A great end to a great Season !

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

It couldn’t get any hotter than that in Green City. A sizzling heat broke the hottest day recorded in June since 1834 ! Nonetheless we had 12 teams lined up to play the end of the season tournament. The field was in perfect condition thanks to the Grass Master and the tents around the field could give the players at least some shade. Several teams had their end of the season party the night before and you could tell that in the first games of the tournaments. Teams were divided on two groups, one with the top 6 finishers of the SPL and one with the bottom 6 finishers of the SPL. It would give a fair chance to the lower ranked teams to play a final ! The cowboys showed their 8 aside skill and went into the final one point ahead of the Lions and in the other group the Samba’s (Japan) topped their group right ahead of the Pistolera Bulls. The final was won by the Cowboys as they had more energy left in their legs. Great spirit in the tournament and everybody enjoyed the games !


Final ranking of the end of the season tournament :

1)      Cowboys

2)      Samba’s

3)      Lions

4)      Pistolera Bulls

5)      Gremio

6)      Japan

7)      Flamenkos

8)      Galacticos

9)      Marlins

10)   Shanghai 2000

11)   Super 48

12)   ERS


After that it was party time at Latina and helped by the great weather and music, beers, food and  of course the Brazilian dancers, we could all enjoy the celebrations !


Once again we like to thank everybody who helped to complete our tenth SPL anniversary and made it the best season sofar !


Thank you to Yamada-san (schedule), Frederik (website), Adam for the Jinqiao field, Karl for Century Park field, James and David for the Waigaoqiao field, the Referees, the Dulwich school, Latina, Team Managers, The Captains, all SPL Players and team Sponsors   !


Cheers Freek SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee !

We are at the start of a new year !!!

Dear Lions,

We are at the start of a new year ! Instead of looking back I would like to look forward.

I can see the Lion’s Football Club growing further as well we will continue to build a good reputation for ourselves.

People acknowledge that we are a well organized organisation.

We are in the running for both the SPL and the SIFL title and we will give it our best shot by hard work at trainings, discipline on the pitch and last but not least good team spirit on and off the field !

We will continue to develop our U18 team and we hope to add an U16 team next season.

The veterans will defend their shanghai masters title this year and they look stronger each and every year as more Lions reach the magic number over being over 35 !

We will organize the Lions summers 7’s again and are thinking of a Lions Cup in September ! As well we will organize events at our Lions Lounge at BLOC our sponsor !

I wish all the Lions a great sports year ! Remember that YOU are the Shanghai Lions Football Club !

Freek – President

Santa Cup… December 16th

The Santa Cup is back ! Organized by your own Presidente !


Lions who are avaible for this cup, please register at here.


This year bigger than ever with 16 teams and most important of all two Lions teams.

As the Lions U18 will make their debut in the men’s world !

Santa Cup is about friendship and having fun right before Christmas !

So all Lions are welcome on December 16th at Waigaoqiao starting at 1100 AM until 1800 PM / We play 8 – 8 aside games per team /

If you like to help with the organization during the tournament pls let me know as a helping hand is always appreciated !

Please register on line so we know who is coming and who is not !

Cheers from Santa !


Lions U18 complete training No 7 !

Young Lions,


We are almost done with our training sessions of 2012 ! We are pleased to see that most of the boys didn’t miss a single training session. For a football player training is essential first of all to improve your skill and secondly to improve your match fitness. For a Youth Football player its even more important as especially on the skill front there are many factors to improve like the “first touch”, ball control, shielding with your body,speed with or without ball, passing, shooting etc… All the training efforts you put in will pay off and it will make you a better and stronger player.  Especially the position plays are essential to understand and to learn from. We all know that Barcelona are the masters of this play you never see them passing a long ball because a long ball can be easily intercepted by the opponent, instead they stick to short passes and are able to keep the ball into possession for a long spell. The key success of Barcelona is the training as they are practicing this game form day in and day out and they became masters of their own skill.  Our advice is to never miss a training session if you want to become a better player !


Until the end of the 2012 we have to following in store for you :


5/12 – Last training at century park 1800-2000 All games and fun training pls bring your friends to try out our trainings / guest are welcome

9/12 – Lions U18 vs Japan U18 1200-1400 at WGQ last game was a draw let see whether we can beat them now after all our trainings

14/12 – Lions Christmas dinner at Bloc / U18 + Parents are more than welcome

16/12 – Santa Cup 1100-1630 at Waigaoqiao 8-aside / 16 teams men’s tournament !


