A studious weekend for the Lions


[ Friendly ] Lions 7-0 Gremio (26 Jan 2013)

On Saturday we played a friendly as we wanted to stay focus for the title race! The opponent the Hawks/Gremio from the SPL were chosen in order to be well prepared to play versus DIB next month. We were goalie-less as Dim pulled out last moment but we discovered hidden goalie talent, especially Gwen and Allan were impressive to say the least. It was great to see Chris S back on the pitch after his long lasting injury. We were definitely not goal-less we won 7-0 and even the President himself netted a goal (penalty) !

[ SPL ] Century Park FC 0-3 Shanghai Lions (27 Jan 2013)

On Sunday it was a serious game versus Shanghai 2000. We knew we had to play better than last week in order to stay in the title race. However Simon together with co-coach Gwen tried to sabotage the team by not announcing the line-up on the website. God bless everybody was motivated including Jeff’s beautiful twin girls as they were dancing around on the field during the warm up.

We started very well and played good football. The reward came within 5 minutes by a good header from Adam, soon after Joel found the net and after that Terao-san blasted home the third !

Second half Amine was very unlucky to dislocate his shoulder but his shoulder is back in place after a visit to the hospital. We should have scored at least four more goals but failed to hit on target so we won 3-0 instead of 7-0.

Something for the next training to work on is to finish in front of an open goal ! One more high-light was Michael’s performance as at the half time break he looked pale as a ghost blaming it on his food in take the day before but our suspicion was that it was an dangerous alcohol mix combined with potato chips. Ten minutes before the end of the game our man form Kansas went down screaming with pain as he got cramp in both legs ! It was also good to see Matze back with his Starbucks in his hand this time as supporter!


Both days I was very pleased with the team spirit of the Lions. It’s a real joy to work with all of you and I hope this spirit will lead us to many trophies !

We have a good week ahead of us this Thursday the Sports Awards at the Camel Bar. We expect all the Lions to come for a beer and support the Shanghai Sports Community! Saturday we will play the Beavers and hope that DIB will slip up a second time versus Re-United and on Sunday we will play the French ERS and we don’t need motivation for this game as everybody like to kill the French Fries!


Enjoy Life Enjoy being a Lion!



Team selection for “Les Bleus” vs. Scottish Football Team

Hi guys,

I’m writing this email in English as we’ll have a German guest tomorrow. Somehow, it’s normal as in the situation they didn’t screw it up, we’d all be German now… We’ll also have an American guest.  In the situation they didn’t screw it up as well… we all understand, right?
Following my first communication, I thought it will be easier to get this team in place… Finally, I have sent over 70 emails and I have to admit that you’re the real ones. Thank you!!!
It seems we, French people, always have good excuses and it probably also means that once we stop with regular senior Football, it’s forever…
Please let me know if any problem to attend. It’s important!!!


  • Meeting directly at WGQ at 12.15
  • Game start at 13.00
  • Scots will play in light blue and as our other Lions teams are playing as well this weekend, we’re short of Jerseys. It means you have to bring your own national equipment and we’ll probably look like a patchwork. More seriously, I’ll bring Red bibs but bring your own shirt, short, socks, etc…
  • Also, pitch is not free (sorry la). Keep in mind I will ask you RMB 100 as participation fee to pay the pitch (or less hopefully)


  1. Pierre J (GK)
  2. FL
  3. David H
  4. Matze
  5. Jeff Tharsen
  6. Nicolas Mongrelet
  7. Jeff L’Her
  8. Mus
  9. Fred Fuseau
  10. Frederic Guilloux
  11. Damien Calves
  12. Thierry Leder (GK)
  13. Philippe Gathion
  14. Jonathan Beurel
  15. Eric Albrand
  16. Gilles Albin
I’ll bring some Pastis to be shared with our Scottish friends after the game. If some of you guys want to bring some pate, baguette or any french liquors, feel free to do so. Mus is gonna take care of the cockerel and let’s have fun tomorrow.
Any question, please let me know and/or feel free to share with everyone.
Note: It would have been fun to look like our glorious ancestors… Guess it’s too late to grow the “Moustache” and tailor old fashioned equipment.
Beware Scottish are ready, noisy with their crazy pipes and would probably win the “3eme mi-temps / 3rd half”.

Brazil hammer China 8-0

Opposed to China in a friendly on Monday in Recife, Brazil atomized Chinese selection 8-0 with 6 goals in 2nd half. The striker Neymar has been the architect of this win, signing a hat-trick. Ramires, Lucas, Hulk, Liu Jianye (og) and Oscar are the other scorers.

