[SIFL News] Round 23 – Games played on 15 Apr 2017


Premier League

  • Big Bamboo SH Shooters AFC 8-1 Shanghai Japan FC
  • Shanghai ReUnited 5-0 Shanghai 3United
  • Shanghai United 3-1 Shanghai Krauts FC
  • FC Oranje 1-4 Azzurri FC

First Division

  • Voodoo 2-3 Shanghai Cosmos
  • Long Tang AFC 4-1 Voodoo Child
  • Anzacs FC 2-1 Kangbei United FC

SIFL First: 3 own goals in 1 match!

Premier League

The Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC, back from their warm weather training in Bangkok the week before, were ready for Shanghai Japan FC andthe baking sun. For the first time in history they brought a squad that outnumbered Japan, a big help in the heat. 

Keen to keep the lead at the top the table the Shooters started well pressing high. After some combination down the right, Gui Leclercq laid a ball off to Wilson Scott who looped it over the keeper for 1-0. 

The second came soon after as Mike McGirr slotted home for 2-0. The third came via a Japan player as it deflected in off him from a Simon Moore effort and 3-0. Japan then managed to get a goal back via a Tomoyuki Hirai penalty. The half ended 3-1 to the Shooters. 

The second half began and the Shooters soon restored their three-goal cushion as McGirr nicely converted a free kick from the edge of the box for his second of the day for 4-1. 

Japan held on until the final 10mins when the flood gates opened with Leclercq scoring first from a nice back heel volley from a Daniele Baldo cross for 5-1, then turning home a low cross in the box for 6-1 before finding the net once more to grab his hattrick for 7-1. 

Then, Kevin Wiessler (#10) beat the offside trap to score the final goal to finish the game 8-1. Gui Leclercq picked up man of the match honors, Below: Loic Chudy, Leclercq, Kevin Wiessler and Simon Moore. 

Shanghai ReUnited crossed swords with Shanghai 3United for the second time this season. The push for the title has revitalized the ReU squad and this time around they did better than their 1-0 win in their previous encounter. 

The early exchanges were quite equal before the ReU strike force slowly started to tell. Clear-cut chances were few and far between in the first quarter. 3U’s Nick Law dragged one shot wide while ReU’s Sascha Höltke hit the post after a scramble in the box.

ReU’s pressure kept 3U pinned back and when Alex Pozhar’s run forced an own goal ReUnited lead the contest 1-0. Another own goal doubled their lead to 2-0 and that’s how 45mins of football ended. 

In the second half, ReU’s pressure forced another own goal sending them up 3-0. Höltke then scored from a penalty for 4-0 and a close range finish from Adam Kling for 5-0 completed the scoring. 

Sascha Höltke picked up man of the match honors in his last match for ReUnited. Thanks for all those goals mate and good luck in Germany! New SIFL Record: 3 own goals in 1 match!

With this victory ReUnited is now three wins away from their first ever Premier League Championship. Herr Flick: “In the Park Tavern something came to my ears that the Shooters may have used illegal players.”

Shanghai United locked horns with the Shanghai Krauts FC. Dictator Bilgin G. was there motivating his troops in different languages and frequently had to come to the rescue denying the fast United strike force. 

General Stoyan Atsarov (#30) was on hand as well and lined up behind the occasional Kraut free kick deep into Russian territory. The sun didn’t make it easier for the aging Krauts but they ploughed and soldiered on. 

The return of Danyl Bondarchuk fired up United and with the likes of Andrey Kravchenko, Mikhail Bobylev, Nikolai Filatov, Adil Temirkhan and legend Igor Tsudin to name a few, they simply over and outran the German defensive lines. 

The solid United performance yielded a goal and they went up 1-0, which was also the halftime score. Their dominance continued in the second half as United scored two more goals. 

Mirko Franco found the net for the Krauts for a final 3-1 United victory. Danyl Bondarchuk, Joe Mystery and man of the match Adil Temirkhan scored the goals. 

Danyl B: “We found a new sponsor with more than 6,000 fresh beers daily, lots of Vodka and free marketing for our Tsudin Moonshine brand.”

FC Oranje were pitted against Azzurri FC. Oranje came with several new payers to try and turn the tide versus a determined Azzurri side. At stake was the Cages Cup

Most play took place in the midfield and Azzurri slowly encroached into Dutch territory. The pressure finally yielded when from one Italian attack the ball ended up at Anti Hintsanen who scored the 0-1.

Oranje created some chances and especially their midfield performed well. The Azzurri defensive lines stood well though and no more goals were scored sending both teams to tea with a 0-1 score line. 

Oranje’s new shoe number five Berto Mose showed up for the second half. No sooner play resumed of he fired a rocket from the edge of the box evening out the score at 1-1 and game on. 

In the next 10mins the Dutch pressed forward and created several chances. They took the game to Azzurri and the boys in blue were getting nervous. Then, from a fluent Azzurri attack, Hintsanen got the ball in the box near the back line being forced wide by a defender. 

He quickly turned while under pressure and lobbed the ball over the keeper for 1-2. Adam Kluger got in on the scoring for 1-3 and soon after that Kwame timed a long ball in the box to perfection heading it in for 1-4. 

With 10mins on the clock it was time the coach took to the field in match #586. It ended 1-4 with Imanol Des Valls picking up man of the match honors. Azzurri won the Cages Cup and the bus race back while Oranje booked another Third-Half@Cages victory. 

Above: Anti Hintsanen, Bertrand Mose, Adam Kluger, Tom Bus and Kwame Agyei-Owusu. Oranjeboom was there and all was wonderful!

First Division 

Voodoo rocked up to Waigaoqiao to meet the highflying Shanghai Cosmosbut knew that it would be a tough task to bring them down to earth thanks to yet another threadbare squad cobbled together at the last minute. 

It might have been 9am but it was hotter than anything that the Oakham Curry Club have ever eaten and promised to be as tiring as reading one of their reviews. 

Things went from bad to worse when 13 men Voodoo saw that Cosmos had brought an entire galaxy of players. The league leaders were brighter from the off, creating chance after chance as Voodoo struggled to comprehend the basics of amateur football. 

Jack Greenwell sent Cosmos 0-1 up and they should have had more before Voodoo snatched an equalizer on the break through the in-form Evan ‘Mile High’ Kleinberg. Honors even at the half and a great advert for the league. 

Then, a severely depleted Voodoo midfield yielded a header from a goal kick that split the defense and allowed Adam Stringer to finish for 1-2. Voodoo did not give up as the in-form Kleinberg quickly became the not-so-in-form Kleinberg only to draw Voodoo level with a tap-in from Larry Olivier’s cut back for 2-2. 

Jonny Sellars then scored Cosmos’ third for 2-3 to secure all three points despite a frantic Voodoo finish. Sellars picked up man of the match honors. Jordan Campbell” We cant wait to the kick some ass in the Premier League.”

Jonny White (above): “The SIFL should adopt a new formula based on dividing the number of players on each team, their age and their shirt numbers rather than which side scores more.” 

Long Tang AFC did battle with Voodoo Child. VC’s bid for title glory came to an end versus their bogey team Long Tang. The warning signs were there, 33 degrees accounted for Matt Eddy arranging a work event and sweet baby Jesus was out making history with his own batch of younglings.

