Lions start the new SIFL season with a win !



The weather was incredible with a rare clear blue sky and 25 degrees ! We played on the New Bund facility which is still a challenge form some to find it but in the end we managed it with 12 players. Several regulars were missing but it gave playing time to our younger Lions. The first half we adjusted to the slow speed of H Stone a Chinese team who made their debut in the premier league. They had no intention to play open and attacking football instead they defended with the whole team. The Lions did get three good opportunities but there was no sharpness in front of goal. In the second half we picked up the pace and we started to control the game. The youngsters put more aggression in their game and Chris Bonner (16) opened the score with a header. Soon after we should have gotten a penalty as Chris was fouled in the box but the referee who later apologized for not given the penalty, decided to play on ! Felix another young Lion took the second goal after a good cross in from Chris and to finish it of Azzeddine blasted the 3-0 in the net. Overall it was a good second half where our goalie Radouane and our defense stayed focus to be sure to keep a cleansheet. Our next game will be the big one versus the Shooters on October 17th.


Lets all come to training to work on our fitness and team play !

SIFL Sept. 19th 2015 game vs Hstone (1) SIFL Sept. 19th 2015 game vs Hstone (2) SIFL Sept. 19th 2015 game vs Hstone (3)

Lions started well in the new SPL season !



We are getting back into full action on Saturdays and Sundays !

This Saturday we had our last friendly game against 3 united. The spirit was good and so was our start to the game as Azzeddine saw the reunited goalie a bit in front of his goal and scored from the kick off with a great lob over the goal. This will be the fastest Lions goal on record as it took 4 seconds to find the net. The previous record was 20 second in a game against the Shooters where Danni scored after 20 seconds with no shooter touching the ball. Right after we should have awarded a penalty but the referee decided that it would be too much to bear for 3 united. Azz scored his second with a good run and a good finish. In the second half with a 3-0 lead after Arnault scored we took some gas of the pedal and 3 united got one goal back to make the final score 3-1 !

On Sunday we had the first SPL league game for the Lions. With a good balanced squad of old and young and old and new players the Lions took control over the game from the start. All though the heat on the day had some impact on the speed of play our defense had no intention to give away much opportunities. It was Tomas who opened the score and soon followed with a wonderful strike from Laid. With a 2-0 lead at half time we knew that one more goal would seal the deal ! It was player coach Charlie who converted the penalty but soon scored another one after a good combination play of the Lions. Tomas scored his second to make the final score 5-0. Good to see that old Lions still can score !! After the game the beer tasted good at Latina and for now we are on top in the SPL !

Next weekend will be a very busy weekend for the Lions ! At first we will hold our own Shanghai Lions Cup at the New Bund with 20 teams competing for the Cup. If ever you are not selected ,please do come anyways and watch, as there is plenty of entertainment and great food and beers !

Back at SCSC the legends will try and defend their Shanghai Masters Cup title over the weekend. 14 teams will battle it out.

We wish both teams success in the tournaments !


LIONS FC President


SPL Lions Aug. 30th 2015 (4) SPL Lions Aug. 30th 2015 (3) SPL Lions Aug. 30th 2015 (2) SPL Lions Aug. 30th 2015 (1)


Lions end the 2014-2015 season with 3 major trophies!



Our game plan on Saturday was to win the treble by beating the Shooters in the SIFL Cup. We knew it would be a fitness battle especially with temperatures above 35 degrees. Shooter had fresh legs as they didn’t play the week before whereas we had to go as deep as we could against reunited in our championships game the week before. The game in fact was decided in the first 20 minutes as we didn’t start well and were not focused. Kevin scored from a corner and soon the shooters sliced through our defense. Two nil down it was hard for us however we did manage to get back in the game when Allan scored just before half time. In the second half we tried hard to score the equalizer but it was hard especially when we lost Danni when he was ran into the ground. We came very close after a corner when Allan’s shot was cleared of the line by Kevin the shooters striker. Shooters almost nailed it when Fedj hit our cross bar. In the end it was one game too many for us and we accepted defeat. We will learn from it and come back even stronger.


Despite our loss we stuck together and played with smiles on our face in the SIFL closing tournament. As we still wanted to win three cups with gave it our best shot. The key game was against Azzuri who for the occasion had the professional player Granero in their squad. We edge them 1-0 after a great combination goal finished by Allan. That was a great lift in our spirit and we could lose our last group game and still were sure to be in the final. We did just that and were up against the Shooters again however this time it was their second team !  What a spirit we showed after losing the Cup final and still finding energy and motivation to win this tournament. Our hard work and effort paid off as we beat them 1-0 to win the end of the season SIFL tournament !!


After that it was party time when we collected our trophies. God bless they had a pool ready for us and of course we were thrown in one by one ! These moments are precious memories and that’s all you do it for its only 5 minutes but those are magic moments and the memories last forever !


