Lions start the new SPL season with a win

[ SPL ] Shanghai Lions FC 17-0 AVL Galacticos

Lions, it was very hot last Sunday as temperatures reached 35 degrees ! As we have been training during the summer months it was paid off ! Our opponent struggled in the heat and therefore we could make a record score 17-0 !

We will face the Marlins in two weeks and that will be a different game for sure ! Lets continue to work hard at the trainings so that we a sharp and fit early in the season !

The Legends will play against Ferie/Pudong United combi this Sunday at the Dulwich field 1300 kick off !



It was a great Lions weekend


[ Veteran ] Shanghai Lions FC 2 – 0 Welsh Bellies

On Sunday morning the Legends came in action against a tough opponent the Welsh Bellies who for the occasion had brought 23 players ! We had a strong squad despite the fact that we had some key players missing. Four players made their debut Vincent Delangle, Vincent Billiard, Rosie & Ben !

We started strong and kept the ball into our possession despite the difficult pitch ! The Bellies strategy was long balls to their fast striker but our defense was alert.  A misjudged long ball put Bob alone in front of the keeper and he didn’t hesitate to score the 1-0 for us.

In the second quarter we lost our shape and midfield for a while and the Bellies took more possession without being very dangerous. We started to play more on the counter and Fred was launched on the left he made it into the box and was tripped just as he wanted to cross in. Our captain didn’t hesitate to claim the ball and shot the penalty in the right top corner.

In the third quarter we decided to defend our lead and left only Rosie on top. He did great and got a few opportunities to make it 3-0 !

In the last 20 minutes the Bellies came close as their best player (72) sliced thru our midfield and also our defense however Pascal threw his whole body weight into the shot and made a great save.

The Beer tasted good afterwards as we knew that we were back on top of the SPL V ! Great Job Legends !

[ SPL Cup ] Shanghai Lions FC 4 – 0 Century Park FC

In the afternoon we had to play our SPL Cup quarter final against Century Park FC who ended second in the league this season ! Before the game it didn’t look good for the Lions as from the 17 on the YES list, players were dropping out last minute…

However the Lions on the field quickly decided to go for it and showed a great game of football. After 15 minutes Felix went on a rampage starting on the left and by passing three defenders on the way. His low strike was too much for the CP FC goalie and we took the lead. Soon after it was Tomas who with full speed out ran the youngsters of CP FC and he laid off the ball to Azz who just had to walk it in to make it 2-0 ! The misery for CP FC didn’t end here as now its was Radouane who scored after a great move of Tomas. Just before half time CP FC got a penalty which never was one in the first place but Dim in fine form stopped !

We started the second half 3-0 up and could play on the counter surely we could have scored one or two more goals. CP FC created more chances but our defense with Fabi, Jack, Benji, Hunter (Azz for 15 minutes) & Dim proved too much ! As icing on the cake Azz scored his second of the day to make the final score 4-0.

It was a great team performance !

As we are in the semi final of the SPL Cup lets all come to the training on Tuesday!


The SPL Mini World Cup was a big success

Last weekend the SPL organized a football festival in cooperation with That’s Magazine and the Goldenbridge Company in Green City Jinqiao. That’s magazine organized the Battle of the Bands competition where High School students from all over Shanghai showed their musical talents live on stage. We, as SPL, organized a mini world cup tournament for over 400 boys and girls. On Saturday we had 24 teams of the younger ones aged 4-8 years old. The weather was perfect with clear blue sky and the fields were full with supporting parents and family ! Everybody enjoyed the games and when the boys and girls after the games were paraded to the stage it was all smiles and proud parents taking pictures. Every player got a medal and became a world champion.

On Sunday the weather was perfect again and we had 12 U10 teams in the morning. For them they also received a medal on stage and they were happy to pose for all the parents ! The group were the older ones and we organized a 7 aside tournament for U12 and U14 teams. England and Portugal were the winners of their groups and everybody of the total 8 teams went home with a nice cup ! The day ended with the older players U16 showing of their skills ! What stood out was the fair play and the speed of the games ! In the end France proved to be too strong and took the Cup home !

