Lions survive their first Boot Camp!

We are back to work! The message is clear if we want to repeat last year’s success we need to work harder ! The Boot Camp was a good test and a good push into the right direction! 15 Lions showed up and just by standing at the field they already started to sweat as it was over 35 degrees. The Boot Camp was properly planned by Simon and Azz and before we knew it we were grasping for air and water ! Pre-season fitness is very important to avoid injuries during the season so next time we expect many more Lions to show up! The pictures shows the result after the boot camp of Jonny’s one pack and Michael’s new boots!

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This Wednesday, we have our final round of the Lions summer 7’s. No surprise the Lions are in the final and will have to beat the Krauts to win the tournament. If you come please make sure to register and to be there on time.

Saturday, we will have our first friendly match versus Japan at the Jinqiao Field from 1000-1200. Make sure to register online and if you are new drop us an email that you will come. After the game we will have some beers and cheese beef at Latina. Everybody is welcome to play!

Cheers / Freek


Lions boot camp!


Welcome back for those who just came back from the summer break ! We are starting our  preparation for the new season and we all know it is going to be a big challenge to achieve the same or better than last season. Our opponents will try harder to bring us down its therefore that we decided to lift the bar and work even harder !

This Saturday 3rd of August from 1000-1200we will hold our first Lion’s Boot Camp at the Jinqiao field. We urge all Lions to come and work on their fitness under the super vision of Azz and Simon.

After we will have a lunch and some beers at Latina.   On August 10th we plan to have a friendly game 1000-1200 and on August 17th we plan to have another Boot Camp !   We hope to see many Lions on the field in preparation of the first Lions Cup 7/8 September and the SIFL openings tournament 14 September and the SPL opening game on 15 September !

Lets go Lions !! Cheers Freek

Lions trained hard while competition drop points

IMG_2050 (2)What a beautiful day yesterday ! First in the morning we had 26 Lions showing up for our extra training session. It was a real pleasure to train on the best pitch of Shanghai at the Century Park. Under the command of Azz and Simon we had possession games / physical strength drills / shooting / games at the end. Especially the physical exercises teach us how much stronger we need to get and how far you can actually push yourself if you really want to achieve something ! The large turnout showed us that we are very motivated for our last games of the season.


20130512_135911After the hard work it was time to relax and we headed to Latina wives and girlfriends joined and before we knew we had over 30 people on the table !

Meanwhile the Marlins were 2-0 up vs the cowboys and at half time we moved over to receive the SPL Team of the Week Reward (free beer !) and watched the second half.

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A straight red card for the Marlins changed the game as the Cowboys equalized.

A two all draw is a good result for the Lions with two games to go we have everything in our own hands, or feet so to say !

Next week we have DIB and the Cowboys both are the best Chinese team in the leagues so its time to show them who we are !

[ Veteran ] Plaid Cymru FC 0-4 Shanghai Lions (11 May 2013)

On Saturday the Lions Veteran continued their unbeaten run versus the Welsh.

The Welsh were actually a rugby team who tried to play football bit boring for our goalkeeper Tomas as they had only one shot on goal. 4-0 the final result ! With this result, our legends are now on top of the veterans league !


We hope to see many supporters both on Saturday and Sunday to help us win both games !


A Very Happy Freek

Special training session SIFL/SPL this Sunday Feb. 17th 2013 12 to 2pm


We are holding a Lions training/game session tomorrow Sunday Feb. 17th from 12 to 2 PM at WGQ.

We are already 18 players, but we would need a couple more so please,if you didn’t register yet and wish to join .
please register now at:
YOUTH LIONS players are of course welcome as well!!!

See you all tomorrow at 11.30am (RDV Time) the latest.


Shanghai LIONS FC Management


Lions back to work !


We need to get back in shape as soon as possible ! Our first training of 2013 start this week Wednesday and we need everybody to attend !

Saturday Lions, we know what is at stake unbeaten in the first half of the season but we can expect that every opponent will be extremely motivated to be the first team to give us a defeat. To me the league will be won in January / February and not on the last day of the season. Its up to us to show that we really want it and we need to fight for it each and every game. I am convinced that when we take it easy we will get punished. Plan your business trips / holidays properly so that you will not miss a single game ! Train hard !

Sunday Lions, we don’t have the SPL title race in our own hands now but it means we can play without pressure. Lets make sure we play better the second half of the season and have no more slip ups. We let the other teams slip up ! The key to success will be commitment to train, commitment to play every week, commitment to team spirit, commitment to club events !

Young Lions, train every week. All the effort you put into training will make you a stronger and better player ! We will look for our first win as a team and our objective is to play good football !

