U15 beat Shanghai Japan FC 3-0

Last Saturday, our U15 squad was smaller than usual to face Shanghai Japan FC after a few last minute dropped out… However, the team spirit was there with Jason coming to play despite an injury. Also, a few U18 (Noel, Daniel & Gordon) came to make the number.

[ SPL U15 ] Shanghai Lions FC 3 – 0 Japan FC

The key components for the match was to stay focused on the back and take control of the midfield. The idea was not to give any chance to Shanghai Japan FC players to play through balls in counters. It worked well and the game was fast and good in the first half thanks to both teams. Our midfield was really working well and Nikita, Max, Gus & Fabien were solid in the back. Jason opened the score but the icing on the cake came from our second goal… It started from way in the back going from a player to another. I think the all team touched the ball and Gordon finished the job with a small touch to make it 2-0 before half time.

In the second half we lost a bit of control of the midfield as Japan got so many substitutes and our legs were getting tired but again after that it was all about spirit and the will to win. We took control back of the midfield and defense was solid and our attack were trying to make the third. We had one slip up during the whole match but Noel was alert and stopped it with a great save ! Gordon scored his second goal with a good strike but soon after saw his penalty go sky high into orbit but after the final whistle it was all praise for the players.


It was a Super team performance of every single player today ! See you all on Wednesday !


Azz, Freek & Nick

Lions U15 win the set 6-3 vs. Ebbe Sand Academy U15

Ebbe Sand Academy U15[ SPL U15 ] Shanghai Lions FC 6 – 3 Ebbe Sand Soccer Academy

Last Saturday, our young Lions were playing Ebbe Sand Academy U15. At the beginning of the game we noticed a few players were not awake and alert and sometimes that is hard to explain it could be the summer weather but in the first 20 minutes we asked all the players to wake up ! We did score a very nice combination goal finished by Sotaro-san to take a 1-0 lead. Still we were not in control at the back and in some parts of the midfield. Ebbe Sand didn’t caused serious trouble but all the opportunities they got were given by ourselves. Our second goal was very good as well with a good run by Daniel and a great cross by Gordon and good chip over the keeper by Daniel to make it 2-0 !

Allthough we were 2-0 up at half time our half time talk was not about praise but about the fact that we could play so much better. We were looking for a team response and hoped we could improve our play ! Jason stepped up his game and scored two goals to make it 4-0 but Ebbe Sand Academy U15 got a goal back when we couldn’t clear the ball. Gordon was left alone while our opponent was all-in attack and he finished nicely in the low corner. Taku-san made a nice goal and after that with 5 minutes to go we let Ebbe Sand come back scoring two goals in two minutes to make the final score 6-3 win for the Lions !


We were happy with the second half performance as well with the commitment of the team ! Keep Training ! Keep trying to improve yourself as player and as teamate ! Next weekend we’ll play Japan !


Well done
Happy Azz, Nick & Freek

Lions U 15 beat YKFC 2-0

YKFCIt was a great day for football in Shanghai as finally spring did arrive with a blue sky and 16 degrees ! We had a good squad but only issue was that we didn’t have a goal keeper ! It was great to see Gordon and Matt standing up as volunteer for this match ! Our strategy was to play defensive first as we saw a few new faces at YKFC and wanted to see how they played first.

[ SPL U15 ] Shanghai Lions FC 2 – 0 YKFC

We started organized in 4-4-2 with focus on defense. The result was that we didn’t give any chance away with Alvaro solid stopping all the players who tried to come through. Gordon as goalie didn’t have to make one save in the first half but while we controlled the midfield we didn’t make a lot of shots on target either. It was a solo run from Jason which with the help of an YKFC player did give us the 1-0 lead.

At half time we changed strategy and try to go for the second goal instead of defending the 1-0 lead and we played 4-3-3. Gordon was now left winger and Matt in the goal ! We played better and got our combination play back and the match started to become more interesting ! It was a super strike fully intended by Gordon which surprised the YKFC goalie and we were 2-0 up. Right after this, Gordon had two great chances with great team build up but his efforts were going just wide. It was also nice to see that our substitutes came in very well and helped to secure the win. In the last minute the referee overlooked a foul on David in the box which gave YKFC a free shot but Matt saved it in a great manner !!

It was a solid win and we thank all the U18 and parents who came to watch ! We have now won 6 matches out of 9 and have the best defensive record in the league ! Well done Lions ! Keep up the efforts you make week after week to improve as a team ! To us this is only the beginning !


Have great Sunday !


Freek, Nick & Azzeddine

U15 and U18 win both against DEQ

On Saturday March 16th, we had two matches against DEQ for both our youth teams.


