Pre season program kicked off with the first training !


It is indeed a strange summer this year the temperatures are nowhere near last season’s record highs. Last season we were grasping for air and water during our boot camp with 38 degrees celcius. Yesterday it was cool and raining and with a lot of people still on leave we had a reasonable turn out of young and old. Azzedine did a perfect job to make everybody at ease and selected some simple but efficient drills. All in all a good start to the new season.

This Saturday we will play a friendly versus Japan 4 to 6pm at SRFC Waigaoqiao / ps register on line / if you are new send an email to our management.

The week after we will have training sessions both on Sat.and Sunday 10am-12am at Jinqiao / Dulwich and one of them including a Martial Art session by a Taekwondo 9th time World Champion and black belt is 4 other Martial Arts…! All this is for our preparation for the Shanghai Master Veteran Tournament and our own second edition of the Lions Cup.

Azzeddine and Charles have done a tremendous job on the organization of the Lions Cup and managed to get 20 teams (+ 2 on the waiting list) to participate, including teams from Xiamen, Kunming, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, etc.. !

Meanwhile we have still two more Wednesdays to go in the Lions Summer 7’s, the Semis and Finals, which is just a great way to stay fit during the Summer.

During last week game Big John unfortunately hurt his knee. we hope it is nothing serious and we wish him a speedy recovery. Let’s hope to see him back on the field with us soon !

Keep training Lions ! Cheers Freek



As most of you must know by now, we attended the That’s Magazine Sports Award at the Camel Bar yesterday evening and guess what; we won the SHANGHAI 2013 BEST SPORT TEAM AWARD!!!, all sports included, It is actually the second time we win this award, but it it still feels good! This award goes to all Lions that have contributed to our incredible success in 2013, winning SIFL/SPL/VETERANS leagues, LIONS Cup, Xiamen & Phuket tournaments, etc… ! We honestly deserve it, because we are by far the best football club in Shanghai!!!!

Lions Winners of 2013 Awards


To go on proving it, we need to win again both leagues this year and it starts by winning our 2 important  games this weekend.


LIONS Management

2013 Sports Teams Awards this Thur. 8pm at Camel Bar!!!


Like every year for the last 4 years, the SPORTS PERSONALITIES & TEAMS AWARDS are happening this Thursday from 8pm on at the Camel Bar.

Because we had an exceptional year 2013 where we won everything possible to win, we have great chances to win the most prestigious award. Thus, we really expect a lot of Lions to show up!!!

See you all on Thursday at 8pm at Camel!!

1401-sport awards-14v

Lions Christmas Party full of Smiles !


We had a memorable Christmas party last Friday ! With over 30 Lions showing up we knew it was going to be fun !

First it was dinner time at Tamati our sponsor. The president himself arrived at 2000 pm and was very surprised that nobody was there and he was wondering whether he went to the wrong Tamati but soon one by one the players alone or with girlfriends and wives started to drop in ! Tamati is a good place for us as always the staff is there to help us out and they are very friendly. Beside the 30 pct discount we got a free beer and by now the pasta’s / pizza’s / soups are our favorites food before or after games !

The President in his speech explained how the Shanghai Lions have evolved into something special this year mainly due to senior teams performances and the addition of the youth teams as well the veteran winning the first ever veteran league in Shanghai !

The youth is what sets us apart from any other club in Shanghai and they will secure our future as a club ! There was a thank you to all the girlfriends and wives for letting us play our favorite sport every week and for their support of the club.

After dinner we were heading for our private comedy show / The stage was set as we had 4 comedians performing with Butch a comedian celebrity from the USA stealing the show, several Lions and in particular the Presisdent was targeted to make fun about. It really was a very fun show !  We booked it for 1 hour but lasted it much longer than that !

Afterward some Lions went to the Revolucion Bar to finish of a fun night. Others went home to prepare for our early morning game versus the Krauts in the SIFL !