With no injuries and plenty of happy players its was a day to remember ! The SPL thanked the coaches and parents and referees and That’s Magazine and the Goldenbridge Company for the wonderful two days !


Happy Freek

Lions clinched their 11th SPL title


[ SPL ] Shanghai Marlins FC 2 – 2 Shanghai Lions FC

It was a beautiful and memorable day for the Lions yesterday ! We played on a perfect pitch and the scene was set we needed to get one point against our old rival the Marlins to clinch the SPL title. A loss would have put the title race out of our hands. We had a large squad and that proved to be a valuable asset on the day as it was close to 30 degrees. The strategy was to keep the clean sheet as long as we could and focus was on defense first.

In the first minute Azzeddine made him self free on the left and saw Terao-san asking for the ball on the edge of the box. People were shouting to him to shoot and that’s exactly what he did as with an unbelievable strike the ball flew in the top corner. It left the Marlins stunned as this was not supposed to happen in their game plan. This boost lifted our spirit and for the Marlins they needed to come more forward. It helped us to be dangerous on the breaks and we scored our second after a nice build from the midfield it was Tomas who had the honor to finish it off 2-0 for the Lions. Soon we ran into trouble as Fabi who was already on a yellow early in the game tripped a Marlin players just inside the box and they converted the penalty to make it 2-1.

It was the half time score and we decided to put some fresh legs in the squad. In the second half the Marlins pressed harder and were dangerous on the flanks with many balls in. The Marlins striker, Gui, was a permanent threat and gave Jack and Francois a handful of problems. When he scored the equalizer with 15 minutes to go it become nerve wrecking for all our supporters family and friends who came to watch. High balls kept flying into our box but Fabi, Jack and Francois cleared most of them and if they didn’t clear Dim our goalie was there to rescue the team. The last chance for the Marlins came by a free kick on the edge of the box but their effort went wide. The final whistle came as a relief and now it was time to celebrate ! Champagne was opened and we took a great Championships picture.

We won our 11th SPL title out of 13 seasons quite amazing to be honest. This year it was hard because some key players left China and we had a smaller squad however we ended the season unbeaten which a great achievement. We also scored plenty of goals 75 to be exact ! With Felix topping our chart.

A big thank you to Dave and Garret who took care of the team during the season and did a great job and last but not least a big thank you to Azzeddine who always inspire us to play better and try harder. The training on Tuesday organized by him is the key to our success.

Last but not least it was our Lions spirit which carried our team yesterday. So many legends family and friends came to support its was amazing !

Very happy and proud to be part of the Lions Family !

Lets all come to the training on Tuesday ! We play our last game in the SIFL against Japan on Saturday !

Very happy Freek

SPL Standings

P W D L F A GD Pts
1 Shanghai Lions Football ClubShanghai Lions FC 14 11 3 0 73 15 58 36
2 Century Park FC 13 10 2 1 54 7 47 32
3 Shanghai Marlins FC 12 9 2 1 69 20 49 29
4 Etoile Rouge de Shanghai 13 7 0 6 43 30 13 21
5 Japan FC 13 3 3 7 29 33 -4 12
6 FC Shanghai Super 48 13 3 3 7 29 74 -45 12
7 Shanghai Krauts 14 2 3 9 32 71 -39 9
8 AVL Galacticos 14 0 0 14 17 96 -79 0

Lions beat the Krauts 5-1 to stay on top in the SPL


[SPL] Shanghai Krauts 1 – 5 Shanghai Lions FC

It was a perfect day with blue sky and 25 degrees and we played on a perfect pitch ! With Thomas Zitoun’s father as assistance coach we were all set. We played well in the first half the strategy was to pass the ball around and let the opponent chase the ball in the hot weather. The Lions took the lead by a penalty well taken by Thomas Z and soon doubled the score after a corner of Azz landed on Laid’s head. Terao who enjoyed having Six back in the squad saw his deflected shot going in to make it 3-0 just before half time. To start a second half with 3-0 up is always a bit of a let down. Our pace dropped and we couldn’t hold the ball for long. The Krauts had a few fast and physical forwards which kept us busy at the back. Dim had a few good saves which helped us. Tomas C scored the 4-0 after a good build up but the Krauts got a goal back. The final score was made by a blast from Azz 5-1 the game ended. The beers and the meat plates tasted good after the match.

