Farewell: Charles Georg, first Lions to get Legend Gold Status !



Part of living in Shanghai is that people come and go but sometimes people stay for a longer period. In his case Charles stayed more than 12 years in Shanghai. We gave him a great farewell party last Friday at 3 on the Bund and many Lions showed up to pay their respect to hardcore Lion. In a speech by the President we tried to look back what he achieved in this period as family man, player and club vice president. The list was long as after a quick flirt with the Shooters he realized that his life was and still will be with the Lions.


Here is a quick summary of what he has won as player:

  • 10 SPL Championship
  • 3 SPL Cups
  • 4 SIFL Championships
  • 3 SIFL Cup
  • 1 Hebeiguchi Cup
  • Master Tournament
  • Lions Cup
  • tournaments wins in Qindao, Xiamen, Hangzhou and Phuket !


Charles has been instrumental in helping the Lions to change from a Football Team into a Football Club he had his own style of communication which was direct and clear. With his expertise build up by his own team building Company he became a specialist in organizing events especially related to sports. For his contribution to the success of the Shanghai Lions Football Club for more than 12 years he received the honorary title of “Lions Legend Gold” member. We wish farewell to him and his family with a safe journey back to France and hope they can settle down well ! For us we are left with a big gap in our organization but we will find other Lions willing to offer a helping hand to carry the club forward ! Charles on behalf of all Lions players in and outside China we like to say “XIE XIE” for everything you have done for the club.

xie xie charly


Lions looking forward to season 2016-2017!


The summers months are nice ! But after a few weeks without Lions games on the weekends you start to miss the games, the goals, the celebrations and just the beers after the games. I can hardly imagine how hard that will be for the Lions who had to move back to their home country !

Looking back at the last season, we can be happy with what we achieved, that’s for sure, winning both the SPL and SIFL is a massive achievement and nobody can take that away from us ! We did struggle however to get enough sponsors interested to help to cover the cost. Luckily St James’s Park introduced by Dani could help to ease the gap a bit but at the end of the season the shortage was quite substantial.

For our next season, we like to change a few things in order to be more cost efficient as well we hope through our cooperation with the Ajisen group that we can tap into a serious sponsorship.

We gave up our training field in Puxi, first of all because they increased the rental price every year and secondly because we saw a low turnout in training attendance, partially because Azzeddine was not able to come on Wednesday… As Simon has left us, it was hard to find anybody willing to lead the trainings at the same spot! Thus, we are going to use the Concordia field full size 11 aside pitch on Tuesdays. The facility is state of the art and one of the best in Shanghai, as all was imported from Germany last year / plenty of space we have our own storage room / clean toilets / washrooms. So we will have both our U19 players and Senior / Legends Lions training so we are assured of more numbers. Az will head the trainings and will be helped by Adam for the youth and Terao will be available as well on Tuesdays for the trainings ! In our view the trainings of Az are the best you can get in Shanghai and players who commit and put their effort to come will improve their game for sure !

We will play this season in the following leagues :

  • SIFL league on Saturday
  • SPL league on Sunday
  • SPL U19 league on Friday
  • & finaly SPL Veteran league on Sunday

Our view is that by playing in all competitions its sets us apart from the other teams and gives us this club bonding and club feeling and our objective is to help the young players develop their skills and prepare to become a good senior player.

As we reduce our training field cost we will reduce the membership fee from 3000 lastseason to 2500 rmb this coming season (students fees will be 1500) and can be paid first half and second half of the season. It’s essential that everybody pays the membership fee to support the Club and help to cover league costs / training fields / equipment !  All fees will be collected by myself and due date will be early Sept. at the start of the season !

We hope the recruit some good new players thru our website which we have successfully done for the last several years and the fact that we play in all competitions will give us an edge over the others teams in Shanghai !

