Lions voted as Shanghai Sports Team of the year 2012


Best Team Award 2013.Yesterday was a special day for the Lions as we were voted Shanghai best Sports Team for the third consecutive time by That’s Shanghai Magazine. Our award was the “people’s choice” which made us even more happy because it meant that many people recognized us as the best club in Shanghai and voted for us. A big thank you to all the people who have voted for the Lions and a big thank you for all the Lions, you truly deserved this award! Every single Lion have contributed to the award from the U18 until the veteran’s and from Saturday to the Sunday Lions ! Magic is the word !

It was good to see so many Lions present to receive the award at the Camel Bar and it showed our true spirit. I made an incredible journey of over 12 hours to arrive just two minutes before the presentation. Here is my story:

  • 800 AM wake up in Qinhuangdao plan is to take the 1130 flight to arrive 1400 in Shanghai
  • 900 AM see an email from my CEO that he wants to have a meeting at 1700 in Shanghai
  • 1000 AM found out that my plane never left Shanghai so sure I am going to be late as its too foggy in Qinhuangdao
  • 1100 AM plane still in Shanghai as that’s the only flight to Qinhuangdao on the day I start to worry about my meeting and the awards
  • 1200 AM plane will never leave Shanghai and I need to make a plan B
  • 1300 PM arrive in the train station and tell my CEO I cannot make it / he said no pbm we can meet tmw morning
  • 1530 PM arrive in Beijing Railway station / total chaos with thousands of CNY commuters
  • 1600 try to get a taxi but nobody stops ! Call my Beijing office and they tell me its total chaos on the road if I go by car to the airport I will not arrive before 1900 pm
  • 1615 in the subway but my colleague insist we are in the correct one but we go the wrong way / change subway and I am on the way to the airport
  • 1645 arrive in Beijing airport to catch 1730 flight / text Ned of That’s magazine that I might not making at all and say sorry.
  • 1730 flight delayed to 1815 text Charles to pick up the award / Charles replied : “you think we will win one”? Me : “ Of course we are the best Club in Shanghai”
  • 1815 in the plane but not taking off
  • 1915 in the plane but not taking off / text my wife to make sure my driver picks me up so we can go full speed to the Camel bar
  • 1930 plane takes off / I ask for beer but they only serve water…..!
  • 2130 landed and I started to sprint 500 meter shouting at people to move away as I am in a hurry
  • 2135 cannot find my driver and call him but I have no clue what he is saying in his dialect. He called my wife and after I called my wife but she also couldn’t understand him…..
  • 2137 I start to give up and I am fed up
  • 2140 I found him on the other side of the Honqiao terminal another sprint and call Charles I am in the car / full speed to the Camel Bar
  • 2158 I arrived !!! Unbelievable ! And now the most important award of the evening the people choice of Sport Team of the Year…
  • 2200 And the winners are ……..: “The Shanghai Lions” / I jump on the stage so happy! Everybody on the stage!


To me we are on long journey together and this is just the beginning and the moral of the story if you really want to make something happen you can ! All of us can that’s why we will have the best teams of Shanghai and that’s why we will continue to win trophies !


Happy President Freek


Dear Lions,

Christmas is a party we have to celebrate with our family.

As the SHANGHAI LIONS Football club is a bit our second family, let’s celebrate Christmas all together.

Feel free to bring your family and friends to share a good moment together.

Please register for this evening at the following email address : 

and tell us how many people will joint you for this event.

Find the arrangement for our Lions Christmas part.


Assorted Breads & Rolls
Served with Dried Cranberries, Candied Nuts, Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumber & Lemon Vinaigrette
Served with Herbs, Virgin Olive Oil
Served with Candied Garlic, Balsamic Reduction & Almonds

Served with Cranberry Sauce & Gravy

(Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Orange Juice, Mineral Water)

SIFL 2012-13: Summary of Games from Week 2

There were some clouds and a bit of splash made all Shanghai pitches wet on September the 22nd 2012. A perfect day for football to settle some scores as round 2 of the Shanghai International Football League took shape. The top two fixtures of the day were between Shanghai ReUnited and league leaders Shanghai Lions FC and between current champions Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC and the champs of yesteryear Azzurri FC. Two top teams in the First Division did battle in the Voodoo versus Long Tang AFC Fixture. In all 50 goals were scored in 10 matches, 29 in the Premier League and 21 in the First Division.

