Legends clinched their 3rd SPL Veteran title in 4 years

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Carlos Mozer & Pascal Olmeta

Lions, it was strange weather last Sunday as despite being close to December it was a summer day with a blue sky and 25 degrees. We were up against the Emerald (last year champion) who could keep us away from winning our 3rd SPL Veteran title in 4 years ! For that, we had to lose 17-0 and Emerald brought Fafa (SPL senior goal scorer of last season in their team) aiming to make it happen…

[ VETERAN ] Emerald 2 – 0 Shanghai Lions FC

We started very good as we managed to block the attacks with solid defense and good saves from Laurent our stand in goalie ! James in fine form for the last couple of games even got a chance to give us the lead after a great pass from Thomas. Jerome got a yellow after he ended up in a scrum with his opponent but he stayed composed and disciplined for the rest of the game.

In the next 20 we got more possession and Emerald was less threatening Bob hit the cross bar with a powerful strike !

In the third twenty minutes it was a bit harder as Emerald has physical strong players and the battle in the midfield was fierce however our defense was strong and covered most of the attacks and Masa-san our right back was on fire winning all the headers and defended like a rock.

In the last 20 minutes we thought we had won the game when Bob went all alone one on one to the Emerald keeper however at the end he slowed down and so did his shot… it was an easy pick up for the keeper ! With 10 minutes to go disaster struck as by a corner Francois was pushed to the ground making Fafa a free man to score with a header from nearby the goal. It was harsh on us as a draw would be a fair result. Instead Fafa too fast for our older defenders made it 2-0 for Emerald.

Despite the loss we had smiles on our faces as we were Champions ! It was a tight race this season as Japan had equal points but our goal difference was 14 goals better at the end and Emerald ended two points behind us !


The beer tasted good after the match ! Well done Legends and thank you Pascal for coming out to watch the match !



Legends almost Champions

[ VETERAN ] Shanghai Lions FC 1 – 1 Japan FC


It was going to be a very hard game for the Legends against a super fit and fast Japan. Japan needed to win in order to have a chance to win the SPL Veteran Championship. For the Lions a win or a draw would be good ! We adjusted our tactics and played with 5 in the midfield and only Bob on top. Our aim was not to go 1-0 down early in the game and play our tactics as long as we could.

In the first 20 minutes it was hard as Japan fielded their best players but we stood up to the challenge. Clement had some fine saves and we ended it 0-0 according to our plan.

In the second 20 we got more opportunities and it was Laid with outside foot wonder strike giving us the lead ! Now it was easier for us as we had a cushion.

B1F313B3-0B6C-47F1-920D-6B1E64998A46-312-0000000BB02BE6B7_tmpIn the third 20 minutes we were the better side and unfortunately we lost Kevin due to an injury and we wish him a speedy recovery. However we needed some great saves from Clement again to keep us ahead.

In the last 20 we knew Japan would go all out to get the 2 goals they needed and they got one when a flew over the box  rip on someone’s head and fall into our net ! Not much time left but it was still nerve wrecking. Our president who came in the last 5 minutes almost scored with a surprise lob but the keeper was alert ! The final whistle came as a relief for the Legends !

As we have one more match to go against the Emerald and only a 17-0 loss we keep us away from the title. Of course we will go for the win against them and have some nice beers after the match. Pascal our unfortunate injured keeper will come and watch the game to add to the celebration !

See you all next Sunday and of course Tuesday at the trainings !

Happy Freek

Legends beat Scotland 5-1 to go on top of the SPL Veteran

12112017 049[ VETERAN ] Shanghai Lions FC 5 – 1 Shanghai Scottish

It was a perfect day weather wise as the sky was blue and pollution was close to zero. We had a solid squad and were happy to have Clement to be stand in goalie after Pascal was so unfortunate to have snapped his Achilles the week before. Also it was good to see Thomas Gauthier back on the field after a long absence due to a knee operation !

12112017 036Scotland started slow and we adjusted in the first 10 minutes to their game which was not our intention. However after we got awarded a penalty which Bob converted we started to play good football ! Bob scored his second and James, our birthday boy (46), scored a third. Of course 3-0 up in the first 20 minutes is a good result.

Scotland did cause us some problems as they managed a few times to get behind our defense but Clement made a good save and the Scottish didn’t finish the final ball on target. James scored a superb header after an excellent cross from Kevin. The Scots got one back which they deserved at the point of time and Kader who tried to shoot with his left foot and later with his right decided not to use his feet any longer scored with a nice header to make the final score 5-1 !

