Lions lose to Marlins in SPL Championship final

[ SPL ] Shanghai Lions FC 2 – 3 Shanghai Marlins FC

SPL ChampionshipFor this SPL Championship game final, the setting was perfect with a beautiful pitch and good weather as it was not too hot to play ! We had a large Lions squad and a good mix of young talented youth players mixed with senior and experienced senior players. We were happy as well to have DimDim defending our goal on the day. The Marlins our rival and opponent were equal on points and equal on goal difference but they had scored three goals more than us and we conceded three goals less so the rule is that goals scored prevails over the conceded once so it meant that we had to win the match as a draw was not enough. Our game plan was to try to keep it 0-0 as long as we could and push hard in the later part of the game.

In the first 15 minutes it worked as with only Shingi and Romain upfront and the Marlins sitting back it was easy to keep possession. After that we lost our composure as our defense line was too deep and our forwards too far forward which created space in the midfield for the Marlins. It was a very unlucky bounce of the ball right in front of Dim which destroyed our game plan after 20 minutes as the Marlins took the lead. When after a foul on Azz the referee didn’t give a free kick and we thought Marlins would stop the game as Azz was injured we were switched off and the Marlins made it 2-0 !

At half time we realized it was no point to look back on what happened but instead we had 45 minutes left to come back. We let two more youngster play Matty and Philipp and with Terao in the midfield we were looking for a break through. It came after a good counter attack on the left finished with no hesitation by Conway. As we needed to push forward it also give long ball counter opportunities for the Marlins and it was one of those that destroyed our ambitions. However even at 3-1 down we still kept fighting and it was Jack with a good header from an Azz free kick which made it 3-2 ! Soon Azz set up Matty who made a great run but he just couldn’t get the ball under control enough to shoot !

When the final whistle came we all agreed the Marlins deserved the title and we congratulated them. We know we messed up in the first half but we also know that we showed amazing team and fighting spirit in the second half ! Although we lost the match and we lost the title we won as club as the amount of legends, family and friends who came to watch and support was incredible, esp Max who came on crutches and Kevin who missed most of the season due to a health issue showed to true lions spirit !


Proud to be a Lion and for next season we are already motivated to get the SPL title back !



Young Lions beat Stoke City 5-2

[ YOUTH ] Shanghai Lions FC 5 – 2 WISS Stoke City FC Academy

Stoke CityThe weather was great and the pitch was great at Concordia for our youth match against Stoke City !

Stoke started strong and played high pressing it caused us some problems in our build up but thanks to Sam our goalie we kept zero. It was a free kick by Philipp that was to powerful for the Stoke keeper that gave us the 1-0 lead. Five minutes before half time Yusuke had a great low strike to make it 2-0 !

In the second half Stoke showed character and managed to get back in the game by their striker Tomassi 2-1 but soon the Lions scored after a fast counter on the right flank which was well finished by Victor our Brazilian winger to make it 3-1. Stoke came back again but this time the Lions responded in two minutes as Matty back from injury made it 4-2 ! At this stage the lions dominated the game and could have scored a few more goals but it was Yusuke second goal which made it to the final score 5-2 ! The young lions worked hard during this game and showed good team work and discipline !

At the end we had a moment to say good bye to Shingi who graduated and is on his way to the USA for his future life ! We will miss him for sure and thanked him for the role model he was for the team and we hope the young players learned from his mentality and passion for the sport !


Great game and great performance from the Young Lions !


Well Done !

Lions beat Kickers 9-0 to set up a great final against the Marlins

beat KickersThe weather was not great but at least we got a pitch at the SCSC field as the Jinqiao field was not available. We had a large squad with a good mix of young and new players combined with experienced players as well we were happy to have Dim back in the goal ! Our mission was to beat Kickers but also work on our goal difference as we were trailing one goal on goal difference against the Marlins as both teams were on same points going into the match.

[ SPL ] Shanghai Lions FC 9 – 0 Shanghai Kickers FC

We took possession from the start and we got quick goal after an error of the Kickers goalie and a rare header of Shingi. It was a quick break on the left by Tevz his cross ended with Romain who didn’t hesitate to score. Just before half time we scored the 3-0 when Azz surprised the goalie by laying off a free kick to Shingi who didn’t hesitate.

In the second half we had fresh legs coming in and Conway upfront proved to be a hit as he scored a hat-trick ! Azz added one more and in the final moments Fabi got a penalty awarded and he saw his effort being stopped by the goalie however Andrei was alert to make the final score 9-0 ! Beer tasted good afterwards… However the Marlins, knowing our score and what was at stake, heavily beat Japan 9-1.