Premier League

In the Premier League FC Oranje were slotted against Shanghai Japan FC. The reinvigorated Orangemen were set to march on where they left of last week and march they did. Some special shirts were made for the occasion (pictured below) to add to the atmosphere and the mood was buoyant. Prior to the match both sides shook hands, Oranje won the toss, sides were changed and on-on with it. Japan played dominant football in the opening phase of the match and pushed Oranje back to their own half. As time went on Oranje got into the match a bit better when Orangeman Sun Shaoyi (2nd from left) got on the score sheet for a 1-0 lead. The game went back and forth but when veteran Lodewijk Boddeart found the net for 2-0 the Dutch got into a flow and a 2-0 half time lead. Japan did something back in the 2nd half when Nomiyama broke through a stalled Dutch defense, then surprised the keeper with a lovely lob for the 2-1. A few moments later Sun Shaoyi got his 2nd going around several players and the keeper scoring from an impossible angle outside the 16 for a 3-1 lead. Toby Zhou (pictured far left) headed home for 4-1. Japan’s Suzuki got 1 back bringing the score to 4-2. It was Wouter Raatjes who put the duel beyond reach of Japan heading home from a corner for a final 5-2 score. With this win the Dutch climbed to 2nd spot of the table. Last time that happened in the Premier League was in 1997. FC Oranje’s Sun Shaoyi was voted man of the match.
Shanghai Vikings FC were pitted against Beaver United. Vikings’ mission was to forget their dismal opener the week before and that was exactly the same for Beaver. Both teams started with vigor and both teams played with passion creating several chances but no goals were scored in the 1st half. In the 2nd half Vikings found the net first from a Peter Tobar goal for a 1-0 lead. Not long after that, Beaver managed to get one in too, via Nick Muzyczka; evening out the score 1-1. Both teams tried to force the winner creating several dangerous moments in front of the goal. Both teams played a great game. It was an obvious stalemate ending in 1-a-peace earning both teams their first point of the season. Viking Jens Christensen was voted man of the match while the same honors for Beaver went to Alex Andersson. Super Beaver Leslie Campbell after the match: “So much balance it made me puke. Next time I’m gonna get some yellow cards and start a fight.”

The Shanghai Krauts were up against DIB FC. The contrast between these 2 teams could not have been bigger. DIB recorded a big win the week before while the Krauts experienced a huge loss. DIB’s flyer on Weibo (main pic, above) added to their confidence going into the match. When the match got underway the Krauts played dominant, yet it was DIB who got on the score sheet first via Zhao Libin and Kossi Amouzou goals. Half time score 2-0 to DIB. Things looked sweet for DIB FC and top of the table loomed. But never count out the Krauts with the clock still ticking. Down and agitated the German Luftwaffe got in to play when Air Theiler towered over the defense and managed to get his head on the leather for the anschlusstor 2-1. Then Phil jumped higher than anyone else heading home from 15m out for the equalizer with 18 minutes to play and a 2-2 score. DIB put it up a notch and kept attacking while the Krauts hung back playing counter with 3 strikers (pictured below). It turned out to be the winning tactic when Joel Terrades took off steaming towards the 16 then produced a blistering shot putting one passed the goalie for a 2-3 Krauts lead. With 7 minutes to play DIB put out an all or nothing offense and almost got goal when a superb DIB strike was saved by goalie Das Vacuum with ultimate effort. Then from a DIB corner the Krauts picked up the ball went straight for the counter and delivered it Joel Terrades who scored his 2nd of the day. It was enough to seal the deal and settle the score at 2-4 for a determined zicke zacke Shanghai Krauts. A great comeback after last week’s 8 goal deficit. Joel Terrades was voted man of the match.