Fat Nick, having been shopped for siphoning off lunch money from his students, couldn’t get them along. Nevertheless VC started out well and created a few chances. 

However, Long Tang with the understanding of the sun being very high took to the very productive system of ‘the pass’ over the top, followed up by quick lad running by and placing it in the goal, 3-0 was very quickly achieved. 

Things were changed up and young Doto Panda, highlighted as pacey and fit, was introduced. Yet another contender for Voodoo’s illustrious biggest liar award, being his main contribution. 

The second half was much more competitive and Paul Waller crafted a beautiful consolation goal that was put away by Santa Vardy for 3-1. 

Long Tang weren’t done and Joe Liar ‘marathon runner in any condition’ refused to run because was tired, gave Long Tang their fourth for a final 4-1 score line. Man of the match Guodong Jing scored a hatrrick while Yi Ding netted one. 

The Anzacs FC crossed swords with Kangbei United FC. Anzacs started strong and had Jon Banks (#10) in the line-up. That turned out to be working very well for them most noticeably in the first 45mins of football. 

The Anzacs went up 1-0 via a Banks goal. He then scored their second from just outside the box due to Stu Bell’s excellent five-yard pass for the assist and 2-0 up for the Anzacs at halftime. 

Towards the end Kangbei scored a consolation goal via a Yang Zhouyuan strike for a final 2-1 score line. Jon Banks picked up man of the match honors. With this win the Anzacs solidified their fifth spot in the rankings. 


Shanghai International Football League


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Tom Bus

[SIFL News] Round 22 – Games played on 08 Apr 2017


Premier League

First Division

  • Voodoo 7-0 HFC
  • Kangbei United FC 2-4 Voodoo Child (above)
  • Long Tang AFC 3-0 Shanghai Tianfu FC
  • Anzacs FC 0-7 Shanghai Cosmos

Premier League

Shanghai ReUnited battled it out with Shanghai Japan FC and continued their strong run of form with a comfortable victory over a team who proved a tough nut to crack in previous encounters. 

ReU went into the match knowing that only a win would do to keep their title dreams alive and the first quarter of the game proved testing. 

The Japanese started with great energy pushing ReUnited back with intricate play while ReU were struggling to get hold of the ball. Japan created several chances but without causing problems for the ReU defense. 

ReUnited gradually started to push Japan back and play took place on their half. They were rewarded by this territorial advantage when debutant Lucas Malina headed home powerfully from a Karsten Knerr corner taking a 1-0 ReU lead. 

This goal proved wonders for ReUnited and it wasn’t long before they doubled the scored. Lucas Da Silva added a second goal after being put through by Steve Ishemezwe sending ReU up 2-0 at halftime. 

In the second half, Mandela arrived and ReU had even more firepower. It wasn’t long before their attack yielded again adding to the score-line. 

Ishemezwe, Adam Kling and Mandela (2) completed the scoring with Japan grabbing a consolation goal by Tomoyuki Hirai somewhere in the mix for a final 6-1 ReUnited victory. 

With this win ReUnited are now just one point behind the Shooters and can move to first spot when they meet them in their next encounter. 

Oleksandr Pozhar picked up man of the match honors. (above with all scorers)

FC Oranje did battle with Shanghai Lions FC. With several key Lions players at the Bangkok 7s, the Dutch were dreaming of a result with some new players. At kick off time they still faced a strong Lions squad with fresh recruits as well from the School of Freek Thought. (SFT)

The Lions meant business and quickly ended all dreaming as they pinned Oranje back deep onto their half. The pressure yielded when the Lions scored from just outside the box with a shot that sailed in at the near post for a 0-1 lead after just 5mins. 

The men in orange then strung together a few moments that got them near the tight French box but the end pass was lacking. Just before halftime the Lions doubled the score and the first 45mins football ended with the Lions up 0-2. 

More of the same in the second half with the Lions pressing the Dutch back four and Oranje trying to combine through the middle. At the 75th minute the French scored again for 0-3. 

With 10mins on the clock it was time for the Dutch master to make an appearance and raise the bar in eager anticipation of the infamous third half at Cages. 

The Lions warmly welcomed the effort and raised the bar as well as they quickly scored two more goals for a final 0-5 score line. Gwendall Volant (2), Dave O’Reilly, Agajan Nyyazberdiyev and Jiang Yingchen scored the goals.

Volant (above) picked up man of the match honors. Tom Bus on match#585: “Orange Plastics & China Challenge said the right product development is key.” Cages & Beyond Relocation could not agree more! 

The men in orange went to their local where they out drank Azzurri and recorded another Third-Half@Cages victory. Oranjeboom was there and all was well!

Shanghai United locked horns with Azzurri FC. United came with a starting eleven for this match. Azzurri had a full squad as well and the men in blue meant business from the get go.

Adam Kluger, Kwame and Alex Brown made frequent excursions from their midfield deep into United territory and caused all sorts of danger all morning. Kluger: “My brother Fleddy taught me the ropes.”

Anti Hintsanen was in fine form and at the right end of a fluent Azzurri attack beating the United keeper (above). Hintsanen scored two more in the match and completed a hattrick.

Azurri went to tea with a comfortable 0-2 lead and continued their scoring ways in the second half as they netted three more for an overall 0-5 victory. 

Imanol Des Valls and Patrick Ruiz Arbeloa scored the other Azzurri goals with Des Valls picking up man of the match honors. The men in blue went toCages to celebrate another fine Azzurri performance. 

Shanghai Krauts FC crossed swords with Shanghai 3United. For the first 15mins the Krauts were playing a man down and were defending gallantly. 3United had three or four chances to create something dangerous but the Krauts defense dealt with everything cleanly. 

When the Krauts’ 11th player finally filled their missing slot, the game was able to open up. Within the next 10mins, Armando Chiu found himself in front of goal and put away the first goal of the game giving 3United the 0-1 lead. 

The Krauts answered soon afterwards with and striker Stanislav Korchazhinkii taking a quick turn around the defense and tying up the game with a well placed low shot for 1-1. 

Within the time it takes to tie a pair of football boots, 3U had pushed straight back up into the Kraut box and Oraz Arslanow pushed through onto a free ball smacking in an answer to the Krauts’ goal to retake the lead at 1-2. 

Two minutes later Joshua Chileshe received a ball just outside the box, one touched it past a defender then rocketed it in at the near post for 1-3. Soon after that Oraz Arslanow made it 1-4 with a smashing header from a perfect Joe Williams cross.  

The Krauts did not give up and continued to fight for chances. They were rewarded when a ball bounced through the defensive line where Korchazhinkii ran onto it and two-touched it into the net getting a goal back and 2-4. 

However, 3United hadn’t finished yet and scored again. This time it was Joe Williams who put the ball in the net to end the half with a 2-5 score line. 

In the second half, Team 3U found their groove once more and hammered away at the Krauts’ defense. Arslanow completed his hattrick, Radu Pughiuc netted two goals and Williams scored another one for a final 2-9 score line. With 4 assists and 2 goals Joe Williams picked up man of the match honors. (above with all goal scorers)

With this win 3U is 3 points above relegation and hot on the Krauts tail.

First Division 

Anzacs FC negotiated the Shanghai Cosmos. Due to a couple of late dropouts and a serious health issue related to fake eggs, Cosmos came into the game with a lighter than average squad.