Great evening which everybody Lion present enjoyed !

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you !

Enjoy your time off and make sure to come back slim and fit from your holidays !


Lions Management


Lions Christmas Party Pics (3) (2) Lions Christmas Party Pics (9) (2) Lions Christmas Party Pics (10) (2) Lions Christmas Party Pics (13) (2)


LIONS Christmas Party scheduled on Friday Dec. 13th 8pm

bad-santa 3

The LIONS Christmas Party will be held on Friday Dec. 13th 2013 from 8pm on. Here is the program:

  • 8 to 10pm: Dinner at TAMATI Restaurant      
  • 10pm: transfer by bus at MASSE Komedy Club on Shaanxi Lu/Jinxian Lu
  • 10.15pm to 11.15pm: Special Impro Stand-up Show with a famous comedian, customized to LIONS…
  • 11.15pm: transfer by bus to Revolucion Bar for a cocktails night….

Budget: 100 rmb for dinner at Tamati and 100 rmb for the Show + cocktails (depending on your choice)

Please make sure to come to this party, every LIONS is expected to be there. You are of course very welcome to come with family and friends…

Please confirm your attendance asap with how many people by email:


LIONS Management

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Lions open the season with a party at TAMATI

When we held our Season Opening Party last Friday we didn’t know what to expect. How many Lions would show up ? How would the atmosphere be in the place of the new Sponsor ? How would the food be ?

All I can say is that everything was better than expected. First of all we had over 35 Lions showing up and that alone already created a fantastic ambiance. However the team of TAMATI did a great job to make us feel at home from the beginning. The whole place was reserved for us and the staff was so kind and helpful and they made sure that every single moment there was enough food for us even the drinks they had prepared for us well in advance. We are lucky to have such a nice family place as in the end we are one big family !

Lions open 2013/2014 season with a party at TAMATI

We had our traditional review of the each player performance of last season and heard from them what each player would improve this season. The new players were welcomed on stage to have drink. A few high-lites, Fabie was crowned “Mr Maybe”, Nicolas was considered a valuable player for the Lions despite the fact that he doesn’t know how to play football, Big John was held responsible for small Jonny’s disappearance, Charles is playing much better since he was married, Azzeddine said that if he is angry he doesn’t mean it he just like every Lion to play like him !

After that all of us went to the other sponsor the Revolucion Bar. Over there, our drinking skills were tested and we donated a few Lions Balls to the staff.

Great way to start the season ! We are looking forward to our new shirts and hope to show them on our website as soon as possible!

Enjoy the break and stay fit! Cheers Freek

Words from Freek BOELEN – Shanghai LIONS President


Time is flying we are almost in October and our agenda is getting busy !

We are very pleased to have found a new (shirt) sponsor TAMATI thanks to Charles effort and Revolucion Bar thanks to the effort of Thomas.  Just on time to add on to our new set of jerseys. Recently several teams (including ourselves) found out that their regular sponsors are reducing the amounts or stopped completely the sponsorship. The reason is simple doing business in China is not easy and very competitive as well football in China as a whole doesn’t have a good reputation.

For us we want to be different and show that football in China can be great ! That’s why we created our club and that’s why you decided to join. TAMATI has a very good potential to cooperate with the Lions as they belong to the largest franchise group in Korea, owning many famous brands in the food industry ! We can grow with them together in China we have the same objective to be the best in our field.

We need all of you to show up on Friday and let us know whether you come or not so that they can prepare the food and the drinks beforehand. Lets open our new season with a bang. One of the key of our success is our team spirit and especially off the pitch its important !

Its good to see that our trainings are running very well last week we had 20 youngsters + 34 seniors training = that’s 52 Lions!, quite amazing ! This week we had 30 seniors Lions, great!

Please some training pictures at the following link: , as well as a training video at the following link:

Please try to be on time as its hard for the coaches to change the numbers all the time as well it disrupt the trainings.