It seems to be China biggest defeat in their football modern history.

China starting XI v Brazil:

Zeng Cheng, Zhao Peng, Liu Jianye, Yu Yang, Lu Peng, Zhao Xuri, Tang Miao, Zhu Ting, Hao Junmin, Gao Lin, Liu Jian

All goals and video here

Old “Les Bleus” vs. Scottish Football Team

Old French Lions and/or “Les bleus”,


We’re organizing a friendly Veteran game on 15th of September against the Shanghai Scottish Football Team.

Getting old or busy, we have not played together for a while and I’m taking this opportunity to call for “the old french legionnaires guard”.

Click here to register


  1. You need to be at least 30/35 yo
  2. You need to be French “related”
  3. If you don’t fall in the scope of the 2 rules above but interested to play, just ask Francois

Game details

  • Pitch is booked in WGQ on 15th of September 2012 for a game starting 1pm
  • It’s likely that we’ll play 4 quarters and allow as many subs as each team want at the end of each quarter as some of the older guys will probably struggle in the heat….
Click here to register

Party afterwards

  • Pitch and facilities are nice and perfect for a family afternoon. It means you can bring on wifes, kids and dogs.
  • To compete with their Scottish pipe, we’ll have no choice but to bring on our old french “variete” tubes such as Claude Francois and Plastic Bertrand…
  • I don’t worry too much for the drinks with the Scots…
  • In term of entertainment beside the music, we’ll be able to watch the Lions playing again the Krauts from 3pm for the 1st game of SIFL season 2012/2013. They would need support and I’m sure people will be amazed by the overall team progress since few years ago.
  • Scottish said they will bring a sheep while I asked Mus to take care of the cockerel!
Football - Shanghai - Veteran French Lions vs. Scotland

Opponent: Shanghai Scottish Football

Team is mostly a veterans team (over 35s). They have played the Shanghai English and the Shanghai Irish and will shortly play the Shanghai Dutch. If truth be told they prefer whisky to red wine and deep fried Mars bars to the fine cooking but they do have a great love of traditional Celtic music. In short, they would really like to take on Les Blues because they believe “Scotland are the ORIGINAL Blues”.

Scottish Team V IrelandShanghai Scots Team

The Lions future is looking good


[SIFL] Beavers 2-5 Shanghai Lions FC

Last Saturday we played the Beavers interesting game from many aspects! Good to see Thomas coming back from injury. From the start we created chances, we got 10 corners and 7 free kicks and had about 80 pct ball possession and a great miss from Charles which will be in the Lions history books (The definition of a great miss = when its more difficult to miss than to score) / Football is like that if you fail to score the opponent will take their one and only chance and punish you (Bayern M – Chelsea / sounds familiar right ??) / That’s whats happened and we were losing 1-0 against the last in the SIFL /

During the half time speech it was made clear that if you don’t want to finish an attack you will not score and there is no point playing football / Freek had to step on Charles toe (almost broke) it to make it clear to the Lions. If you drink a bottle of Latife you will finish it right ? And if you are busy with your girlfriend you don’t stop half way you want the bang at the end (sorry young lions…. you can skip this part) right ?

So definitely our Belgium penalty missing star Alain Mandale got the message as he scored three goals and Jerome showed how to take a penalty ! 5-2 win and all eyes our know on our biggest game of the season next Saturday the semi SIFL Cup final vs Shooters at 1100 at Tianma ! 

[Friendly] Youth Lions vs Senior Lions

On Sunday, we organized our 1st Lions vs. Lions friendly game at Century Park. Great formula to give a chance to young players aged between 15-18 years to get a taste of the what it its to be a Lion. 

We had 19 youngster and we can proudly say that we now have a “Young Lions” team to secure our future.

We will organize 4-6 games for them against internationals school, or Chinese and Japanese teams per season and really talented and motivated youngster will be allowed to train with us. Their next game will be in September !

After the game we all went to Latina (our Sponsor) to have a great lunch and dinner, which was just great! We were honored to meet the new baby lions of Jilles CD, who will come back in Sept…

Its great to be a Lion ! Lets get the results we want this weekend ! It will be massive !

Freek Boelen


Last Sunday we held our first Lions vs Lions game. Great formula to give a chance to young players aged between 15-18 years to get a taste of the what it its to be a Lion.

We had 19 youngster and we can proudly say that we now have a “Young Lions” team to secure our future.

We will organize 4-6 games for them against internationals school, or Chinese and Japanese teams per season and really talented and motivated youngster will be allowed to train with us.

Their next game will be in September !

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