SIFL League (11 a side)


SIFL: Shanghai International Football League (Founded in 1995)

This amateur league has been founded in 1995 and Shanghai Lions F.C. played there since 1995.

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History of Shanghai Lions F.C. in the SIFL

The 1st Team was founded in 1996 by Mr. Brian McCloskey and consisted in 16 players. Brian than decided to leave the league and create the SPL in Pudong.

Brian’s torch in SIFL has “somehow” been taken over by the French team called  ”Les Bleus” until both team decided to merge back in 2010.

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Achievements & Tittles

  • 1996/1997    -    SIFL Premier League Champions, Opening Tournament Winners, Closing Tournament Winners
  • 1997/1998    -    SIFL Cup Winners, Opening Tournament Winners
  • 1998/1999    –    SIFL Premier League Champions, Opening Tournament Winners
  • 1999/2000    –    SIFL Premier League Champions, SIFL Cup Winners, Closing Tournament Winners

———————————Introduction of 11-a-side football 

  • 2001/2002    –    SIFL Premier League Champions, Hebiguchi Cup Winners, Closing Tournament Winners
  • 2008/2009    -    SIFL Cup Runners-Up
  • 2010/2011    -    Hebiguchi Cup Winners, SIFL Premier Runners-Up
  • 2011/2012    -    SIFL Cup Winners
  • 2012/2013    -    Opening Tournament Winners


2012/2013 SIFL League Table

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