We organize a friendly vs Japan this Saturday 1000-1200 at waigaoqiao / all are welcome but you need to register online at:

Hope to see everybody on Friday at 8pm at TAMATI (Fuzhou Lu / Hubei Lu), Cheers


Shanghai LIONS FC President

2013/2014 opening season party at Tamati

TamatiLions, please be aware that we will organize our Opening Season Party on Friday Sept. 27th, 2013 from 20:00 at our brand new sponsor , TAMATI Restaurant, located at the cross of Fuzhou Lu and Hubei Lu. Tamati is an Italian style Restaurant, owned by the Paris Baguette Group (Korean).

There will be a very good 150 rmb/person buffet, every LIONS player is expected to come and you are welcome to bring your family and friends, etc.. but please just let us know by Wed. Sept. 26th evening with how many people you are planning to come by answering to this post below.

We will have a nice buffet dinner, with music and different speeches about the upcoming season and ongoing plans for the club.

We should finish at Tamati Restaurant around 11pm and then go to our other sponsor Revolucion Bar on Yongkang Lu, to get some cocktails altogether…



LIONS Management Team

  • Freek Boelen: President
  • Charles GEORG: Vice-President
  • Francois L: Secretary
  • Azzeddine Takouloufa: Head Coach SIFL Team
  • Simon Spangenberg: Head coach SPL and Weplay Teams
  • Chris Saune: Accounting Manager
  • Jerome Le Carrou: Retired but active supporter
  • Mus Djeddai: Honorary President and mascot

Next weekend is Lions’ weekend


Our most successful season in our history is almost done ! But we are still hungry for more trophies ! When we asked you to register for our party on the 22nd of June we noticed that several Lions (including myself) would not be able to make it as many would be going home for the summer break. This will miss our target to celebrate with as many family and friends our success ! Therefore we decided to make next weekend a Lions’s weekend we believe that’s the best way to end this special season.

Here is the schedule for Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th of June, 2013:

  • Saturday 1000-1200 SIFL CUP final Lions vs Dutch at Waigaoqiao
  • Saturday 1200-1600 SIFL End of the season tournament at Waigaoqiao
  • Saturday 1600-1800 SIFL award Ceremony at Waigaoqiao / Lions to receive several awards !
  • Saturday 2000- late LIONS own end of the Season Party + award Ceremony at BLOC / Please bring all your family and friends !
  • Sunday    1100-1600 SPL end of the season Tournament at Jinqiao (everybody welcome)
  • Sunday    1600-1900 SPL end of the season Party + award ceremony at Latina ! (The largest Cup and the Brazilian Samba Dancers has been ordered for the Lions)


Let’s celebrate all together and make this LION’S WEEKEND unforgettable ! You can register now on line for all the events ! For our Lions Party you don’t need to register as we count on all of you to come !!


Freek – Shanghai Lions FC President

Players selection for Xiamen Amoy 7aside Cup on June 11th 2013

Lions, here are the players of the  2 teams that will go defend our Shanghai LIONS FC colors at the Xiamen Amoy 7aside Cup on June 11th 2013:

  1. Charles Georg
  2. Nicolas Mongrelet
  3. Frederic Guilloux
  4. Freek Boelen
  5. Simon Spangenberg
  6. Chris Martinez
  7. Thomas Chataigner
  8. Azzeddine Takouloufa
  9. Jilles Curtis Dijon
  10. Thibaud Pages
  11. Damien Calves
  12. Patrick Dougan
  13. Guillaume Leclerc
  14. Kely Jacobson
  15. Victor (keeper)

There will be 12 teams in total, mainly expats.

The tournament organizer have booked the rooms for us, 200rmb/night/room, please see the following map :
We will certainly all go on the 9th morning with the 9.50am flight from Hongqiao and come back on Wed. June 12th with the 10.40 flight from SHANGHAI AIRLINES, FM9254
The tournament fees are 200 rmb/p.
Lions Management


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