However, a mistake in the Anzac defence allowed Jordan Campbell to finish from the edge of the box for a 0-1 Cosmos. Three minutes later, a quality cross from Carl Ballantine, caused both striker Adam Stinger and the Anzacs centre back to lose control and the ball ended up in the back of the net for 0-2. 

Cosmos relaxed and started playing some nice football. After 28mins, Conor Maye beat two men with a ‘regulation’ Cruijff turn playing in Stringer for a 0-3 halftime score. After 52mins, Maye’s corner was dropped at the feet of Stringer for a tap in and 0-4. 

Cosmos were looking comfortable until keeper Criss Kang’s ‘air-kick’ caused chaos in defence, but just like the Big Bang, chaos lead to creation and a long clearance allowed Jack Greenwell to play in One Direction’s Harry Handley down to right. His cross found Campbell for 0-5. 

Then, another long clearance found Jonny Sellars who played in Stringer who completed his hattrick for 0-6 and the first Cosmos hattrick this season. 

On minute 88, Stringer returned the favour and played Jonny Sellars through for a final 0-7 score line with Jack Greenwell picking up man of the match honors. With this win the Cosmos tops the table two points clear of the Vikings. 

Cosmos went back to Tap House to watch Adam Stringer complete the customary triple shot of Fireball handstand for his hattrick and engage in lively debate about which player most resembles a character from Game of Thrones. Hodor!! 

Kangbei United FC lined up to play versus Voodoo Child. After having nearly a month off, there were some slight concerns as to whether VC were being disciplined with their fitness. Dicko liar staying true to form by declaring on the bus ride over that he no longer eats and basically only drinks from time to time. 

A positive of the long lay off was some extra time for the depleted ranks to return from injury. At kick off it looked all so easy, VC lined up with 16 and Kangbei with 10. Danger man Jackson Katta and Disney’s knee highlighted by Jules. 

Ten minutes in, all was looking splendid for VC, some great work on the right by young Luuk Drediute, using his pace and vision on the small amount of grass remaining to link up with new Jesus and young Henrik for a great finish and a 0-1 VC lead. 

However in 2017 VC have made hard work of it and the Kangbei danger man Jackson Katta, although isolated, injured and possibly working to Dicko’s regime, managed to score two in quick succession to send Kangbei up 2-1, which it remained until halftime and manager Kam had a sulk on.

Another halftime good cop bad cop episode was conducted with Kam & the Cossack, a change of formation was implemented and to great fanfare, the founding member of the OCC (see OCC website for details) was introduced into the middle of the park.

VC came out with much more energy and Santa slid in to convert a great cross from Fat Nick in the first couple of minutes to restore parity at 2-2 and it was all VC from there on in. Santa bagged his second for 2-3 and young Luuk got the goal his hard work deserved for 2-4. 

Irish, Rob and Kam all came on for mini Cameo’s, but match fitness is still some way off. Minion in goal will be out for several months, warm regards to Dicko for stepping up between the sticks again. 

A good game and respect between the sides with no cards distributed. The lady ref marshaled well. VC’S Nicolas Lewis picked man of the match honors. Jules: “I eat danger men for breakfast.”

Voodoo faced HFC on the day. With the Voodoo squad unusually full, there was an air of optimism about as Magic Sam Woollard announced he was “Fackin well up for it”. This optimism was helped by HFC’s starting line-up of just nine. 

The game got under way with long spells of Voodoo pressure with Evan Kleinberg, FX, Ben Avery and Rooney pressing HFC’s defenders relentlessly. Voodoo were rewarded for their efforts as Sam Woollard forced an own goal, finishing off a tidy move down the right for a 1-0 Voodoo lead. 

The remainder of the half followed this pattern with voodoo squandering several chances, Joey Rooney defying the laws of physics with one effort, while Avery, FX and Kleinberg all getting close.

With the half drawing to a close, Voodoo were handed the chance for a second when Olivier Courades went down under a ‘robust’ challenge while contesting a corner. Kleinberg stepped up to drive home for a 2-0 lead at halftime. 

The second half saw Voodoo continue to dominate, with the electric pace of George, Mike and Jack keeping HFC at bay. Meanwhile the midfield and attack combined well, causing havoc for the HFC defense. 

It didn’t take long for Voodoo to make it three as Magic Sam pulled a rabbit out of the hat with a 55-yard lob and 3-0. The fourth arriving 10mins later as Evan Kleinberg finished off a great team move by lofting the ball over the keeper for 4-0. 

Voodoo continued to pile on the pressure, with the ‘harassment’ skills of the forward line impressing Jack Webster on the sideline. Voodoo made it 5-0 as Derreck Lilly arrived late to smash home from the edge of the area. 

Voodoo then completed a hat trick of lobs as FX finished for 6-0. Liam rounded off the scoring with minutes to play to make it 7-0. A well deserved three points for the Voodoo with Evan Kleinberg picking up man of the match honors. 

Long Tang AFC were pitted against Shanghai Tianfu FC in a Chinese derby. Both teams came prepared though some of their kit got lost in the washing. 

Once the match got underway Long Tang played the most dominant of football and created the better chances. 

Their power play paid of as Long Tang found the net twice in the first half for a 2-0 lead at halftime. 

In the second half, Long Tang continued to create opportunities and that yielded another goal for 3-0 and that’s how the contest ended. Renwu Yi (2) and Yi Ding scored the goals with Long Tang’s Lei Yang picking up man of the match honors. 


Shanghai International Football League


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Tom Bus

[SIFL News] Round 21 – Games played on 25 Mar 2017


Premier League

Shanghai ReUnited (above) victorious over Shanghai Lions FC. Azzurri FC beat Shanghai Krauts FC. Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC win versus FC Oranje. Shanghai Japan FC record monster score versus Shanghai United of 17-1. 

First Division

Shanghai Cosmos beat Kangbei United FC. Shanghai Vikings FC win versus Voodoo. Anzacs FC edge Shanghai Tianfu FC. Long Tang AFC victorious over HFC. 

* Japan establish new SIFL record-17 goals (one half)
* Four hattricks in one game
* Double hattrick Tomoyuki Hirai
* Hattricks by Hiroki Kato & Yuki Fujiwara

Yoku Endo, Naoya Yokoyama, Osamu Sakurai, Kibou Yamamoto one goal each

In the Premier League, the Shanghai Lions FC did battle with Shanghai ReUnited. ReUnited performed good versus a weakened Lions team and their effort was rewarded with a rare victory bagging three valuable points for ReU’s title chase. 

ReU now need five more wins, a difficult but achievable task, to secure the biggest prize for the first time in their history since 2006!

The match started cagily with some of the ReU players arriving late, at one point it seemed that Coach Becker would be making a surprise appearance! The Lions had the better of the game and hit the post in the early exchanges. 

Gradually ReU started to find their way into the game though with Lucas Da Silva spraying passes from a central position and opening the French up on the wings. Adam Kling fired ReU’s best chance over the bar and the half ended 0-0. 

It was clear this was ReU’s best opportunity to beat the Lions and three points could not be passed up if they wanted to be true title contenders. The second half was a crucial half amidst tension and focus from kick off.

ReU came out strong and Alex Pozhar ran into the box to score the opener taking a 0-1 ReU lead. Then the goals quickly started flowing with Da Silva and twice Steve Ishemezwe to complete the scoring for a final 0-4 score line. Ronald Kana (above) picked up man of the match honors. With this win ReUnited are edging closer to their first ever title. Five victories to go! 

The Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC faced ‘Kings of the Basement’FC Oranje.  Shooters started strong taking control of the game. Having already hit the bar and missed a penalty the boys from Big Bamboo finally opened the scoring with Benoit Doche smashing home from close range taking a 1-0 lead. 

Ale Kamke made it two soon after latching on to Scott Wilson’s through ball and lobbing the onrushing keeper for 2-0. Two became three as Tom Webster showed some quick feet to shift the ball from left to right before drilling it into the corner for 0-3 and that’s how the half ended. 

The second half started and Oranje had their best chance of the game as Mubanga Vwalika raced through for a one on one with the keeper. Chris Banyard came out of the box then blocked the shot with his hands denying the Dutch a certain goal. Clearly a red but a yellow was given. 

It wasn’t long before more hullabaloo followed as keeper Banyard picked up a ball from a back pass by his own defender while being challenged by the orange strike force for what looked liked another certain goal. A free kick was given and then the very controversial Banyard tipped it over the bar. Banyard: “I thrive on hullabaloo eat it for breakfast and swallow all.”

Oranje were pressuring the Shooters back four but the goal fell on the other side when Scott Wilson made it 4-0 poking home Broughton’s through ball. That’s how it ended with Wilson picking up man of the match honors. 

The Shooters went on to enjoy a truly big Big Bamboo session as they bid a fond and messy farewell to long time Shooter and all round great guy Carlos Gonzales (#8) who played his last game on Saturday. Good luck in your next ventures mate-all the best!

The boys in orange headed to Cages in celebration of match number 584, partied with Azzurri and picked up another Oranjeboom boom victory. Five more to go to win the inaugural Third-Half@Cages’s Cup! 

Azzurri FC were scheduled versus Shanghai Krauts FC. Having already sealed the inaugural Cages Cup by beating Oranje home and away, the men in blue were in a buoyant mood. They came out of the blocks best as they scored twice taking a 2-0 lead at halftime. The Krauts regrouped somewhat in the second half when they found the net as well via a Stanislav Korchazhinkii strike. 

Azzurri then put the game to bed when they scored again for a final 3-1 victory. Antti Hintsanen, Imanol Valls and Javi del Valle scored the goals with Hintsanen picking up man of the match honors. Azzurri very happy went toCages for beers & burgers and celebrate with Oranje. 

Shanghai Japan FC negotiated Shanghai United and established a new SIFL scoring record. This wasn’t evident in the first 45mins of football as defensive lines of both teams stood well for a 0-0 score at halftime. 

In the second half the floodgates opened completely as Japan found the net a record breaking 17 times. United was able to save honors when Temirkhan Adil scored their lone goal. 

Tomoyuki Hirai scored 6 goals in one half-a double hattrick! Hiroki Kato and Yuki Fujiwara scored a hattrick each while Yoku Endo, Naoya Yokoyama, Osamu Sakurai and Kibou Yamamoto all netted one. 

An unfortunate own goal by United made it 17 total with Osamu Sakurai picking up man of the match honors. A record-breaking performance of 17 goals in one half. Well done boys, you raised the bar making history!

In the First Division, Shanghai Vikings FC locked horns with Voodoo. With the holy Voodoo management trinity all absent and a depleted squad the Voodoo lined up with unfamiliar XI. The tone was set with a less than lively warm up and that form carried into the game with Voodoo all over the place in the first ten minutes. 

Vikings took the lead as a seemingly innocuous free kick found its way into the Voodoo net for 1-0 and the gap was widened by a second not long after for 2-0. 

After a bad start for the Voodoo, Alex ‘Meetchy’ Meecham and the ‘Karate Kid’ (#25) put in some hard tackles which seemed to spark the Voodoo into life. Their very French left wing combo of FX and Pierre Olivier began to have some joy down the flank, creating some decent chances. 

The spell of pressure came and went as the Vikings broke and left the Voodoo defense looking flat-footed and scored the 3-0 with the game still in first gear. Vikings managed to capitalize on yet another error in defense to make it 4-0 going into the break.

The second half saw Voodoo come into the game more, with spells of pressure from both teams, creating some decent chances. Olivier Courades and Derreck Lilly coming closest for Voodoo and Miguel Reya making some decent stops to keep out the Vikings. 

It looked like the second half would remain goalless until the Vikings got their fifth through possibly one of the most majestic own goals ever witnessed in the SIFL for a final 5-0 score line. Leslie Campbell, Anders Bruun, Christopher Mitchell and man of the match Eric Bado scored the Vikings goals. 

Shanghai Cosmos were pitted against Kangbei United FC. With Cosmos in cup action last week, the door was open for Vikings to pillage top spot in division one. After their disappointing cup defeat, Cosmos were back to focusing on league matters against a recently re-energized Kangbei side.

Even after kick off, Kangbei players continued to arrive thick and fast. Cosmos, however, were straight out of the blocks and striker Adam ‘Moses’ Stringer collected Conor Maye’s pass, spun his man and drove a rising shot past the keeper for 1-0 and continued his record of scoring in every league game this season. 

Four minutes later, Jonny ‘Yeshua’ Sellars, drove into the box, his shot was saved leaving Jack ‘Jesus is a Rochdale girl’ Greenwell with a simple finish for 2-0. A few minutes later, Kangbei worked the ball well down the left side and an Emmanuel Seneck cross was expertly finished by Chris ‘Judas’ Wade with a diving header, securing his first goal in a Cosmos shirt this season for 2-1. 

Cosmos weren’t finished yet and, despite some protests from the subs bench about Jordan Campbell’s free kick ability, he floated a heavenly ball into the box, leaving Yeshua to rise above the mere mortals and head home and 3-1 to Cosmos at halftime. 

At the start of the second half, Conor Maye played a ball over the top. The keeper came and then stopped, allowing Rochdale’s finest to get there first, round the keeper and slot into an empty net for 4-1. 

Throughout the second half, Cosmos introduced a series of bond villains from the subs bench, but despite their aspirations for world domination and devious tactics, they were unable to further break down the Kangbei rearguard. Cosmos won the contest 4-1 with Jonny Sellars picking up man of the match honors. 

Shanghai Tianfu FC crossed swords with the Anzacs FC. The Anzacs were cocked and ready and started well. They put the Tianfu defense under more and more pressure and that yielded in a goal for a 0-1 Anzacs lead at halftime. 

In the second half, Tianfu started to play better and found the net. The Anzacs’ consistency shone through though as they managed to score as well. The contest ended in a 1-2 Anzacs victory. Sheng Wang scored for Tianfu. Steve Walker and Dan Aubin found the net for the Anzacs with Walker picking up man of the match honors. 

Happy FC were pitted against Long Tang AFC. It was Long Tang’s day as they found form and quickly went ahead. They scored four in the first half for a 0-4 score line at halftime. 

In the second half, HFC found the net as well via a Jihua Shi strike. Long Tang scored two more for a final 1-6 score line. Renwu Yi (2), Guodong Jing (2), Yi Ding and Liang Shan scored the Long Tang goals with Liang Shan picking up man of the match honors. 