That means we are at equal points and equal goal difference however on goals scored they are ahead of us +3 as well on goal difference of the two matches we played each other +2. It means in the final match we need to beat them to be Champion ! Obvious we have two weeks to prepare ourselves and it start at the training this Tuesday !


Lets Go Lions ! Lets go for it !



Lions Legends beat Shanghai Scottish 2-1 in a friendly

[ Friendly ] Shanghai Lions FC 2 – 1 Shanghai Scottish

shanghai scottishAs the season is coming to an end soon we were happy to play a friendly against Shanghai Scottish last Sunday ! The weather was very humid and hot and we had a nice mix of players ! The first twenty minutes we played well as Mike was keeping Carlton Palmer, the ex-national England player, busy while we had Adam and Masa flying on the wings. It was a great strike of Patrick after he was ordered to shoot by half the team that gave us a 1-0 lead. The Scotts played well and compact and were dangerous on the counter. They hit the cross bar and post but our stand in goalie the president himself was not impressed however they did equalize with a header. In the balance of the match we struggled to find solutions in the box but had most of the possession… credit to the Scotts who defended well and never gave up the fight. The hard work on our side was rewarded two minutes from the end when Azz set up our upcoming left back Conway who didn’t hesitate to put the ball in the net !


The beers after the match tasted good !



Lions improve their goal difference while beating MMFC

[ SPL ] Shanghai Lions FC 8 – 1 MMFC

goal differenceBeautiful weather and nice pitch for the last game of the regular season. We presented a squad with a few new players who attended our last few trainings. For this game, our motto was clearly to work on our goal difference to narrow the space with the Marlins.

We soon got the lead with an acceleration of Tevz on the left wing for Romain who controlled and score the 1st goal. Unfortunately, this goal did not deliver us as we were struggling keeping the ball and playing together. On the opposite, the MMFC were fighting on all the duels and pushing on the wings. They came back to 1-1 with a very nice shot. They continued to push and forced us to reorganize. Short before the half-time, Amor scored with the back on a corner kick for his “good-bye” goal. We reached the half time with the lead but had to react in the second half.

We came back on the pitch with better intentions. Azz first lobbed their keeper for the break (3-1) before giving the ball to Conway who won his first face-to-face for the 4th goal. Yohan, for his come-back with the seniors, placed a nice volley (5-1) before finishing a nice job from Azz. 6-1! Positioned on the left, Azz, again, delivered a center for Kad‘s head. Conway closed the score with his second goal of the day to finish the game with 8-1.

Now, we have 2 more games before the SPL closing tournament on June 10th, 2018


Let’s keep focused and keep our title!


Thomas Z.

Legends beat Strosso 7-2

[ Veteran ] Shanghai Lions FC 7 – 2 FC Strosso

StrossoThe weather was great and the pitch not bad ! The legends were up against Strosso a Japanese team with the typical Japanese style of playing which mean they never give up and keep running fast until the very last moment.

We had several key players missing for this match but with the return of Yohan (one of the old guard Lions / Les Bleus) we managed to bring a 12 men squad helped also by Julia, our upcoming talented youth players.

In the first 20 minutes we were up 2-0 goals by Nicolas and James. In the second 20 minutes Sam made it 3 and Mike celebrated his first goal ! Strosso came back with a goal and we also lost our keeper Clement, very unfortunate, as he twisted his ankle by himself ! Igor, our new player from Ukraine, took the position as keeper and Mike scored another one which he celebrated by taking off his shirt ! Strosso pulled one more back and in the last 20 it was Max “Schmeichel” making his debut as keeper. Our President give an assist to Mike to fulfill his dream as he scored a Hat-trick for the Legends and at the end another President assist found James he didn’t hesitate to score !

Overall a good match and the beer tasted good afterwards !


Lions are back in the game for the SPL championship

[ SPL ] Shanghai Lions FC 3 – 1 Shanghai Marlins FC

SPLThis Sunday sounded like a perfect day for this SPL tittle race football game… Earlier in the day our legends hammered Japanese Strosso but our keeper, that was supposed to double both games, twisted his ankle… With a strong squad in the middle and in defense, we decided to put Thomas Z in the goal with victory as the only possible outcome.

