Legends ended second in the plate competition in Bangkok


Some of our Legends and Lions players escaped the rainy weather in Shanghai and took part in the International tournament in Bangkok this weekend. It was the first time we got a team together in Bangkok. The scene was set with a blue sky and 32 degrees we arrived with a good hang over on the excellent grass fields !

This 35th International Far East Football Tournament was also the opportunity to bound back with some of our Lions Abroad… To mention a few, Jerome Le Carrou, Andre Diame, Thomas Chataigner, Francois Mosnier & Thomas Gauthier. Big smiles & good old story sharing… Once a Lion, forever a Lion 🙂

Our first game was against a Dubai team and we got an easy 2-0 victory. However in the second game we got smashed by a local French team who in the end won the tournament we were down 2-0 after 5 minutes and lost 5-0. They showed us how to play 7 aside football ! In our last game on Saturday we were down 1-0 but our Thai guest player equalized to give us a 1-1 draw.

On Sunday all of our Thai guest players were not showing up we all have our theories what happened but actually it was a good thing for the team because with less players we started to fight harder and played more composed. We were up against a team from Borneo who were good especially in the heat but we defended very well. Nicolas had a counter opportunity but just missed it and they got lucky with one strike as we couldn’t clear the ball and the beat us 1-0. In the second game we played a German team who thought they could kick us out of the tournament but it ended 0-0 ! We converted all of our three penalties and in form goalie Pascal stopped the Germans last penalty.

This lead us to the plate cup final where we were up against a south African team. We gave it all to win the title and it was James who scored the opening goal soon followed by 2-0 by Laid ! At 2-0 we should have put the game to bed but instead we still were looking for the 3-0 ! It costed us the victory as we were exposed at the back and they a few very talented athletic players. It ended 2-2 and in the penalty shoot out we hit the cross bar and the cup went to South-Africa !

Overall we had a great experience and made a good impact in the tournament on and off the pitch ! We will be back next season hopefully with a full Legends squad !


This week we have training on Tuesday, no game on Saturday but two BIG GAMES on Sunday



Lions Legends went down in the very last minute of the Masters Final !

ot high by now as we started to play good football up next was Ferie another Japanese team and finally Fred F scored which was important as beside Charley he was our target man. Surprise Surprise Gwenn scored his second and almost took of his shirt showing his tattoo’s but in front of the Japanese that was not so smart. We drew Emerald for the semi finals we played our best football of the day and created a few good opportunities but couldn’t score.  It stayed 0-0 and we were going for the penalties / a few people were ordered not to take them …. But Fred F was first and scored right and Emerald missed their first Liad was next and scored left and Thierry made sure Charles couldn’t score as he was next in the line up and because of his stop Charles couldn’t take his penalty.

Back in the final against Japan FC who we beat last year on penalties. We pushed hard to get the 1-0 lead and managed to get several corners however we couldn’t score from those. The best player of the tournament Japan no 10 had other ideas on one of the rare counter attacks he decided to take a straight volley and the ball flew unstoppable in the top corner with 1 minute to go !  It was harsh as we didn’t concede any goal during the whole tournament but with such a beauty we accepted our faith ! The beers on the way back in the bus did taste good and we are already looking forwards to next year’s Masters !


Cheers Freek

Nov. 1st 2015 legends tournament (1) Nov. 1st 2015 legends tournament (2) Nov. 1st 2015 legends tournament (3) Nov. 1st 2015 legends tournament (4) Nov. 1st 2015 legends tournament (5)

Legends ended runner up in Masters Plate !



Having won the Shanghai Masters over 40 tournament 3 times we knew how hard it would be to achieve the same again. A good start is essential in a 7 aside tournament but the Legends were for some reason not ready and not in the right form. They lost two games and that basically put them in the plate competition. They did win their first game against Beijing of the plate 2-0 on Saturday and on Sunday a started to look a bit brighter. A last minute header from Laid gave us another win over Super 48 and our next opponent was Hangzhou who beat us on Saturday it was a good battle with both teams trying hard to score. It was a unfortunate handball of Dan that gave Hangzhou a penalty and the only goal. Up next it was a must win for us and that’s what we did 5-0 win versus the Vikings tasted good. Our last plate game was against the Bangkok team and again we scored plenty of goals as we won 5-2. We made it to the plate final and actually were happy to play the final despite our heavy legs we were up against Hangzhou again…… the third time and we were determined not to lose again. It was a hard battle with left and right some fouls from both teams this time the Legends got lucky after a handball from the Hangzhou defender and Fred converted the penalty. We were very close to win the final but in the last minute conceded a foul at the edge of the box and somehow the Hangzhou player found a hole in our wall and equalized. It ended with a penalty shoot out which was good for the spectators of course but not for us as our third penalty was stopped by the Hangzhou keeper.


Overall we had a bad Saturday and a good Sunday so mixed feelings ! The Shooters won the tournament in the end on penalties and our congratulations goes to them ! We will try harder next year to get the Cup back !


Cheers Freek

Our 3rd Lions’ Cup tournament was a complete success!