Shanghai International Football League


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Tom Bus

Lions keep on its “Russian Mountain” ballad in SIFL


[SIFL] Shanghai Lions FC 0 – 4 Shanghai ReUnited

Earlier in the week, we were once more struggling to make a team for the Saturday SIFL game… Thanks to the help of few legends such as Gwen or Laid + youngster Riccardo, we finally managed to make a team.  Without players such as Azz & Felix plus the fact that captain Benji had to start on the bench with a back pain, we were not the only the team to have depth bench issues… Sebastian Becker from ReUnited himself had to dress-up to make the number while waiting his black superstars slowly to come 15 mn after the game.

So we started the 1st half organized in 4-3-3 with youngster Riccardo as GK and Rad upfront. As the pitch was in really really poor state, our goal was to avoid stupid mistake in the back and try to play in counter as much as possible. The plan worked well and both team neutralized each other with only 1 or 2 opportunities. Best 1st half opportunity came from Rad who hit the post after a nice combination.

At half-time, we said that keeping organized & winning the physical combat + second balls shall be key to win the game. Well, it was meant to be words only… Poor free kick from the all defense line was a sign that technicality was missing… A midfield in perdition after experienced Thomas Zitoun left us at half-time for personal duties… It was too much and we quickly took a goal followed by 2 others with 25 mn to go. In order to stop the bloodshed, Benji came in to stabilized the midfield… It proved to work a little as we started to play better and enjoy our game a bit despite an anecdotal 4th goal from ReUnited & a beautiful header from Jack which hit the post.


After Shooters game last weekend, this is the 2nd time in a row that we lose a SIFL game while managing to get to half-time at 0-0. On both occasions, our opponents were not playing amazing football. Tactically and mentally, our level is probably not good enough and not so long ago, it was us crushing our opponents in 2nd half. Beside the lack of depth in our squad, our poor fitness / commitment to the training is probably the main reason behind our troubles this year… Fitness is key and as always we give you plenty of training opportunities.


[SIFL News] Round 20 – Games played on 18 Mar 2017


SIFL Cup Quarterfinals

Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC win versus Shanghai Lions FC. Azzurri FC beat Shanghai Cosmos. Shanghai Japan FC victorious over Kangbei United FC. Shanghai 3United edge Voodoo. 

First Division
Shanghai Vikings FC beat Long Tang AFC to top table. 

SIFL Cup Quarterfinals

Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC faced the Shanghai Lions FC in their Quarters. The second week in a row the two top tier teams met. The Shooters put the Lions under pressure and chances came and went with Roland Broughton probably coming the closest but the half ended 0-0.

The second half began and within minutes of the restart the Shooters took the lead. Wilson Scott picked up the ball and fooled everyone with a cross that the Lions keeper misjudged, leaving it to go in to the far corner of the empty goal and 1-0 to the Shooters. 

The Lions, who had been moaning all match, took it up a notch now and managed to pull a goal back-working the ball around the box before a through ball found Allan Mendel to dink over the Shooter stopper evening out the score 1-1. 

Shooters picked it up another gear after this and were soon back in the lead as Wilson ‘Target Man’ Scott scored again- this time on purpose- heading in Mike McGirr’s corner at the far post for a 2-1 lead.  

With 10mins to go, Ale Kamke made it 3-1 turning neatly in the box to hammer home and seal a place in the Semis for the Shooters. Wilson Scott won man of the match honors and went off to celebrate his birthday in true Hull lad style. 

Shanghai Cosmos did battle with Azzurri FC. Azzurri put in another clockwork performance similar to the week before and this time versus Cosmos, one of three First Division teams that made it through to the Quarters. 

A very solid Azzurri performance in the first half saw its continuance in the second half. All balls fell in the Cosmos net three scored by Azzurri and one scored by the Universe themselves. Antti Hintsanen, Kwame Agyei-Owusu and Andrea Speranza scored for Azzurri. 

Giulio Bortolaso picked up man of the match honors. With this win Azzurri advance to Semis. The men in blue went to Cages for massive celebrations and picked up another Third-Half@Cages win. (Oranje went fishing)

Kangbei United FC locked horns with Shanghai Japan FC. Japan returned to fine form and routed Kangbei United in a convincing first half where they dominated the midfield with forward pressing. 

That lead to several chances and three of those found the net sending the Japanese into the break 0-3 up. In the second half, Kangbei did something back as they scored as well via a Sheng Zhang strike. 

The Japanese scored as well and won the contest 1-4. Takuya Nakano (2) and Kosuke Nagai scored for Japan as did an unfortunate Kangbei player with an own goal (above). Tomoyuki Hirai picked up man of the match honors. 

Voodoo were slotted versus Shanghai 3United (above) in their quarters. 3United started out with some dominant play while Voodoo earned some possession and pushed hard. 

With 15mins left in the half, trusty striker Nick Law ran onto a through ball from Joe Williams and hustled past the Voodoo lines and keeper to give 3U the 0-1 lead. Voodoo then put a spell on it trying to change things around but the half ended with a 0-1 score line. 

In the second half, Voodoo mixed up their attack and put a lot more pressure on 3United but the goal fell at the other end. Sascha Höltke lobbed a cross to the edge of the box to Nick Law (#15) who headed home scoring his second of the day for a 0-2 3U lead. 

Towards the end Voodoo were awarded a penalty and got a goal back when Jonny White (above) converted for 1-2. Voodoo then launched an all or nothing offense but the red brigade hung on to a 1-2 3U victory and a place in the semis. Derek Yesionowski (below) picked up man of the match honors. 

First Division

Shanghai Vikings FC were paired with Long Tang AFC. The Vikings knew that a victory on the day would see them leapfrog to first spot in the standings and were motivated to the teeth to make that happen. 

Once the match got underway they pinned Long Tang back to their own half creating several chances. Jasper Scheuermann converted two of these when he found the Long Tang net taking a commanding 2-0 Vikings lead at halftime. 

Long Tang did something back in the second half when they scored via Wei Huang strike getting a goal back at 2-1 and that’s how the match ended. Stefan Søgaard (above) picked up man of the match honors. Søgaard: “Vikings are well on their way to loot and pillage the Premier League.”


Shanghai International Football League


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Tom Bus

Lions out of the SIFL Cup


Shanghai Lions FC 1 – 3 Shanghai Shooters

On Saturday we faced the Shooters once again and with a record 20 players saying No to the game it was a real challenge to make a team. In the end we managed and started the match on the very poor pitch with good fighting spirit.

The first opportunities were for the Lions we got two free kicks right on the edge of the box but failed on both occasions. The first half ended 0-0 and at half time we promised to step up the game as we felt we could win the game.

Five minutes in disaster struck as a poor goal kick ended on the foot of Wilson who tried to cross but saw his ball flying in…..We started to play better and better and didn’t give up. It was a good combination and a great assist from Gwen to Allan who chipped the ball behind the Shooters goalie to level the game. It lifted our spirit but from a corner we left Wilson alone at the second post and he gave the Shooters the lead back with a header. We got two more free kicks on the edge but our efforts were poor. The Shooters with 20 players had some fresh legs to come in the field in the last 15 minutes where as our legs with only 12 players started to get tired. The scored a third with a good strike from the left to put the game to bed.

We will play Reunited this Saturday !


[SIFL News] Round 19 – Games played on 11 Mar 2017


Hebiguchi Cup Semifinals
Azzurri FC beat Shanghai Japan FC. Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC win versus Shanghai Lions FC to set up final between Azzurri and Shooters.  