The game started with opportunities on both sides and we finally opened the score with a free kick from Romain following a foul from Marlin’s keeper on Tevz out of the box… We continued to push and got  opportunities but Marlins finally equalized with Pete Rosseli who took the ball in the box to dribbled our keeper for the to 1-1. Both teams were playing a good football, with a lot of impact in the duels. The Marlins were operating lots of turn-over but our experienced defense line with Fabi, Jack and Benji remained focused. We finally reached the half-time with a draw which was insufficient for us but remained confident as we were close to take the lead several times during the first half.

The second half started like the first one, with attacks from both sides. Our opponent pushed hard during the first 10 minutes but we stayed compact. Then they slowed down a little bit. That was the right time to have our young Lions in. After a few attempts, Shingi was pushed in the box and transformed his penalty kick. 2-1! A few minutes later, after a nice combination with Tevz on the left, Matty scored the 3rd goal.

A very important game where we played together, for each others, stayed focus and with a good spirit! A good reminder on how important it is to train and practice together! Our next game is this Sunday against the MMFC. Although we are co-leaders with the Marlins, we are still 2nd because of the goal average. We need to score goals on Sunday!


See you all at the training tomorrow.


Thomas Z.

Kickers get kicked

Kickers FC

[ SPL ] Shanghai Lions FC 10 – 0 Kickers FC

It was the perfect weekend for the Lions Family as the youth had won their game on Saturday (6-2) and legends defeated England earlier in the morning (3-0) with our President as the MOM ! With a nice weather, we presented a big squad composed by seniors, youth but also legends to face Kickers FC in a beautiful crossover generations!

After a few minutes, Azz had his first face-to-face with the keeper for the 1-0. 5 minutes later, an acceleration of Romain on the left wing offered the 2nd goal to Thomas Z. Another run on the left wing, from Tevz this time, was finished by Romain for the 3-0. The break was done but we needed more goals! Azz and Thomas Z added another goal each and Azz to conclude the first half with a beautiful shot from out of the box. 6-0 at the half time.

A strong first half to be continued in second with other players to participate or start in SPL like Victor who scored 30 seconds after he came on the field. He added a 2nd goal a few minutes later with a nice shot, before centering for Azz for his 4th goal of the day! It is finally Benji who concluded with a beautiful lonely run.

10-0 to finish this nice weekend for the Lions! Lots of goals and a clean sheet! Next game on April 15th is against the Marlins. We have 3 weeks to get ready, physically and technically so please, attend the training!


Have all a nice week
Thomas Z.

Legends beat England 3-0

Lions beat England legends

[ Veteran ] Shanghai Lions FC 3 – 0 England

It was nice spring weather in Shanghai with 20 degrees ! We had a small squad this time with our captain Fred’s decision to hang his boots :(…. and it got even smaller when Sylvain‘s calf snapped after 10 minutes. We started well and tried to keep possession with good ball circulation. It was Matze‘s son, Victor, who opened the score for the Legends with a nice blast in the net ! We finally had a Mueller in our team who could score and were happy to see that Victor is a better player than his father ! Laid scored our second goal after a president’s corner with a good header.

England didn’t give up and got several corners but couldn’t convert them as well Clement, our goalie, had a few good saves to keep our sheet clean ! Laid scored a second header from a president’s corner but saw the goal being disallowed by the referee due to foul in the box from Nicolas.

The president showed some skill in the last 20 minutes when he did a “Dennis Bergkamp” turning around surprisingly England’s last defender to shot the ball with his outside foot just over the goalie from the edge of the box ! Amazing goal !!!


It was a great way to end a great day ! The beer after match tasted very good ! Up next we play Strosso on April 15th !


Happy Freek

Lions U17 beat the Dulwich Earthquakes 6-2

Dulwich Earthquakes[ YOUTH ] Shanghai Lions FC 6 – 2 Dulwich EQ

After our win of the Aksil Cup Tournament last week, we had a motivated squad to face Dulwich Earthquakes. We started well with pressing on both sides of the flanks and made it hard for the Dulwich Earthquakes to keep possession. It resulted into a quick 2-0 lead with goals from Matty after this we dropped our level and lost possession too quick and too easy. We even let the Dulwich Earthquakes come back in the game on a fast counter.

The half time talk was hard and players were questioned whether they really wanted to win or not…..we asked for a response and a better second half ! We scored thru Matty straight from the kick off and this time we continued to play well throughout the whole 45 minutes. Philipp scored with a penalty after a foul on Daiki and Matty added two more goals to make his total 5 ! The final score was 6-2 and it brings us with the same points as Aksil Reunited and Wiss Stoke City on top of the SPL U17 league !

Well done Lions !


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