SPL is getting exciting again

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

It was beautiful weather last Sunday and we had all teams in action either in Jinqiao or Waigaoqiao ! Unfortunately the perfect grass pitch of Century Park is no longer available for us ! The top teams in the league have not had any slip ups yet and its busy at the top with the Lions three point clear and Century Park and the Marlins right behind them. All the games have been played in great spirit and its good to see that in Jinqiao so many local people are watching our games !

MMFC 1-14 Lions

The Lions came up with a surprise upfront as the played their goalie Radouane on top. The told him that he was the new Zlatan and it worked as he scored within one minute. Soon the lions got a second but MMFC got one back after sloppy defending. In the end the Lions started to pass the ball faster and quicker and our Japanese friends were pushed back. The first half ended 1-9 and obvious that the second half was played at a slower pace but still 5 balls ended in the net the last of them by a hand of god by the President himself.

Krauts 0-5 Century Park

Bilgin opted for defense first and placed himself right in the middle of the defense. It seemed to work as despite a few corners CP FC was not very dangerous. Bilgin picked up his yellow card in style but CP FC picked up some yellow cards as well. The game could have been changed if the Krauts converted their penalty but the ball went into the trees killing a few birds. Right before half time CP FC took the lead after an unstoppable shot just outside the box. It lifted CP FC spirit and Bilgin’s team had to open up more to at least get a point from this game. However they couldn’t hold the balls upfront and the pressure mounted. CP FC took advantage and sealed the three points by two quick consecutive goals of Dan Kim after one hour of play. In the final minutes CP FC added to more to make it 0-5 for the youngsters !

Galacticos 1-7 ERS

As we know the pitch at SCSC is not in good condition due to unexpected winter rains it makes it hard to play but it’s the same for both teams. The spirit was good helped by the weather and the match was entertaining.

Japan 2-4 Marlins

With no Steve and Banksy to manage the Marlins it was an interesting test for the team to perform. They took the lead by a Moss free kick after 20 minutes. Japan tried to get back in the game and did so with a good run by their left winger and left stand in goalie Watson with no chance. The half time score was 1-1. Both teams got chances to take the lead in the second half but the goalies were in fine form. But with 20 minutes left Japan took the lead after a good finish. The Marlins needed a tactical master stroke as the clock was ticking……..they levelled by a set piece and now they wanted all three points they got by two more goals from Moss and good old Pete Rosselli.


This coming Sunday we have all teams in action again !

  • 1230-1430 Krauts vs ERS @ Jinqiao
  • 1430-1630 MMFC vs Marlins @ Jinqiao
  • 1300-1500 Japan vs Lions @ SCSC
  • 1500-1700 Galacticos vs Century Park FC


Lets enjoy the games as spring is around the corner !


Freek / Yamada-san

It was a great weekend for the Lions


[SIFL Cup] Shanghai Lions FC 2 – 1 Shanghai ReUnited

On Saturday we were up against our rivals Reunited in the SIFL Cup round ! The morning started with a surprise as suddenly Patrick showed up at Waigiaqiao. He came over for a 3 week holiday but didn’t tell anybody. Unfortunately his luggage was missing but Rad helped out by bringing size 46 boots !

The pitch was very hard to play and it affected our game in the early parts. It even got worse when we got a penalty against us after a silly foul from our side. Reunited scored and took the lead. When the game progressed we took more control of the game and Reunited hardly came into our box. One minute before half time we scored one of our best ever Lions goals ! It started from the defense with Nicolas to Kevin and Kevin to Azz and Azz wide to Patrick who crossed with his left foot…. The ball flying high to Aga who was on the right edge of the box…..and he launched a rocket volley in the left corner leaving a hole in the net !

At half time we made it clear that the team who wanted to win the most would end up winning the game. We stepped it up and took full control of the game. We got several corners and came close a few occasion as well the Reunited goalie had a miracle save on an effort by Azz. In the end it was from a Felix corner that Fabi headed home what proved to be the winner ! Great second half and great team effort !

