Terao A. & Remy DC: 1st LIONS to pay the 2500 rmb membership fees


Special big up for Terao Atsushi and Remy De carvalho who are the first LIONS player to pay the 2013 – 2014 LIONS Membership fees  of 2500 rmb.

Just a reminder for all the other LIONS player that we need you to pay at 500 rmb asap so we can order the new equipment for the upcoming new season. The 500 rmb can be given to either Chris S. , Simon, Az or Charles.


LIONS Management

New Equipments Distribution on Friday Nov. 2nd at BLOC


The OFFICIAL New LIONS Equipment Distribution will be held on Friday Nov. 2nd at our beloved Sponsor BLOC Restaurant at 8.00 pm.
EVERYBODY is expected to be present, especially if you want to receive your equipment, as there won’t be a second time.
There won’t be any special buffet deal this time, but all Lions benefit from 20% on their bill with their card.
Please make sure you note this event in your calendar and you come!


Shanghai LIONS FC Management

New Shanghai Lions 2012/2013 Kit


New Season Kit

Note sponsor Logo will be replaced by “Bloc”
Felipe Da Fonseca with Shanghai Lions new kit
The order will be released on Monday morning Aug. 27th
Please confirm your personalized information, otherwise no customized kit for you!!!

Updated listing

Few numbers still available between 1 and 30 >> Number 1, 25, 26, 30, 32, 33, 34, 36 ,37 etc…
Name Size Number Name on shirt  
Thomas Guimbault XL 0 GRANDTOM Confirmed
Jonathan BOTTI L 2 BOTTI  
Seb. Marti. L 3 SEB Confirmed
Joel ZIELKE XL 4 ZIELKE Confirmed
Fabien Barbet L 5 FABI Confirmed
Simon Spangenberg XL 6 SIX Confirmed
Romain Haution XL 7 ROMAIN Confirmed
Allan Mendel L 8 MENDEL Confirmed
Michael Warady L 9 WARADY Confirmed
Yohan Chetrit XL 10 ZOHAN Confirmed
Matthieu Witkowski L 11 WITKO Confirmed
Jeff LHER XL 12 JEFF Confirmed
Chris. Martinez L 13 CHRIS.M Confirmed
Azzeddine Takouloufa L 14 AZZEDDINE Confirmed
Garret NEWELL XL 15 NEWELL Confirmed
Ieuan Evans L 16 EVANS Confirmed
Jilles CD XL 17 JILLES  
Briac L L 18 BATMAN Confirmed
Jerome Le Carrou L 19 JEROME Confirmed
Amine Hammadi L 20 NOIDERE Confirmed
Toni Roswall L 21 ROSVALL Confirmed
Freek Boelen XL 22 FREEK Confirmed
Francois L L 23 FL Confirmed
Nicolas Mongrelet L 24 NICO M. Confirmed
  L 26    
Remy Sizarols L 27 SIZ  
Matthias Mueller XL 28 MATZE  
Jonny O’Shea L 29 O’SHEA Confirmed
Christophe Saune L 31 CHRIS Confirmed
Pierre Jandot XL 35 123PIERRE Confirmed
Terao Atsushi L 37 TERAO Confirmed
felipe da fonseca L 38 FDF Confirmed
David Huynh L 39 DAVID Confirmed
Jack Boller L 44 BALLA  
Thomas Chataigner XL 55 TOM Confirmed
Gwendall Volant XL 58 GWEN Confirmed
Thomas Gauthier L 60 GAUTHIER Confirmed
Remy De carvalho ferreira XL 64 REMY DCF Confirmed
Benjamin Guerin L 69 BENJ Confirmed
Charles Georg XL 88 CHARLY Confirmed
Daniel Isaac L 91 DANI Confirmed
Sebastian Hundehege XL 99 SEB Confirmed
Jean-Michel Lied XL ? ?  
Nils Lorenz ? ? ?  
Mickael Gendrot ? ? ?  
Frederic Dron L ? ?  
Farid Khiar L ? ?  
Felix Zafra XL ? ?  
Antoine Le Ruyet No No No Confirmed
Dimitri Le Sant ? ? ?  

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