Keep working hard young Lions we have a great U18 team and we enjoy to work with all of you !


Coach / Joel and Freek

[SPL News] SPL title race wide open

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

Slowly we see some Christmas decorations popping up in the City ! Temperatures are dropping and winter is around the corner ! I am praying everyday for snow during the Santa Cup ! Talking about the Santa Cup we have 16 teams confirmed for December the 16th and this weekend  the draw will be done by M. Santa himself !

Last Sunday we had perfect football conditions blue sky 15 degrees and still green grass and good games of football ! The top 4 of the SPL is within two points of each making it very interesting this anniversary season !

  • ERS 2-5 Cowboys

Two very well managed teams fighting for glory. Our French Friends had no answer for the fast counter attacks of the Cowboys esp striker Zhuang was a threat. Cowboys took a solid 0-2 lead but ran into trouble when their defender was sent off after a second booking. This made the game more interesting and right after half time ERS pulled one back and forced the Cowboys more and more in defense. However the Cowboys kept scoring on fast breaks and with their win became the new SPL leaders for the first time in their SPL history !

  • Marlins 11-0 Pistolera Bulls

Its very rare for the Pistolera Bulls not to score in a game and to concede 11 goals. We tried to contact Bilgin after the game to ask for his comments but the phone was turned off. Beside his poor team performance he was also not happy NOT to have received a yellow card in this game ! Marlins are on a rampage for goal difference. Fedja already netter 20 goals, defenders and goalkeepers you cannot say we didn’t warn you in advance !

  • Gremio 2-3 Lions

You can almost call this game “el classico” ! Always a good game of football, hard fast and fair ! Lions were so motivated for the game that within 10 minutes they scored twice and Gremio realized they needed to regroup themselves fast as otherwise it could go very wrong.They did that before half time with a strong strike from Xu. Lions knew that they needed to score another goal to be safe and they did that but………………in their own net after it bounced off the cross bar by Dave ! 2-2 and 15 minutes to go temperatures were rising but the Lions seemed more composed and clinched the winner by their young striker Martin.

  • Super 48 2-7 Shanghai 2000

Good to see Super 48 scoring more goals and for Shanghai 2000 it was their third victory as rooky in the SPL !


If you like to update your team page on our website please send the relevant info/pictures to Frederick. We noticed that a few teams still are pointless in the league but within the next couple of games that should be sorted out as they will play against each other.

25 Nov 2012 Schedule is on:

  • 1000-1200 Gremio – Flamenkos
  • 1200-1400 Lions – ERS
  • 1400-1600 Japan – Galacticos
  • 1400-1600 Cowboys – Shanghai 2000 @ Century Park

Enjoy the games and hopefully the forecasted rain will disappear !


Freek – SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee !

Historic Weekend for the Shanghai Lions FC


I am very happy to inform you that we had a “Historic Shanghai Lions FC Football Weekend”.

We had our first team competing and winning in the SIFL 7-1 vs the Vikings on Saturday and we had our second team winning in the SPL 7-3 vs the Pistolera Bulls on Sunday and last but not least we had our first game of the Lions U18 team vs Japan U18 ending in 3-3 draw on Sunday !

I am very pleased with the performance of all the teams ! We showed character and good team spirit in the games !

Whenever one of our player puts on the new or old Lions jersey it means something to him and we managed to bond as a team. Lions we are on the right track and keep in mind that this is only the beginning of our Club ! We like all of you to come to training and try to improve yourself as an individual player but as well as a team player !

Lions are always hungry for trophies are victories! Lets work hard and make our club THE (best) Amateur Club of Shanghai !


Happy Shanghai Lions FC President
Freek Boelen

[SPL News] Super league is over all eyes on the SPL now

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

The Chinese Super League finished the season last Saturday. Shanghai Shenghua ended below the the top 10 despite the fact they brought in Super Star players and Batistuta as coach. The heart of the problem of Chinese Football is that there is no youth development and not enough leagues for young players to play in. This weekend the Lions went to Hangzhou for the China Nations Cup and noticed that the sport scene in Shanghai is not too bad after all. In Hangzhou there is no well organized Men’s and or Youth league and for the Nations Cup only 6 teams showed up of which two Lions teams ! So let’s build together our SPL from strength to strength and give other teams the opportunity to taste the joy of playing in a serious but fun at the same time Football Competition !