Time to celebrate and to have some beers with Max who came over after he completed the Shanghai Marathon in 4.28 in the morning !

Next Sunday we play Japan and we can clinch the tittle !

The standing after yesterdays games :

  • Lions 7 played 21 points + 42 goal difference
  • Japan 8 played 21 points + 26 goal difference
  • Emerald 8 played 18 points + 30 goal difference


Lets all come to the training and be ready for this weekend massive game against Japan!



Lions Legends enjoyed the “9th Shanghai Masters Cup”


Its important to our club to represent the Lions in tournaments ! Last Saturday it was the turn to the Lions Legends who participated in the “9th Shanghai Masters Cup” organized by Super 48 one of the large Japanese clubs in Shanghai. The tournament was 11 aside with a total of 12 teams and it was for players above 40 ! So it was great to see that we had a great squad of Lions Legends ready to play on such beautiful pitch and weather in Tianma! The games were 20 minutes only so we needed to have a good strategy in place to make it to the finals ! Our target was to keep a clean sheet all the way and score first !


In our first game against Super 48 we did just that as Fred our captain opened the score with a rare header and soon it was our President who blasted a very good build up from right to left and a step over up in the top of the net ! He thought he would get the oldest scorer award as he just celebrated his 54th b-day last week but saw the it clinched by a Japanese player of 58 years old ….. !!! guess our president needs to play another 4 years at least ! After our 2-0 victory we learned that the women who played against us was Mizuki Noguchi, the Japanese Gold medal winner of the marathon Athens 2004 winner ! amazing and of course we took the opportunity to take a picture with her and the legends !

In our second game we found it harder to score as the Japanese team defended with 10 players however our never give up attitude paid off as James blasted home the winner with only two minutes to go on the clock !

In our third game against the Shuzou Kickers we made some changes in the team and replacing Gwen on the left wing paid off as his replacement Sylvain scored in two minutes ! Fred made it 2-0 to get our third clean sheet and a victory !!

Due to a lucky draw we went straight to the semi finals against a strong Japanese team but we played our best game of the day ! Our right back Francois opened the score after 5 minutes when he went up unexpected and soon Gwen was launched one on one against the Japanese Keeper and didn’t miss….! 2-0 it was and 2-0 it stayed to set us up in the final !

The final was up against the Emerald our old rival who beat the strong Japanese team on penalties in the other semi final ! Tactics were the same clean sheet and score first… however they scored on an incredible counter two passes launched their striker who had an incredible shot flying in ! The Lions did fight back but struggled as the referee was very young and weak and didn’t dear to make decisions against the emeralds who made a couple of fouls on our play makers…

Time ran out we ended the tournament second with only one goal conceded and a lot of fun and friendship which of course is the most important ! Next time we will hope the luck is on our side and for sure we will try again !

Next up our senior team will play a tournament in Phuket this weekend and we wish them all the best !

Obvious we need all Lions the come the training this week so we can prepare for our important last games of 2017 !



Lions Legends beat Lions Youth 6-4 in a friendly match

[ Friendly ] Lions Legends 6 – 4 Lions Youth

Last Sunday it was what call real football weather ! Rainy and and a strong cold wind however it didn’t take away the importance of the Legend game versus our own youth team ! 14 Legends showed up and 18 Youth Players.

We played according to the SPL V format 4 x 20 minutes and in the first 20 minutes the youth showed their speed and hunger for goals however the Legends took a 2-0 lead. The youth got a goal back on a fast counter.

In the second 20 minutes the youth played their best football and the game was good entertainment for the parents who came out to watch ! goals on both ends from quick counters resulted in a 4-4 score line.

In the third twenty minutes the Legends took more and more possession and controlled the game but they failed to score.

In the last 20 minutes the youth tried their best but were running out of energy as the Legends kept passing the ball around and managed to score two goals to make the final score 6-4 !

Overall it was a very good experience for both the Legends and our Youth players we will surely organize a re-match in the near future !

We have training on Tuesday for the Seniors and Wednesday and Friday for our Youth !

This Saturday our Youth will play against Dulwich Earthquakes 14:00 kick off at Concordia & on Sunday Senior will play against Japan 13:00 kick off at SCSC.


Looking forward to some good games of football and a bit better weather !



Legends restart the season with a solid win

[ SPL VETERAN ] Shanghai Lions FC 13 – 0 P/F

Last Sunday the weather and the pitch couldn’t be better ! 25 degrees blue sky and no pollution ! The legends were up for their first SPL League game after the summer break. Most of the legends have attended the trainings on Tuesday and are getting back in shape. Our opponent was the Pudong United / Ferie combination a Japanese team. Our objective was a clean sheet and good football for 80 minutes as the surroundings were more for a ice cold beer and chill out on the field than to keep running all the time.

