Friendly vs. Chinese Team ex-pro

We have been invited to play a friendly this Saturday against a Chinese Team mostly of ex pro/international players. Its good for our Guanxi in China to play against them ! All Lions can come but you need to register asap ! It will be in the evening at 8PM at the Luwan Stadium (artificial turf) after that you can go and party !

Perfect game to get fit before the SPL first League game against Super 48 on Sept 1st and the Lions Cup on 7/8 September!


Player Goals
Adam Rhoden 2
Christophe Saune 1
Jilles Curtis Djon 1
Emmanuel Mesnil 0
FL 0
Jack Boller 0
Michael Warady 0
Chris Martinez 0
Pierre Jandot 0
Muss Djeddai 0
Thomas Gauthier 0
Dimitri Le Sant 0
Dave O'Reilly 0
Guillaume Pouchot 0
Evgeny (BIG JOHN) Koltsov 0

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