We have one week break before we will play our most important last game of the season ! We will play the Marlins on May 7th ! We expect everybody to come to the training and stay focused !


Lions stay on top of the SPL despite their draw against Century Park FC

[SPL] Century Park FC 0 – 0 Shanghai Lions FC

Lions, it was a BIG Game last Sunday in Jinqiao ! On a perfect pitch a win would bring the lions closer to the title and a loss would put the Lions in a more difficult situation. We were up against the fast and fit youngsters of Century Park and with a temperature of 28 degrees we knew that it wont be an easy game. The game evolved with two different halves.

In the first half we had opted to put Benji as right back as Aga got a last moment injury ! Century Park figured out quickly to try and go through the middle instead of over the flanks and almost managed to score when Fafa was set up but an alert Dim snatched the ball away from him. From our side we tested their defense with long balls which they found hard to defend. Dave and Felix came close but missed the last finishing touch ! Soon after it looked as if Century Park would score but the Lions get help from the post.

At half time we stepped it up and made some changes which helped the team. We took control of the match in the first part of the second half and hit the cross bar twice. We got several corners and free kicks but just couldn’t get that final shot or header. Century Park was still dangerous on a few fast counters and the best chance was for Fafa when he sliced through our defense and found himself right in front of Dim our goalie. He was in fine form and blocked the shot. In the end the match ended in goal less draw but it was an excellent game from both teams. Both teams lacked a bit of luck to clinch the three points.
With two games to go for us we have all in our own hands or feet ! Lets all come to the training and stay focused for the last two games !


Lions beat ERS 6-0 to stay on top in the SPL


Shanghai Lions FC 6-0 Etoile Rouge de Shanghai

The weather was typical of March weather cold and rainy but the pitch was great ! We knew as we are heading to the final matches of the season that a slip up would cost us dearly !

With Charly back in the back we started fresh and motivated. ERS decided to sit back and wait for a counter opportunity but within 5 minutes Azz opened the score for the Lions. ERS played the same tactics and the Lions got plenty of opportunities to score more but failed as Felix hit the post and Jack managed to play a ball wide 50cm in front of the goal….! It was our pilot who gave us the 2-0 just before half time with a bullet header after a great cross from Felix.

In the second half ERS had to come of course and we slowed down a bit. Rad replaced Tomas upfront and he got plenty of opportunities to score but managed just one to make it 3-0. Felix scored next after a great Azz free kick and at the end we could have score plenty of goals as ERS was running out of steam and Azz scored two great goals to make the final score 6-0. A good cleans sheet and three games to go in the SPL !

Lets all come to the training to work on our fitness and skill & there is no SPL game this coming Sunday !


SPL is on track

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

We had a record 7 SPL games on Sunday. 3 games were in the SPL Veterans who kicked of their new season. The cowboys made their debut in the Veteran League and lost their first game which tells a lot about the level of the Veteran league. In the SPL we had 4 games and its interesting at the top with the top teams all winning their games and at the bottom things can as well change as teams are within close range of each other !

Krauts 0-6 ERS

It was a bad weekend for Bilgin’s troops as they couldn’t find the net which is rare but we have not seen Stas around for a while and that might explain it. Bilgin was not around and those statistics don’t lie ….as most of the time they will lose. ERS on the other hand have been playing with the same squad week in and week out and had no problem to beat the Krauts despite their manager Sam not being around. The first half was 2-0 and in the second half the scored another four goals. Ondrej scored a hat-trick !