Our 3rd Lions’ Cup tournament on Sept. 5th 2015 was a complete success!

We had 20 teams total, coming from 5 different cities of China and hungry for football, who made it to the New Bund Venue on Saturday Sept. 5th 2015 morning, despite the pouring rain in the morning!

We started a little late due to the rain, but we managed to make up the time later on, with the weather clearing up…

The round Robin stages ended just before 1.15pm, leaving 20mn for a well deserved lunch break, where all the participants enjoyed some good quality food at our F&B Partner for this event:PLANET KEBAB.

All the morning games were played in a exceptionally great spirit, with a lot of nice goals and people jsut enjoying to play on the brand new best artificial football fields of the New Bund club in Shanghai.

The afternoon finals saw some very good quality football games happening, with good battles being fought under the eyes on our 4 referees team, who did a great job. Kevin, the head ref, said according to his wristband, he ran 25K during the day! Quite impressive!

Here are the results of the tournament:

Golden Cup Winner: AZZURRIS FC

Golden Cup Runner-UP: TIANFU AFC

Golden Cup 3rd place: LIONS FC

Silver Plate Winner: ORANJE

Silver Plate Runner-up: 4United

Wooden Spoon Winner: ERS

Wooden Spoon Runner-up: ERS

Special congrats again for the big Winner AZZURRIS FC and the finalist TIANFU AFC!

Thanks to all the participants for coming and see you all next year for the 4th edition of our LIONS CUP!

Award Ceremony pictures Final pictures Winners pictures

Lions Legends won the Shanghai Masters organized by Super 48 !



Legends never die and legends always live on. This is exactly what happened to the Lions ! What started out as a small group of old Lions players three years back now we have become a trademark Lions (veteran) team in Shanghai. All the ingredients are right we have great mix of people who are committed and we are serious when we enter the pitch and we always try to play good football and we like to stay young !


Of course not everything is smooth sailing. The Master Cup 2014 was a good example. Fred F. who was in charge of the management raised some eyebrows when at 8.55 AM who could only see six players. A quick “We Chat” went out “where is everybody ? the first game start 9.10 !” So it happened that we lost the first game and to be honest it’s a kind of trade mark. Whenever we lose a game we get charged and it sets us on fire ! We were looking for the responsible people only to find out that we were all to blame. Two solid wins followed to set us up in the semi- finals against a strong Korean team  ! By that time our defense was rock solid we just needed to score one goal. With only 11 players left we had not much options for substitutions but a fine cross from Fred F ended in a penalty. As flying in Canny was fouled. Fred G had no problem to shoot us into the final.

The final was between the bests teams on the day for sure. We faced a very strong Japanese side within one minute they managed to get a diving penalty. God bless Thierry our goalie made it back on time as he is building a reputation to kill penalty takers. The poor Japanese shot went wide. The Lions Legends fought hard for every ball and Fred F came closest to score. It stayed 0-0 and 3 penalties each would decide the winner. Fred F was first to hit the ball in the top corner and Thierry stopped the Japanese first penalty. Jerome was next stepping up with full confidence but his shot went nowhere and was happily picked up by the Japanese keeper.  Fred G in fine form scored to put us back in front ! The next Japanese player was under pressure and couldn’t watch Thierry in the eyes his ball went wide and it was party time for the Lions ! As usual a great team performance of all Lions Legends everybody contributed to this success ! It is special to mention that we had Olivia from our Lions U18 team playing the whole tournament as left back and she did a great job getting many compliments from the other team players and she even got the MVP award !


What a great way to end a great season for the Legends ! They won Shanghai Masters in September for the third time and they won the Old Boys tournament and now they won the Shanghai Masters organized superbly by Super 48 and on top they won the Veteran league 2014 for the second time ! Lets celebrate this all together at our Christmas Party on Saturday.


And so the Lion Legends lived on !!! Fantastic ! Freek

Lions Legends - Dec. 7th 2014 (3) Lions Legends - Dec. 7th 2014 (4) Lions Legends - Dec. 7th 2014 (1) Lions Legends - Dec. 7th 2014 (2)

Our LIONS CUP 2nd edition on Sept. 6th 2014 was a great success!!!

It was truly a pleasure to have not less than 20 teams participating in the 2014 Edition of our LIONS’ CUP on Sat Sept. 6th 2014. We were lucky with the weather, which was hot but wasn’t scorching hot, so we could have a lot of very good, competitive and fair-play games.
There were 6 entertainment games we set-up for you, organized by Mini CC Storage. Some people definitively enjoyed the Dunk-Tank and Football-Tennis activities….
Every team seemed to have had fun, played several games and met new fellow football passionate people…
We want to especially congratulate the following teams for their achievements:
– ALPHA OMEGA, from Xiamen : WINNER of the tournament
– REUNITED : Runner-up
– AZZURRI : 3rd place
– Shanghai PACIFIC: Winner of the Plate Tournament
We wish to thank our sponsors to help make this event happen: TimeOut Mag, SinoUnited Health, MiniCC Storage and Santa Fe Relocation.
We are planning to host many other tournaments in the near future,, cheers,
Charles and Azzeddine
13816104242 – 13601741461
Scoreboard (2) Sh. Pacific team pic. SH PACIFIC team pic Reunited Team pic REUNITED pic Dunk Tank Game pic general pic AZZURRIS AZZURRIS Team pic AZURRIS ALPHA OMEGA

LIONS Veterans clinched their 3rd Master tournament title!!!