We are looking forward to see all the Lions back on the pitch soon !  We will try and organize one boot camp and one beach soccer + bbq (thank your fred !) before the season kicks off ! Of course we are excited to hold our 4th Shanghai Lions Cup on the 4th of September with over 24 teams competing for the Cup. Legends will look to perform well in the masters on the weekend of 3/4 September.  The first training is targeted August 23 rd we will give full details once all is confirmed with the school !

Happy Freek

Lions clinched their 10th SPL title out of 13 seasons !



Finally it was a beautiful day and we played on the perfect pitch of Century Park. With a 17 players strong squad on paper all looked good ! However for whatever reason we only had 11 players when we kicked of ! We were up against the youngsters of Century Park who needed to win to keep a very slim chance of winning the title. For us a draw would be enough so with a thin squad we needed to play smart and use our experience. That’s how it went in the first half we were patiently waiting for one deadly break through and tried to make the opponent tired by keep possession of the ball. Danni came very close but his well placed shot went wide. Century Park did come close a few times when they found a hole in our midfield but they lacked the final finish. It was 0-0 at half time and we knew we can make with another 45 minutes to go ! It was a reckless challenge of one of the Century Park players on Mathieu that brought them down to 10 men. We didn’t change our game plan and with more space between the forwards and defends we started to get more dangerous on the counters. It was Danni on the run and he was brought down on the edge of the box. It was a perfect spot and the Century Park goalie didn’t position himself well so Danni blasted the ball in the net ! It lifted our spirits and we could sense that we wouldn’t give it away ! However the referee had other thoughts when he decided that a perfect tackle of Jack was a penalty for Century Park. Dim chose the right corner but couldn’t stop the ball. We kept our calm and that’s one of our biggest strength as if we get a set back we respond on the field and within 5 minutes a super through ball from Danni found Azzeddine who out ran the defenders and passed the ball to Felix who needed two shots to simply put the ball in the net ! Century Parks players heads were down and we started to enjoy the moment. A foul on Azzeddine in the box gave us a penalty in the last minutes of the game and our Captain Dave was there to start the party with good strike. It was 3-1 the final score and champagne was opened and together with some legends who came and watch it was party time ! Well deserved title as we scored the most goals and conceded the least in the SPL. Great team effort on the day with such a thin squad !


It was a great end of a great season for the Lions winning both the Saturday (SIFL) and the Sunday (SPL) leagues in Shanghai ! A big thank you to all the players and players who left us during the season and to the coaches and management and supporters for this great achievement ! We can be proud to be a lion and Mondays are always good for Lions !


Now it’s time to party and enjoy some time to relax after all the hard work we did during the season !



June 5th 2016 CPK game pic (1) June 5th 2016 CPK game pic (2) June 5th 2016 CPK game pic (3) June 5th 2016 CPK game pic (4) June 5th 2016 CPK game pic (5) June 5th 2016 CPK game pic (6) June 5th 2016 CPK game pic (7) June 5th 2016 CPK game pic (8) June 5th 2016 CPK game pic (9) June 5th 2016 CPK game pic (10)


Lions picked up several trophies on saturday !



Last Saturday was the end of the SIFL season tournament and awards ceremony. The weather was very bad as it started to pour rain in the morning and never stopped. In a typical lions way with only 6 players in the first game versus 8 opponent we won with three goals from Simon once we had a full squad we worked our way up to the final against Azzurri. Not sure we could call the game football as it was more a mud contest. We lost the final in the last minute after a good battle ! Afterwards it was time for us to pick up the trophies we earned this season. One of the important one was the fair play price which for the last 11 years went to Japan but we took it away from them as we had the least yellow cards of all teams in both division. Great achievement and a good one to have for the club ! Next up was the Championship Cup the new competition which we won and last but not least the Champions Trophy ! Our fourth consecutive SIFL title unbeaten the whole season again. We are now 50 games unbeaten in the SIFL ! We got 5 players voted in the dream team and Azzeddine was voted MVP of the league and our President was voted Coach of the Year !