What an achievement two season unbeaten 36 league games and this season was the hardest where we played Azzurri 4 times, Reunited 4 times, Shooters 4 times and a king of DIB team 3 times……….we did it ! Magic ! The coach of the year title was snatched away from us but we all know where it belongs ! Now it’s in our hearts ! We are one big family !


We are proud to be a Lion and a big thank you to all the players and supporters for all your contributions what a great end of a great season !  Big thank you to our sponsors La Creperie and Tibet Water for their support of this season !


See you next season / Cheers very Happy Freek !

Lions June 13th 2015 Wards Ceremony (10) Lions June 13th 2015 Wards Ceremony (9) Lions June 13th 2015 Wards Ceremony (3) Lions June 13th 2015 Awards (16) Lions June 13th 2015 Awards (14) Lions June 13th 2015 Awards (12) Lions June 13th 2015 Awards (8) Lions June 13th 2015 Awards (7) Lions June 13th 2015 Awards (4) Lions June 13th 2015 Awards (3)

SPL kicked off season 12 !

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,


It was good to be back in action and to see many old friends on the pitch ! Teams are not up to full fitness yet but we have seen already great games of football ! Three red cards of course was not a good way to start but apologies from all people involved helped the circumstances. It is here where the team Captains play a vital role as they can always step in to help out the situation. We are playing to enjoy our favorite sport and during games there might be an argument here and there but after the match we do shake hands as the game is over and it’s time for a beer for everybody !


Gremio – Japan 4-1 Japan was showing their new red outfit for the first time ! However Gremio controlled the first half with Kercio scoring two goals with his trademark cutting in from the right side and score in the corner of the goal. Francesco scored a nice header after a perfect cross of Xu to make it 3-0 at half time. An argument resulted into Cater to be asked his marching orders. This forced Gremio to play defensive. Japan got one goal back before Francesco made the final score at 4-1


Lions – AVL Galacticos 2-0 Galacticos changed their name and changed their Kit and changed 60 pct of their team ! Its good to see that they are back and being well organized thanks to Vaughn. The Lions were playing to slow and predictable in the first half and 0-0 at half time gave the AVL Galacticos hope and confidence for the second half. However the Lions decided it was time for the youngster to show their skill. With 6 young Lions in the squad they picked up the pace and scored two goals one from a free kick scored by leftie Nicolas and another one by a header from Dave.


Marlins – Shanghai 2000 3-3 Great game of football. Shanghai 2000 project to let the youngsters play is paying off dividend as they are getting better and better. Marlins decided to be active in the transfer market instead of looking for youth players not sure how much money they have spent over the summers but looks like a bunch of rmb’s !! After one minute Shanghai 2000 took the lead but Marlins equalized thru Zhu. Still Shanghai 2000 proved to be more clinical and made it 1-3 by goals of Nick and Song. Marlins got a late goal from Zhu to make it 2-3 at half time. The second half the Marlins pushed forward and got the reward by goal no 3 from Zhu with 10 minutes to go. Good game of football with a fair result.


Cowboys – Super 48 5-2 The Cowboys lost some young players over the summer but kept their core group of players together. Super 48 seems to be expanding there squad every year. No surprise to find the first half score at 0-0 as the Cowboys struggled to break the “Blue Wall”. Second half it was easier and they scored 5 goals with a hat-trick of Sheng but Super 48 managed to score two goals ! Eric the Cowboys manager commented after the game that they felt to be playing against Super 28 so other teams you cannot say they we didn’t warn you !


Pistolera Bulls – ERS 4-1 A great game of football acknowledged by both managers. ERS dominated the first 30 minutes with new signing Kevin (ex Marlins) getting close to score a few times. It was 0-0 at half time but Stas from the Bulls opened the score in the second half and Stoyan added the second goal for the Bulls. ERS did come back but late in the Match by Andy right after the Bulls got a lucky penalty and Bilgin stepped up to score. Stas added one more to make it 4-1.

At the end there was a bust up between two players of each team which shouldn’t happen in the SPL. Both manager tried to help the situation and apologies were made afterwards. Two match ban for both players and a warning is what they got for their actions.


The weather forecast is good for this coming Sunday ! Sunny and 25 degrees !


We have the following program !


13:00  Gremio vs Super 48  at JQ

15:00  Marlins vs Pistolera Bulls  at JQ


13:00  Lions vs Shanghai 2000  at CPK

15:00  Flamenkos vs Japan  at CPK


12:00  Cowboys vs AVL Galacticos  at WGQ (SRFC)


Let’s make sure we keep the red cards in the referees pocket and enjoy playing football in Shanghai !


Cheers Freek / SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee


SPL is looking good this season number 12 !

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,


Welcome back to everybody hope you all had a great summer break ! Talking about summer it’s hard to believe we didn’t have a summer in Shanghai. Any way it’s better to have all the rain now than during our season.


We have worked hard behind the scenes to get your season ready and we are pleased to send you the new Captains List if any information is lacking or is incorrect please drop us an email so we can correct it.


