Football in China

Newspapers are full of stories about impressive economic developments in China. In sports we know China from the excellent results on the Olympics. But when it comes to football, China is still completely unknown. How is it possible that this country with 1.3 billion potential players can’t make a good football team?

The film
11 Out of 1.3 Billion; Football in China searches for the causes of China’s failure to be successful on the football field. There is certainly a will to win. Shanghai Shenhua spends a great deal of money on players like Didier Drogba and Anelka. Guangzhou hired Francesco Lippi to boost the team. But is attracting foreign players and coaches enough to raise the level? Can the art of football be copied? Where are the kids running behind a ball in the streets? Why do Shanghai Fans wear Manchester United shirts? Are Chinese physically fit to play the game?

The experiences, comments and stories of the key figures in the documentary (like Arie Haan, Xie Hui and Ebbe Sand) are illustrated by images of Chinese football life. The film will be informative and entertaining. There will be interviews with top competition players and coaches, but also with fans and youth players dreaming of stardom to come.

By summer 2013, when the Dutch national team will play against China, this film will be ready. Make sure you also know the ins and outs and the secrets behind Chinese Football.

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