Well done Lions and a big thank you to everybody who have contributed to this success. Let’s celebrate this achievement at our Lions Party !


Unfortunately the game on Sunday in the SPL got cancelled and will now be played next Sunday 1230 against Century Park. One point will bring as the title in the SPL as well !




Cheers a very Happy Freek

End of season awards ceremony May 28th 2016 pic (1) End of season awards ceremony May 28th 2016 pic (2) End of season awards ceremony May 28th 2016 pic (3) End of season awards ceremony May 28th 2016 pic (4) End of season awards ceremony May 28th 2016 pic (5) End of season awards ceremony May 28th 2016 pic (6) End of season awards ceremony May 28th 2016 pic (7) End of season awards ceremony May 28th 2016 pic (8) End of season awards ceremony May 28th 2016 pic (9)

Lions Legends won 12-2 against FC Ferie !

Lions and Legends,


It was a special match for many reasons but above all it would be the last legend game for 6 Lions legends as 4 of them are moving back to Europe this summer and Dan is moving back to Hong-Kong ! We wanted to send them home with a great game of football but after 5 minutes we were down 1-0 as stand in goalie and Jerome had a miscommunication Jerome was talking to Mathias in German and Mathias was talking to Jerome in French, you can guess the final result a beautiful own goal by Jerome ! The first quarter was rather flat from our side we needed a goal to get started and Fred and Jeremy did just that and we turned the game around ! In the next quarter Nicolas and Freek got on the score sheet but in the third quarter with Fred F our captain on the bench we played the opponent from the field with fast movement and deadly finishing from Bob who scored a hat-trick within 10 minutes. The last quarter there was much at stake we asked our captain to prove they once he would be on the pitch he can make a difference for the team and we asked Seb playing his last match to score or otherwise he needed to pay all the beers after the match. He did it within 5 minutes and now it was time for Mathias to come in and play upfront as he moved forward there was a great cross in and his first ball was a header home. Now we needed Simon on the score sheet and miracles do exist as he scored as well ! We tried to get Dan on the score sheet as well but just didn’t have enough time left ! Rommie got the last chance of the game. After the match it was all smiles and a small goodbye speech for the leaving legends. The message given was that once you are a Lions Legend you will always be a Lions legends no matter where you are ! Fred had arranged nice champagne to end a fantastic day of football with good friends in Shanghai ! We wish Mathias, Simon, Ralph, Andre and Dan and Seb all the best in their future live  !


Cheers Freek

Legends May 22nd 2016 pic (1) Legends May 22nd 2016 pic (2) Legends May 22nd 2016 pic (3) Legends May 22nd 2016 pic (4) Legends May 22nd 2016 pic (5) Legends May 22nd 2016 pic (6)


Lions in the SIFL Champions Cup final after they beat Azzurri !



It was a memorable game for the Lions not all for good reasons ! As we had to start with 8 players after a few late cancelations and some players not showing up. Khalil made it 9 and after 15 minutes in the game Azzedinne and the president himself made it 11. By that time we were 1-0 down and the heavy rain and difficult pitch didn’t make it easy for us we had no subs and our two forards were close to 100 years old ! At half time our mind was set to enjoy the game and make the most out of it ! Azzurri thought they won the game when they scored 2-0 with a header. The magic about the Lions is that they never give up and never panic if things are going against them. As it was Fabie with a very strong header that put us back in the game and we pushed more and more forward and kept only three guys at the back. The strategy paid off when Tomas equalized with a great strike in the near corner leaving the Azzurri goalie with no chance. Patrick who played his last SIFL game for the Lions soon would give us the icing on the cake after Azzeddine corner he launched a bullet which left some holes in the net ! Now we were 3-2 up ! The Azzurri got a few free kicks towards the end and hit the outside of the post and the Lions were trying to tick the clock away at the corner flag including the President himself who showed some old tricks and he managed to get a corner out of the scrum ! Happy ending for the Lions and the beers did taste good after the game.