[ SPL U15 ] Shanghai Lions FC 2 – 1 Dulwich Earthquakes

For our U15, we only had 12 players as a few players were missing. Without the help of the older players it was a good test for us as all younger ones could play.

In the first half both teams didn’t play so well and Paul, our goalie, kept us in the game with a couple of good saves with his feet but DEQ did take the lead. We used the half time to change the formation especially upfront and Daniel took over as goalie for Paul. It worked well as we played much better as a team and started to control the game. It was a fine header from Mat which put us level and soon after we took the lead after Sota who made his debut for the Lions and played very well crossed to Gus and he saw his strike hitting the cross bar but Gordon was alert to score the rebound. With hard work we kept the score like that and won 2-1 !


[ SPL U18 ] Shanghai Lions FC 3 – 2 Dulwich Earthquakes

Soon after it was time for our U18 ‘s with a thin squad as well but Gordon and David were asked to stay back and help out if needed. In the first half we didn’t get into our passing game but adjusted to DEQ game with long balls. However Victor showed us how to finish as twice he perfectly put the ball in the corner of the goal after a good counter attack form our side ! He could have made a first half hat trick but saw his effort being denied by the post.

At half time we took the chance to talk to the players and told them although we are 2-0 up we were not playing well. We lost Thomas for the second half as a DEQ players opened up his feet we hope is doing well and the injury is not too bad ! David made his debut in the U18 for the second half and we played better after the break. Much more passing and combinations what we do at the training and our defense didn’t gave away anything while we were looking for our next goal. We took a 3-0 lead with a strike from Philipp which the DEQ keeper couldn’t hold. The referee gave a penalty to DEQ for a handball which brought them back in the game as they made it 3-1. Till had a great chance to end the game but he saw his good effort saved by the goalie. Instead DEQ came back in the game 5 minutes before the end with a good goal. In the last few minutes we knew we had to defend well and it was a super save from Noel which in the last seconds which gave us all three points and kept us on top of the SPL U18 League !


Well done Lions ! Great team efforts and great team spirits today ! Lets keep building and improving ourselves ! See you all on Wednesday !


Freek, Nick & Azz

U15 beat DEQ 4-3 in an even match

We were lucky that the rain stopped for once when we started our game ! With Paul in the goal and not many subs we decided to play 4-4-2 bit more defensive. We focused on defense first and try to break on the counters.

In the first half we didn’t play well as we tried to look for a difficult solution where instead a simple easy pass was there all the time. As team we dropped our level and that was the reason DEQ took the lead 1-0 ! Jason showed that when the level drops you can still work hard and try to get a result. His goal was pure determination as his first attempt to score was blocked but he kept trying as he was falling down he managed to lift the ball in the far corner. Great goal by a great individual effort ! It was 1-1 at half time and we took the chance to talk to the players and explained how to improve like not running with the ball when you can give a simple pass next to you.

We played much better in the second half and stepped up our work rate and created many more chances. Jason tested the newly replaced DEQ keeper with a wide range shot and the keeper couldn’t handle it and we took the lead. We combined much better and after a good build up Gordon placed the ball right at the inside of the far end post to make it 3-1. However DEQ came back after we couldn’t clear a ball crossed in. Gordon put us 4-2 ahead with a good finish left from the keeper. DEQ did come back once more by a penalty Paul choose the right corner but couldn’t get the ball. Solid defending and the great work rate gave us all three points in the end.


Well deserved and a really great team effort again ! Keep training hard and we will get better and better ! Well Done Lions !


Freek, Nick & Azz

U15 beat YKFC 1-0 in a close game

YKFCIt was a strong performance today ! With only eleven players available versus YKFC who had 15 players we knew it wouldn’t be an easy game. As we have been making progress as a team in the last couple of matches and definitely at the training it showed on the pitch today. We worked as a team and decided to focus on defense first in order not to be caught out on a counter as YKFC a local Shanghai team has fast players.

We got the best opportunity 30 minutes in the first half when a good corner from Gordon flew over the keeper and Jason saw his header go just wide and on another good counter it was Gordon who just shot wide after a good cross from Jason.

No goals in the first half but in the second half we stepped up a notch and it was harder for YKFC to keep the ball. We created more and more opportunities but it was a free kick on our own half which Noel our goalie blasted behind the YKFC keeper. It lifted our spirit but meanwhile YKFC was pushing more and more forward and got a few good opportunities to equalize. Paul thought in the last minute to have scored the 2-0 but instead of the goal he got a yellow card ! The final whistle was a relief but we can look back at a great game. Pietro made his debut we kept a clean sheet again and we even had three generations of Blissets on the field !


