[Lions Abroad] Patrick Lapon

The beauty of Shanghai football is that people come and go! So many players have contributed one way or the other to the success of the club that it’s almost getting difficult to keep track of all of you. We miss you guys! This is why we have decided to create a new category called “Lions abroad” to give the opportunity to give news but also share memories we have had together on and off the pitch.

Freek Boelen

Interviewee of the month: Patrick Lapon


FB: Where you live now?
PL: I am in Berlin, Germany… Matze’s city ๐Ÿ˜‰

FB: Alone or with other people ?
PL: I’m living now with my girlfriend

FB: How is it to live there compared with Shanghai ?
PL: Berlin is a really nice, less polluted, more cold but people are nice.

FB: Do you play football there if so which team if not why not ?
PL: Yes i found a football team of course. I play for the FC Schoneberg. I will never stop and will try to play over Tomas, Fred & Freek’s age… The team is fine quite cool. I don’t know exactly the level but it’s fine. Compare to the lions, we have a younger team but i think in a real match we will beat them :)))

FB: What do you miss about the Lions and what donโ€™t you miss about the Lions ?
PL: I miss:

  • The team, and the crazy moment with the lads,  the century park ground , the trip when we go to the stadium with AZZ, RAD, Rabiot, our team’s events… everything !!!!!!!!
  • To hear laughing Radouane, Nicolas “Di Margarita” and Romain’s joke
  • When Tomas says every time ” Cabron and la puta …”
  • Freek’s speech before each game: “beautiful pitch beautiful weather”

I don’t miss :

  • The Shooters
  • The cross to the 3rd post of Di Margarita
  • The locker rooms euh …. yes we don’t have
  • Kevin the ref
  • The “Who are we?” We got a better one in Schoneberg (see below in youtube video) mdrrrrr !!!!! 


FB: What do you miss about Shanghai and what donโ€™t you miss about Shanghai?
PL: I miss

  • Mainly my friends and the team
  • The Food from the the yeshari Muslim restaurant.
  • The fake Market
  • Get a taxi or moto taxi, tchouk tchouk with a good price.
  • The massage
  • Meeting Tomas and his family for dinner and enjoy good moments with the kids.
  • L’UNICO and the party with Bokou Haram team ๐Ÿ˜‰ !!!!…….. almost everything.

I don’t miss people in the subway or in the elevators.

FB: Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
PL: In 5 years I don’t exactly but i will still play and enjoy football + plus some international match with the lions (if this can happen)

FB: Do you have a nightmare sometimes about the lions? what does it look like?
PL: Yes I have one sometimes I sleep and i imagine Charly slim, Simon with hair the worst one is when I saw Matt Witko and Di Margarita are going faster than me in the pitch. Fortunately it s only a dream

FB: Do you have a dream about the lions sometimes and what is it about?
PL: I dream that Manchester united comes for the pre-season and ask the lions to make a friendly game. Then Azz call me and i take the first flight to play against or that the Lions integrate the Chinese super league and I will be in the Staff.

FB: Did you see any other old lions recently ?
PL: Yes I have met Charles, he is playing with my team sometimes but he’s now goalkeeper ๐Ÿ˜€ (see right below). Feel free to come guys, you are more than welcome !!!!!

I miss you all of you guys !!!!!
Merci beaucoup and miss you my friend !

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