Voodoo beat Long Tang AFC. Kangbei United FC victorious over Shanghai Tianfu FC. Shanghai Vikings FC and Anzacs FC handed regulatory wins.  

* Kangbei’s Jackson Katta scored 4!

Hebiguchi Cup Semifinals

Shanghai Lions FC crossed swords with the Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC. A 20 players Shooters squad turned up to face the Lions in the first of their two semifinals clashes. The Lions welcomed Charles Georg back for a rare appearance. Below with Azzeddine Takouloufa prior to the contest. Sun out, smiles around, confidence was high. 

The Shooters started quickly out the blocks pressing high putting the Lions back four under pressure. The pressure told as the Lions soon conceded a free kick on the edge of the box, Michael McGirr stepped up and curled one towards the corner and a deflection off the wall helped it on its way into the back of the net for a 0-1 Shooters lead. 

The Lions meanwhile were finding it hard to create chances against a determined Shooter defense. Felix Vroegop came closest after the Lions picked up from a hastily taken Shooters free kick. The French striker then came face to face with Chris Banyard and it looked like the Lions would equalize. The keeper however was equally to the task and saved well keeping his goal clean. 

The match was getting tetchy at this point with the Lions clearly getting frustrated at the Shooters’ pressing and yellows were handed out on both sides. The half ended however without any other incidents.

In the second half, the Shooters were more threatening. That became evident by another horror tackle. John Terry elbowed Azzeddine to the ground from behind causing serious injury. It was another act of uncontrolled Shooter aggression and Azz had to be carried off while Terry escaped red once again the c*nt. (under investigation)

With arguably the best player of the league gone, it wasn’t long before the Shooters took every advantage. They got another free kick at the edge of the box and this time Gui Leclercq (#33) stepped up and put a low drive into the far corner to double the Shooters lead to 0-2. 

Soon after that the Lions got a free kick taken by Felix Vroegop (#27). He curled the ball over the extensive Shooter wall getting a goal back at 1-2. The Shooters then wrapped up the game as McGirr turned home a ball from close range for 1-3 and game over. Loic Chudy picked up man of the match honors. 

It was Simon Moore’s day as he earned cap number 100 for the Shooters at the highest level. Congrats mate, well done! The Shooters will now face Azzurri in the Hebiguchi Cup Final 2017. It’s going to be a spectacle!

Shanghai Japan FC were pitted against Azzurri FC. Azzurri came well prepared as Japan’s recent form caused concern for the Italian formation. Azzurri did good in the first half. Their defensive lines stood well and their offense did what was expected from them. 

They found the net once so that the first 45mins ended in a 0-1 score line. The men in blue continued their scoring ways in the second half finding the net another three times for a final 0-4 Azzurri victory. 

Antti Hintsanen (2), Nicolas Fajardo and club legend Andrea Speranza scored for Azzurri with Fajardo picking up man of the match honors. With this win Azzurri advance to final where they will face the Shooters. 

Warhorse Speranza: “That’s fantastic, will tell the lads to beef up on burgers at Cages we wont be taking prisoners for the final. John Terry must be punished!” Azzurri soldiered on and recorded a rare Third-Half@Cages win as well. (Oranje had a by) 


Long Tang AFC did battle with Voodoo. Another meeting between them meant four-and-a-half uninterrupted hours of this matchup for the ages. 

Truth be told a combination of a 9am kickoff, a pitch that has seen better days and no one being able to concentrate because there were loads of Frisbee pillocks parading about the park including one top hat in a top hat meant that minds were understandably elsewhere. 

A more physical Long Tang lineup made for a scrappy game with half-chances at a premium for both sides. Some very wasteful finishing from the Voodoo number whatever-the-equivalent-of-9-numbered-between-36-and-72*trunc(n+2); adding to the feeling it would be goalless at the break which turned out to be true. 

But it was false. Ice Cold Phil Boyle (ICPB) won and scored a nerveless penalty for 0-1 before Sam Woollard rolled back the years by miss hitting a cross into the Long Tang goal for a 0-2 score line at the half. 

The second half saw the introduction of some Voodoo players dressed for Frisbee only outdone by Long Tang’s centre half who was wearing white tights without shorts for a strong look. 

Long Tang then won a penalty, which was converted by Liang Shan for 1-2. Voodoo scored again towards the end when FX got his big Danny McBride French forehead on a Big Dog corner for 1-3 and that’s how the contest ended with Jack Webster picking up man of the match honors. 

Kangbei United FC locked horns with Shanghai Tianfu FC. Kangbei mobilized their entire foreign contingent for this game and that proved wonders. 

They scored three times in the first half for a 3-0 score line at halftime. Tianfu’s heads dropped while Kangbei marched on in the second half finding the net another four times for an overall 7-0 Kangbei victory. 

Jackson Katta (4), Emmauel Seneck, Sidyck and Juan Jose scored the Kangbei goals with Katta picking up man of the match honors. 

Anzacs FC were paired with HFC. Unhappy on the day, Happy FC forfeited the game handing a regulatory 5-0 victory to the Anzacs. 

Shanghai Vikings FC were scheduled to play Voodoo Child. VC had a no show as well handing the Vikings a 5-0 win too-nuf said. 


Shanghai International Football League


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Tom Bus

Lions out of the Hebiguchi Cup


[SIFL HEBIGUCHI CUP] Shanghai Lions FC 1 – 3 Shanghai Shooters

What was supposed to be a beautiful day ended in bad day for the Lions ! We hardly could find 11 players for our match against old rival the shooters and were lucky to have Patrick and Charles back as they both are visiting China this week.

The pitch was a disaster of course for both teams but for us it makes it very hard to play our usual passing and combination game. Both teams couldn’t display and decent football and the Shooters took an early lead after poor clearance and a deflected shot. Just before half time we had our best chance as Felix was on the run and saw his effort just go wide. As we had only Lyndon on the bench we were ok to go 1-0 down into half time as with one goal we could get back in the game.

All our good intentions were dashed by a horrific foul on Azzeddine when a shooter players run into him with his elbow from the back while he wanted to chest a high ball. Azz was in serious pain and had to go off while the Shooter player only got yellow and could play on. The Shooters got a free kick at our box and our 7 men wall was not enough to stop Gui’s free kick in the right corner. Felix give us a bit of hope when his free kick flew behind Chris the shooters goalie. The Shooters scored another goal to make the final score 1-3.


We wish Azzeddine a speedy recovery and hope to see him back on the pitch soon !
We play the Shooters again this Saturday in SIFL Cup (15:00 kick-off) and hope to have more players signing up for the match.


“Sad” Freek

[SIFL News] Round 18 – Games played on 04 Mar 2017


Premier League
Shanghai Japan FC win versus Shanghai 3United. Shanghai ReUnited beat FC Oranje. Shanghai Lions victorious over Shanghai Krauts FC. Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC grab point versus Azzurri FC. 

First Division

Kangbei United FC beat HFC. Voodoo Child win versus Shanghai Tianfu FC. Voodoo (above) victorious over Long Tang AFC. Shanghai Vikings FC beat the Anzacs FC. 

In the Premier League, top ranked Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC did battle with Azzurri FC. Two big rivals squared off against each other in their first meeting this season. 