Go Lions back to work !

Cheers Coach Freek/Simon

Lions support Coerver skill training U10 and U12 youth in Shanghai!

Dear Parents,

We are pleased to offer your son or daughter the possibility to improve their Football skills as an individual player !

Attached you can find the introduction of Coerver skill training’s method which is renowned world wide! We will start with the U10 and U12 group first with a maximum of 20 players per group and we will work on a first come first serve basis.

  • U10 training 80 minutes every Friday at the Century Park Field from 1600-1720 hrs
  • U12 training 80 minutes every Friday at the Century Park Field from 1740-1900 hrs

Any question feel free to ask. We will start once we have the first kids registered could be as soon as 9th of November!

Sportive Regards

Freek Boelen / Coerver Shanghai

Lions U18 work hard at Century Park

Young Lions,

It was a good training yesterday under the helm of our experienced Lions Top scorer Joel. Great artificial pitch build with the latest technology imported from Italy which makes it almost like real grass. We had 14 Young Lions U18 attending and the crowd was truly multinational ! The training focused on a proper warming up which are key to avoid muscle tears / Ball control and Ball movement in limited space / Communication with other players / Pro active play without ball / Speed + Strength / Position play 10 vs 5 where you learn to switch quickly from ball possession / keeping the ball into ball chasing / getting the ball back / Looking for open space and switch the play form the crowded area to open space by long balls / Shooting / Last but no least 7 vs 7 game fast game!

What I like about this group is that each player has his individual strong points as well some weaker points. What we train for is to improve the weaker points in order to make you a more complete player / whether its shooting with your left foot / the first touch / speed / reaction / tackles. The training is the place where we like you to try to improve yourself. The more you train the fitter you will get / the fitter you are the better you can control the ball / the better you control the ball the more confidence you get / the more confidence you have the more you enjoy the actual games!

We are looking for an opponent for our first game on Sunday 11th of November before that we have two training sessions on Wednesday to get ready for our first Lions game as a team ! Hope you all keep up the hard work and believe me we as coaches really enjoy to work with you guys ! If you have a friend who you think is a good player please bring him or her along to the training session for a trial!



Great Start of the Shanghai Lions season!

Romain & Jerome a Bloc

BLOC opening party

What a great way to start the new season! Friday, we had our first Club evening at our new sponsor Bloc. From the start of the evening everybody felt straight at home due the friendly atmosphere which was created by Shahla and her staff. Free flow of drinks helped to get the players in the mood. With the help of a simple power point presentation we explained to the members how we have planned the Club structure for our first season as a Club. For the Lions who didn’t make it all I can say make sure you don’t miss that kind of evenings next time as its great for the team Spirit !

SPL League

Sunday, The SPL new season kicked off and the Lions crushed Super 48 9-0. Many positives as they kept a clean sheet / Joel is now the topscorer in the SPL with 6 goals and we had several Young Lions in the line-up.

Shanghai Masters 2012

Shanghai Lions FC - Winner of the 4th Edition of Shanghai Masters

Saturday/Sunday, The Lions took part in the Shanghai Masters tournament the most prestigious over 35 years old tournament in China. On Saturday we had to play 8 games the key was to finish top 5 out of the the 9 teams which shouldn’t have been a problem for us. However two poor displays by the Lion Masters resulted in two losses and our heads were down some started to pack their bags already……….but once the Lions have to fight you will be surprised what are we able of ! Coach Jamie’s famous words “ Lions we need to win this next game otherwise we are out” seems to have given us the vibe just to do that / we won the next 4 games and were in the final group on Sunday. Sunday we played our best football 5 games only one goal conceded however our last game before the final was versus our old rival the Shooters and only a win would put is in the final against the same Shooters again ! No need to say we had plenty of motivation against them and an incredible volley of Francois in his rooky master year sealed the victory 1-0. We had 12 games in our “old” legs so the final was more a survival of the fittest and Shooters took the lead by super strike of their ex China National Striker (Leo) however we clinched one back by Fred to end the final 1-1. Penalties and guess what ?? Yes Thomas in his last game for the Lions stopped the penalty of the Chinese Striker and Felipe scored the winner for the Lions ! Unbelievable ride and I am extremely proud of the Lions Veteran Team under the leadership of Jamie to clinch their second Shanghai Master title ! Our first Lions title of this Season ! Over the two days we got two injuries but hope that Gerald and Mikael will recover soon !

We have a busy week ahead with training on Wednesday and the SIFL opening tournament on Saturday and SPL Lions vs Cowboys on Sunday !

Its good to be a Lions enjoy the games !

Cheers Freek


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