We are rpoud to announce that our LIONS Veteran team managed to win the Master Tournament last Sunday at WGQ.

It is the 3rd time they win this competition, that lasted 2 days and the cmpetition was fierce.

It was scorching hot and under the coaching of Jamie McCarry we won in final against the mighty SHOOTERS 2-1.

They were the first to enter the score sheet afer 10mn, but after soon after half-time, after a clever move by Jamie to switch Charles from center back to striker, we quickly equalized with Charles serving Thomas Cabreras, our recent spanish pilot recruit….

The wining goal also came from a pass from Charles directly to Kelly, later voted MVP of the tournament, who made a brilliant finish, outrunning the shooters defense and putting the ball passed the shooter keeper right in the right corner…

It was q quality game, as well as most of the games played in the tournament. The squad was really great, a big mix of may different nationalities and talents. Every played their own role to the success, it was truly a great experience for everyone and it was just a lof of Fun.

Too bad Presisent Freek couldn’t make it this year, as he had to attend a wedding in Holland, but Captain Fred was motivating the troups as walways, alongside Jamie who did a tremendous job as a coach, helped by old Lions Patric who came all the way from HK just to make sure we beat the Shooters in Final!!!!!

Well done LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Masters team pic (1)Masters team pic (2)

LIONS’ CUP 7 aside – Sept. 6th 2014

Following to last year success, we are delighted to announce the organization of our 2nd LIONS’ CUP:

Date: Saturday Sept. 6th 2014

Venue: Putuo Football Field (line 11 Wuwei Lu Station)

Nb of Teams: 16

 There are already 13 teams registered from Xiamen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Suzhou, Kunming, Hangzhou, Beijing, Taipei and even London.

TOURNAMENT PROGRAM on Sat. Sept. 6th 2014:

– from 9.00am to 2.00pm – Football Tournament Round Robin Matches

– from 2.00pm to 5.30pm – Football Tournament Finals

– from 5.30 to 6.00pm – Awards Ceremony



We ask for 1900 rmb/team

This covers pitch rental, referees, water stations on pitch, tournament pennant, trophies for winners (cups and medals),

We require a Deposit of 800 rmb/team to reserve your slot in the tournament.

The registrations deadline is August 17th 2014.



The tournament will be held on two new very good quality 7 aside artificial football fields in the north of Shanghai, close to the Wuwei subway station on line 11, which means 9 subway stations from Jing’an Temple only.



We will offer numerous Entertainment options, such as:

– Some fun activities like: Dunk Tank, Shot Speed Measurement, Fun Lottery, Football Targets Shooting, Football Tennis, etc…

– Professional Masseuses onsite for some 15mn leg, head or back massages

There will be good quality and affordable food and beverages available on site all day. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question, cheers,


Shanghai LIONS Cup Organizers
Charles GEORG   13816104242
Azzeddine TAKOULOUFA   13601741461


Lions end 3rd in Xiamen’s Amoy Cup!


We went to Xiamen to defend our title of last year. This year there were 14 teams divided in two groups each playing 6 games before qualifying for the quarter finals. Early in the morning we had to listen to a 30 minutes boring speech of the local government just by standing there you started to sweat already due to the heat and humidity ! We only had 9 players including the President who could have been the oldest player in the tournament but we started to play well game after game however we got a tough game versus the Chinese Army whose only intention was to fight instead of playing football. The tournament organizer for the occasion had 5 security guys running around the fields and now we knew why ? Luckily we killed the Chinese Army 3-1 and made it to the quarter finals against another Chinese team.

Now the heat and the exhaustion started to take its toll on us but it was the same for the opponent so we kept fighting and made it to the semi-finals.

For the semi’s there was a draw to pick the teams and we had to play against the strongest local Chinese team with some (old) ex pro players. Lack of focus cost us a goal in the early stage of the game and it’s very hard to come back from 1-0 down on such a small pitch. The Chinese had plenty of subs and the scored another  goal we quickly got one back by Patrick who only scores on important occasions but it appeared not enough as we lost 2-1. This team later won the final and we won the third place not good enough but after 180 minutes of football we could still smile when we received the medal to show our good spirit and an apology to Azz needed to be made as he has given all of us so many opportunities to score during the day but all of us missed many of those……sorry AZZ !

We decided to skip the beach party and have a dinner by ourselves where we had to say goodbye to Erwin who is going back to Holland. He made a great impact on our team in the few moths he played for us and we hope one day he can make it back to the Lions !

Cheers Freek

Xiamen June 20 & 21st 2014 (3)

Xiamen June 20 & 21st 2014 (6)

Xiamen June 20 & 21st 2014 (7)


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