The Azzurri have recently beaten both ReUnited and Lions, so the Shooters knew they would have to work hard to keep their title challenge going strong and retain their unbeaten record this season.

The pitch wasn’t helping either team play football and from the start it was clear it was going to be a tight game with few chances. Both sides battled hard and looked to play the ball early to their forward players. 

Azzurri started drawing fouls in the Shooters half and threatened from the resulting free kicks, with keeper Banyard having to stretch to claw out one effort.  

The Shooters meanwhile looked most dangerous from corners, coming close on two occasions. However the half finished 0-0 with both defenses looking solid.

The second half saw the Azzurri midfield starting to take a bit more of a hold on the game as the Shooters had to dig in, looking to break away down the wings on counters. 

Finally the deadlock broke when the Azzurri’s Guillermo Santamaria whipped a good ball into the middle of the box to Nicolas Fajardo who at full stretch managed to hook the ball looping it up and over the Shooter keeper. One nil to Azzurri with 15mins left to play. 

The goal seemed to wake the Shooters up a bit and they threw everything going forward, taking more control of the game. However shots were blocked and crosses cleared and it was looking like the Azzurri were going to leave with all three points. 

But with literally the last move of the game Loic Chudy delivered a free kick in to the box, which found its way to Stefan Sturm. The big German stooped down to head in the equalizer (below) to cue wild celebrations for the Shooters. 

The final whistle went after the restart and the points were shared leaving the Shooters still undefeated this season. Goal scorers Nicolas Fajardo and Stefan Sturm picked up man of the match honors. 

Azzurri were a little hard done by as they had the better of the match, defended well until the very last second and deserved more from this game. They all went to Cages for beers and burgers and drank with their mates from up North in another glorious Third-Half@Cages. Better luck next time boys!

Shanghai Japan FC faced Shanghai 3United (below). Japan continued to get results versus good teams and this match was no exception. 

Japan went up 1-0 then 2-0 before 3United could get a goal back via an Oraz Arslanow strike for 2-1 score line at halftime. 

In the second half 3United tried to get another goal but the Japanese defensive lines held out great and the match ended 2-1 to Japan. 

Yoku Endo (above) and Hajime Sumitomo scored the goals for Japan. Yasutomo Toyofuku picked up man of the match honors. With this victory Japan cemented their grip on 5th spot in the ranking competing with Azzurri FC for 4th.

FC Oranje were slotted against Shanghai ReUnited. ReUnited are still in the title race and were on guard against Oranje who are still playing for a first win, it was ReU’s to lose.

The match got underway with ReU controlling the midfield putting the Dutch defense under pressure from the get go. After a few bankable chances it was Adam Kling who opened the scoring. Free in the box he found the unmarked near post for 0-1 after 8.5mins. 

Oranje then played a good phase getting close the ReU box but their defense did well to clear all threats. Towards the end of the half some serious chances were created but the orange strike force did not score and neither did ReUnited. Game still open. 

In de last 5mins ReU picked it up a notch and simply overran the orange lines with the ball ending up over the goal line with an accidental claw out by the falling Dutch defense that ended up in the net as well. 

A red card was what followed and Oranje continued with ten. The ensuing penalty was swiftly dealt with by Sascha Höltke sending ReUnited up 0-2 at halftime (above). The mood was buoyant and upbeat, the sun was out. Twas a lovely spring day minds were already at beers afterwards. 

The Dutch however, never give up and were firm and steadfast to complete their mission and bring their German General more into play to pressure the ReU defense and crack them up good in the second half. 

It actually resulted in a few chances but a foul in the tight Dutch box was what happened at the other end. Another penalty was easily delivered by Mandela (above) effectively putting the game to bed with a 0-3 score line. 

Just as the General was making progress getting closer to goal, ReU’s sinister ploy of ‘kicking the Kraut out’ took shape. Thomas ‘Kraut Slayer’ Corbett (#25) unceremoniously kicked Christian ‘General’ Böcking off the pitch. The same happened during their previous encounter clearly showing Herr Flick’s wicked ways of engagement. 

It was time for Tom Bus to step in. Besides silky ageless play it was a great moment for Oranjeboom exposure (below). A number of new records were established clearly swinging back the momentum to Team Orange with another bar raising performance. 

In the end ReUnited won 0-8. Adam Kling (2), Sascha Höltke (2), Steve Ishemezwe, Ronald Kana & Mandela Ngueguim scored the goals with Höltke (#96) picking up man of the match honors. 

All the fine scoring fellows above with Cages, China Challenge, Beyond Relocation, Radisson Blu Hong Quan, Xindao, KCL Foods, Infinity, Orange Plastics and the record holder in humble attendance. 

Oranje took #583 for what it was and went to Cages in celebration of raising the bar. Third-Half@Cages was won, bar was raided, crowd went crazy. Their undefeated clean sweep streak has not gone unnoticed in the league underscoring the enormous depth, reach and potential of FC Oranje-Shanghai’s oldest & finest football club-We Believe in Turn Over! (& Elvis)

Meanwhile, ReUnited’s comfortable win sees them still in hot pursuit for the title as the Shooters dropped two valuable points. Herr Flick: “This means ze fate of ze league is back in our hands-pleasant news for Berlin.”

Shanghai Lions FC crossed swords with Shanghai Krauts FC. The Lions stand-in goalie didn’t make the early kick off time so that President Freek Boelen started in goal. 

It proved to be a masterstroke as the new stand-in keeper saved a one on one with the very fast Krauts striker Stanislav Korchazhinkii and 0-0 it stayed. The Lions started a bit slow and not a lot of chances were created for both teams. 

Tomas Cabrera opened the score for the Lions 1-0 and just before halftime the Lions got their second by Tomas Zitoun for 2-0. In the second half, the Lions picked up the pace, started to pass better and danced around the pitch a bit more. 

Without substitutes, The Krauts ran out of steam and the Loins found the net several times. Felix Vroegop netted two, Tomas Cabrera scored his second and Agajan Nyazberdiyev got a goal as well. 

President Freek Boelen (above) then switched from keeper to striker and became an instant sensation when he got in on the scoring as well for a final 7-0 Lions victory. Felix Vroegop picked up man of the match honors. Boelen: “I can basically play anywhere.”

In the First Division, Shanghai Tianfu FC lined up to play against Voodoo Child. A relatively strong VC squad was able to deal with further injury; Ben Nogoodwin’s struck down with a sore throat, we will pray for his quick recovery.

VC were looking to get back on track against Tianfu, who were hoping they were still scarred from the last meet. And so it seemed Tianfu were very content to sit back and try hit VC on the break with screaming war cries. 

Mad Eddy and Tony Nogood were able to mop up with relative ease, even though it was very very sunny and the ball very very high. It seemed complacency was VC’s worst enemy. Nil nil at the break and all to play for. Time for a change, a big change, a game changer you might say.

Ian Dixon back from his travels was introduced and rallied the troops. A penalty was soon earned by Dicko, which sir Ned Kelly dispatched with ease taking a 0-1 VC lead. 

Followed up shortly by a nasty Andy Rodriguez thunderbolt that he will talk about for years to come for 0-2. Finally young Patrick Mullarkey finished off a great move with a sterling effort for a final 0-3 score line. 

