Next weekend is Lions’ weekend


Our most successful season in our history is almost done ! But we are still hungry for more trophies ! When we asked you to register for our party on the 22nd of June we noticed that several Lions (including myself) would not be able to make it as many would be going home for the summer break. This will miss our target to celebrate with as many family and friends our success ! Therefore we decided to make next weekend a Lions’s weekend we believe that’s the best way to end this special season.

Here is the schedule for Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th of June, 2013:

  • Saturday 1000-1200 SIFL CUP final Lions vs Dutch at Waigaoqiao
  • Saturday 1200-1600 SIFL End of the season tournament at Waigaoqiao
  • Saturday 1600-1800 SIFL award Ceremony at Waigaoqiao / Lions to receive several awards !
  • Saturday 2000- late LIONS own end of the Season Party + award Ceremony at BLOC / Please bring all your family and friends !
  • Sunday    1100-1600 SPL end of the season Tournament at Jinqiao (everybody welcome)
  • Sunday    1600-1900 SPL end of the season Party + award ceremony at Latina ! (The largest Cup and the Brazilian Samba Dancers has been ordered for the Lions)


Let’s celebrate all together and make this LION’S WEEKEND unforgettable ! You can register now on line for all the events ! For our Lions Party you don’t need to register as we count on all of you to come !!


Freek – Shanghai Lions FC President

Lions are getting closer and closer

[ SIFL ] Shanghai Lions 2-2 D.I.B. FC - March 23, 2013

[ SIFL ] Shanghai Lions 2-2 D.I.B. FC – March 23, 2013

[ SIFL ] Shanghai Lions 2-2 D.I.B. FC (23 Mar 2013)

We had our biggest game of the season last Saturday. DIB our closest contender needed a win to stay in the title race. We did our preparation well as to what best tactics to use having watched them play a couple of times but looking at the team of DIB who were warming up this time it looked like they had put out the strongest team they could find in Shanghai for the occasion. Our strategy was to always stay calm and composed as we were 8 points ahead of DIB second in the league, so the pressure was on them not on the Lions!

Didier Njewel's fly above Felipe's leg into the box

Didier Njewel’s fly above Felipe’s leg

However 5 minutes into the game Felipe, not aware his opponent striker, Didier Njewel (1), was an ex-pro who played for Shanghai East Asia FC in the 2011-2012 season, did fly over his leg in the box. Question was whether he touched him or not… Felipe and the referee were clear he was flying over his leg and there was no penalty given, but it was our wake up call!

Five minutes later we were on the counter attack and Jerome shot ended up in the feet of Romain who tried to shoot himself and miss-hit the ball completely and surprisingly  the defender of DIB gave the ball back to Romain and asked him to shoot again, sure this time 1-0 for the Lions! Perfect start however a DIB corner landed on the head of their striker at the near post and they equalized.

In the second half we played better and controlled most of the game. It seemed our fitness level was better and we were a bit surprised that DIB was not fighting for the win. It was time to bring Jonny O’Shea, who needed to vomit after the warming up, on to do the damage. 15 minutes before the end he dribbled past two DIB defenders and managed a perfect left foot cross on Man Of the Match Dani, who headed the ball into the top corner! We were on cloud nine and with the clock ticking away we thought we got this until an injury time free kick of DIB was not defended properly and was straight shot in! Final score 2-2.

Lions scored heads down DIB

Lions scored heads down DIB

Its always good to learn from mistakes as that’s the only way to get better ! Dimitri our goalie had an outstanding game and overall I was very pleased with our team performance as we all felt that we were the better team. Big plus was our composure as except for a small black out of Fabie (think he thought it was earth hour) we took all the knocks and hits and kept on playing football all the time.

These are the games we will remember of this season and now it’s looking good for the Lions 4 games to go and we are 8 points clear on both DIB and the Shooters as I have mentioned many times before this season goal difference is key and we are +23 goals ahead of DIB and + 33 goals ahead of the Shooters. Although we know that two more wins will give us our first SIFL title all of the Lions want to win all the last 4 games to make it a whole season unbeaten run!!!


[ SIFL ] Shanghai Lions - D.I.B. FC - Celebration(1)

After the game we all went to Bloc for our brunch and I was pleased by the food choice of Dani who helped my choose. Plans for the next poker game were laid out by Charles and Chris and the Lions remained humble in spirit not celebrating anything as their next game will be the most important of the season against the Dutch next Saturday. Nothing but a win will do!

[ SIFL ] Shanghai Lions - D.I.B. FC - Celebration

[ SPL ] FC Flamenkos 0-5 Shanghai Lions (24 Mar 2013)

On Sunday, it was also a memorable Lions day. We won 5-0 but not without controversy. I received phone call from the Flamenkos Captain late on Saturday saying he didn’t have a team and needed to forfeit the game. As we didn’t play last week and we are in the last stage of the competition and had a very good chance to win the league I thought it would be very bad not to play. A quick phone call to Simon did the job we intended to play 8 a side among ourselves to stay focused and fit and wouldn’t announce it to anybody as otherwise our players would party too much ! 45 minutes before kick off I got a call from Garret shouting where are the Flamenkos ….!! Told him the Flamenkos were gone! Angry faces but we did have a very good session for ourselves with 18 lions showing up! Only four games to go and if we win all of them we will be SPL Champions. We cannot let go this opportunity Lions! Next up is Japan and too bad for them it will be our revenge for the 2-2 draw earlier this season! And believe it our not we will play at Jinqiao!