We are pleased to inform you that we extended our cooperation with our three venues for next season and we are excited to be able to play on the best fields in Shanghai. (Century Park / Jinqiao Golden Bridge / SRFC) / We will send you a rule and regulation of each venue and strongly ask you the respect these rules !


The league fee is set at 23000 rmb for the season which is unchanged from last season.


Our first SPL round will be on September the 14 and we urge all teams to be ready for that date.  Even if teams are ready on September the 7th we could organize a match game as the fields are available and in perfect shape.


The dates will be Sept 14/21 – Oct 12/19/26 – Nov 2/9/16/23/30 – Dec 7 and maybe Dec 14 for the first part of the season.


Yamada-san will finalize the match schedule and if you have one date you cannot play please advise it to him asap so that he can adjust the schedule upfront.


We are glad that Mika will help us on the website and if you like to change your team profile on the site / ps send him your new information Mikael Martins


We are glad that Simon will help us out on the admin site and pr site of the league.


We have created a lot of goodwill during our special Mini-World Cup event and we like to build on it so that more people hear about the SPL and more spectators will come and watch our games. Always remember that you are the SPL and our reputation is in your hands or feet.


Let’s together make it our best season ever !


Cheers Freek SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee

Video of our last indoor football tournament on Feb. 28th 2014


You can download the video of the last indoor football tournament we organized on Feb. 28th 2014 at:

It was a great success with 8 teams competing in 2 groups. More than 50 goals have been scored over the competition, by the NEW TEAM.

Following to the huge success of our last tournament on Feb. 28th, we organize another 5 aside indoor tournament on Friday March. 28th 2014 from 8pm to 11pm.
There will be 8 teams max, min. 5 games/team, 8mn/game
900 rmb/team, with unlimited number of players/team and substitutions
Registration Deadline: March. 24th 6pm
Interested, please email us at:


Dutch Lion sank the Dutch !



With a long list of injured players and some late cancelations we could only manage 12 players to play against the Oranjes ! Due to the heavy rain of the last couple of days the pitch was barely playable. In the end it gave us the edge over the Dutch as we proved to be more technical skilled on the muddy surface. Erwin our new dutch signing seemed to be very motivated to play well against his fellow country man. Two fine runs with a good finish resulted into a 2-0 half time score. In the second half we tried to get more goals but were denied by the dutch goalie. It was Erwin again who scored the 3-0 on a pass from Azz and that completed his hat-trick !


DIB drew vs Azzuri and the Shooters lost so it was a good result for the Lions as they are now 5 points clear from DIB.


On Sunday we had the same problem as only 11 players made it to the game. We got several opportunities in the first half and that we failed to score them proved to be bad for us. ERS didn’t have a shot on goal in the first half. Nil nil half time and we tried to up the tempo but in the end we couldn’t get the breakthrough we were looking for. Out of nothing ERS slipped thru our defense and a scored with 10 minutes on the clock ! Oh my god ! 5 minutes later they even got a one on one but Max kept us in the race. It was Azz who saved us in the final second of the match after he out played two ERS defenders and putting the ball in the corner.


Marlins drew with Gremio 1-1 which was good for us. We still kept our unbeaten run (13 games) and that was the only positive out of the game.


It was a very hard weekend for the Lions. With no substitutes both on Saturday and Sunday it was hard for the players who came. Frustrating for Azz and Simon and myself with many late cancelations ! Hope that we can re group ourselves and show commitment with Lions Spirit. Injured players make sure you get treatment and get back on the field ! With only a few games left make sure you plan you holidays / biz trip so that you will not miss a game !


Expect all Lions to come to the training this Wednesday !


Cheers “not so happy” Freek

Big weekend ahead for the Lions !

Welcome back ! It was interesting to follow the Lions holiday activities on We Chat ! From surfing to skiing and fishing. Of course the hard core Lions stayed in Shanghai and trained hard to improve themselves. Now the holiday is over and the year of the horse has arrived. The year of the horse stands for a powerful and energetic year and that combined with the Lions should give us a great year of football and friendship!


We have two important games this weekend and hope that all the Lions start with the right focus.

On Saturday we will face DIB for the third time this season and this time it’s the quarter final of the SIFL Cup. After we managed to keep the three point cushion in our favor with a 1-1 draw against them in the SIFL League just before the CNY we will have to kick them out of the Cup. We all know that Cup games are different and special. Most of the time the team with the strongest fighting spirit will take the win in a cup fight. No matter how the ranking is in the league. We need to show them that we are hungry for success this season and nothing better than to be motivated against DIB.

On Sunday we will play the Bulls. They have won 5 out of their last 7 games and will do “anything” to get a result out of this game. We should stay ahead and play one of our best games of the season and let the other teams drop points against the Bulls.


This should be enough motivation for all of you to come to the training and be ready for the big games of the weekend !




Shanghai LIONS President

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