[SPL] Shanghai Lions FC 14 – 1 FC Shanghai Super 48

On Sunday the pitch and the weather was great. A few hangovers were spotted at the warming up but the spirit was great !

Dim came back from France and went straight to the game and Rad was launched as our own “Lions Zlatan” as he played upfront. Within one minute he scored with a cool finish and soon Felix made it 2-0. The Japanese opponent MMFC got a goal back but we started to play very good combination football and the Japanese were ripped apart. Some great goals followed by Kevin Rad Felix and Tomas.

Half time score was 9-1 and we wanted to work on our goal difference so we tried to add more goals in the second half. We did it by Rad / Felix / Dave and Freek (53) who scored with the hand of God…..to make the final score 14-1 which is a Club record.

Obvious the beers tasted good after the game and now we have 5 games to go in the SPL Championship we are 3 points clear and have a 6 goals better goal difference versus our rival Century Park.


We have a busy schedule next weekend with the 3 games ! Saturday we play the Krauts in the SIFL @ 900 AM / Sunday the Legends will kick off their new season vs Super 48 @ 900 AM and in the afternoon we play Japan in the SPL @ 1300 at Waigaoqiao.

We expect everybody to come to the training on Tuesday to prepare for the weekend games !



SPL to support the “Will Foundation” at the Santa Cup

Dear team managers, captains & players,

Christmas is the time to spend with your family and friends ! It’s for this reason we organize the SANTA Cup to be able to enjoy our beloved game of football together with all our friends. We are fortunate that we are able to play our matches week after week and that we are able to make so many news friends though football !

We have been thinking to give back to the people who are less fortunate especially during this time of the year.

will-foundationWe have been in contact with Marten of the Will Foundation which was established on 2004. The foundation mission is to help the “unseen children” in China who are left behind without identity and most of the time with some disabilities. This Foundation has been doing great work over the years raising money and hope for the children. Currently they have 12 children who they are helping with learning creating and being active as a human being. They are building a house in Chongming Island (崇明岛) where these children will have the opportunity to be grow up in a good environment. These children love sports any sports and for sure Football so we have invited them to join the SANTA CUP.

We will play a match with them, take some nice pictures and we hope to raise money for them which the can use for their future.

We like to request each team to buy one sports item like a basket ball / soccer ball / volley ball / tennis racket (etc…) for them and we will give it to the children after the match. We will have a box at the field and in the Blue Marlin where you can donate money and we hope that all of you can contribute to a better future for the ones left behind !


We thank you upfront for your cooperation & See you at the SANTA CUP
PS: Some mothers will sell Christmas Cookies on the field and all the proceed will go to the foundation !


Freek / Yamada-san

Santa Cup Schedule

Dear all,

Please see below the game schedule for the Santa Cup at the Jinqiao field !  It’s pure a fun tournament 7 aside and we will have some beers and food at Latina after the games (Brazilian dancers have been ordered). The Veterans of the SPL V will play at the same venue so there will be a good amount of Santa’s running around in Jinqiao ! Weather outlook is great and hopefully the pollution will be blown away !

Freek / Yamada-san

SPL Senior

                                                    FIELD 3 (Group A)                                                             FIELD 4 (Group B)

1215-1240                                CENTURY PARK FC – ERS                                              MM FC –GALACTICOS

1240-1305                                LIONS – MARLINS                                                       KRAUTS – JAPAN

1305-1330                                ERS – LIONS                                                                    GALAC – JAPAN

1330-1415                                CHARITY MATCH                                                               CHARITY MATCH

1420-1445                                CENTURY PARK FC – MARLINS                                   KRAUTS – MM FC

1445-1510                                 LIONS – CENTURY PARK                                           JAPAN – MM FC

1510-1535                                 ERS – MARLINS                                                                 GALAC – KRAUTS

