a 1-0 lead going into the last 20 minutes we were motivated to keep the clean sheet and strengthened our defense a bit in order for ourselves to also play on the counter. On a cross from Nico, FL did a great header which went in after hitting both the crossbar & the goal line. PF United said no goal but we called for the VAR… the referee had no choice but to call it in.

Overall a very good team effort and performance from the Legends and the Corona’s after the match tasted good. Next up will be our match against the Bulls 09:00 on Sunday Oct 18th, 2020.



Positive outcomes after a friendly vs. Bulls

positive outcomesThere were many positive outcomes for the legends today after a friendly game vs. Shanghai Bulls.

  • Bob taking on the coaching job while not being able to play himself due to his injury was a great example of commitment to the team. 
  • Nicolas delivering the new kit and the bags, except for Matze 3 XLXLXL which was still tight on him all players were looking sharp in the new outfit. 
  • Nicolas Serrano despite twisting his ankle coming to watch and support us.
  • Jerome while a bit injured happy to play stand-in goalie and had a great save (yes one).
  • It was great having Haroun and Adrien back after they managed to re-enter China.
  • Tomas “on fire” who probably played his best game for the Lions.
  • Skiv scoring a lob which starts to become his trademark goal.
  • 100% Japan-made goal with Hiro-san crossing for Masa-san header.
  • Matze making a 200-meter sprint upfront running after a pass from the President.

Jokes apart let’s keep this spirit UP where each player tries to contribute to the team whenever he enters the field or contributes to the club on or off the pitch by organizing events and or training or helping out club management. Our first test is next week 09:00 against a much improved Japanese team. It starts by being on time and ready to play and from the first whistle.

See you all on Sunday.


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