There was a bit of an upset in the battle of the champions between the Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC versus Azzurri FC. A fixture that normally draws the crowds out and a game tense till the last second. It went a bit different this time around. The first half Azzurri kept pace with the Shooters and were just 1 goal down. Then disaster struck as a clear Azzurri goal was ruled off-side. Instead of 1-1 the Shooters nursed a 1-0 lead at halftime. However after tea it was all over as the Shooters ran rife in the 2nd half with both Kevin Weissler and Guillaume Leclerque scoring hattricks. Mike McGirr added to his first half strike with a delightful chip that went in. Adam Kluger scored a consolation goal late in the game and saved Azzurri honors. Chris Banyard saved an Azzurri penalty at the death. Final score: Shooters 8 Azzurri 1. Not a very happy moment for the men in blue as this sinks them to the bottom of the table-Azzurri unworthy and the worst ever start in Azzurri history. Hopefully they can get their act together after the October holidays. Great win for the Shooters after last week’s draw with Japan.

The top match in the Premier League was between Shanghai ReUnited versus championship contenders Shanghai Puxi Lions FC. It was a game for the history books as CFA’s Alice Yan became the first female referee in SIFL history to lead a SIFL match. The Lions dominated from the start and ReUnited had no answer to the short passing Lions midfield. ReUnited were appealing for a free kick when Mandela was brought down but the ref didn’t give it so that Gaullist troops marched right through the ReUnited defensive lines enabling Romain Haution to find the net for a 0-1 Lions lead. This fueled French dominance and right before half time they doubled their lead when a deflected shot from Azzeddine Takouloufa flew in for a 0-2 lead at half time. In the 2nd half Azzeddine got on the score sheet again when this time his effort deflected off the keeper for a 0-3 French lead. But the match wasn’t over and ReUnited finally got it together when in the 75th minute Mandela dribbled, stumbled around two defenders and the French keeper and pushed the ball into the empty net 1-3. Minutes later a long free kick from the right by David Lazarowicz slipped over the gloves of the Lions keeper and Mandela was there to head home for 3:2. With 12 minutes to play ReUnited pushed for the equalizer but the score remained 2-3 to the Lions. Man of match honors went to Lion Benjamin Guerin. With this important win the Puxi Lions remain in charge of the table.

In the Premier League the Shanghai Puxi Lions FC are top of the table together with FC Oranje with 6 points from 2 games. The Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC are on 3rd with 4 points. DIB FC, Shanghai ReUnited and Shanghai Krauts FC all have 3 points each. Shanghai Japan FC, Beaver United and Shanghai Vikings FC have 1 point each and Azzurri FC are at the bottom of the table with zero points and a massive headache.

Kicking Up a Storm

SIYSL gives kids an outlet to practice skills and sportsmanship on the field

Thirty-two soccer teams facing off in an emotionally charged, passionate and exciting seven-week-long derby. Is this the World Cup? No, this is the Shanghai International Youth Soccer League (SIYSL). While now a flourishing sports league (with kids and soccer moms packing the field every week), it had a very humble beginning back in the fall of 2006.

Noting the absence of opportunities for expatriate children to play soccer in Shanghai, founder Will Dong (along with two partners who both work in international schools) came up with the idea for a city-wide sports league. “We just wanted to provide a safe and fun soccer environment for expat kids,” says Will, “a place here in Shanghai where, if you like the sport, you can come and play together.”

lacking exposure, the first season was difficult but buoyed by children participating from the German and French international schools. Support also came from Active Kidz, who submitted a number of teams in the maiden season. Based off the positive feedback – and low registration fees – membership continued to grow. Will adds, “People realized we weren’t trying to be a very commercial organization and it spread quickly by word of mouth.”

Currently, there are two types of teams in the league: school teams and club teams, which are formed by kids from different international and bilingual schools all over Shanghai. Every year contains a spring and fall season and spans a period of six to seven weeks. Teams are in charge of organizing their own training and coaches, but all teams are brought together at the beginning of each season for an orientation and rundown of the game schedule.

According to Will, the league will soon be stepping up their game and moving to Shanghai Stadium, where kids will have the opportunity to play on a more professional level”. Will attributes the coup to the growing reputation of the league, “East Asia Group (owner of Shanghai Stadium) realized that this is a very good event for the community and they told us they want to fully support the league.”

The league’s organizers are now turning their attention to finding sponsors. Holding true to their philosophy, Will says, ‘If we can get sponsors, we’ll be able to waive the registration fee, which means more teams get the chance to join.”

Source:  Tim Tsiang / City Weekend / Parents&Kids / Aug. 16 – Oct.17 / Page 16

SIYSL gives kids an outlet to practice skills and sportsmanship on the field

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