We had four games last Sunday and as usual lots of goals 28 !

  • ERS 5-0 Super 48

ERS are on an unbeaten run sofar and Super 48 are playing better than last year however they are missing their usual one or two goals per game. Suggest them to look for a Super Size Striker in the transfer window !

  • Gremio 3-1 Japan

Gremio by beating Japan became the new SPL leaders. Japan is not as fast and furious as in the past and now need to work themselves up on the SPL chart by hardwork and a bit more luck !

  • Flamenkos 2-6 Cowboys

First half was even at 3-2 but after that the Cowboys proved fitter and a more deeper squad with more substitutes. Flamenkos still seems to suffer from the exit of one of two of their star Spanish players. Cowboys are now the team to beat !

  • Pistolera Bulls 4-7 Shanghai 2000

Bilgin was not happy with his goal keeper who had a bad day in the office but overall it was a fair and fun game with plenty of goals. We congratulate the newcomers Shanghai 2000 with their first ever SPL win and surprisingly that put them straight at the seventh place of the SPL chart.


We have a “three pitch 5 games weekend” and we like to notify you that the Jinqiao games will played at the field of the Dulwich school not at our regular field. After the family day last week we need to rest our field to let it recover some of the damage.  Keep very clear in mind that it’s a school field and absolute no smoking and littering is allowed !

  • 0930-1130 Japan-Super 48
  • 1130-1330 Gremio – ERS
  • 1330-1530 Marlins – Cowboys
  • 1400-1600 Lions – Pistolera Bulls at Waigaoqiao
  • 1400-1600 Galacticos – Shanghai 2000 at Century Park

Enjoy the games and enjoy the SPL !

Freek – SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee

[SPL News] SPL has a record 11 teams this season

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

We are heading for the “mid-autumn” break. Time for the moon cakes and the winter grass to be seeded !

We had our first SPL Captain’s drink last Friday at Dr Beer and it was a success. It was a good time to exchange  ideas and views about the SPL as well we took the opportunity to make announcements. First of all we were pleased to announce that Shanghai 2000 FC has joined the SPL. Shanghai 2000 under leadership of Karl will play all their games at Century Park. Karl has both built the Jinqiao and the Century Park pitches and we are happy to cooperate with him and his team.

Secondly we learned that the Brasilian influence of the Hawks has resulted into an interesting development as they under the wings of Angelo and Mikael signed a marketing agreement for Gremio a first division club from Brasil to promote the club name in China. We are looking forward to the new looks of the Hawks.

Other ideas raised during the meeting were, to install goal line technology (to be the first in China) ,to have the standing of the SPL in the Clubhouse, to have post match interviews with the team managers and to organize a pub crawl for the SPL players were we visit bars/restaurants who sponsor SPL teams !

Please make sure all your registration are done on line before 18th of October. No more excuses as you had enough time to do it and its important to register. As to the league fees for the ones who didn’t pay yet be ready latest by 21st of October. For the extra games against Shanghai 2000 we will have to charge extra 1000 rmb (two games) this need to be settled latest by end December.

We have a 5 game program when we come back from the break on October 21st  :

  • 1000-1200 ERS – Japan
  • 1200-1400 Pistolera Bulls – Flamenkos
  • 1400-1600 Hawks – Gremio
  • 1600-1800  Marlins – Super 48
  • 1400-1600 Shanghai 2000 – Lions @ Century Park

Cannot wait to get back into action and look forward to see you all on the pitch(es) !


Freek – SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee

[SIFL News] Game Week 20

Premier League

The Shooters were extra motivated to get a result after witnessing the Azzurri loss. However they proved a bit nervous in the opening stages of the match. The Lions were missing some key players in the line-up. In the first half the Lions were the better team and created several chances but did not manage to turn ball possession into goals so that both teams went to tea with 0-0 at the score board. In the 2nd half the Lions kept creating chances while the Shooters played on the counter and just had 2 shots on target. They were successful when a missed cross bounced off the cross bar and Shooter Peter Rosselli reacted alertly heading home for the only score handing the Shooters 3 valuable points in the race for glory. Match winner Rosselli picked up the man of the match award.

Click here for the full story on That’s Shanghai


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