Well done Lions keep up the hard work !


Freek, Nick & Azz

U15 beat DEQ 4-0

On Saturday, our Lions U15 were facing DEQ. Well, we started the game focused from the start and because DEQ opted for a defensive tactic we got time to settle our defense and start to play from the back !

We got good connection between the defense and midfield and the forwards and got rewarded by a good goal from Jason to give us the lead. A solo effort by Jason whereby he fouled a defender but the referee overlooked the foul gave us the 2-0 lead. Our third goal was the best starting from the back with three passes the ball came to Julia in the middle who saw Daniel making a moving towards the goal and her pass was perfect which help him finish with a small chip over the keeper.

It was 3-0 at half time and for a coach that is the worst score as its hard to motivate your players with 3-0 up ! However we told you the clean sheet was the key of this match and the second half we were very pleased with the players work rate to make sure we didn’t concede a goal. Every player worked very hard today and it showed that we can be serious and achieve our goals and push our level. Gordon finished a great goal with his right foot to make it 4-0 but the build up before the goal was as good as the goal itself ! We kept it at 4-0 and can take this result to the next training and keep improving ourselves !


Well done Lions great team effort ! See you all on Wednesday and you click herfor the match statistics.


Nick, Azzeddine & Freek

Lions U18 beat DEQ in a tight game

Last saturday Lions U18 were facing DEQ. It’s what we can call a high level game. Both team were quite organized in the attackS and disciplined in defense. Hard to find a door open. Lions took the lead with a goal of Matty facing the keep after few chances missed though. 3min later, a long cross from the right back of DEQ found the left wing to control and score the 1-1. Not much happened after that.

Second half started well and both keepers were quite busy and the technical level was really good as well. Finally, DEQ took the lead 2-1 after a counter attack on a Lion’s freek kick. 2 vs 3 and a strong shoot that the keeper couldn’t handle and made a small mistake. Lions reacted right away with corner and Jason got the header. 2-2. And it’s Finally Matty 5 minutes after that try a long distance shot, keeper was unlucky and made a small mistake as well that helped Lions to take the lead. 5 min to go and DEQ got 2 chances to score and win the game. End up in the post for the 1st one with a nice movement, 2nd one was in, but Noel our keeper deflect it in the post as well and the unlucky DEQ girl couldn’t push it in the goal.


Really interesting game from both side. Congrats to Dulwich Earthquakes and Lions for this fairplay game.

Click herfor the match statistics.



U15 lost 3-2 to Ebbe Sand in a very close match

Today our U15 traveled to Biss puxi to play Ebbe Sand. It was a very tight game and in the first half we were much the better team scoring a good goal from Gordon. Our U15 conceded shortly after from a corner kick as we didn’t quite organize quick enough. We, then, went ahead again after a re-bounded shot off the post was slotted away.

Second half tempers were high from both U15 teams but we can be proud how we controlled ourselves and respected the referee instead of complaining and shouting. Unfortunately we lost the ball in dangerous areas and it cost us the goal. We need to not rush in the attack so much and focus on building the play a bit more… We eventually got really unlucky with another free kick that hit the post in the final few minutes.

A tough game but we battled to the final whistle and showed maturity not to react to decisions that didn’t go our way. Thanks to the parents that came for your support, it’s much appreciated.


 Click herfor the match statistics.



Lions U18 beat Aksil ReUnited 6-3

Aksil ReUnitedIt was a high level game against Aksil ReUnited with zero goals in the first half and 9 in the second half ! Till gave us the lead with a fine strike however we gave too much space to Aksil ReUnited forwards and they came back 1-1 and even made it 2-1… One of them was dubious with clear offside position however we showed fighting spirit and the substitutes who came in all played well and helped the team. Today our large bench was our strength. When we thought Lewis was getting a bit tired and were ready to take him off he blasted a perfect shot in the far corner and leveled us up. Matty who saw most of his opportunities just go wide or just stopped by the defenders finally got his break through with a fine header and gave us the lead back 3-2. Good through balls from Philipp and Thomas put Matty in positions to score and we made it 5-2. Aksil ReUnited got one back with a free kick almost stopped by Noel and the final goal came from Matty to make it 6-3. The icing on the cake came from Paul who replaced Matty and had a super strike on goal in the last minute it almost went in !

Great team spirit today and a good result against a good team ! Well done Lions and let’s work hard week after week to improve our game as there is always room for improvement !


See you all on Wednesday and you can click here for the match statistics.



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