1535-1600                                 A 4 vs B 4                                                                               A 3 vs B 3

1600-1625                                 A 2 vs B 2                                                                              A 1 vs B 1 (FINAL)


SPL Veteran

                                                                     FIELD  1  (GROUP A)                              FIELD  2  (GROUP B)

1200-1215                                                  EMERALD – LIONS                            PUDONG U – ENGLAND

1215-1230                                                  JAPAN – SCOTLAND                              SUPER 48 –STROSSO

1230-1245                                                  WELSH B – EMERALD                          FC FERIE –PUDONG U

1245-1300                                                  LIONS – JAPAN                                   ENGLAND –SUPER 48

1315-1330                                                   SCOTLAND – EMERALD                     STROSSO –PUDONG U

1330-1415                                                   CHARITY MATCH                                  CHARITY MATCH

1415-1430                                                   WELSH B –LIONS                             FC FERIE –ENGLAND

1430-1445                                                  EMERALD – JAPAN                               PUDONG U – SUPER 48

1445-1500                                                  SCOTLAND – WELSH B                        STROSSO – FC FERIE

1500-1515                                                   WELSH B – JAPAN                                ENGLAND –STROSSO

1515-1530                                                   SCOTLAND – LIONS                         SUPER 48 – FC FERIE

1545-1600                                                  A 5 VS B 5                                                   A4 VS B 4

1600-1615                                                   A3 VS B3                                                    A2 VS B2

1615-1630                                                   A1 VS B1       (FINAL)                      

Match Reports [Week 48]


We had our Christmas dinner last Friday December 02nd. A nice gathering as always with a good mix of senior and legends. The highlight of this year was “the guess who” picture game organized by Freek. From the texture of the grain to picture color you could see ages passing but still some Lions were easier to recognize than others. Special mention to Gwendal with his Chris Waddle hair cut AKA “La brosse a queue de rat”… It was obviously him but wanted to see Simon with hair. Another mention to Tomas who tried to get photocolored but we had design expert Radouane watching 🙂




Beside, please find below the match reports from last week. Click on the links below to get squad information, pictures & game statistics & highlights.

Lions Legends ended 3rd in the SPL veteran league after a great season
DECEMBER 4, 2016, 11:00
Japan FC 3 – 0 Shanghai Lions FC

Lions beat Century Park FC 1-0
DECEMBER 4, 2016, 14:00
Shanghai Lions FC 1 – 0 Century Park FC

[SPL News] Santa is coming to the SPL

sunday-dec-4-436Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

It was excellent weather last Sunday ! Unseasonably warm with close to 18 degrees !  We had the last two league games of 2016 at Century Park and many local people came to watch our games !

This Sunday we will organize our Santa Cup !  A fun 7 aside tournament where we like to show our friendship and SPL spirit ! We combine this year with the SPL V Santa Cup which will make a great setting at the Jinqiao field with 4 pitches and 18 teams in action ! Green City will be full with Santa’s ! We as well organize a charity match for the Will Foundation for the children in need ! After our hard work on the pitch we can relax at Latina have a few beers and enjoy the BBQ (180 rmb all you can eat inclusive of 60 rmb drink coupon) and see the performance of the Brazilian band and dancer ! It will be a great way to end another great SPL year ! At Latina we will do a LIVE Draw of the SPL Cup with the team managers ! So don’t miss the action !

Lions 1-0 Century Park

It was great day and a great game on the perfect pitch of Century Park ! Beforehand the Lions were warned about the speed and pressure of the young players of Century Park as they have scored in all their games in the first 5-10 minutes. They did get their chances but failed to score. The Lions defended well after that and were waiting for their counter opportunity. Felix came very close to open the score and Dim the Lions goalie had a brilliant save with a one on one to keep their clean sheet. The lions decided to step up in the second half and take more control of the game.  Their combinations started to work and they created several opportunities. The hard work they showed was paid off when Dave had a great through ball which was laid off twice and presented to good old Capitano Tomas. He didn’t hesitate and scored the 1-0 with 5 minutes to go on the clock. Century Park tried to push forward in the last minutes but couldn’t create real danger in the Lions box.