MMFC 1–8 Marlins

Steve was back at the helm of the Marlins but in the first 45 minutes the players seemed not ready or at least didn’t impress the manager. It was 5 minutes before the first half end that Gui opened the score with a free kick. The manager took charge of the half time speech and it worked for the Marlins as within minutes Gui scored his second. But as we know MMFC never give up and they blasted home a strike unstoppable for stand in goalie Banksy to come back in the game. Gui in fine form had other plans and completer his hat-trick. In the last part of the game the Lally and Rosselli partnership proved deadly for MMFC as the netter another 5 goals to make the final score 1-8 !

Japan – Lions 1-3

Japan is always a tricky opponent as they don’t allow the other team to switch off as they never stop and keep playing football regardless of the score. The Lions team looked strong on paper and proved to be strong on the day with good passing combinations. However disaster struck for the Lions when Jack headed home a deflected corner in his own goal ! The lions stayed calm and waited for their chance. A long run by Aga free on the right and his ball in was finished by Felix to equal the score. The Lions took the lead just before half time with a header by Fabi. In the second half the legs started to get a bit tired of both teams but the lions had plenty of opportunities but the Japanese goalie was outstanding. Azz put the game to bed with a good header over the Japanese goalie who was out of his box to make the final score 1-3 !

Galacticos 0–1 Century Park

It was hard for the Century Park players to play on the pitch of SCSC as they miss their home turf at Century Park. Full credit to the Galacticos who believed in a major upset until the end but with only 10 minutes to go it was Singhi who scored what proved the winner for Century Park in the end !


This weekend we have only two games as SCSC will host a Frisbee tournament on Sunday.

  • 1230 MMFC – ERS @ Jinqiao
  • 1430 Galacticos – Marlins @ Jinqiao

Enjoy the games !


Freek / Yamada-san

Three wins for the Lions this weekend


Beforehand we struggled to make full squads for our games this weekend, especially we ran out of goal keepers ! However in the end we managed with some last moment help and with great spirit on the pitch by the Lions and Legends to win all three of our games !

[SIFL] Shanghai Lions FC 7 – 0 Shanghai Krauts

On Saturday in the SIFL, we had a very early morning game at 9:00 versus the Krauts. Except for our stand in goalie all players were on time and that was a good sign.

So the President had to start in goal and he saved a one on one of the Krauts fast striker. Lions started a bit slow and not much chances for both teams. Tomas CC. opened the score for the Lions and just before half time we got our second by Thomas Z.

At half time we agrees to pick up the pace of the game and started to pass better and control the game. The Krauts with no substitutes started to feel the pain and the Lions found the net several times by Felix x2, Aga, Tomas and even the President came on the last 10 minutes to score after a great team build up ! Final score 7-0 and next up will be the Shooters in the Hebiguchi semi-final!

[Veteran] Shanghai Lions FC 8  0 Super 48

On Sunday the Legends played their first game of the new season. We had a thin squad as we had some last moment cancellation and injuries but with the help of two U19 players, we hopefully had 13 players.

Our Japanese opponent Super 48 had good intentions but we took the lead by Bob. Our defense was solid on the day with virgin legend Patrick, who came all the way from Germany to become a Lion’s Legend and Adil in the back and the two Max’s as right and left defender. We didn’t give much away and increased the score by Bob 3x and Thomas. We kept the best for the last as Fred our captain made his come back after two operations on both knees and after 8 months absence. Of course the plan was to let him score but the President himself who just came in as well had other plans as his first touch was a strong header after a perfect cross from Bob which left the Japanese goalie with no chance. Two minutes later Fred took his chance and scored after Super 48 forgot to clear the ball and to end the day on a high Fred blasted home his second to make the final score 8-0 for the legends. Pascal had a great save to keep our sheet clean !

The beers tasted good after the match ! Next Sunday, we play against Strosso !