Wright brother Gary had Kam’s blessing for a tireless display up and down the wings. Only black spot was two further injuries to Irish and Julian Goodes. Ned Kelly picked up man of the match honors. (above with legend Dixon, Mullarkey and Rodriguez) 

Happy FC were paired against Kangbei United FC (above) in another Chinese derby. Both teams started well and created several chances. 

However the keepers were equally to the tasks as no goals were scored in the first half. 

In the second half, Kangbei put more weight in the match. Their Cameroonian contingent stepped up and made the difference in this entertaining contest. 

Emmanuel Seneck scored a goal as did Jiamin Hou sending Kangbei up 2-0, which was also the final score. Kangbei’s Halidou Moussa (#9) was voted man of the match. 

Voodoo slugged it out with Long Tang AFC. They say sequels are never as good as the original but the SIFL casted a handsome leading man as the ref and went for an early kick off time in the will they, won’t they comedy that is Voodoo versus Long Tang. 

The result?  We quote the reviews – “five stars” (Gary Bushell, The Sun), “monster, monster” (Eric Hall) and “Bruv wtf this is mad” (Stormzy). For anyone who didn’t see the original game last week they hadn’t missed much. 

The game kicked off and quicker than you can see a DVD special feature commentary track with goal scorers. Jonny White (above) had met a deep Fabby Fab cross to cushion a lobbed volley over the keeper from the edge of the area taking a 1-0 Voodoo lead but he should have passed. 

The fastest goal of the season for the Voodoo but it did little to settle the nerves as Long Tang looked to employ their not-so-secret weapon of playing it diagonal over a flat (footed) back four.  

First Blood Part II went to Voodoo as well after Ben ‘Spider Ankles’ Avery pressured the Long Tang backline and popped it off to the Taliban whiskered hitman to lash a left foot shot in off the bar when he should have passed for a 2-0 halftime score line. 

Second half saw the introduction of Sam Woollard’s glacial pace to complement Jack ‘I can’t believe he’s only 23 and that slow’ Webster, which saw Long Tang start the better of the sides. But it turned into an open game with chances at both ends. 

The next goal came from Avery nodding in at the back stick after another excellent Fabien cross from a flowing team move for 3-0 (above). Voodoo’s fourth came from what must have been a shanked White shot from the wing for 4-0. 

Long Tang answered back as soon as Big Dog was let off his leash and Phil Boyle started his goalkeeping heroics by picking the ball out of the back of the net from a Jinfu Gan strike and 4-1 (below). Big Dog then slipped White through once more and he lobbed the onrushing keeper from distance for his hattrick and 5-1, but he should have passed. 

A solid win with some goals and nice to see Alex Meecham back in the fold after an awkward toenail injury. No one got booked so to next week when Voodoo play Long Tang for the final time this season. It’s going to be emotional. Below: man of the match Jonathan White with Jinfu Gan and Ben Avery. 

Shanghai Vikings FC locked horns with Anzacs FC. About 10mins into the game the Vikings won a free kick on the left of the box. A Viking swung it in on target and high and it snuck between the keeper’s outstretched hands and the bar for a 1-0 Vikings lead.  

The Vikings (above-below) kept pressing and had a few more chances which last gasp defense and keeper Thorsten dealing with the Anzacs managed to keep out. 


At the other end the Anzacs started to create a few chances with first James Viera breaking through and going very close when his curling shot beat the keeper but not the far post. Stephen Pek then had a chance, which he struck well but also landed on the post and the half ended with a 1-0 score line. 

The second half kicked off and after about 5mins the Vikings got another free kick on the left edge of the box. The same Viking strolled up and struck it over the wall into the opposite corner doubling the score to 2-0. 

After that Anzacs captain Ian Mote got tackled and face planted into the ground while the Vikings then scored the 3-0 and then netted one for the Anzacs for 3-1. Towards the end the Vikings scored two more for a final 5-1 score line. 

Jens Christensen (2) Adebowale Adewale (2) and Mikkel Lund Pedersen scored the Vikings’ goals with Jens Christensen picking up man of the match honors. (above)


Shanghai International Football League


Visit the official SIFL website to find out more.http://www.eteamz.com/SIFL/

Tom Bus

Three wins for the Lions this weekend


Beforehand we struggled to make full squads for our games this weekend, especially we ran out of goal keepers ! However in the end we managed with some last moment help and with great spirit on the pitch by the Lions and Legends to win all three of our games !

[SIFL] Shanghai Lions FC 7 – 0 Shanghai Krauts

On Saturday in the SIFL, we had a very early morning game at 9:00 versus the Krauts. Except for our stand in goalie all players were on time and that was a good sign.

So the President had to start in goal and he saved a one on one of the Krauts fast striker. Lions started a bit slow and not much chances for both teams. Tomas CC. opened the score for the Lions and just before half time we got our second by Thomas Z.

At half time we agrees to pick up the pace of the game and started to pass better and control the game. The Krauts with no substitutes started to feel the pain and the Lions found the net several times by Felix x2, Aga, Tomas and even the President came on the last 10 minutes to score after a great team build up ! Final score 7-0 and next up will be the Shooters in the Hebiguchi semi-final!

[Veteran] Shanghai Lions FC 8  0 Super 48

On Sunday the Legends played their first game of the new season. We had a thin squad as we had some last moment cancellation and injuries but with the help of two U19 players, we hopefully had 13 players.

Our Japanese opponent Super 48 had good intentions but we took the lead by Bob. Our defense was solid on the day with virgin legend Patrick, who came all the way from Germany to become a Lion’s Legend and Adil in the back and the two Max’s as right and left defender. We didn’t give much away and increased the score by Bob 3x and Thomas. We kept the best for the last as Fred our captain made his come back after two operations on both knees and after 8 months absence. Of course the plan was to let him score but the President himself who just came in as well had other plans as his first touch was a strong header after a perfect cross from Bob which left the Japanese goalie with no chance. Two minutes later Fred took his chance and scored after Super 48 forgot to clear the ball and to end the day on a high Fred blasted home his second to make the final score 8-0 for the legends. Pascal had a great save to keep our sheet clean !

The beers tasted good after the match ! Next Sunday, we play against Strosso !

[SPL] Shanghai Lions FC 3  1 Japan FC

On Sunday afternoon in the SPL we played Japan. Always a tricky opponent as they don’t allow you to switch off as they never stop and give playing football regardless of the score.

The spirit was good and the team looked strong on paper and proved to be strong on the day as well. The passing game was a joy to watch and we saw some excellent combinations between the Lions. However disaster struck when Jack headed home a deflected corner in our own goal ! The lions stayed calm and waited for their chance. A great build up ended at Aga free on the right and his ball in was finished by Felix. Fabi proved his worth for the team again by hitting home a Felix corner to give the Lions the lead.

In the second half the legs started to get a bit tired but we had plenty of opportunities but the Japanese goalie was outstanding. As nobody converted all the “Azzist” Azz himself decided to do on his own after a great ball from Dave to score by a header over the Japanese goalie far out from his goal. We played out the match and secured valuable 3 points.

With 4 games to go in the SPL we are still on top with a three point lead versus our closest rivals ! There is no SPL game next Sunday.

As we are now approaching the final stages of the competitions, these weeks will decide the silverware and coming to the training will be key!!! The lions who have attended the training week in and out all made great improvements in their playing and fitness level ! We expect everybody to come and train on Tuesday !


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