We will play the Shooters in the final on May 7th 1500 kick off ! Obvious we are all looking forward to it !


Cheers Freek

It was a great sunday for the LIONS !



After an important win on Saturday vs Azzurris 5-3, we had two big games for our club on Sunday !


First, the legends were up against the Wales Bellies, a strong rugby playing football team. We got a bit of shock when we shook hands before the game as we counted 18 players on their side vs us only 13 ! But………….our first 20 minutes were the best of this season so far, as we combined like Barcelona and finished like Bayern ! Within 20 minutes. we were 3-0 up with goals from Laid (header) and Nicolas two goals ! We didn’t expect this great start and Wales asked us to cancel the first 20 minutes of course we had no choice to reject it…..Wales did come back on a fast break from their best player as he scored the 3-1 but just a few minutes later our new comer Arnaud scored 4-1. The rest of the game it was about Mathias playing forward and scoring two goals and captain Fred Fus0 not scoring any goals but just being off side times whereas there were no linesmen in the SPLV league !


In the SPL, we were up against Super 48 who actually played in the veteran league a few hours before and its was obvious we would win the game ! The first half was more about the missed chances despite being up 3-0 but in the second half the Lions were serious about the game and played better football the best goal of the game came from Laid not because of his strike but about his build up as we passed the ball 11 times before we scored ! Mathieu got a hat-trick which was great for a new born father !!!  Our closed opponent Century Park lost their game vs Cowboys today which put us in a better position with 3 points clear in the league table !


We have 5 games to go in the SPL and we have all in our own hands !


Lets all come to the trainings and prepare well for the last games of the season !



Cheers Happy Freek !

good sunday ! 044 good sunday ! 042 good sunday ! 035 good sunday ! 034 good sunday ! 027 good sunday ! 026 good sunday ! 024 good sunday ! 009 good sunday ! 002 good sunday ! 006

Legends lost 2-1 against Emerald FC



It has been a long time since the legends lost a SPL Veteran league game ! We were up against the Emeralds a good football playing side and the encounters we have are always close and intense in a positive sense. We welcomed Jerome back in the squad after long absence due to a bad injury as well we welcomed Bob’ son Leo (14) to make his Lions debut. In the first 20 minutes we struggled to get our passing right the disease was spread over the whole squad and it was by a great strike from Emeralds left back who went on a run and powered the ball in the top corner to give Emerald the lead. At least we got the wake up goal and in the next 20 minutes Fred F got a great opportunity to equalize but his shot missed the target. On the other side we helped Emerald to extend their lead as we put the ball in our own goal…… to make it 0-2 for them.

We responded well by a great free kick from Bob as the ball flew in the top corner out of reach of the Emerald goalie which is not easy if you have seen the length of the arms of their goalie ! From then on the game was interesting as the Lions we desperate searching for the equalizer and the Emeralds were waiting for their counter attack goal to put the game to bed ! It was a great game to watch and the speed of the game was very fast. Laid came close with a header / Charles got a gift from the Emerald goalie after he mis kicked straight to Chalres feet but he couldn’t score. Laid got a good free kick but it went just over the bar and last but not least Charles went one on one with the Emerald goalie but he missed and claimed there was a mole in the field when he kicked. Final score 2-1 for them. As losing is part of the game we still enjoyed our beers after the game and are sure we will be motived in our next game to start winning again ! Well done to Emeralds !


This weekend we will play the Oranje in the SIFL and Japan in the SPL !


Lets all come to the trainings to stay sharp and focused !


Cheers Freek

emerald 015emerald 006 emerald 008 emerald 010

It was another good weekend for the Lions !