We started well but were a bit off on the final ball as a few shots ended up at the Starbucks… It was 2-0 in the first quarter and we added another 2 in the second. As we were mainly playing on the half of the Japanese team and they in return had no shots on goal the Legends coach was demanding more goals ! “Nice but not good enough” was his comment !

In the third quarter we stepped it up and scored 5 goals to make it 9-0 and in the last 20 the President himself showed that age doesn’t matter at the legends as he scored two and Terao and Matty made the final score 13-0 !

It was a solid performance where all players contributed to the win especially Pascal who had some incredible saves…… to keep the clean sheet !


This Saturday our Lions youth team will make their debut in the SPL U17 league 14:00 kick off at Concordia and on Sunday we have our classic Lions vs Marlins 13:00 kick off at the Dulwich School Field !


It goes without saying that we expect everybody at the training on Tuesday !



It was a great Lions weekend


[ Veteran ] Shanghai Lions FC 2 – 0 Welsh Bellies

On Sunday morning the Legends came in action against a tough opponent the Welsh Bellies who for the occasion had brought 23 players ! We had a strong squad despite the fact that we had some key players missing. Four players made their debut Vincent Delangle, Vincent Billiard, Rosie & Ben !

We started strong and kept the ball into our possession despite the difficult pitch ! The Bellies strategy was long balls to their fast striker but our defense was alert.  A misjudged long ball put Bob alone in front of the keeper and he didn’t hesitate to score the 1-0 for us.

In the second quarter we lost our shape and midfield for a while and the Bellies took more possession without being very dangerous. We started to play more on the counter and Fred was launched on the left he made it into the box and was tripped just as he wanted to cross in. Our captain didn’t hesitate to claim the ball and shot the penalty in the right top corner.

In the third quarter we decided to defend our lead and left only Rosie on top. He did great and got a few opportunities to make it 3-0 !

In the last 20 minutes the Bellies came close as their best player (72) sliced thru our midfield and also our defense however Pascal threw his whole body weight into the shot and made a great save.

The Beer tasted good afterwards as we knew that we were back on top of the SPL V ! Great Job Legends !

[ SPL Cup ] Shanghai Lions FC 4 – 0 Century Park FC

In the afternoon we had to play our SPL Cup quarter final against Century Park FC who ended second in the league this season ! Before the game it didn’t look good for the Lions as from the 17 on the YES list, players were dropping out last minute…

However the Lions on the field quickly decided to go for it and showed a great game of football. After 15 minutes Felix went on a rampage starting on the left and by passing three defenders on the way. His low strike was too much for the CP FC goalie and we took the lead. Soon after it was Tomas who with full speed out ran the youngsters of CP FC and he laid off the ball to Azz who just had to walk it in to make it 2-0 ! The misery for CP FC didn’t end here as now its was Radouane who scored after a great move of Tomas. Just before half time CP FC got a penalty which never was one in the first place but Dim in fine form stopped !

We started the second half 3-0 up and could play on the counter surely we could have scored one or two more goals. CP FC created more chances but our defense with Fabi, Jack, Benji, Hunter (Azz for 15 minutes) & Dim proved too much ! As icing on the cake Azz scored his second of the day to make the final score 4-0.

It was a great team performance !

As we are in the semi final of the SPL Cup lets all come to the training on Tuesday!


Legends showed character and spirit to beat the Cowboys

[Veteran] Shanghai Lions FC 6 – 4 Cowboys

Lions, it was hot last Sunday with temperatures close to 27 degrees ! We were up against a very good playing Chinese team the Cowboys ! We knew this game would be hard and tried to play very composed as most of the Cowboy players are faster than us…

We had a great start as Bob finished a fast counter after 5 minutes. However we soon realized we had a hole in the middle as they sliced through and quickly scored the equalizer. It was a wake up call but we got another one as they scored again.

In the next twenty we changed our tactics and put an extra legend on the midfield to close the gaps and it worked very well. Soon Gwen scored the equalizer and Bob has an awesome volley to give us the lead. It was a great 20 minutes for us as we scored one more by Romain to make it 4-2.

In the next 20 minutes our tactics were to slow down the pace and sit back and wait for a good counter opportunity. Eventually it worked however a beautiful dive from one of the Cowboys was rewarded by the referee for a penalty. Some Lions started to lose their head in the heat of the game and after they scored the penalty we lost our focus. No wonder that the Cowboys could equalize.

