Lions advance in Hebeiguchi Cup after penalties !



We don’t know what it is about cup games to make them different but for sure this was a game to either remember or to forgot. With only 11 regular players available and the president himself who just turned 52 as only sub we knew it was not going to be easy. A few players looked like “hanged over” when they arrived and when we started to play it became obvious as we didn’t manage to play three passes in a row. 3United took advantage when we failed to clear the ball and scored the 1-0 lead. We had to step up and we did than and Tomas got the best opportunity when he was set up one on one with the goalie but his shot was too soft to beat him. Half time talk was not pleasant but no other choice we liked to turn around the game. We got the best chance when we got a penalty but Azzeddine missed the target however we got another penalty 15 minutes later because of a handball and this time he put the ball in the net. Lions looked for the winner but actually 3united came closest with a free kick which we stopped by a good reflex of radouane ! It stayed 1-1 and with a team not in good spirit and shape it was a big challenge for us to win on penalties. We lined up 5 players and Felix our youngster was brave enough to take the first and scored but Agawho took the second saw his ball bounce back from the cross bar. Luckily the 3 united player tried to copy Aga. Nicolas was next and scored and Tomas did the same so the race was tight ! Francois was our last take and he made a surprise move aiming left shooting right only to see his shot hit the post ! If 3united would score the next one it was over and ……Radouane saved it ! Next up was Benji but he was not in good shape as he come of several times during the game claiming to have eaten a wrong shrimp. The eyes were on the president could he take the pressure at such an old age….?? No hesitation the ball flew in the left corner and 3United shot their next penaly wide. OK no real celebrations for obvious reaons after playing so bad but we did turn the very negative into a slight positive at least !


Like the Captain said we need to get back at work ! Back at the training indeed it was not good to have such a long break but let’s prepare well for our next league game against Japan !


Cheers Freek

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