[SPL] Shanghai Lions FC 3  1 Japan FC

On Sunday afternoon in the SPL we played Japan. Always a tricky opponent as they don’t allow you to switch off as they never stop and give playing football regardless of the score.

The spirit was good and the team looked strong on paper and proved to be strong on the day as well. The passing game was a joy to watch and we saw some excellent combinations between the Lions. However disaster struck when Jack headed home a deflected corner in our own goal ! The lions stayed calm and waited for their chance. A great build up ended at Aga free on the right and his ball in was finished by Felix. Fabi proved his worth for the team again by hitting home a Felix corner to give the Lions the lead.

In the second half the legs started to get a bit tired but we had plenty of opportunities but the Japanese goalie was outstanding. As nobody converted all the “Azzist” Azz himself decided to do on his own after a great ball from Dave to score by a header over the Japanese goalie far out from his goal. We played out the match and secured valuable 3 points.

With 4 games to go in the SPL we are still on top with a three point lead versus our closest rivals ! There is no SPL game next Sunday.

As we are now approaching the final stages of the competitions, these weeks will decide the silverware and coming to the training will be key!!! The lions who have attended the training week in and out all made great improvements in their playing and fitness level ! We expect everybody to come and train on Tuesday !


SPL is getting exciting again

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

It was beautiful weather last Sunday and we had all teams in action either in Jinqiao or Waigaoqiao ! Unfortunately the perfect grass pitch of Century Park is no longer available for us ! The top teams in the league have not had any slip ups yet and its busy at the top with the Lions three point clear and Century Park and the Marlins right behind them. All the games have been played in great spirit and its good to see that in Jinqiao so many local people are watching our games !

MMFC 1-14 Lions

The Lions came up with a surprise upfront as the played their goalie Radouane on top. The told him that he was the new Zlatan and it worked as he scored within one minute. Soon the lions got a second but MMFC got one back after sloppy defending. In the end the Lions started to pass the ball faster and quicker and our Japanese friends were pushed back. The first half ended 1-9 and obvious that the second half was played at a slower pace but still 5 balls ended in the net the last of them by a hand of god by the President himself.

Krauts 0-5 Century Park

Bilgin opted for defense first and placed himself right in the middle of the defense. It seemed to work as despite a few corners CP FC was not very dangerous. Bilgin picked up his yellow card in style but CP FC picked up some yellow cards as well. The game could have been changed if the Krauts converted their penalty but the ball went into the trees killing a few birds. Right before half time CP FC took the lead after an unstoppable shot just outside the box. It lifted CP FC spirit and Bilgin’s team had to open up more to at least get a point from this game. However they couldn’t hold the balls upfront and the pressure mounted. CP FC took advantage and sealed the three points by two quick consecutive goals of Dan Kim after one hour of play. In the final minutes CP FC added to more to make it 0-5 for the youngsters !

Galacticos 1-7 ERS

As we know the pitch at SCSC is not in good condition due to unexpected winter rains it makes it hard to play but it’s the same for both teams. The spirit was good helped by the weather and the match was entertaining.

Japan 2-4 Marlins

With no Steve and Banksy to manage the Marlins it was an interesting test for the team to perform. They took the lead by a Moss free kick after 20 minutes. Japan tried to get back in the game and did so with a good run by their left winger and left stand in goalie Watson with no chance. The half time score was 1-1. Both teams got chances to take the lead in the second half but the goalies were in fine form. But with 20 minutes left Japan took the lead after a good finish. The Marlins needed a tactical master stroke as the clock was ticking……..they levelled by a set piece and now they wanted all three points they got by two more goals from Moss and good old Pete Rosselli.


This coming Sunday we have all teams in action again !

  • 1230-1430 Krauts vs ERS @ Jinqiao
  • 1430-1630 MMFC vs Marlins @ Jinqiao
  • 1300-1500 Japan vs Lions @ SCSC
  • 1500-1700 Galacticos vs Century Park FC


Lets enjoy the games as spring is around the corner !


Freek / Yamada-san

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