In the last 20 minutes the Legends gave it all and showed fantastic team spirit and play. It was Francois who just came in and his first ball was a powerful header from a corner flying in the goal ! The legends celebrated as if they had won the Champions League but it was deserved ! The icing on the cake came from a great combination between Matthieu and Freek who launched Romain who outplayed the blond keeper and chipped the ball back to Matthieu and he made the final score 6-4 win for the Lions !


Life is good and its great to be a Lions Legend !


Happy Freek

SPL V Standings

P W D L F A GD Pts
1 Shanghai Lions Football ClubShanghai Lions FC 9 7 1 1 48 8 40 22
2 Japan FC 9 7 1 1 36 10 26 22
3 Emerald 9 7 0 2 41 10 31 21
4 Cowboys 9 7 0 2 44 22 22 21
5 Welsh Bellies 9 5 0 4 21 23 -2 15
6 Shanghai Scottish 9 3 1 5 19 29 -10 10
7 FC Strosso 9 3 1 5 15 40 -25 10
8 FC Shanghai Super 48 9 2 1 6 16 38 -22 7
9 England 9 1 0 8 18 35 -17 3
10 P/F 9 0 1 8 8 51 -43 1

Lions Legends stay on top of SPL Veteran League


[Veteran] Shanghai Lions FC 5-0 England

It was a beautiful day on a not so beautiful pitch ! We were up against England and we got all our tactical information about our opponent from Max Kirby the night before the game ! We knew the game would be different than our last two games against Japanese teams but with a 16 player motivated squad we were up to it !

Despite the awful pitch we managed to pass the ball around and let the Brits run after the ball. Bob in fine form and captain for the occasion was set free and lobbed the ball over the keeper. Gwen, our baby legend added a second to give us a 2-0 lead in the first twenty minutes.

In the next twenty minutes we lost some of our play and England pushed a bit harder. Still we managed to score the 3-0 by Bob.

In the next 20 minutes we couldn’t find the next as our pace dropped and we started to lose focus.

As we had to work on our goal difference we decided to give it all in the last 20 minutes of the match and it worked as Nicolas finished cool after a “freek kick” from the President. Bob completed his hat-trick and Gwen took a goal away from Fred who was in ideal position to score but Gwen opted to take the ball and hammered it into the balls of our President …..instead of the net !

Overall our 5-0 victory tasted good and so did the beer after the match. We are on top of the SPL V with three clean sheets 21 goals scored in 3 matches !


In April we have two BIG GAMES against the Cowboys and the Welsh Bellies so for now its back to the training pitch !



Lions legends on top of the SPL V


[Veteran] Shanghai Lions FC 8 – 0 FC Strosso

Where on Saturday the Lions struggled to get a team, on Sunday the Legends showed what it is about commitment as despite the early kick off at 10:00 we had 17 players showing up and all players were above 35 ! We had terao-san making his debut for the Legends and Pino our new Serie A star making his debut as well.

Despite the difficult pitch we worked well with our passing game and let our Japanese opponent chase the ball. Bob opened the score for us and soon Laid scored our second. Our objective was a clean-sheet and the longer the match lasted the more opportunities we got. Nicolas showed his skill of terminator once in the box as he scored 3 goals. Bob scored his second but after that there was something wrong with his legs as the most easy tip ins ended wide or at the keeper. In the last 20 we pushed for more goals with Fred our captain and the president himself coming on. Within three minutes the President kept his reputation of having a high ratio of goals per minutes played as he scored with the outside of his foot. Nicolas scored his 4th to make the final score 8-0 !

The beer tasted good after the match and it was great to have youngster Charly back in the squad as he came all the way from Strasbourg to play with us !

Our next game will be on March 26 and we will face a stronger opponent England !

We hope to see many legends to come to the training on Tuesday!

SPL Veteran Standings (Season 2017/2018)

P W D L F A GD Pts
1 Shanghai Lions Football ClubShanghai Lions FC 9 7 1 1 48 8 40 22
2 Japan FC 9 7 1 1 36 10 26 22
3 Emerald 9 7 0 2 41 10 31 21
4 Cowboys 9 7 0 2 44 22 22 21
5 Welsh Bellies 9 5 0 4 21 23 -2 15
6 Shanghai Scottish 9 3 1 5 19 29 -10 10
7 FC Strosso 9 3 1 5 15 40 -25 10
8 FC Shanghai Super 48 9 2 1 6 16 38 -22 7
9 England 9 1 0 8 18 35 -17 3
10 P/F 9 0 1 8 8 51 -43 1

Happy Freek

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