It was one of those days that the Japanese showed their qualities with speed and short passes and always dangerous on the counter attacks !


We hope to see many Santa’s on Sunday !


Freek and Yamada-san

[SPL News] Santa Cup is around the corner

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,spl-santa-cup

It’s an understatement that time flies in Shanghai ! This week we have been busy for the preparation of next week’s Santa Cup ! Its going to be great as we have the Veterans and the Seniors playing at the same time all at the Jinqiao Pitch. The weather outlook is excellent but unfortunately snow will be missing ! After the games we will have the games we have the chance to wish each other happy holidays and a Merry Christmas. There will be price ceremonies and a lot of beer and other winter drinks !

We had three SPL games last Sunday and have two more league games next Sunday to complete another successful football year in Shanghai !

Krauts 2–2 MM FC

The Krauts missed their front man Stas but took a 1-0 lead in the first half / the second half was an open play from both teams but at a 2-2 score MM FC tried to slow down the game as they were happy with the result on the other end Bilgin was fuming as he concluded whenever he is not on the pitch the Krauts are conceding and giving a way early Christmas gifts !

Lions 6–2 ERS

It was a tactical game in the first 30 minutes as ERS decided to stay deep and only had their number 9 Ondrej upfront. He still caused the Lions trouble as they gave him too much space and they were not alert enough in defense. However the Lions took the lead after a fine combination  ended at Felix who scored with a low strike. ERS responded quick and equalized after the Lions failed to clear the ball. However right before half time Mathieu of the Lions finished a quick counter to make it 2-1. At half time the Lions tried to organize their defense better and were looking for the third goal it was a great ball fm Aga which set free Azzeddine and he was not selfish and laid off the ball to Mathieu who scored his second. By now the Lions had control over the game as ERS had to come out more and it helped them to counter fast / plenty of opportunities but ERS did come close to get back in the game as they got a penalty awarded but the effort was stopped by the Lions goalie ! The Lions made it 4-1 on a counter but ERS did get a penalty again and this time they scored by Ondrej but there was not much time left on the clock and the Lions scored another two goals in the last few minutes of the game.

Century Park FC 3–3 Marlins

According to both managers it was a great game and a good spectacle for the supporters ! Century Park started in their usual fashion strong and fast and the man in form Fafa scored twice in the first 10 minutes. The marlins came back in the game by a Wilson goal but soon after Century Park made their third by a fast counter finished by Max. The Marlins never gave up and scored just before half time. In the second half a few things changed the game Century Park got a red card for their Captain and they were forced to defend more and more and Dale the Marlins goalie got injured and was replaced by field player Banksy. Banksy kept a clean sheet and the Marlins hard work was paid off in the final minutes when a long ball into the box was finished by Jon to make it 3-3 ! Great game of football and good promotion of the SPL games !  Steve the Marlins manager will have to figure out who to put in goal for the next game ! We will know it in January !  


We have our final two SPL League games of 2016 at Century Park

  • 12:00 ERS – MM FC @ Century Park
  • 14:00 Lions – Century Park FC @ Century Park

We are almost ready for the Santa Cup !!

Freek / Yamada-san

Match Reports [Week 47]


Click on the links below to get squad information, pictures & game statistics & highlights.

Lions advance in the Hebiguchi Cup !
NOVEMBER 26, 2016, 09:00
Shanghai Lions FC 4 – 2 FC Oranje

Legends crushed Scotland 8-1 !
NOVEMBER 27, 2016, 11:00
Scotland 1 – 8 Shanghai Lions FC

Lions beat ERS 6-2 !
NOVEMBER 27, 2016, 14:30
Shanghai Lions FC 6 – 2 Etoile Rouge de Shanghai

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