On Sat., the weather was amazing with 24 degrees and no wind. We were up against our old rivals ReUnited in the semi final of the Hebiguchi Cup. Without Azzedinne, we knew we had to step up as a win would also give us a boost for the remaining 4 league games. The lions were ready for business straight from the kick off. We try to get the possession in hands and dominate the midfield. It was a cross in from captain Benji which took a slight deflection that give us the 1-0 lead. In the 2nd half, the game was more open as due to the hot weather players started to get tired and it gave the Lions plenty of counter attacking opportunities. It was the ReUnited winger who tried to cross the ball in from the left but to his horror saw his ball going back to the middle line where Danni picked it up and went straight to the goal. In a split second, he saw the Reunited goalie a bit far from his goal line and lobbed the ball perfectly over him to make it 2-0 for the Lions. After this, we dominated the game but failed to score on countless occasions and as it goes in football if you don’t score the other team will and ReUnited pulled one goal back with 5 minutes to go. The tried to push for the equalizer but in the end the Lions defense held strong. The beers tasted good after the final whistle and we are set up for a classic Shooters vs Lions battle in the final of the cup mid May !


Our next game will be against the Krauts this Saturday and we need to win to stay in the title race of the SIFL !


On Sunday the weather changed as it was cold (8 degrees) and foggy. We were up against the Galacticos in the SPL. Our opponent had not won a game this season and we knew that if we stayed focused we could work on our goal tally. Nicolas opened the score after 10 minutes and soon Dave with a light hamstring injury got his two goals enough for him to take rest and let our young Lion Giacomo (15) make his debut. Arnault was too fast for the Galacticos defenders and netted two goals to make it 5-0 at half time. In the second half it was time for the President to try and get on the score sheet and he did it a few seconds after kick off with his second touch of the ball after great assist from Teves. Soon teves got hims self on the score sheet to make his first Lions goal and snatch another deflected ball. The president finished a poor goal kick and was looking for a hat- trick…..! Arnault scored one on a fast break and with another break the President got his hat-trick to end a great day for the Lions Tomas got his goal as well. It ended 12-0 good result for the Lions and a club record win. Its worthwhile to mention that Simon came close to scoring on three occasions but………he only killed a few birds !


Next will be a BIG game for the Lions in the SPL as we will play against Gremio with 8 games to go this season !


Let’s all go to the training and prepare for the decisive part of the season !


Cheers Freek

Reunited game on Sat. March 5th 2016 pics:

reunited 003 reunited 013 reunited 024 reunited 025

Galacticos game pics:

Galactico sMArch 6th 2016 pics (1) Galactico sMArch 6th 2016 pics (2) Galactico sMArch 6th 2016 pics (3) Galactico sMArch 6th 2016 pics (4)

Lions stay on top in the SPL despite losing against the Marlins !



When the game started the weather was nice ! We had a highly motivated team at the start of the game as we like BIG games and games against the Marlins are always a fierce battle. In the first half both team were mainly battling it out on the midfield not many opportunities for both sides. The lions were more skill full in the short passes but the Marlins defending strong. It was 10 minutes before half time when a good pass from Charles found Danni who dubbed the ball to Azzeddine and with a quick pass Danni got the ball back and finished to make it 1-0. Soon after we got a great opportunity to make it 2-0 but we missed for the open goal ! In the second half we lost some of our midfield play and the Marlins with the help of the wind started to counter more with long balls. A dubious penalty given by the referee put the Marlins back in the game 1-1 and soon after disaster struck when Jack our defender was clearly tripped by a Marlins attacker in our box but instead of the free kick for us, Kevin the referee gave the Marlins a corner. We didn’t deal well with it and the scored 2-1 ! We had to push forward ourselves now and with our young squad we tried to get a least an equalizer however it was not to be our day. Frustrating day for us but we are still on top of the SPl with one point more than Century Park FC and plenty of games to go as we are only half way in the season !


Our next game will be Sunday 1300 @ waigaoqiao against the galacticos


Cheers Freek

Marlins game Feb. 28th 2016 (4) Marlins game Feb. 28th 2016 (3) Marlins game Feb. 28th 2016 (2) Marlins game Feb. 28th 2016 (1)

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