Big weekend ahead for all Lions ! Train good and stay focused !



Poker game at BLOC

Lions Poker 2 (2)After our victory 7-1 on Saturday March 2nd morning against Kangbei FC in the SIFL Cup 1/4 finals, many Lions felt good and decided to go have a brunch at our beloved sponsor BLOC.

After filling our belly up with good food from the fresh new menu, we all switched to POKER mode.

We were not less than 10 players! all motivated to show other shills than football (for those who have any anyways)…

The game started slowly but Simon S., our SPL Coach, thought he had the game in hand, as usual, but got tackled by Charles G. and lost all his stack after only 30mn; on a controversial call…

Chris S., who didn’t even really want to play at first, but after watching a couple of hans, decided to join the party, to end up losing his stack afyer one hour. He finally said: “it’s now definitively time for me to go home get some rest”… indeed!

Then, the table suffered heavy casualties…one by one, Romain H, Simon S. (2nd buy in), Azzeddine T., Fabien B, and Thomas G.  fell to prove their poker skills and lost face (including their poker face.)

We were then down to 4 players: Mat. W., Charles G., Benj and Seb. H.(the mighty German).

Benj showed some good will and motivation, but his greed got to him and he has to face the superiority of Charles G. who took everything he had left but kindly gave Benj enough to take a cab home…

Seb. H. finished 3rd, succombing to the inevitable fate of losing his all-in to Charles.

Charles G. and Mat. W. respectively with 1150 rmb and 1050 rmb decided to call it a day and enjoy the rest of the evening, spending the money of their fellow teammates, quite easily earned they both agreed…

It was definitively a success and we all hope to organize it agaian soon (at least Charles & Mat do…)


LIONS Chinese New Year PARTY on THURSDAY Feb. 7th 2013!


We are planning to organize a special LIONS party for the Chinese New Year, which will  be held on Thursday Feb. 7th 2013.

Our plan in to privatize/rent a KARTING Track for 1 hour from 8 to 9pm and then go to have dinner at BLOC afterwards.

Each Karting race will last about 7 minutes. Everybody will race minimum 2 times and the winners 3 times.

 Karting 3
Karting 2

The overall costs should be around 250 rmb/pers. for the Karting and about 150 rmb/pers. for the Dinner at BLOC.

This event is of course open to all Family members and even Friends, just let us know who you will be coming with.

We will also rent a bus to take everybody from the Karting Track to the BLOC.

Let’s make it a memorable evening in order to start the New Chinese Year the best way possible….



Thus, please send an email to CHRIS : christophe.saune (at)  and let him now your availability this week!

LIONS Management


Dear Lions,

Christmas is a party we have to celebrate with our family.

As the SHANGHAI LIONS Football club is a bit our second family, let’s celebrate Christmas all together.

Feel free to bring your family and friends to share a good moment together.

Please register for this evening at the following email address : 

and tell us how many people will joint you for this event.

Find the arrangement for our Lions Christmas part.


Assorted Breads & Rolls
Served with Dried Cranberries, Candied Nuts, Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumber & Lemon Vinaigrette
Served with Herbs, Virgin Olive Oil
Served with Candied Garlic, Balsamic Reduction & Almonds

Served with Cranberry Sauce & Gravy

(Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Orange Juice, Mineral Water)

2012/2013 season launch party at BLOC restaurant, our new sponsor

As the new football season 2012/13 is about to start, we will be organizing our season opening dinner and party at our new sponsor BLOC on Friday 31, August, 2012 at 7:45 pm.To start this season in the best way possible, we will discuss our organisation, introduce our new sponsor, jersey, logo, membership fees, and newly launched website during dinner.As the restaurant has a nice lounge/outdoor terrasse, we plan to party there until late.Friends, Girlfriends, wives are all welcome, the more the merrier 🙂

BLOC restaurant
2/F, 139-19 Changle Lu, near Ruijin Lu

长乐路139-19号2楼, 近瑞金路

Date: Friday 31st August 2012
Attendance: 30 persons ++
Time: 8.00pm – 10.30pm (TBC)
Venue: Lounge & Terrace
Food: Buffet – RMB 150
Drinks: RMB 120 per head (free flow drinks) for 3 hours OR Drink Menu (Special price for the team)

  • Free Flow Soft Drinks (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite)
  • Free Flow Beer (Tsingtao)
  • Free Flow White & Red Wine
  • Free Flow Vodka Mixed Drinks (Boris Lipton, Caipiroska)

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